Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year, You!

I've been thinking for the longest time how to write this last entry of year 2006. At first, I thought I wanted to do a stupe, Tribute to 2006, but that would be a very long winded entry. Moreover, I don't have that much time left of 2006. So finally, I've decided to write this entry about you, you and you... *Warning - Lotsa words ahead*

**Updated 1 January 2007**

-allykins- First met this princess a couple of months ago at Sugimoto restaurant. Lucky girl just got her on Macbook! Have a good year ahead, with many A's coming!

dannie - This lad loves my music. Here's wishing you Stay Healthy & Be Happy!

fashion asia - Got to know this lady quite a while back though have not met her before. Here's wishing you, Happy Baby Making! ;)

JKN - First met him 23rd June during Sengkor & King's Wife joint birthday do. A quiet guy he is, with his Sony Ericson phone, constantly taking pics & video of everyone! Here's wishing you, have a hip hop happening new year!

Selba - Have not met her before but I think she loves cute cute stuff. Here's wishing you a great 2007 with more holidays ahead!

Wingz - First met him on 23rd June during Sengkor & King's Wife joint birthday do. Thought he was Lin Peh at first, don't ask me why. All the best to you!

**end of update**

9393 - First time met him on 26th of June during Cocka's birthday do. Read his blog from the beginning when he started pinging it to PPS. Here's wishing that you'll get more time with your family...

aceone - First time met him on 23rd June during Sengkor & King's Wife joint birthday do. Didn't read his blog before then. Here's wishing that you'll ace 2007!

a^ben - Met him a few months back. Just like his blog he is. Here's wishing you great results in your exams! Keep your ka ch'ng io!

ah boy - Never met him before. Here's wishing you a Woof Woof Year in the Oink Oink Year!

ah nel - First time met him on a Flyday too, 1st of December. Hmmm... exactly a month ago. Here's wishing that you'll get a job soon and may you achieve ALL your liuliu resolutions.

ah tak - First time met him on 21st July at a dinner. Here's wishing you & Jac a happy & lovey dovey 2007!

albie - First time met him on 21st July after 'squatting' in his blog for a few months. I must thank him because it was he who encouraged Yours Truly to start a blog and in the end, I get to know lovely people like you, you and you... Wow, suddenly I feel so kam toung... yes, thank you, L B. Here's wishing you a Loud Klang Klang Young Young 2007, and no more Unrelenting, liu?? (DYK that Keatix was my 'link' to your blog?)

ang gu gu - Have not met him before. He said that I 'nag' him like mother :( Here's wishing that you'll pass your exams and have a bright 2007 ahead!

anonymous - Never met her before as she's not in KL. Here's wishing that you'll get your LG phone and have more time for yourself in 2007!

_butt - First time met her sometime in July which I couldn't recall the exact date. Sorries butty... Here's wishing that you'll graduate with flying colours, and a great 2007 ahead!

c@r@ - Never met her before. Need to plan a trip to Spain, huh?? *wink wink* Jejejejeje!!! Here's wishing you all the liulius in the world that you need... enjoyed Morocco???

carcar - First time met her on 11th June. A tall, sweet looking & stylish young lady she is. Here's wishing that you'll get more High Distinctions and may you have lots lots of energy to work, study & party in the coming year! Ganbatte!!!

chen - First time met her on 6th August. A doctor who hides her sotongness very very well indeed. Here's wishing, May You Day-day Got A Better Tomorrow!

cocka - First time met him on 23rd June during Sengkor & King's Wife joint birthday do. Supposedly one of the most hamsap blogger around but turns out he's quite a kind cock. Here's wishing you another great Kick Ass(es) New Year that you wish to have!

c o n s u e l a - Have not met her yet. Gotta plan, Aloha Hawaii! Here's wishing you more distinctions and more Tiffanys coming your way!

dreamie - Have not met him & her yet. Here's wishing you a less mongchacha new year!

ducky - Have not met him either. Here's wishing you less complaints, more wealth & xxx in the coming year!

fantasy 'sticky' flier - Have not met him too. Here's wishing that you'll stay warm in the cold cold days, all the best in 2007!

