Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One Year On...

Dateline 28th March 2007...

Top story of the day. Today, is One Year young. *Young* *Young*

And what a surprise, received something from the mail. Just a coincidence, of course.

Last Christmas, I asked him to send me a postcard with Singapore's special Christmas stamp edition. He said he'll try...

A quarter year later, I got this.

...without the postcard. :P
Thank you, bottle! I did not expect it. Thought you have forgotten...

I was 'thick face' enough to ask from him because it's so darn cute! No?

Anyway, it's been a wonderful year 'living' in the blog world. I thank each & everyone of you who have been following my crap. With that, I'm gonna take a break. A short one. No no, nothing happened, nothing is wrong. Don't worry. I just need a break but I'll be back, (spoken in Arnie's style) and that's a promise!

Oh, you'll still see me running & playing & rolling around your blogs! Stay happy!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lesson Of The Day...

This afternoon, I had one of these &^%$@!!! moments when I accidentally overwrote a file which I spent hours working on it last week. I thought I saved another copy in the server but when I checked, nay, didn't do it... In my 11 years, this is my 2nd or 3rd 'accident'... Gah!!! Can't blame anyone... blame it on the application which crashed a few moments before that and also my quick fingers...

Anyway, when I was in the shower earlier, I suddenly remembered... I think I saved a copy in my disket!!! *CROSS FINGERS & TOES* I think I did... I hope I did!!! Well, I'll know tomorrow...

So, lesson of the day... back up your files!!! This is a community service brought to you by me... Good night...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cool Sunday Afternoon And A Couple of "Eyes"

Currently here... with a mug of Caramel Machiato...

...with a piece of American Baked Cheese Cake.
Can you see a gondola in the background?

Nah... proof! KKKKKK! Got gondola in M'sia also, okay...

A's hubby, M, complained said that I don't post pictures
of my 'travels' (like as if I travel alot...).
So today, I'll post up some "travel pics"... well, not
that 'travelling' also lar...

Which eye is this? The London Eye? Or, the Eye On Malaysia?

The Mata Malaysia during daytime... (took Dad there on the 3rd day of CNY)

Front view... The ride, RM15 for adults, RM8 for Senior Citizens...

The Mata Malaysia during night time... (was there with Mom last night.
Wanted to go for the ride but Mom skeds...)

I think I love the night view... you?

And I love this... those are bamboo trees.. reminds me of maple trees :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

In Loving Memory Of...

...Zewt's mom who passed on a few hours ago.
With deepest sympathies, Zewt...
Picture nicked from here.

Yesterday, his mom fainted, was sent to the hospital, doc confirmed it was stroke. She was put on the machine, having 2-3 days "left". And he wrote, "Ya’ know, so many times my mom said we took her for granted, and we never appreciate her, and that when the day comes when we want to take her out and make her happy, she might be gone. She was right. And it will be the biggest regret of my life."

How often do we take our loved ones for granted? Only you will know the answer... Just a reminder to Myself and whoever needed...

A few of us were lucky enough to have met Zewt (for just a brief moment) during the Together Gather Bloggers' Party 2007. Eventhough we do not really know him that well, but reading what went through his mind yesterday was really... really heart wrenching... and he just wrote this, "Life has indeed changed. As I walked around my house, I can finally see the gigantic effort of hers to put the whole house in order. From all the cleaning she has done… to the little decorations here and there. I realised my mom is a very artistic person."

Really can sob reading those two entries! And I just had to blog about it. Yesterday was like a day of "bad news". Kat twittered that her friend's husband died in a car accident. And then Will posted about his friend who met with a fatal accident. Next, was Zewt's mom. This is like too much for a day...

And Life goes on...

I hope there's a beautiful garden in heaven...
Picture by Kodak, of course.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Different Perspectives... And My Yin Yeong Tag

In my previous entry about the husband declaring his love for his wife of 35 years, The Star had a write-up about this couple, why he did what he did. Mr. Chan said, “When you have a wife who is willing to go through good and bad times with you, you have to give her something out of the ordinary.”

