Wednesday, April 02, 2008

THHC™ Chapter 22 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©


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*rants first*

GRRRRR!!! I tell you!!! MAXIS BROADBAND SUX! MAX! iHate!

*takes a deep breath*

There you go... much better now... for the past couple of hours, I've had the 'privilege' of testing out Maxis' Broadband (subscription is what, RM138/mth ??) using this Huawei HSDPA USB Modem, Model E220. MADE IN CHINA, of course...

Anyway, OMG, Maxis Broadband, your BROADBAND (???) signal sucks. Word of the day, "sucks".

*piak those who think senget*

In the past 2 hours, it disconnected every now and then. Really baaaaad... OK, I really need to revert to Screamyx... BRB!

*back after 15 mins*


Now, where was I? Oh right, it's post April Fool's day... did ya' get punked? Well, I didn't... Okaylah I did... I got e-punked, e-fooled by this Leonard Png!! Leonard Png PUNKED us all with his "love confession"... Haha, but it was a GOOD ONE! Sorry, Ehon & Trinity, I already knew you were gonna punk us when you said u gonna stop bloggin'. Try harder next year, yeah! :P

On with March's THHC™ Chapter 22's Results! JomPeluk!©

Ehon - Fantastic First!!!
L B - Sifu Second!!
Jemima - Twinkle Third!
Mozilla Monster - Toughie Third!

Chewygurl - Fourth!
Kopi Soh - Fifth!
May - Fifth!
Winn - Fifth!
Bongkersz - Sixth! (New Spooner!)
Chev - Sixth!
Mudpie - Sixth!
BdkBkk - Seventh!
Misha's Mum - Seventh!
Mistipurple - Seventh!


*sorry, messed up the captions... just saw it and too lazy to redo*

Last week, I received some gift vouchers from the credit card company. It didn't come 'free' lah, of course... redeemed from the points I've collected since years ago... Anyway, yippie! Means can go free shopping!

Among the stuff I got last weekend... Woohoo! 8GB pendrive @ RM110. But I know come PC Fair, sure will be cheaper... but nevermind... Lifetime Warranty... iHappy! Speaking of pendrives, I have each of every size, I just realised... from 16MB, to 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and now, 8GB. Oh yes, not forgetting my 60GB (or was it 80? Forgot oledi) portable hard-disk! Gila or not? Nehmind, as long as iHappy, iHappylah!

Happy or sad, must eat also, right? So, I forn-ed a bit in this entry also lah eventho' it's not Flyday yet.

Take a closer look at this durian ribs rice... been wanting to try this but failed to order it. But last week, since iHappy, iOrder this sextraordinary 'concoction'...

What's iVerdict? Hmmm... I think a true durian lover would like it although I must admit, sweetish durian flavour and saltish (fried) ribs taste kinda... kinda weird at first, but after a few bites, iHappy...

Oh, and iLoveLoveLove their soup... it's a Must Order at Next Stop Restaurant! Die... now iHungry also oledi... are uHungry too?

This is how the restaurant looks like. It's located in between KFC and Shakey's Pizza in IOI Mall. Two thumbs up! Oh, and they have durian sago ice blended too!

And since today, iHappy, I'd like to share with you a free e-book on How To Be Happy. In the blog world, outside the blog world, around me (and maybe around you), there's just too many people who are unhappy... Hope this e-book can help us 'see' some things that might have clouded our minds. Or probably it could help us in some other ways, iDunno... There are 90 pages in the book, and I'm still reading it... Let's focus on Being Happy, shall we?

*sprinkles iHappy Dusts everywhere*


kyh said...


kyh said...

i thought of getting 3g broadband last time too! luckily din, and now get to curi free wifi summore from neighbours :P

yer i want that 8GB thumbdrive! last yr i bought 4GB for 127... and now 110 for 8GB???? *merajuk*

iHungreeeee toooooo :(

L B said...

Wakakaka!!! IDurian Ribs?!!! Kakaka, that looks great, but how is the taste?!!! Really? Sure or not wan? *iMabuk*... Wheeeee heee heeeee, Long Live The Chuppers! iLove, iHate, iWant, iSuck my toe, iTinker my klang!!!

kyh said...

wow i saw the time u posted this... and i commented 2 mins later! whee... with NO RSS FEEDER summore! we so "ooh ian" :P

L B said...

iHappy, uHappy!! vHappy!!!