frostier - Although he sometimes make comments that make me puke blood, I'll still wish him, Happy New Year!

inevitable - Couldn't recall when was the first time I met him and he's one of the earliest people I met here. It all started with VPL. *LOL* Here's wishing you a fantastic 2007 'cos you'll be walking down the aisle with Her!

jl - Just met him 2 weeks ago, 15th December. Didn't read him before that. A fine young lad he is. Here's wishing you, Stay Charming & Sleep More! Happy Liuliu Year!

jomel - First time met her on 23rd June during Sengkor & King's Wife joint birthday do. Life of a party she is. Here's wishing 2007 comes to you with all that you have wished for.

kat - First time met her on 11th June and she came with a birthday present for me. Very motherly she is. Here's wishing you a Great New Life ahead!

keatix - Met him exactly when, I can't remember. I've learnt quite a bit from him. Here's wishing you good health and may you get to travel more for pleasure!

kenny ng - First time met him on 24th September. Before that, he always say want to go for Char Koay Teow and until now I still waiting and waiting and waiting... Here's wishing you a Rocking 2007! May you jeng jeng jengggg more!

king's wife - First time met her on 23rd June during her joint birthday do with Sengkor. An elegant lady she is. May 2007 bring ONLY GOOD things your way and Stay Pretty!

lin peh - First time met him on 23rd June during Sengkor & King's Wife joint birthday do. Another hamsap blogger but like cocka, he also has a kind heart... Here's wishing you more piaomeis so that you'll stay happy and buy me more coffee!

liucas - First time met him on 6th August at The Curve's Winter Warmers. Hyperactive and licks licking! Here's hoping that you'll spend less time in the toilet and no more getting 'trapped' with your mummy... woofffff!!!

may - First time met her on 11th June. Started reading her from PPS. A proper lady she is. Here's wishing you a Great New Life in the Land Down Undah! Yes, I'll come a visiting! *wink*

mistipurple - First time met her on 23rd December which was a week ago. A very thoughtful & caring lady she is. Here's wishing you less chaos, more rest and more 69s in the coming year!

monk[+]icon - Have not met this Transformer guy yet. Here's wishing you'll get your car soon! And then can go khao lui!

moz - First time met him quite a while back but can't remember when too. Was it in March? Tsk tsk tsk... Always very nice to me, buy me cute cute souveniers when he goes on holidays. Here's wishing you all the things that you wished for me and more...

nicholas - First met him a few months back. Cool guy. Here's wishing your 2010 wish comes true! (Was it 2010??)

nyonyapenang - First time met her on 5th November. A really lovely charming lady, another one who'll give life to any party. Here's wishing you a happy & prosperous new year!

penny - Another Penang lady. Here's wishing you more karaokes & cha chas in the coming year!

pink cotton
- Thought wanted to meet her when she was in KL the last time but she didn't answer her phone. Shy, me thinks... Here's wishing you a pinky sweet new year!

plink - A special plink she is... May your wishes come true *wink*

seefei - First time met him a few months ago too. A very gentleman he is. Here's wishing you all the luck you'll need in making your baby!

sengkor - First time met him on 23rd June during his joint birthday do with King's Wife. Discovered that he's getting funnier by the day... Here's wishing you a great liu year ahead!

simmie - First time met her on 23rd June during Sengkor & King's Wife joint birthday do. Didn't know her before then. Happy New Year!

simple american - Have not met him yet. Still waiting for him to come over to this part of the world. Have a great 2007!

sotongking - He's been busy... May your business grow, grow and grow, okay??

stupe - He's been busy too... May you win more races & challenges next year!

that botol - He's mysterious. May you be drunk LESS!

titoki - First time met this lady on 24th September. She's a nice girl, really... Here's wishing your daddy will get well very very soon and may you be well & happy!

tiuniasing - First time met him quite some time back too. He's quite a gentleman (with me lar). May you win more basketball games & then get your life back!

totally depleted - This pak cik very funny but he's stopped writing for a while. Selamat Tahun Baru, Pak Cik!

vina - I think she stopped reading... Anyway, Happy New Year!

uncle lee - A charmer he definitely is. Here's wishing you all the things that make you come alive again! *wink*

wennnn - This very perky lady in London can cook very well. Here's wishing you a lovely 2007 and stay cheerful!

will - Just met him 2 weeks ago, 15th December, thanks to chen. Here's wishing you all the best in your new job!

winn - First time met her was for a movie, I think, 13th July. I took her for a movie preview, she bought me a cup of coffee. Is it correct?? A wonderfully creative lady she is. Here's wishing that your mom will get well soon, and you stay pretty & fun forever, liuuu??

zeroimpact - First time met him for a movie too, 1st July. Nice chap he is. May only happy things come your way this new year, okay?