Most wives commented that they'd prefer big bling blings than this expensive declaration (in 5 major newspapers) and today, 5xmom wrote this, "I tell you lah, I worked with some of the richest businessmen as their employee and the only time when they openly declare their love for their wives is when they had been fucking around with the young secretaries/clerks or some mistress outside." Even Jack in Titanic Cocka claimed that Mr. Chan could be on Ecstasy when he did that!

Most (relatively) young men, women & sentimentalists think, "Awww... so schweet...wanna emulate Mr. Chan...where to find this kinda man..."

Distinct contrasts? Definitely. So, it got me thinking... Any thoughts, you?

Next, a Tag summoned by The Emperor sometime last month.

01) Coke or Pepsi?
Rootbeer, 7-Up, Sprite, F&N Orange, Fanta Grape (used to love this in primary school... made my tongue go purple...*grin*).

Okay, okay, I'll have to choose Coke over Pepsi. Why? No idea... It's the Secret Recipe, I suppose...

02) KFC or McDonald's?
I like A&W's Fried Chicken. And Burger King's Swiss Mushroom Burger. Have you tried Marybrown's? I've not...

At KFC, I love the Cheezy Wedges. At McD's, I love the McDeluxe Burger & their yearly Prosperity Burger.

03) Häagen-Daz or Baskin-Robbins?
Häagen-Daz AND Baskin-Robbins' Rum & Raisin flavour!

04) Coffeebean or Starbucks?
Coffeebean for their Mocha Latte.
Starbucks for their Hazelnut Choclolate & free WiFi, of course!
I also like San Francisco Coffee's San Francisco's Golden Gate! Coffee is the very kaw-kaw! Old Town Kopitiam's coffee is also yummy, and much cheaper! And then there's Grand Canyon Coffee... Dome's Coffee... nay... *shakes head*

05) Nike or Adidas?
Nay to both! Because I own two pairs of Reebok! Actually, I'd have chosen a Nike that time... but when I tried 'em out, Reebok 'won'... But, I'd like to own a pair of Nike's. DYK that in Hong Kong, somewhere near Mongkok, there's one row of shops selling just sports shoes? (Well okay, and other sports' attires/gears too lah...) Lotsa choices there! And the price? 2 years back, 'twas about the same as M'sia... but the choices, can't get 'em here!

06) Mercedes Benz or BMW?
A Ferrari, please.

07) UK or US?
Both! And Canada! And South Africa! And Australia! Never been to US, will wanna go one day! Okay, this is getting a bit boring...

08) Paris or Rome?
Both! Both!!

09) Céline Dion or Mariah Carey?
Céline Dion of course, like what he said, "In honour of angel & Cocka Doodle’s best-selling artistic interpretation of Hand on a Steamy Window, on the Titanic. Yeah! We did My Heart Will Go On... don't believe?? Got picture worrr! But sorry, no link to the entry @ Cocka's...

10) Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
I'm getting bored... a bit of both, but Christina's powderfool voice...

11) Brad Pitt or David Beckham?
No freaking idea what language DB speaks...

Angie loves Brad...

12) Dad or Mum?
FKK! How to answer this kind of question?? Duh...

13) Movie or Music?
Movie is work... *wink*

14) Windows or Mac?

Moving over... soooooooon...

15) PC (Desktop lah) or Lappie?
Have you seen anyone carrying a Desktop to Starbucks..?? Then?!

Phewwww! At last! Finito!

Tag a guy & a girl.
*not in a Tagging Mood*

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Sharing...

Angie & Pax Thien Jolie

Just now, as I was having dinner, a very late one, an Indian boy came around the tables selling China Press newspaper. At first, I shook my head, donwan, but after seeing that no one else around me wanted to buy from him, I called him to my table, paid RM1.30 for the paper that I donno how to read, well, okay, it'll take me forever to read that paper if I wanted to. I asked the boy where is his papa, he pointed outside. Then he saw his father waiting for him outside and before he left, he turned to me, smiled and said, "There, that's my dad." The boy looks like a smart boy and at that point of time, my heart goes out to him... Shucks! So emo wan...