L B said...

u are All ZOMBIEs!!!!
Z O M B I E S U N I T E D !

L B said...

Waaaa? Leonard fooled me?!!! ReallyStar!!!

L B said...

That iPig entrails soup looks good! Got lotsa black pepper? How many? Got count? Show!!

angeles said...


*iLaugh first*

Jemima said...

Twinkle Twinkle

Jemima said...

Let me join you, iTinkle Bell aka iAngeles

*sprinkles iHappy Dusts everywhere*

mistipurple said...

mark my poop print first.
gotta sleep.

angeles said...

Dear kyh,
U waiting two nites to chup liao, rite?? :P

3G broadband sux... or rather, maxis broadband sux. period. very disappointing... hey, go get streamyx... cheaper also... but not mobile lor... if wanna be mobile, hv to go stabaks or any other restaurants/cafes... speaking of which, this restaurant also got free wifi! Must add this detail ;)

Pendrives are getting cheaper and cheaper! Nxt one will be the 16GB? Heh heh... Dun merajuk ler... PC Fair kambing soon...


Dear L B,
Yeah! Durian Ribs! I didn't believe it at first too... also a bit wary abt it... but on the menu, they put thumbs up... so, it has got to be goooood!

The taste ah? How to say ah... mmmm... tasted duriany saltish? Kakakkaka... it's a bit extraordinary... but iLove durians, so, this is not too bad lor... not sure if u'd like it though haha...

uSuck yr toe? Show show! iWant seeee!

kyh, 'ooh ian'? u've been camping at my blog and refreshing and refreshing and refreshing the past two nites, kan?? :P

L B, haha! That's a good one! iLike!! iHappy, uHappy, vHappy!! Yippie!!

Haha, zombies?? Neh, only kyh and jemima are zombies... iInsomniac!! Kakaka...

U STILL didn't know that Leonard April Fooled u?? Kakkakakaa... Nehmind lah... u are not alone haha!

The soup is really good! The black pepper is just nice! That's why iLove! But I didn't count... next time, iBring u there and uCount, ok??

Actually, it's only iPig's stomach.. or maw... nothing else.. no intestine, no nothing.. only the tummy... uLike too?

Dear angeles,
Laff laff laff... tsk tsk!! Go sleep!!

Dear jemima,
Little Star? Hehehe...

Yippie! I've got TinkleBell helping out with iHappy Dusts!

*iSprinkle summore*

Thx, iTinkleBell! ;)

Dear misti,

What colour is your poop? Got durian? Kakakkaka... ewwwwwwwww! How could I have said that??? :P

I need to sleep too... nitenite Mistipootple... :P

********** said...

Leonard that one is fake one har?!!!!!!! I DIDN'T REALISED!

BAAHAHAHAHAHA. Why you don't believe me lar? :P

I am so pandai lor. Number 1 chup ler! EVERYBODY SIAM!! THE KING HAS COME! Muahahahahahaha~

Huei said...

*dance under iHappy dust*

wWheEe!! tenkiu!! iHappy too!! =D

wohh!! so many pendrives! i wan 8gb!!! i thought i had alot when i have 1, 2, and 4, but u!!! very keng!!! heheh not gila! it always comes in handy!! ^^

Trinity said...

Hei hei heiiiii... you told everybody here that I made a fool post!! Kakakaka.. thanks to you about Ehon's post.. I got to read it and not be punked! qiqiqiqiqi

bongkersz said...

wah!!!!!!!!! me no 6th! :D hepi hepi hepi!

angeles, can try other broadband provider, wireless also. i heard izzi (RM98 per month for 13 months) is pretty good. a friend of mine is using and he said it's very reliable and fast! then got another company, u-mobile also have the package. 3.6mbps RM77 per month. (but suscribe 2 years.. ceh!)Maxis broadband memang sucks :D

The durian ribs.. macam best :D if i go ioi mall then i go try :P muahahahaha!

_butt said...

well done chewygurl! fourth! haha

lucky I read your entry. nyaris nyaris aku nak subscrib kat Maxis Broadband ni...

durian ribs?? eeek :P

*remind self to download iHappy ebook* thanks for sharing hehe :)

eastcoastlife said...

