Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy 31st August

Happy Merdeka!
Happy 49th Birthday, Maraysia!
Happy Independence Day!
Happy Holiday!
Happy Birthday, MozillaMonsta!
Many Happy Liuliu Returns Of Da' Day!!
Happy Working! *wails* *curses*

That Tiffany, eh?

With so many "Happy" wishes up there... are you feeling happy today? Come share share... I'm feelin' very tired today... but at the end of the day, I'm glad to say, it's been a happy day :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sex Six Random Facts Tag

Short Yak: Does anyone have the MP3 for The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine by Four Tops? Prease prease send to me? Preaseeeeee??? *on bended knees*

I just finished doing a tag a coupla days ago and today, suddenly kena tagged by TWO people! TWO people, you know! Not one, but TWO!!! TWO!!! *practising to be Drama Queen* The TWO are zeroimpact and plinku! When I saw Zeroimpact's message in my Shoutbox, I thought, "Die! What tag is that?!" because I've not 'seen' any new tags around blogworld except for the Merdeka Poem. So, panic for a while loh... But luckily 'twas not a story writing kinda tag but a "Facts Tag". I'm supposed to write Six Random Facts about myself and then tag Six more people to do it.

Six Random Facts About Angel
Fact 1 : At times, I can get pretty indecisive... but Screw It!
Fact 2 : I am attracted to humour. (I should have Humour as my middle name...)
Fact 3 : I giggle very easily.
Fact 4 : Once, I took 5 years to get over a relationship.
Fact 5 : Ma had to 'accompany' me in school the whole year thru' kindy.
Fact 6 : I'm now pretty happy-go-lucky, but hey, this didn't happen overnite, ok? I used to be very sore with life... yes, and that's another fact...

And now, I wanna know your Six Facts...

Oh dear! Looks like I have overtagged... *LOL* Screw it lah! (Waaa! Fantasyflier, looks like Screw It is gonna be the phrase of the week! *grins*) And since I'm at it, I might as well tag all of you who are reading this! Muahahahaha! I promise it's gonna be fun because when you reach the Sixth Fact, you'll be thinking, "What?! Only Six arrr?" *LOL*

Have fun, fun, fun!

DYK that I wash my hair every night?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Postcards, Anyone?

Arrghhh!!! This is a buzzzzy week! Everything must lah happen this week when I'm going off next week! Such is a bitchy life, huh?

Anyway, I was wondering if you like postcards... Uh huh, you, the one reading now! You like 'em? What if I sent you one from... let's say... London? *grins* Come! Come! Send your pigeon hole's address to angelestrix at google mail dotcom. If the British allowed me into their country, I'd be sure to send one to you!

From K - did I say thanks already? Korb khun ka!

From ElleB, who 'raced' with this postcard! *LOL* Thankies!

From Moz, currently in the land Down Undah! Thanks, mate!

DYK it's lunch time already? What did you have for lunch? Come share! Share!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Cocka's Bird-day Do @ Hooi Loong Restaurant, Damansara Jaya

Addendum @ 2.22 am
I forgot to add...
H A P P Y B U R P D A Y , P I N K C O T T O N ! ! !

Nah, a liuliu pink ladybug burpday cake for liuuuu!!!
Many Happy Returns of The Day!

ps: Still waiting to see you "kiss" lengchai sengkor, hor... kakakakakakaka!

It's early Monday morning and I'm lazy to write any story. So, here are the pictures to paint a few thousand words ;)

Have a good week ahead! Yippie! It's gonna be a four-day week!

Is this the dish they called Four Seasons?

Shark's fin soup (but I seriously didn't taste any kinda fin)

Suckling Pig & Roasted Duck

Steamed Fish

Braised Mushroom, fu chuk and some vegetarian stuff...

Cheese Prawn (?)

Seafood Fried Tong Fun


Secret Recipe's Blueberry Cheesecake

Ah Tak's...

Friday, August 25, 2006

My Liuliu Merdeka Poem

Nyonya penang and inevitable tagged me a coupla days ago
Asking me to write some liuliu puisi, aiyoh!!!
Something about Malaysia's 49th merdeka (independence)
So I said to them, "This time, sure I die liao lar."

31st August is just another day to me
I already have a date with BL and her baby, Sammi
Who's really a liuliu cutie
And whom I've not seen for more than 2 years already.