Anyway, I flipped through the paper and this whole page of congratulatory note captured my attention. Just thought I'd share it here... 35 years of Marriage... how sweet! *touched/kam doung* I hope you can read the wordings!

I spent some time taking pictures from the paper just now and I wonder what the other people around me were thinking... *LOL* Okay, time to sleep! Sunday's here! What comes after Sunday?? Arrghhh!!! BTW, the KL International Marathon will be held later today, so, bottomline is, DON'T GO INTO KL CITY before 2pm! Oh, and Good Luck, Stupe!

Friday, March 16, 2007

48 Concubines Chapter 1, 2 & 3

**Warning - an 18PG entry**

Simple American initiated this Blogbuster™ Project, entitled 48 Concubines in conjunction with our L B taikor's birthday on the 8th of March. All Perms & Conditioners (shampoo, hair wax & gel included) can be found here. Lil' Miss May passed the baton to me last Saturday (So sorry! Been busy and busy getting tired...) to continue from her Chapter Two. I'll be kind and do a C & P of episodes one and two.

Chapter One, by Simple American.

The man paced nervously back and forth. His day was here. It only came once a year and he looked forward to it during the other 364 days. He tried to curb his anxious nature. If you rush into these things some of the pleasure would be diminished.

He chuckled as he thought of the joke his Texas brother told. It was a dirty joke and one of the few that the Texan told that was actually funny.

This joke centered around a pair of bulls standing on the top of a hill. The elder bull, the father had brought his son to this overlook. The younger bull had come of age and he eagerly gazed down upon the meadow below where the herd grazed. The breeze carried the cow scent up to the bulls and the younger could feel the urge building up in his loins.

“Come on Dad. Let's run down there and screw one of them heffers.”

The elder bull looked at his boy and winked, “Son. Let’s walk down and screw em all.”

The man chortled again. Humor and wisdom all rolled into one. Yep. On this night he better walk a lot.

A chill draft blew in as the door opened. He tugged at the navy blue robe. His bling fell out, with his 24 karat golden “L”. He stuffed it back under the robe feeling the cold metal on his smooth chest next to the golden “B” that hung from another chain.

“You ready?”

It was the Texan. No surpose there. He helped things procede smoothly. L B stood and the men shared a manly embrace. The Texan snuck in a pinch. L B jumped back. Dang everytime on his birthday he copped a feel. Oh well. One cannot buck tradition.

“She’s ready,” the Texan drawled.

“Who,” L B asked? His heart beat faster in anticipation. He adjusted his belt in an attempt to keep his composure.

“You know it wouldn’t be any fun if I told you.”

“Damn you.”

The two men laughed. The Texan walked over to the fridge and pulled out a Corona. Looked around and cursed at the lack of a lime. He popped the top off on the lip of L B’s counter.

“Your gonna scratch that yet.”

The Texan looked back sheepishly. “Sorry. Why in the hell are you talking to me? Get. She’s waitin’?”

L B looked at the Texan who plopped down on the couch, scrunching the duvet. He flicked on the TV. “Anything new from Uncle Ho?”

“It’s all in the cabinet. You’ll find something I’m sure. See you tomorrow.”

And L B walked out into the night. The garden outside looked beautiful under the soft lamps. Definitely tended by someone with Japanese training. He walked passed the boxwoods and smelled the air blowing of the Indian ocean. And then he arrived at the adjacent room. A large blue number one nailed firmly into the mahogany.

He rapped twice and waited.

Chapter Two by Little Miss May.

“In a moment,” a voice softly called. L B’s pulse quickened at the sound of it. The voice almost sounded familiar and yet…

The door unlocked and slowly opened. “Happy birthday, Mr. Chairman. Or should I be calling you the Emperor now?” A small giggle followed.

His lips curled into a smile. That face, oh… that face. His eyes roamed down the length of the curvaceous woman standing there, dressed in a blue-blue tei silk dressing gown with one smooth leg peeking out from the folds. He remembered that leg. And everything else underneath that gown. He looked up again and saw that she had been doing her own roaming on him as well.

“Baby! What a surprise. When did you arrive?” They embraced in a hug, and held on for awhile. Just a little while longer. He breathed in her familiar scent.