Not even a chup! You and LB lah, always post at 3, 4 am... people having beauty sleep mah! How to chup!?
*set alarm clock for 3 am*

*sniff... sniff.... Durain rib rice - ifaint
Pig tummy soup - icollapse!*

Anonymous said...

aiya that maxis broadband from the start oso sucked ledi..cos when i called to enquire about it, the salesperson was so the sucked that i decided not to use it lor! hahahaha...besides...the maxis mobile oso sucks lor..

dom dom said...

yummy... those ribs looks delicious

jjmm said...

maxis?? boadband?? y la??

jjpp oso got lotsa books same same like How 2b Happy. u shud check out his "library" someday :p

Cocka Doodle said...

Incidentally, I also got that Huawei thingy subscribed from Cel-con. That blardy thing didn't work properly and it took blardy Cel-con 2 months to sort it out.
Apparently, it didnt work with Vista! What a boo-boo. Then I threaten to blog about it only they quickly sort out the mess. Wah! see? they sked of bloggers also. Hahahaha!!1

angeles said...

I also din know we were punked by Leonard until I read the replies -_- But it was a good one, kan? :D

OF COS I DUN BELIEVE U LARRRR!!! I read blogs how many years oledi u know anot?? :P

Haha.. ya ya, u veli pannai lor last month! Everybody siam? Kakakka.. For one moment, it reads like King of Siam kakakka :P

Dear ah huei,
*sprinkles more iHappy dusts*
Glad that uHappy!! ;)

Haha... I kiasu... but you are right! Those pendrives really come in handy! Esp. when I'm a Lazy Deleter... that's why all the pendrives are usually 'full'.. hehe...

Dear Trinity,
Haha.. I didn't say you made a fool post leh... I just implied that I'm too smart to be fooled by you and Ehon haha! :P

Try again next year, okies? :)

Dear bongkersz,
Heh heh... uHepi ah? uHepi, then when u gonna make iMoreHepi leh? ^^

Haha, abt the broadband, nolah, I think I'll still stick to my Screamyx for now... I've seen Izzi in the malls but not sure if it's nationwide yet... I know u-mobile is only limited to Klang Valley woh... kenot use in Pulau Pinang or Sibu, or Kuching, how leh?? :P

I tried out Maxis becos itu modem company maa.. we were also trying it out in the opis ;) But fail lah itu Maxis...

U like the ribs meh? I thot u said u tarak suka makan babi? U cum IOI... can I cum too?? :p

Dear butty,
Haha! Chewygurl veli errr.. chewy! Kekekek...

Ha? Maxis Broadband? NO! DO NOT! But I think like what Bongkersz said, can give u-mobile a try... and it's also the cheapest.. but ada kontrak 2 yrs... ;) good luck!

u eeek-ed at the durian or the ribs? I'd guess it's the durians? :P

Glad to share iHappy! Make sure after reading, uHappy, okie?! ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Haha.. soli lah eastcoastlife... I nowadays day time no time to blog... bz like hell.. aihhhh...

BTW, LB's entries, usually will 'come out' either in the morning or evening, our time... so u must set yr alarm clock to 6 or 7am to chup at LB's... hahaaa...

Eh?? uFaint??
*iFan ECL*

Eh?? uCollapse??
*iPiak ECL to wake her up...*

Dear laundryamah,
Aiyoh, I must try myself to see it maa.. oni then got things to blog, hai mai?? :P

Yayayayaya! Maxis mobile memang suck! I knew abt that years ago, and made a jump to DiGi! Heh heh!

Dear dom dom!
Woof woof woof!! Long time no see u.. how big are u oledi? Hope to see u soon...

*throws a few durian ribs to domdom*

Dear jjmm,
Nolah.. I just testing the modem fr the opis... not changing la... saja nia la... :P

Eh? He got ah? His "library" is where? Upstairs ah? OK OK, I go check it out soon! :P

Dear cocka,
Eh? Celcon oso using Huawei modem ah? U really kena conned by Celcon neh... so now u still using ka??

U threaten to blog abt it?? Kakaka.. ei, you got wear your Cock mascot to Celcon's opis ah? Kakakka...


bongkersz said...

er i use digi unlimited plan. mana mana pergi boleh!! :D screamyx also fix location la dear, you can't bring it back to butterland. i go IOI, you go? :D means, kita dating lah, kan? kan?

angeles said...