Come to think of it, 31st is a happening day
Cos' I'm expecting mummy to come stay
At my place for quite a number of days
Reason becos, I'll be leaving for a holiday!

Also on this liuliu day
Is a special day for him who's now away,
Well okay, it's
Mozilla's burpday
So now I wish him, Hepi Early Bird-day.

Shucks, I'm supposed to write about Independence Day
How cum I ended up writing what I gonna do that day
I think think think and think
But I can only hear myself sing.

I'll just say this lah, okay
Happy 49th Independence Day
I love my country, oh Malaysia
Becos here, I live my life without fear.

So now, I have to tag 3 people with this meme
Forever First would be the
Doctor who's very free
Sexy Second would be the Italian Connection,
Tension Third would be
Winnliuliu, Liucas' mummy!
And I want to add one more actually
Furious Fourth would be Miss

DYK that I suck in poetry???

Thursday, August 24, 2006

24th August - Cocka Doodle Day!

The other day, Feikor asked me when is Cocka's bird-day and I told him, this Friday, i.e. tomorrow. But just now, my mobile phone sounded an alarm... Aiks, what reminder is that? *think think think* Picked up the phone and saw, "Cocka's Bird-day". Alamak! Sorry Feikor, my mistake... But he was too sexcited and couldn't wait for Cocka's big day to cum, so he already gave Cocka his present here.

So, what should angel give a damn hamsup cock on his liuliu day? Me thinks he's got some kinda titty fetish (cos' he's always spotted making comments about some lychees) and since I can't possibly offer mine (OMG! What am I saying here?! Please, shoot me!!!), for now, I hope he's happy with this puresento...

Isn't this cute???

Well, what's a bird-day wish without a cock-day-cake...

H a P p Y b I r T h D a Y , c O c K a ! ! !
*kisses the belly-button and NOT go anywhere lower as ordered Da' Pirate*

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Update - Michelle Kristen found

Yeah, thank god...

I've been reading, hearing, getting bad news lately... Titoki's father is in the hospital (Wish he'll get well soon); KN's brother-in-law was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. A single, 40 year old chap with a great career. But thank god it was early stage...
Last night, since I was kinda depressed, I sat in front of the tube and watched this movie, Rice Rhapsody, starring Sylvia Chang & Martin Yan (the chef!). There were a couple of good liuliu quotes from the movie which I would like to share with you because I know there are some of you out there who are feeling depressed too...
Life First, Things Second.
Live your life and don't stop for anything.
Do you happen to have any other good news to share?

Monday, August 21, 2006


My crowned front tooth, 'dropped' this afternoon. Yes, this will happen every few months and I'd have to visit the dentist for him to 'glue' it back. I know it's not easy for you to imagine it, maybe I'll take a picture later but for now, I have to get this out of my system. The tooth started 'shaking' a coupla days ago, so I kinda expected it to 'drop' in the next few days.

So, at 5pm just now, I made my way to see the dentist.

15 minutes before that, I received an e-mail from Jim, Eve's to be-spouse. He became the bearer of a very bad news. Eve's mom passed away this morning in her sleep. She had lupus (since quite a few years back) and was having complications due to some kidney problem. Eve is one of my closest friend since primary school. She migrated to the States 8 years ago and I have not seen her since then but we communicate through e-mails.

The thing is, I was very shocked when I read the e-mail, the kind of shock which I couldn't describe in words, and worse is, I couldn't pinpoint how I feel. Have you ever felt a kind of pain which is... well,... not painful? DYK what I mean?

So, off I went to my dentist's clinic without calling up first, only to find a closed door in front of me when I reached there.


So, I sat in the car, kinda became dumb for a while, didn't know what to do. To go home or to go back to work since it was only 5:30pm. After calling up B, I decided to come to work since tomorrow morning, I gotta take some time off to go to the dentist's again.
So here I am, feeling guilty because I can't afford to take time off to go back to attend the funeral and to see/comfort my friend.
My apologies, there won't be any comments for this entry. Thanks for reading and for the hugs...

Dell Axim X51V - RM1,568

It's a Want (really wanttt), not a Need...
So, should I? Should I???
Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Someone said to me, this thing needs commitment, like getting a dog like dat...