Phewww!!! Last but not least, I'd like to say, Maaf Zahir Batin to each and everyone of you if in any case, I have unconsciously/unknowingly said, commented, did something that might have made you feel uneasy.

Finally, something unrelated, a very entertaining movie. Me & mom laughed so much especially the part where Ben Stiller was communicating with Atilla the Hun. And on our way back home, suddenly in the car, mom LOL-ed! Haha! Like you lah, winn!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Flyday Anniversary - 32 weeks later...

Today is Flyday. Another Liuliu Anniversary, Week No. 32. (Yes, I counted, okay. For the uninitiated, Flyday is the day I first "met" Winnliuliu in BlogWorld, hence, our Liuliu Anniversary...)
Another looooong weekend ahead. Doncha love year ends?? I don't know what to blog but felt that I had to put up an entry today eventhough I'm rushing some work now. Gonna try posting some sephia pictures to see the effect. Thanks to Layang-layang Winn who gave me the cue while in Singapore, "Ei, faster faster! Take these pics in sephia, sure nice wan!" So, what does this tell you? That she ain't no melayang-layang all the time, okay... *wink*

So, another year coming to an end in two days' time. Question of the day: What do you wish for in 2007? Me? Peace of mind would be good, wouldn't it? :)

This was drawn by JL. Tenkiu you for letting me nick it!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post Christmas Holiday

Howdy! Howsit going? Hope you had...

I had a great Christmas holiday in Singapore, accompanied by some really fun people. In the past four days, I think I've laughed my 'quota' of laughter for the next one month! Anyway, I might update more later. Now is zzzzz...

Oh, Happy Boxing Day too! (one day late, oh well...). On Boxing Day yesterday, inside a car along the North-South Highway, a liuliu question was asked.

He : Ei, you know why is it called Boxing Day? Is it to commemorate...


Or this?

Let's play a guessing game. Can you guess what Her answer is?

Last but not least, how could I end this post-Singapore trip entry without thanking carcar, our official SGP tourist guide who brought us north, south, east, west of SGP, mistipurple, who came all the way out to see us at Orchard Road for a drink last Saturday and on Christmas day, gave us a really really nice dinner treat, plus an opportunity to... *wink* And of course, seefei, who fetched us from the Clementi MRT station to carcar's place.

On top of that, we also must thank Michael for bringing us around in his nice car & treated us to a sumptuous Christmas Eve dinner, a lady who had allowed us to stay at her place for those 3 nights, a guy who got us the place for those 3 nights, Mike for the photo shots with his canggih camera & who went along with us going here and there for half a day, carcar's landlady, landlady's daughter & landlady's grandchild who contributed to the Steamboat do, and JV who was with us the past four days. Not forgetting Steven for the 'equipment' and time spent waiting for us. *wink* Thank you all very, very much! (Did I inadvertently miss out anyone else?) "Thank you" for the 30 bucks summon (to be elaborated later)... thank you to three young ladies who showed us the way to the Post Office... thank you to the taxi drivers... thank you to the custom officer who believed everything I said... thank you to the pleasant lady behind the counter at the Post Office... thank you thank you thank you...

ps: 4 more days before 1st January 2007. How has your year been so far? Mine? A Great One!

pps: Please forgive me if you don't see my words in your blog. So much to catch up!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas 2006 In KayElle & Penang

More Christmas deco in KayElle and hey hey, Penang one also got! *wink* And hey, you people in the U.S. of A, Canada, Italy, London, U.A.E., Kuching, etc etc., can show show some Xmas deco anot? Preaseeeee? Heh heh...