Dear bongkersz,
I know la your unlimited digi plan :P but the 'screen' too small for me... i need computer screen :P Speaking of unlimited plan, u knw, i just got my phone bill last month and i terkejut my gprs came to abt RM20 haha :P

Yeah, I knw my Screamyx oni can use at my place... butterland can oni use dial-up but i not gonna suffer the dialing... that's why the last time had to use the phone ;)

U want to dating me at IOI oni ka? Not somewhere further?? :P Cepatlah tuanku.. patik tengah tunggu nie...

bongkersz said...

aiya, you can hook you phone to your computer ma :) use your phone as modem.. hehe!

Anonymous said...

chisss, hujan giler la kebelakangan nie. memang lebat. nak makan ribs dengan kuah durian la nie. alahhhhh, angel nie, tak ajak aku gi sama...boring la...merajuk la......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


angeles said...

Dear bongkersz,
Eh?? Hook to computer?? Eh?? How?? Can meh?? I thot hook to computer need to buy a 'card' wan??

If no nid, show me how? Please? ^^

Dear bdk bkk,
Memanglah sekarang nie musim hujan... of cos la akan hujan!

Merajuk? Alaaa, bukan I tak nak ajak u, u yang selalu tak pree, nak keje lah, nak buat proposal la etc etc... jangan tuduh I macam tu tau.. tak baik...


bongkersz said...

can. ada few cara mar. one is buy the card, itu manyak expensive.. boleh diabaikan.

2nd is get a bluetooth dongle, then on your hp bluetooth, pair it together.. tra la la!! connect macam biasa lah :)

3rd is you get a usb cable, plug to your phone and your pc.. tra la la!! connect lah :)

so, you have usb cable or not? (normally given when you bought your hp) if have then can continue cerita how to do.

Leonard said...

i just can't imagine how the durian rib rice would taste...been ages i ate durian..hopefully won't give me headaches..

sorry about the post, it's been talked about in several other blogs..maybe i should consolidate the discussion? should i? but it would be bad and proud action, i think i should shelf the idea! what u think?

angeles said...

Dear bongkersz,
Thankiss so much for your cara-cara... memang terer you ;)

But as 'discussed', patik nie pengguna komputer yang kurang canggih... bukan komputer yg tak canggih, orangnyer yg tak canggih :P I wait for u to do for me, ok? Use yr phone.. yours unlimited access maa :P

Dear leonard,
Ha? Durian gives u headache? Then better dun try lor...

Haha.. dun hv to be sorry lerrr.. it was a good April Fool joke! But then again, I still say these two words to you... Jia You!!! Hehehe...

U mean got ppl 'suan' your 'confession' ah? Let them be la... yes, I also think that "discussion" prolly not a very good idea :) but up to u heh heh...


Anonymous said...

aper lak???? skrang nie, bukan musim hujan ler sayang. bulan nih bulan songkran la, so songkran memang musim kemarau, sebab tuh, orang main splash splash. musim hujan ialah dari sept-december la. sebab tuh, kiter panggil MONSOON. per lah. ahh, iklim yg strange nie la suatu petanda yg bumi kiter nie semakin tenat. sigh, aku cintai bumiku ttp ader jugak orang masih guna polisterin dan plastic. pi beli barang pun nak jugak plastic tu, beli burger nak plastic, sedangkan ndah la nak makan, semua orang malas, nak jer disposable punyer fork and spoons...memang menyampah. ko nie pun satu, sedangkan belog ko tuh femes giler babi, takleh ker engko buat komuniti servis seperti yg lain dengan memberi mesej pasal iklim kiter yg semakin tenat nie?

so, kesimpulannya, sekarang bukan musim hujan tetapi sepatutnya musim kemarau.

kak long nak pi main ayak songkran nie kat ner lak? abang nak pi wat...mungkin nak pi dengan member thai aku. kalo ko nak pi...jemput datang la. tapi ader la sembahyang skit, pas tuh, buat offering kepada sami2 dan semua org. byk org masa tu, tapi bessst, semua cam famili jer. makanan thai sejati lak tu. tapi, last year, kiter tak makan kat sana la, coz, we bagi chance lain utk makan la, so we pi keluar makan. pas makan pi round dekat restoran thai berdekatan....main bancur bancur airrrrrr..hehehe..syiok. amoi thai tuh pun ahem, abang pi dengan M, so jangan misunderstood lak yg i pi merayau2. k la, setakat nie ajer la sayang.


Anonymous said...

semalam,aku terserempak dengan foto GIRLY BERRY dalam chantik betui si budak thai niehhhhh....hehe..syiok!