“I flew in last night. Come in, don’t stand there on ceremony. I felt that something else wants to stand up too.”

Shifting slightly in adjustment, L B stepped into the sweet vanilla scented room. The light had been turned down, and all around the scented candles gave off a warm glow. An array of white lilies adorned a small table at one corner of the room. Jasmines were scattered on the floor. As he approached the table, his nose was tickled by another aroma. Served on a fine china plate was something totally finger lickin’ good.

“Ah, you found your birthday dinner! I knew it was some time since you had yourself a grand platter of KFC with lormaikai, so I brought some in. And then after dinner,” she said, as she stepped in closer and let her hand travel down his back, “We’ll have a little bit of dessert. I shall be your Concubine M for tonight…”

L B felt another pinch on his tush. But this one, he didn’t mind. He didn’t mind at all. In fact, to his own surprise, he didn’t mind skipping that deliciously finger lickin’ good meal and go straight to dessert. Or maybe after a drumstick… No. No drumstick. There was another ‘drumstick’ he wanted to bite into. And his stick was ready to do some beating of its own. His klangklangs were aching with excitement.

“Dinner can wait,” he mumbled, as he led them to the bed.

“Good,” she whispered. “The bush badly needs a trim.”

He grinned. This was better than dinner. He kissed her lips and neck, as his hand travelled down from her bosom down to the gown’s sash. But before he could tug the gown open, there was a soft knock on the door accompanied by persistent scratching. And a whine.

“Ignore it,” he said, fiddling at the knot.

Then they heard a bark. Arf!
And a flutter of wings.

“They’re too early,” she sighed. Dessert would have to wait. She squeezed his loins briefly before breaking the embrace and adjusted her gown. She walked to the door and turned the knob…

Chapter 3 by angel

Earlier that afternoon, Concubine M had specifically called to remind the other woman to come 3 hours later. Yes, three hours would be more than enough for the iTwosome Royal Acrobatic Session™ with her Chairman aka Emperor first before heading on to iThreesome or more...

The other woman at the door is none other than Concubine Winnfrey and of course, her son that followed her to almost wherever she goes, young Jedi feline-wannabe, Master Liucas. (Occasionally known as Liucat, and currently trying to learn how to fly with the pair of wings borrowed from Princess A... A Liubat wannabe, next?)

Just a few days ago, Concubine W was feeling very stressful due to some work problems. (Yes, being a concubine doesn't mean that you don't have to work, okay! These are what we call, the Super Modern Concubines™!) So, after work, she quickly made a call to the Emperor's Apple™ iPalace™ and told him that she desperately needed to see him and will be there in 30 minutes.

Emperor L B was of course very pleased to hear from her. "My Concubine W," he whispered. Concubine W is a very special lady. She's got the Creative iAura all over her, on & off the bed as well...

Let's just say that evening, both of them had a ball. Well, literally and not...

The Emperor's iHair Ball™, or what's left...

Coming back to the current day, Emperor L B peeped from Concubine M's room to see who was at the door. He was so delighted and couldn't contain his sexcitement when he saw Concubine W entering the door in her long, red sexy silk gown, with Master Liucas...

Chapter Four shall be passed on to mistipurple...

Disclaimer: The characters & events depicted in this Blogbuster 48 Concubines are totally fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In Loving Memory...

...of Nyonyapenang's brother, Tom (23 July 1940 - 13 March 2007)
May he rest in peace...

Last night, there was a small bloggers' meet up at Subang Parade. We went to meet up with Wennnn for the first time, and her Jon, together with Penny, her aunt whom she calls "mummy". The rest of the attendees were Laundryamah, Sasha & baby Jayden, Aceone, Kenny, Nyonyapenang & Winn.