Before that, I wanna ask you, what do people do when they visit Singapore during Christmas season? What is there to do in Singapore if you are there for a holiday? What? What? What?? Come forward and tell, tell, tell! :)

Let's Be Merry!

Mickey & Friends @ One Utama...

Blue Christmas @ The Curve...
When I'm feelin' blue, all I have to do... is take a look at you...

At Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC)... *dunno what theme*

Bonus : The new Queensbay Mall in Pearl of The Orient...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rudolf In Your House by Lin Peh & Friends, Xmas in KayElle 2006


Dateline 18th December 2006, time 1118 hours, the World Premiere of Rudolf In Your House, projeck championed by a very talented young man, Lin Peh. Yes, I'm sure by now, you must have heard the song 648 times but still, I have to do this properly, this time with the CD cover and all... To download the song, it'll be here and here.

If you'd like to know who does what in this projeck, Lin Peh bared all (well, almost all) here. If you have nothing better to do and feel a need for a small Christmas angpow, go to this place.

Last but not least, I wanted to post this up last night but somehow, I fell asleep halfway (but dunno which way!). So, here's the Christmas deco at a coupla malls in KayElle, requested by Kat who's in a far faraway land.

Merry Ho! Ho! Ho!

At KLCC... jl, you like this better than last year's? ;)
Yesterday, he wrote some really lame mall jokes here! U dem liu!!!

At Mid-Valley Megamall... love, love, love the colours!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Week Before Christmas 2006

Addendum at 1118 hours, dateline 18th December 2006. The World Premiere of the Single, Rudolf In Your House, a projeck by Lin Peh & Friends! And yesss, since Yours Truly is Lin Peh's fren, so he ajak-ed me to be a part of this soon-to-be hit song this Christmas.

For a copy of this absolutely fun-to-listen Single, please get it from here and here. It's really nice! Cum support! Got my voice also marr... *wink* Do go visit Lin Peh blog, got some cash to be won too.

Last Friday, dateline 15th December 2006, 8 pm dinner at
Restaurant King Crab. Good review given by pasankia. Usual suspects were Yours Truly, may, nyonyapenang, and sengkor, not forgetting winn, who joined us much later for dessert. The rest, 'new' faces to some: chen (who was in town for a few days), _butt & ah nel. Two new faces to Yours Truly are jl and will.

For different perspectives about this night, do hop over to their blogs to check out their stories but here, I'd like to talk about the two new chaps I met that night. *wink*

Oh, before that, lemme have the honour of introducing our official camera photographer of the night, who just got a new camera (let him show off a bit), the King of Crap...

Who is jl? I have no idea! I invited him on Friday afternoon after reading nyonya's addendum in her A Blog Addict Mia FRUSSSSSS's entry, whereby she called him a Sweetie & Charmer. I thought, "Wow, a Charmer! Must give nyonya a surprise!" So, I dropped a note in jl's blog that afternoon, inviting him for dinner and wow, he agreed to attend eventhough he's got a 'class' that evening but which to he said, "Can be rescheduled worrr..."

So, he sent me a very, very proper & flawless e-mail confirming his attendance and from there, I knew the reason why nyonya labelled him as a Charmer. Haa... AND, after dinner, he confirmed the Mr. Charming in him by presenting each and everyone of us, chocolates & candy!

Thank you, jl! *muaks*

The other guy, will, who could pass off as chen's brother (both were wearing glasses & dark blue shirt), called himself "anonymouse", was rather quiet during dinner but then hor, I suspect that he's quite a popular guy because when I first reached the restaurant, he was on the phone. During dinner, I caught him on the phone quite a number of times as well. You tell me lah, popular anot?

Another thing about will. DYK that he uses pandan leaves as perfume for his car? Haa... terror neh... dun pray-pray...

From chen to me... because I mentioned before that I'd love to try this flavour. Thank you, chen! *muaks*

MY Ice Fruitti Loh (Thank you, nyonya! *muaks*) and the Absolutely Pretty Lady Winn... That night, she looked stunning! Everyone agree?? Even will labelled her as "liuliu hot chick winn".