So, how was your weekend? Me, I failed at Shopping on Saturday. Just didn't have the mood to buy stuff... Always like this wan... when I say I wanna shop, I don't get any result. When I don't wanna do it, all I do is buy, buy, buy! Thian ahhh!!! Why I so like this wan?? And Mondayliu... my "favourite" day... *curses*

Have a productive week ahead!

*looks forward to the next weekend*

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday, 19th August

Addendum : Sunday, 20th August, 12.30am.
Michelle Kirsten Tai is a 21 year old girl, a copywriter, related to Ducky and she's been missing since Friday afternoon. Her family lodged a police report and they are anxious to know the whereabouts of Michelle. If you know her or have seen her, (I know the probability of this happening is like 0.01% nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to press some luck, hor?) please call her house at 03-7781 1819. I read her blog briefly and seems that she just got out of a relationship with Rogers (yes, Rogers, with an 's') and she said that they broke up because he doesn't love her anymore... after 5 months. *no komen* Thanks for reading. *fingers crossed* Hope she's alright...

Michelle & Rogers

Short Yak: Last nite, I gave a fren a 'clue' on how to find my blog. So, he might turn up here in the next coupla days. I just wanna say to him, "Hello... Welcome to my blog. About the liuliu things, don't lah interview me about it, okay! Just read from the beginning..." *LOL*

Another Saturday, another weekend. How I wish time stops every Saturday! I told a few people that I'm gonna try shopping this weekend. I spied a really nice babydoll @ La Senza yesterday but but maybe Coco de Mer got nicer stuff? But I may not like the price... DYK that a silk camisole here costs £150?! *sulk*

Before I go and shop shop, I read from here and here, it seems that today is Lin Peh's Ciao-Day worrr... donno true or not, just wish only lah! Happy Ciao-Day, Lin Peh! Have a good weekend, everyone! To those who are working this weekend, my liuliu thoughts are with liu... *muacks*

Thursday, August 17, 2006

How Do You Feel...

...when your comment(s) in other people's blog get deleted? (by the blog owner, of course)

Anyway, today I'll take a break from writing about KKB and share a letter which Ms. Anonymous wrote to her friend who passed on a few weeks ago. I have read the letter over and over again and each time I read it, I feel a 'tug' in my heart. Then, I got thinking...

If I passed on (IF lah...), will anyone write this kind of letter to me? This is what happens when the mind is *shrug* idle?