Aiyah Nonya said...

Durian ribs rice ????
Don't mind trying although it sounds weird. Maybe because I am weird too. :)

Love the pig tummy soup the ice blend durian.
Wah salivating already...

Chev said...

maxis broadband so lauyah wan ah?
so, streamyx is still 'better' :)

glad to know that u r happy..
and thanks for the phone call that night :)

mistipurple said...

pootpootpoot i miss you.

mistipurple said...

hehe. the half visible commented. :p

Andie Summerkiss said...

I love your blog. Great writing and great pictures!

Again, durian rib rice? How weird ... But heck, if it tastes nice, why not, right?

angeles said...

Dear bdk bkk,
Aper bukan musim hujan? I heard a few ppl say Ching Ming is musim hujan? No ah? Wrong info ka?

Alaa, itu musim monsun sudah lama tka pakai la, u tak tau ker? Nowadays, suka-suka, will be monsun, no musim oledi wan..

Ko memang prihatin terhadap Mother Earth, ye... eh, ekskius me, blog aku tak femes langsung, k.. ini sampat punye blog, bukan blog yg serius.. komuniti serbis? aku sendiri pun nak serbis, nak mintak drp saper?? aku ni jugak pemblog yg malas.. minta maap, tak dapat nak buat entri pasal iklim tu.. also, i think i'll sound so fake... just not me... does that mean i dun love Mother Earth? *ponders*

eh, kejap u panggil i kak long, kejap u panggil yrself abang.. aper nie??

i ingat u nak ajak i pi bkk.. cheh... pi sembahyang dgn u dan M? malu ler... lagipun, i tak kenal famili siam u tu.. i teringat jugak masa kat bkk during musim songkran... mereka tu, memang giler.. tapi itu budaya mrk, kan? after tat, i pun rasa best jugak dipercik air sbb masa tu panas betul!

Saper girly berry? Aku tak kenal ler.. I dah tak baca Bintang :P

Dear aiyah nonya,
The durian ribs okay lor... it is weird actually haha.. but ok lah if u love durians, like me :)

U weird? Hey, me too lah! *high 5*

The 'chu thou tong' really yummy!! *slurps* :D

Dear Chev,
Yeah, Maxis veli lauyah wan... Screamyx is really better... we must learn not to take it for granted liao, hor? :)

iHappy so that other ppl also happy.. but of cos oso got iUnhappy ler.. but like how the saying in Cantonese goes, "happy also one day, not happy also one day, might as well be happy!" U faham my literal translation ah? Sei lor, dunno how to translate tim... :P

But of cos, life has got its ups and downs... I hope you are feeling 'up' soon.. becos the only way to go when u are down, is UP! ;)

Welcome back, Sampat Partner :) We missed u! :D

Dear misti,
Peepeepee, I miss U three four five sex!

Oops, I meant six! :P

Who is half invisible? I, u or ????

Dear Andie Summerkiss,
Hello hello! Thank you so much for your kind words.. I'm now blushing... hehe..

My writing is not good... my writing is 'sampat'... becos most of my friends are also 'sampat'... hehe...

Yes! The durian rib rice IS weird... but becos I love durians, it's not too bad ;)


mama of 2LittleFellas said...

must come in and icium a bit!!!
misschu so muchie too!!!!

love that Murphy's Law #4.
kinda feel something liddat now...
i think i also kena April fool punked!

this friend of mine that i'm not so close with initially... started 2b so nice and so caring when i was so sick(during chemo time). he was sms buddy at that time...we sms-ed each other alot at those wee wee a.m. hours when everybody else was asleep and i'm too sick to sleep at all...he was utterly utterly concern about me and real comfort to me at that time.

i'm thinking this can be a real friend and decided to add him to my list of "lifetime friend to keep'. so, i wanted to meet up (i haven't seen him f2f for a long time) and take him out for dinner to thank him for being there. and guess what? he refused to see me.

OMG. i thought it's April fool yeah but.... it's was past april fool day and he still refuse to see me??!!! so conpused!

*i'm so late for gym*

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... finally you get to try Maxis broadband yourself... firsthand experience loh, no need to ask around liao.

This next stop restaurant must be the one you've recommended to me the other day, cos i rem the soup : p

Durian and saltish fried ribs, a very awkward combination indeed... but what the heck, people eat bugs and worms, durian and saltish fried ribs is nothing : p agree?