During dessert, when nyonya saw me 'chewing' on my spoon, suddenly she asked, "Ah yeah, I want to ask you, what's this Spooning Spooning thing ar?" Nyonya sayang, THIS is Spooning... *wink wink*

Dateline 16th December 2006, Saturday, brunch, lunch & tea (11am - 4pm) @
Friendster's Cafe & Restaurant. Usual suspects, Yours Truly, may, nyonyapenang, winn, kenny ng, zeroimpact & seefei (who was in town).

Interesting hands...

More interesting and sexy pretty toes! Learnt to catch these kind of pictures from
King's Wife. We missed you, KW! Pssst, Uncle Ken Watanabe Lee, can you guess which one is your Nony's??

At 5.25 pm, Yours Truly & may had a Movie Date at Cineleisure, Damansara with Mr. X. Heh heh... for 5 Hug Hug Spoon Spoon Club points, guess who is Mr. X. (Clue - A Blogger too).

Eragon, part one of a Trilogy. Errr... well, may said it's so Star Wars, and I agree! We think that baby Saphira (the Dragon) is so liuliu cutesss! Mr. X said, "So, this is first part of a trilogy? Next year got part two arr? Remind me not to watch it, okay??" Me said, "Okay lorrr..."

The voice behind Saphira is Rachel Weisz. Very sexy... *wink*

Last but not least, Sunday's lunner... (lunch + dinner la)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chaise Lounge/Cleopatra Chairs

After kena tiu pressured by tiuniasing to update this blog on Googlechat just now, so now I update! GRRRRR!!! But okaylah, he's a nice chap... to me, of course! ;)

Anyway, a few years ago, before I shifted to my current place, I was looking around for a nice piece of furniture, a Cleopatra Chair or a better term, chaise lounge. Why Cleopatra? You see the chair and you'll know why. Well, okay, not all look so Cleopatra...

At that time, I couldn't find one that was to my liking, including the price, that is. A few days ago, there was an advertisement in the papers, a 4-days sale at Cavenzi. And this red thing was going for RM129. I thought, wow, very cheaps! And off I drove to one of their outlet in Puchong two evenings ago.

No, I didn't get it. Because it's too blardy low! I saw another beige one in another shop going for RM199 but still not 'good' enuff for me. Have you chanced upon anything like this? But not this low? At a good price too? Lemme know! *wink*

Monday, December 11, 2006

How Sweet & A Chat Message (with Stories)

A few weeks ago, I was at Mid-Valley Megamall and on my way to the car, I spotted this car parked in front of mine... Iswara Aeroback...

Oh, look what's waiting in front of her car???
I'm 187% sure it was a lady's car... no?

Awwww... how schweet...

The chat below happened a coupla months ago about some encounters that I came across in London last September... something I had wanted to blog about but am not good at telling stories... so, read it from here, edited of course... but lemme warn you, it's a looooooong looooooong one...