I've asked for her permission to share the letter here... Thanks, Ms. Anon. You may be anonymous but you are no crap... *BIG HUGS*
How are you doing, my dear friend? Heaven will look so much lovelier with you there now, with a professional farmer around.
I hope your family sent you a really advanced laptop and that you have a high speed internet connection in Heaven, so no more complaints about Streamyx, ok?
I hope that you can read this letter, since you do know my URL.
If you did not have the mood to read my blog, since it was started in the worst three months of your life, now you will have the chance to read from the very beginning.
Remember the time when we talked about when you'll be meeting your Maker, and how you'll be finally free from all Earthly sufferings? God, I was so afraid that you'll do something stupid that I kept reminding you, what a source of inspiration you have been to all of us after appearing on Astro.
You touched so many hearts from across Malaysia and even Brunei, how can you let them down, right? But to hold on to you, would have been heartless of us knowing that you were suffering so much. You sensed that you won't be able to celebrate your next birthday and true enough, it's definitely not easy to pass the double months of death.
It was for the best, I guess, given the circumstances. Like you said, that was no way to live! ESP said, before his death, that the good die young. I can't agree more with him.
You saw your illness as a chance for you to prepare your own death and you said it is better than someone who dies in an accident, for instance, and not able to plan anything at all. When your obituary came out in the papers, my mom was surprised that you wrote it yourself.
I am regretful that I was not able to watch you on TV, and in your own words, you were Astro's main star, that was why they aired your episode first. And it's sad that you were not able to make me a copy of the DVD which Astro promised to give you. If only they had worked a little quicker! And I'll be waiting forever for the photos of your made-over little corner of your living room. And also your book of mottanai ideas. Time, indeed, does not wait.
You didn't know, but every time after our talk, I get so distraught that I had to pour all my pent up emotions onto a friend, someone I never told you about. I thought that he was the only one who really understood how I felt since his father has been bedridden for a few years now after a stroke. And he too is helpless, being so far away from his father, and relying heavily on just an Indonesian maid.
I pity him, that he unwittingly became my shoulder to cry on, so much so that he confessed that he feared calling me, because I always sounded so sad over the phone and he can't do anything to help me. But he let me bust his phone bills, nevertheless. That's what friends are for, I guess.
He consoled me that everyone of us has to repay our debts in our lifetime. Being Buddhist, I do agree but LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!
With experiences like this, we grew up 20 years beyond our age.
Do you still remember the first time we got to know each other? That was way back in late 2002, you were just back from Germany, physically back but your heart was still in Germany.
And I remember once you were very mad at me when you asked me what would I do when my parents grew old and if they require care? And I gave a reply that made you angry. I didn't yet know that you sacrificed your career in Germany for your folks.
And in the early days, when you found out who my Uncle was, I was so damn afraid that you'll go look him up as you intended to venture into his field of expertise. It was not that I was selfish not to let you pick my Uncle's brains, but he was sick then. In fact, he still is. What kind of sickness, he did not disclose. Maybe he felt that it wouldn't do us any good, nor will our knowledge change his condition, so it was better to keep it a secret.
Remember the SMS exchanges we had at 4am, when you couldn't sleep? And you were surprised that I replied you. Cheh, you thought only you were awake at 4am?
I also remember the funny moments when I mistakenly sent you SMS messages meant for another. And there was once I even mistakenly e-mailed you a photo of a panty. I waited and waited for a reply and was so surprised when it was you who replied to my e-mail. Oh God, how embarrassing it was but you could turn any situation into a joke.
And you kept up with your jokes right till the end, almost. Remember the FIFA World Cup joke? Hahaha that was very funny! You were as sexist, as hamsup as ever! Your spirits were so high that I became very hopeful of your recovery and thought that once you are well enough, I'd take you to pig-out on your favourite g-chap (pig spare parts) in my hometown. No, I won't be having any, thank you very much!
I knew the end was near for you when you sent me a weird sounding SMS a month ago, and you even called me by name, when you normally preferred to use my nickname. I can't bear to delete your contact off my mobile phone, cos I will be keeping your messages forever, and if I delete your number, your name won't show anymore.
One thing I really regret is that I passed you the mantra way too late. If only I had known of it when you were first diagnosed! But I guess, there's no use crying over spilt milk.
Also, I wouldn't say I'm sorry I wasn't able to pay my last respects at your funeral. You know my circumstances better than anyone else and you would have scolded me because my Sorrys always came too easily. You told me time and again to apologise ONLY when it truly matters.
Till today, I keep hoping that I'll receive an e-mail from "you" much like what you received from Ms. K's sister, after Miss K's death. It was so touching.
Our mutual friend, Care, told me that you confessed something to her, but I never did confront you. After that confession, you continued with your travels. Oh yeah, you travelled so much that I even asked you if you have a mole on the sole of your foot. And you didn't believe that a mole can actually give someone the opportunity to travel. You thought I was being silly. Yeah, well, maybe I was just looking for a reason with regards to me being stuck here.
If only I had pursued that scholarship that would take me to Country Heights, our paths would have crossed sooner. Would that have changed anything?
If we had taken that ONE step, would I now be grieving another kind of grief along with your mother and sister?

If only Iressa were a whole lot cheaper.
If only, if only..........

......................................................................................... till we meet again...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Teambuilding @ Kuala Kubu Baru (2)

Last Friday, 14 of us, including the boss, went for a 2 days 1 night teambuilding session a.k.a. bonding trip worrr @ Kuala Kubu Baru in Selangor. The company which organised the trip is Tracks Adventures. Go check 'em out if you're interested in whitewater sports! I just found out that they even organise whitewater rafting & kayaking in Laos & Indonesia! Like, wow!! Really impressive, wey!

So, we left KayElle around 9am on Friday and reached at about 10 plus. We were taken to the hotel upon reaching KKB. At first, we were quite doubtful about the 'hotel' because before this, we were supposed to be staying at some dormitory but 'twas fully booked. So, we had to stay at this hotel/motel. *panic*

This is how the hotel looked from outside. Not too bad lah... Phewwww! But tell you something. On the second day, somehow, when we came out from the room, we smelled a very nice fragrance at a certain part of the corridor. Hmmmm... didn't think so much about it until someone else mentioned that it could be because of some *ahem-ahem*. And yeah, it was kinda weird because the smell was only present at that certain part of the corridor... *shivers* Oh and yes, we did what Lin Peh advised us to do to protect ourselves from hotel ghosts, we knocked on the door before entering. Actually, I saw one of my team-mates doing it first and only then I also knocked on the door of my room... Shucks, I never did this before, you know?!