First, it was dinner at Esquire Kitchen Restaurant, followed by dessert at Swensens. Wennnn became the Santa Rina as she had gifts for all of us. Me, I got an Angel's Notebook & a Superstar Keychain. Thanks, Wennnn! It was nice meeting you, Jon & Penny!
To all the Taggers who have diligently been tagging me (almost everyday!), thanks for all the love you have showered, I'll need time to answer them... My mind has been very tired lately...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Together Gather Bloggers' Party 2007 - 9th March 2007

Naaaaa!!! Since my leng-leng pic is ALL over the Internet now, I might as well post it up here also! Grrrr!!! (Picture courtesy of Cocka Doodle.) kyh, you wanna see how angie looks like, come to KL! *wink*

I shall not do any reviews but if you wanna read any, just head here. I went thru' almost all the entries about the Together Gather Party 2007 to see if my pretty pic is posted anywhere. Luckily only appear in the group photo, which I'm sure those who know me will be able to spot me quite easily. Anyway, the reviews were compiled by someone, dunno who he is... For me, I just want to thank the Organising Committee for their time & effort in putting up this mega meet.

And also to note down a few 'new' people we (me, CP1, Cocka, King's Wife & Zeroimpact) met that night. At our table, we met Golfnick & his "site-admin" (Both really farnie guys! You might wanna check 'em out if you are into golf... Moz?), flsam & Kenny Lee. I also shook hands with two famous-amos bloggers, ahpek & minishorts. And, not forgetting two macho guys whom I knew from their blogs and only met them face to face that night, sotongking & zewt. Nice meeting everyone!

Oh yeah, a minor 'mishap' happened to yours truly that night. After about 20 minutes after sitting down at Table No. 7 in Skyroom, Federal Hotel, guess what happened? My shoe (espadrille) went koyak!!! (I wore the shoes less than 10x, only okay..) OMG! It was a nightmare! How did my shoe koyak? I don't have a pic now, I'll remember to take a pic of it later because it's still in the car...

What did I do? I needed to find a stapler to staple it so that I could at least staple it and wear it to the carpark to get another pair of shoes. I then called 'my hero', asked him if he could find a stapler for me but he couldn't find one. So, I just walked barefooted to the lift.

Along my way, everyone asked me what happened etc. but I was very lucky because when I reached the reception area, Shireen & Janice saw what happened and Janice said that she'll lend me her slippers. Phew! I didn't have to walk barefooted after that. Bumped into King's Wife & Cocka at the reception area and King's Wife was so kind to accompany me to the car to get my other pair of espadrilles. (Guys, now you know why we women need more than 3 pairs of shoes!)

I was very upset because that pair of koyak-ed shoes matched my dress 100%. But what to do... So, it was not a very auspicious way to start the Friday night.

Nevertheless, the bloggers' party went on until 11pm and after that, it was Crooning Session at Low Yat Plaza's Redbox Karaoke. Only 4 of us went and 3 of us left around 3am. How's that for a Friday night party? *wink* And now, it's already Monday... *groans* Have a good one, anyhow!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

On This Day, Many Years Ago...

...a baby Apple was born.

Angel on a cake...

Dateline 8 March 2007...

A special entry for the man who helped the 'birth' of this blog. In short, no L B, no angel. Yes, today's bangchai a.k.a. albie a.k.a. L B's birthday (How young is he, you asked? You ask him yourself lar...) and I wanna give you a glimpse of this Mysterious Mac-Man.. the man behind Apples...

This man is really something, I tell you... Check out his masterpieces of angel on my sidebar... Doncha lurve him??? Okayyy... maybe not... *blek* Anyway, let's check him out...

L-R, clockwise... His tummy, partly covered by Liucas; his legs;
both his hands with his camera; his right hand holding ciggie hiao-hiaoly...

Wish we could get these for his birthday...

But since it's quite impossible to present the Real Things to him, what's the next best gift to The Chairman/Founder of The Hug Hug Club™? Nah, L B, don't say I dun lup you ohhh... I tried so many times to get the right angle, the right lip colour, the right shine, the right Angie-like pout. I hope Brad doesn't get too jealous. *I still Brad*

Two Birthday Muaks for the Birthday Boy!
Who else wanna Kiss of Life??

Last but not least, hope this angel cake find its way
to San Giovanni in Marignano... Sorry, no cupcake for you...

H a p p y B i r t h d a y , L B s l a s h C K !
M a n y H a p p y K l a n g K l a n g s o f T h e D a y ! !