Ms A

suituapui said...

Sulk!! Sulk!! This like Malaysia punya erection kah??? LOL!!!

suituapui said...

I use that Huawei thingy leh!!! So far so good, no problemo!!!...and hope it stays that way! Touch wood!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

forgot to say earlier,

u like durian huh? no wonder got such 'erection' when we talked about durian cheesecake.

i went for baking classes and learn to bake (or yet to bake) that durian cheesecake...very good wor.

ok.ok. must dig up the recipe and try again...

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

that fella i mentioned earlier.. didn't mean to bitch about him. he is a nice chap. i think he is just shy. maybe next time i ask him to join me and family for dinner instead. hopefully less shy!

btw, Khun U is married. DARN!!!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

m'darling, m'sweetie,

don say it!
now that i cool down a little and clear off my head .... maybe...maybe not....but don't say it!!!

he is just too nice.. and shy...
*and i actually want to protect him??!!!omg*

moz monster said...

Try as I may ... I can't imagine that combination with durian ... doesn't work for me. I'd much prefer durian in cold desserts or perhaps even in cakes. :P

I'm using Maxis 3G, and it's been pretty good so far. Hope I won't ever have to rant about how sucky it is ... so far so good.

mistipurple said...

LOL! alot of invisible commentors here! hahahaha
*ciums the lisa after ciuming the angeles*

angeles said...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
iLoveLoveLove your iCiums and iPeluks! More more more! Hehehe..

Actually, all these "Murphy"s Law, not the real thing one... just they simply pusing pusing it wan.. real Murphy's Law, maybe I post later hehe..

Re. your SMS Buddy.. I think he's shy... OR... jengjengjeng... u know i know lah abt the other possibility hor? But let's not freak u out.. but then but then......

Donch worry lah, he dowan to see u, iWANT!!! Can? Hehehehe...

Woot! U go to the gym in the mornings eh? Good for u, hunny! ;)


Dear Ms. A,
Now I'm wondering if the modem got problem... but the signal fluctuates like nobody's business! Or maybe my area? Hmmm...

Oops... I forgot that I got mention to u b4... tsk tsk.. my memory is failing ...

Durian and ribs, yes, VERY weird combination... if u ask me, I think it's not so 'ngam' but I love durians, so sapu lah! Haha..

Bugs n worms, never for me! No way, Jose! :P

Dear suituapui,
Erection ah? Nolah... what about Malaysian Dreamgirls/guys? Kakaka..

Eh? U use Maxis Broadband ka? Maybe that Maxis 'transmiter' just behind your house leh? That's why good signal strength! ;)

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
U sneaked in and out a few times yesterday eh? iCium and peluk summore..

Hahahaha.. yayayaya, I love durians!! And my 'erection'? HAHAHAHA!! I laughed so loud when I read this yesterday :P thank GOD i dun hv anything physically 'erecting' LOLOL!! Or maybe got... just cannot see so clear.. hahaha..

Can I come over for tea when you bake that durian cheesecake? Can I? Can I??? Pweeaasseeee... heehehe...

No, no, I dun consider that bitching... u were conpused.. and concerned.. now i gave u that idea abt maybe he is.. u know... u more "CONCERNED" haha..

OK lah, I shall not say it.. but u can read my mind, kan? Kekekeke... donch worry... focus.. focus... focus on papa of 2LittleFellas ;)


Dear moz,
I know what u mean but I thot to myself, die-die oso must try! Actually I went there many times liao but didn't try, until last week...

Eh? U use Maxis liao?? No more Screamyx for u?

Dear misti,
Where? WHERE?? *cannot see cos invisible maa*

*iCiumHug too*


may said...

iHappy for you too, seeing how you is happy! I should Forn next Friday, if I have time. went to a few yummy places to eat, so the very Forn...

angeles said...

Dear maymay,
I hope u oso Happies, okeh? Life is too short not to be happies ;)

I shall wait for u to forn.. hopefully I'll also get to forn with u in Sydney someday... still trying to plan the trip.. :)

Trinity said...

let me chup here!! posting..posting..

angeles said...

Dear Trinity,
Kkakaka.. oi, wrong post la you.. :P

Criz Lai said...

Wah.. food porns. I'm hungry now lar but then Maxsucks is making me lose my appetite with their slow browsing connection at all times.. haha :P