After unpacking a bit and grabbing the things we needed, we were taken to the whitewater rafting place, the Selangor River. On our way there, we passed by some of the most scenic views that I've seen in a loooong time! I managed to capture a few in the moving van. And the air, ahhhh... really fresh, more so because it was still drizzling when we reached there. *orgasms*

I'd love to retire at a place like this... fresh air 24/7...

Upon reaching the "put-in point" (weird term, doncha think?), we were greeted by Marjorie Gabriel (Margy), who's said to be Malaysia's most accomplished female whitewater kayaker, a certified ACA (American Canoe Association) swiftwater rescuer & rock climbing instructor. She is really the cool!

She then briefed us on the do's and don'ts of whitewater rafting, how important it is to save our ownself first IF the raft capsized; how important it is for us to work together, i.e. paddle forward, paddle backward etc; how to hold the paddles correctly so as not to hit the person beside us; how we should bring our legs up facing the direction of the river flow in case the raft capsized and we get thrown outta raft. *shudder* Listening to the briefing kinda brought some fear although this was yours truly's second time whitewater rafting in KKB. But what the heck, I knew it was gonna be sexhilarating! I pitied my other team-mates who didn't have any sexperience... They were scared liuliu... But of course, after going through the sexperience, they'll never say never again... *grins*

I don't really know how to put it in words... Can't describe it well enough. You've just gotta do it! At least once! Oh, and our raft nearly capsized! Yeah! There were 2 guides in our raft, one in front and the other one (Margy) behind. Margy actually fell into the river when our raft had the "near miss"! And the liuliu me didn't even realise that she was thrown out! No wonder the other two rafts in front of us were cheering when we went near them...

I don't really know how long we were in the river but after all the rapids, (we passed by a couple of Class 3.5) we reach the still waters. When I did it the first time around about 8 years ago, upon reaching the still waters, the guides asked us to jump into the river and just let the current 'drift' us downstream. Now, that was a really, really relaxing experience! Imagine, just letting go of everything, looking up to the sky with lotsa trees as shades, listening to the jungle, just you & nature, and of course, the company you are with... B L I S S F U L...

So, this time around, I was kinda looking forward to this part of the experience but so liuliu, this time don't have worrr... We just sat in the raft and had to paddle a bit. Really potong stim!! Lost all my steam... :P

Then, we were lead to a spot which looked like a 'picnic site' with lotsa shade and lunch was served. Nothing fancy, just rice, chicken & mutton curry. After the hardwork in the water, such a simple lunch tasted heavenly. Aiks! No picture of lunch!! Arrrghhh!!! I must must MUST try to be more 'sensitive' in trying to take bloggable pictures! *LOL*

After lunch, the next activity, Rakit (Bamboo Raft) Building & Orienteering. Well, there wasn't much on orienteering, really... maybe they were referring to raft orienteering?!

**Okay, time to go shower!!!**

DYK that if you had muscle ache, doing stretching helps to relieve the pain faster? Thanks to B for teaching me all the stretch stretch work!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Teambuilding @ Kuala Kubu Baru (1)

Yes, I'm back safely in one piece! Of course, with some muscle aches here and there, but not as bad as some of my team-mates. *LOL* Oh, and I think I'm now slightly tanned. :( DYK that I don't like to get tanned?? Arrghh!!!

Anyway, for now, I'll just share some pictures because it's Mondayliu! Oh noooooooo!!! Tanned & it's Monday! Double Whammy!! :((

One of the rafts...

Life jackets...

The errr... helmets?

The river below... from the place we stood, so the high!!
How to go so far down on foot??

That's me! *point point*
Nehhh... *grins*

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Out of Town...

Uh huh, just a note to let you know that I'll be out of town for the weekend, quite away from civilisation. Well, not so far away lar... but without Internet connection IS a non-civilised world, no? I'll get to climb some mountains, smell the flowers, get bitten by the Moz mozzies, and this...