little_angel_baby : after i came out fr the sex shop and walked abt 2 blocks.....
bond : you had a spontaneous orgasm?
little_angel_baby : got this liuliu Italian man approached me!!! or so he said he's italian and i wanted to PENGSAN
little_angel_baby : so skedddd
bond : approached you for sex?
little_angel_baby : yaaaa!!!!
bond : OMG
bond : waaaaaaaa
bond : so the liuliu
little_angel_baby : i didnt remember wat i mumbled
little_angel_baby : but i was so the sked
llittle_angel_baby : i kept walking and he kept walking in front of me facing me
little_angel_baby : and asked me why i no likes him
bond : I would have said £1000
little_angel_baby : HAHAHAHA
little_angel_baby : i said no tenkiu
little_angel_baby : hahaha liuliu anot
bond : and a dinner at Loong Foong
bond : very liuliu
bond : aiseh
bond : could have had 6 vibrators
little_angel_baby : actually inside the sex shop got another indian man tried to talk to me but i siam
little_angel_baby : it was really scary.
bond : dang!! These are horny men eh?
little_angel_baby : i dunno!!!
bond : I bet!!
little_angel_baby : actually the sex shop is downstairs
bond : i guess you were alone
little_angel_baby: ya
little_angel_baby : was on my own and they must hv thot that I am horny
bond : they prolly thought single young girl in a sex shop, sure pros
little_angel_baby : izit???
little_angel_baby : omg!
bond : prolly
little_angel_baby : why u din tell me earlier??
bond : well, I didnt know it would be like that! I never went up to a girl and asked her for sex
little_angel_baby : hahahahaha
bond : LOLOL, but now I know
little_angel_baby : after i finished checking out the stuff at the sex shop downstairs, i went upstairs to the "bookshop"
bond : so I'll go up to any girl I see near a sex shop and ask
little_angel_baby : i was looking at some books and this indian guy wanted to talk to me, i cepat2 went to the door
little_angel_baby : hahaha how u gonna ask?
bond : LOL, hoi, you could have had great sex!!! At the Ritz
little_angel_baby : but not with a scrawny indian guy!!! would u????
bond : I am just gonna say, nice shoes, wanna f*ck?
little_angel_baby : hahaha waaaa
little_angel_baby : so liuliu
bond : LOL, yeah, prolly got scrawny dick too
bond : but maybe he got pipe
little_angel_baby : and the italian guy oso kinda skinny.. look like drug addict *shudders*
bond : LOL
bond : naaa.. not a good idea to get picked up near a sex shop
little_angel_baby : yeah... but really, i wont dare go into a sex shop alone again
bond : no, you shouldn't
bond : take me along next time
little_angel_baby : and the best thing was, that was the ONE and only sex shop i found in Soho
bond : see? we went to the one at Mid valley.. no probs wat?
little_angel_baby : hahahaha
little_angel_baby : that was NOT a sex shop
bond : hmm, only one left?
little_angel_baby : i donno where they hid the rest
bond : LOL, you told me it was
bond : you bruff me
little_angel_baby : or maybe i was "lucky" that i didnt find the other sex shops
little_angel_baby : haha i bruff u ka?
little_angel_baby: *offers some salt*
bond : yeah, perhaps so.. there are some sex shops which are pretty decent and clean, not the seedy type
bond : Ann Summers or something
little_angel_baby : my fren said there are alot but prolly i didnt hit the right lane
little_angel_baby : ohhh yeah i went into Ann Summers and saw their toys
bond : prolly you took the wrong lane
little_angel_baby : more sexpensive
bond : LOLOLOLOL, that's why they are not the seedy type
little_angel_baby : hmmm ya hor... aiya how i know? i virgin maaa
bond : you pays what you gets
bond : LOL, me too
little_angel_baby : KAKAKAKAKAKA
bond : LOLOLOL
little_angel_baby : *toes laffing as well*
bond : as long as nipples not
little_angel_baby : nipples are for **censored**
bond : well, they can laff too
little_angel_baby : *donwan to know*
bond : they wobble when they do
little_angel_baby : hahaha
bond : see?
little_angel_baby : *sore jaws*
bond : go on, make them laff and check
little_angel_baby : i actually typed *saw jaws*
bond : LOLOLOL
bond : i would have tot why you go and watch Jaws
little_angel_baby : terrible my spelling
little_angel_baby : hahahaha
bond : hey, you're good
little_angel_baby : those 2 were scrawny guys, i hv not told u abt the FAT guy
bond : omg a fat guy too?
little_angel_baby : now, about the fat guy...
bond : ok, he wanted to lick your heels?
little_angel_baby : i bought coffee and a muffin at hyde park, wanted to sit down and enjoy makan