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Two days ago, I received an e-mail from Eve which made me very sad. She has been diagnosed of having lupus, an autoimmune (means the immune system fights the body itself instead of protecting it) disease in which the immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal tissues. Last August, her mother passed away, due to lupus. So, it could be hereditary in Eve's case. A few years ago, a young cousin of mine (in her 20's) also passed on due to this illness. Up until now, there is no cure for lupus, only treatment. But still.....

Nope, I wasn't in tears when I received Eve's e-mail. Instead, I think I was in denial for half a day. I was in a daze. I was confused about my own emotions. I wasn't sure if I was was sad, upset or angry. My spirits were dampened... The tears only came in the evening as I was talking to my mom over the phone about Eve... I didn't know what happened then... That was two days ago, 5th March.

Yesterday, 6th March, a few minutes before noon, I suddenly felt that my chair was shaking. I looked at the arm-rest, gosh, it was shaking too! But when I tried to see if my colleague felt what I felt, she didn't turn to me at all, she was working very hard on the computer. A lot of things came to mind at that time, and right after that, I felt giddy. So, I asked her if she felt anything. She said she did. Alamak... so, I wasn't hallucinating or dreaming. I even thought that maybe there was a big lorry/trailer passing by the building.

The tremor was due to an earthquake that hit Sumatra. And I felt the tremor again a few minutes before 2pm. This time, I knew it wasn't X-Files related...

And the finale... You know, for the past few days, everyday also I kena tagged! Gosh... I told a few of them that I think I'm gonna be spending my "blogging life" answering tags! I think I have about 5-6 tags to do! Very FKK! BUT, I suppose tagging is loving... so, to reciprocate, I'll answer the tags.

kyh & monk[t]icon wanted to see how my Desktop looks like. Nah...

My desktop for the past 3 years.
I like 'convenience', hence the clutter on my desktop.

BUT... a new one is coming soon...
I'll show off to you one fine day...

*fingers & toes crossed*

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Five First Time©

Sometime in January, the Doctor tagged a number of us with her own My First Time tag. I'm supposed to list out five First Time© of my Life. So, expecting something 18PG?? Nah!! Oh, before that, a Very Happy Birthday to Simple American! Thanks to may for announcing it in her blog. *grin* May you have a great one, SA! *hugs*

A Texan Star spotted in London *wink*

Okay, getting on with the
First Time© tag...

This CNY is the First Time© I did not have Reunion Dinner with my immediate family, only with mom & some extended family members. It is also the First Time© I did not go back home-sweet-home. I missed mom's yummy CNY dishes...

This is the
First Time© I spent CNY in KL. And on the first day of CNY, it was the First Time© I saw sooooo many aliens foreigners congregating around Pudu/Kota Raya area. They were just standing there, doing nothing! Well, okay, they could be doin' people/car watching... Scary like hell!

Sometime last year, he asked his friend to fly this (pic below) from Kuching, just for me. That was the First Time© I had kueh ciap from Kuching. *touched*

Doesn't look too attractive to you? But it tasted yummm!!!
If you'd like to know what it is,
here, check out the Doc's entry and for a clearer picture too.

Sometime last December, he sent a parcel to moi. This is the First Time© I received a package from Texas, USA. *happies*

Sometime last month (February 07), she sent a card to me. This is the First Time© I received a personalised card, made specially for me by her. *sweet*

Yesterday was my First Time© trying flower tea aka blooming tea aka flowering tea. The waitress said that the flower is carnation (?!). The process of the flower bud 'blooming' in hot water is rather interesting. It looked like it was blooming slow-mo...

Carnation flower tea? Oh, this glass of tea
was given FOC because of CNY and they named it Gong Xi Fa Cai...

Okay, I think I've exceeded my First Time© stories... AND NOW... to tag the people I love soooooo much!
There you go! Thank you for the tag and for tagging me!

DYK that there are special carpark spaces (the underground carpark, I mean) near all entrances at Cineleisure Damansara just for Single Female Drivers? I'm impressed! But of course, Malaysians being Malaysians, I reckon that most of the spaces must be taken up by Non-single or Non-female drivers... you thinks?