White water rafting! *sexciting, aitelyu*

So, meanwhile, I've gotta do some packing! You (yes, you!) have a great weekend ahead! I'll miss you! I'll miss you! Will you miss me too? *grin*

DYK that PC Fair starts tomorrow at KL Convention Centre (KLCC)? And, that I'm quite afraid of water and I'm no swimmer?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


"Once, a long long time ago,
all people had four legs & two heads
And then the god threw down
thunderbolts and split everyone into two
Each half then had two legs and one head.
But the separation left both sides with
a desperate yearning to be reunited.
Because they each shared the same soul.
And ever since then, all people spend
their lives searching for the other half of their soul."
- Gabrielle -

A few days ago, a friend asked me this question, "What's your definition of the word, soulmate?" I gave him my answer and both of us agreed, we have the same definition.

My question to you today is, if you already have a partner, i.e. a steady partner (bf/gf/husband/wife), do you think there's a possibility of having another soulmate (probably more than one?) other than your steady partner?

If your answer is yes, do you think you should have one? As in the other soulmate(s). Do you think this is well... right?

If your answers have been in the affirmative so far, then what's your definition of soulmate?

DYK if there's anyone who wanna be my soulmate? <-- Question: Do you think one can find a soulmate with this 'method'?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Inspiron 6400 & Entourage

Sorry... this is just a chup-purpose entry because I've been feeling lazy to blog. But actually I also need some liuliu help from you heroes... Oh yeah, I'll be replying to your comments for the previous entry after this. *wink*

My lovely friend has a Dell Inspiron 6400 notebook. Just now, we tried to speak to each other using Yahoo! Messenger but the liuliu thing was, I couldn't hear my friend "speaking" but she could hear my voice! So, I was yakking away on my side whilst she was typing away and we tried to figure out what was the problem but we failed after about half an hour... I was thinking, cannot be the relatively new notebook doesn't have a built-in microphone, right?? Anyone of you working in Dell Support? Or a notebook expert?

*blink blink* <-- the need-help-looking-for-a-hero kinda blink

Oh yeah, I wanna show you something that I got from HBO a coupla weeks ago... nah, Fantasyflier, this is mine. *grin* Errr... sorry, I don't really know what the series is about actually...

Cool box...

DYK that it's 8/8/2006 already? So, what will you be doing at 8:08:08 on 8/8 leh? *LOL* Nothing lah... just a liuliu question...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Another Lazy Entry...

DYK what is this ah?

DYK what's this too?

DYK that I got this from the boss?

DYK that I lurve desserts?
DYK that I just had one of the bestest dessert @ Bakerzin???
Will blog about it later...

No no, this pic is not from Bakerzin... Guess lah where this is...

This was what Moz had last week in Sydney.
He's been "bullying" me with all the yummylicious dessert pics :(
This is from Max Brenner... I checked 'em out and found
that they've got a restaurant/branch in Singapore!!!
Mistiliu!!! Carcar!!! See Fei!!! Take me there!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sushi Talk : Sakae Sushi @ Subang Parade

Sometime back, I met up with Lil' _butt for dinner at Sakae Sushi in Subang Parade. She was the one who suggested this place as both of us had a 'craving' for Japanese at that time. *LOL*.

Last time, I used to be a patron at Sushi King. For a few years, I kept going back to them for more sushi because I bought the Member Card, RM12 for the annual "fee" and each time I go there, there's a 10% discount. Not too bad, isn't it? Until last year, (or was it 2 years ago?) when they hiked up the price of their sushi, I decided, enough is enough and stopped going to the King's place.

I seldom go to Genki Sushi (although the varieties there are a lot more compared to Sushi King) because of the 10% discount @ Sushi King but later I found out that if you flashed your J-Card at Genki Sushi, you'll get a 10% off, valid until 30th of June, 2007! Sheesh...

Okaylah, I don't wanna tok so much today... let the pikchers tell the tales instead... Oh, and have a F A B U L O U S F L Y D A Y ! Fly away... Fly away...

Lotsa mirrors...

Love the glass 'partition'...

Dun pray-pray... IBM monitors to place ya' orders, OK!

Some sukiyaki (correct arr, _butt??) ... like steamboat liddat wan...

We were very amazed because that piece of white paper won't get burnt wan!
There's fire under it, u know!

Yes, I like the lighting... is it that obvious? :P

DYK that I love soft shell crabs? Actually, I love anything crab-by lar... *LOL*

DYK that my sitemeter is gonna hit 6,666 (sex sex sex sex) today?
*points at the bottom of page*
Who's the lucky liuliu?
*wide grin*