bond : uh huh
little_angel_baby : sat on a bench
bond : ooh i got a story too
bond : tell you afterwards
little_angel_baby : den saw this Arabic looking man
bond : listening...
bond : was he Saddam?
little_angel_baby : he was "eyeing" on me and i thot, die... the bench was so long and i was sitting there alone
little_angel_baby : haha no laaa
bond : LOLOLOL
little_angel_baby : i thot, sure he's gonna cum sit beside me
little_angel_baby : and he came near me, i already sat down, then he asked
little_angel_baby : "are u filipino?"
little_angel_baby : i said no
bond : hahaha, he must be feeling nostalgic for the filipino pros
little_angel_baby : i said i maraysian... so shit lah, why i dunno how to lie wan??
bond : LOLOLOL
little_angel_baby : then he said that i look like filipino and all and conveniently sat beside me
little_angel_baby : i was "busy" eating my muffin of cos
bond : pick up line, good good, must try that
little_angel_baby : then he tried to make small tok
little_angel_baby : hahahahaha
little_angel_baby : said that he's an egyptian, asked me wat i doing in london
little_angel_baby : i said i holiday blah blah
little_angel_baby : den he popped the question
bond : waaaaaaa..... so truthful wan
little_angel_baby : who? me ah?
bond : so accomodating too
bond : you lah
little_angel_baby : i dunno how to lie
little_angel_baby : very "cham"
bond : i would have said i want to be alone... bugger off
little_angel_baby : i dun dare leh...
little_angel_baby : if he stalk me, how??
bond : hahaha, guess not
little_angel_baby : i was alone
bond : true true
little_angel_baby : i dun dare to be nasty
little_angel_baby : so he asked if i'd like to stay long term in london
bond : well, you can be polite too, and just say you need to be alone
little_angel_baby : *pengsan*
bond : waaaaaa
little_angel_baby : he didnt look like he's gonna leave me alone
bond : hmmmm
little_angel_baby : i was so racing to finish my muffin and coffee
bond : LOL
little_angel_baby : i said no, i said i hv a life back home blah blah
little_angel_baby : he said everyone has a life back home
little_angel_baby : he said he oso got a life in egypt
little_angel_baby : and just divorce the wife
little_angel_baby : then he asked if i had a bf at home
bond : and wants you to be his next concubine?
little_angel_baby : of cos i said GOTTTT
little_angel_baby : but he maciam didnt wanna accept it
bond : aiyoh, at that stage can lie and say hubby coming soon
little_angel_baby : den he tried to coax me to stay in london
little_angel_baby : i told u, i donno how to lie!!!
bond : ok, ok, you need lessons
little_angel_baby : heh...
bond : are you a man?
little_angel_baby : errr...
little_angel_baby : errr...???
bond : trick question
little_angel_baby : see, now u know wat i mean?
bond : you say, yes
bond : LOL
little_angel_baby : but if he doesnt ask that question, how?
bond : ok, ok, then wat happened?
little_angel_baby : then he said he could "take care" of me and ask me to stay with him
bond : then you just tell him you had a sex operation
little_angel_baby : hahahahaha
little_angel_baby : u very clever lah u!
little_angel_baby : now oni u tell me!
bond : LOLOLOLOL thankQ
bond : i could have told you if you had asked
little_angel_baby : summore suggested that maybe we could meet up again the nxt day in the park to "discuss"
bond : LOL
little_angel_baby : wah lao... i really kecut my hati...
bond : not a bad option wat?
little_angel_baby : no way!!!
bond : can live in a nice place
little_angel_baby : he look like unker
bond : can come visit me
little_angel_baby: hahahaha
bond : waaaaaaaa
little_angel_baby : den he asked me how young i am
bond : just pull pillowcase over his head during sex
little_angel_baby : and stupid me of cos told the right age
little_angel_baby : hahahahaha
bond : LOL, yeah, tell him you're 11
little_angel_baby : but he so fattttt
little_angel_baby : got big big tummy liu...
bond : oops, can't fit him in a pillowcase then
bond : bigger than my tummy?
little_angel_baby : yaaaaaa!!!
little_angel_baby : many times bigger (Bigger than SA's too!)
bond : waaaaaa
bond : you'd be crushed
little_angel_baby : flat!
bond : ewwwwww
bond : cannot cannot
little_angel_baby : summore his face got alotta hair oso
bond : cheh, I tot nice egyptian, dark, handsome, rich
little_angel_baby : but he's the fair type
bond : ewwwwww
bond : anyway, i think all these men that try to pick up strange girls in parks, on the street... very dangerous too
little_angel_baby : anyway, that time, i think he just wanted sex
bond : could be pyscho too
little_angel_baby : oh... and that fat man was my 2nd experience
little_angel_baby : the first wan was on the 1st day i went to central london
bond : did he say how much he was gonna pay you?
little_angel_baby : no he din say
bond : no money no talk
little_angel_baby : shucks.. he wanted to f*ck for free?!
bond : well, more than likely he tot he was gonna get free f*ck
little_angel_baby : i think he was at the park looking for targets
bond : i guess so
little_angel_baby : that was what he was doing
bond : uh huh, maybe even a serial killer
little_angel_baby : after tat i faster2 finis my coffee n muffin and cabut
bond : you're lucky to be alive today!
little_angel_baby : haha yaaaa!!!
bond : and I am lucky you're alive to comment on my blog today
little_angel_baby : so scared he followed me
little_angel_baby : hehe... *show victory sign*
bond : LOLOLOL
bond : waaaaa
bond : ok, then?
little_angel_baby : then my first encounter
bond : uh huh
little_angel_baby : was with this liuliu guy at the Embankment
bond : you know, you should blog all this
little_angel_baby : haha
little_angel_baby : lazy
bond : LOLOLOL
little_angel_baby : donwan afturds ppl think i so narsisi
bond : lololol
bond : but we already are!!
little_angel_baby : so this guy, he's working for the Original Tour Bus co.
little_angel_baby : guess wat, indian guy
bond : ok
bond : another one??
little_angel_baby : but he's not too bad looking
bond : ok
little_angel_baby : he's like the ticket seller like dat
little_angel_baby : wear nice uniform and all
bond : looked like a geek, you mean?
little_angel_baby : no no
little_angel_baby : look like normal, no geeky
bond : ok, pity you didnt take pic
little_angel_baby : first time like dat, i couldnt think poperly laaaa
little_angel_baby : where got time to take pic summore??
bond : yeah, all quivery
little_angel_baby : i wanted to pay him cash for the ticket
bond : heart beat beat like drums
little_angel_baby : haha
little_angel_baby : den he said he no change
little_angel_baby : so he ask if i got card, so i gave him my credit card
bond : he was behind a counter or standing in front of you?
little_angel_baby : while waiting, he asked where i came from and all
little_angel_baby : he's standing in front of me
bond : no booth?
little_angel_baby : den he asked, wat i doing that nite
little_angel_baby : no booth
bond : waaaa
little_angel_baby : it's just a bus stop
bond : damn horny all these london ppl
little_angel_baby : den i got suspicious liao
bond : LOLO, oh BUS STOP!! I tot wat
little_angel_baby : i lied and said i hv dinner or sumthing
bond : see? you lied!!
little_angel_baby : yalah, bustop beside the river
little_angel_baby : yeah hor... i lied... but it's just a white lie
little_angel_baby : den he said he's free to accompany me worrr
bond : blatant lie la
little_angel_baby : i thot, shit
little_angel_baby : die liao... and he kept insisting that he's free that nite!
little_angel_baby: i said it's ok
bond : waaaa
little_angel_baby : i think i said many times "it's ok"
bond : but he's deaf
little_angel_baby : den summore he asked if i need his number
little_angel_baby : yaaa memang pekak wan
bond : uh huh
little_angel_baby : i said it's ok, it's ok
little_angel_baby : and the bus came, and i cabut
bond : LOLOL, potong stim
little_angel_baby : but u know what happened?
bond : he climbed on too?
little_angel_baby : i so sked that i forgot abt my c. card
bond : omg
little_angel_baby : i got on the bus, gave the ticket
bond : then?
little_angel_baby : BUT i was LIULIU LUCKY
bond : he gave it back
little_angel_baby : becos he faster2 gave me back my card
little_angel_baby : yaaa
bond : ahhh
little_angel_baby : really phewwwwww
little_angel_baby : at that point, i really cursed myself for being so careless
bond : yup, really mafan losing CC in foreign place
little_angel_baby : so, thank god he's not a complete baddie
bond : waaa, liuliu lucky liao
little_angel_baby : so yaloh... those were the London Encounters
bond : yeah, at least he was not a pyscho
little_angel_baby : heh... you lah nvr warn me abt all these
bond : hmmm, good adventures in a way
little_angel_baby : it was an experience
bond : well, how I know you so the attractive to Indians and Fat Egyptians?
little_angel_baby : hahahahahaha! yerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!