Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday's When & Why Wah Lao

When you are very ill, with eyes like cannot open liddat liao, eat also no appetite, please stay at home or eat at home or rest, can anot? Please don't follow your husband out for dinner with his friends, and then while everyone is happily eating & yakking away, make as though the food owes you the world, and halfway, lean against your husband, looking half dead, (making the other friends feel bad and somewhat embarrassed, also beh tahan-ly annoying because so sou heng / potong stim) expecting the hubby to carry you home then and there. Wah lao!!

The husband, on one hand, must be feeling kesian for the wife but on the other hand, wanna spend time catching up with his friends. So how? Dinner finished early lor!

Moral of the story, when sick, STAY AT HOME!

Why on earth do you use the same "thing" (<-- the "sucker" ah, what izzit called?) to vacuum the bed / mattress after vacuuming the floor?! OMG, I can't believe that people actually do this. I surrender... No eye see. I sure vomit blood until no blood left if next time my husband do this. Can you imagine how dirty that "sucker" is after vacuuming the floor, then you take the same "sucker" and vacuum the bed? Wah lao!!

NB - Wah lao / wah liao / wah seh / wah "insert-whatever-sound-you-want" is something that you exclaim, might not be a loud one, when you saw / heard something that is ridiculous, amazing, crazy or unbelievable.

**This was written many, many Wednesdays ago.. :P Didn't think it'd be published but what the heck lah!**

Monday, January 28, 2008

CNY Shopping - Checked!

Well okay, it's not quite 'checked'... still haven't gotten the pair of white shoes... and the undergarments (a must, okay! Adrian, faster send real thongs, can?!) ... aihhh... what else...

Oh before I forget... which I did forget... 23rd of January was also Plink's birthday!!! Sorry dear plink... hope you had a wonderful celebration.. I have sent you a message... beep me back, okie? Happy Belated Birthday! XOXO!

And of course... 28th of January - Rinnah's birthday! HaPpY bIrThDaY, GiRl!! Happy Happy, okie??

I received my first CNY card last week... it was this cute homemade Meeny Mousy from butty! Thank you so much, babe! I love homemade cards... got more 'feel'... more love... how very unfortunate that I don't have a pair of arty hands.. sigh!

OK, I got headache now... ta!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blogger Tag


Chev gave me some Blogging Homework to do just now. Since I'm in
the mood, I'll do. I've never done a tag this soon. Usually I'll just keep in the cupboard and then forget all about it...


At the same time, I can also show off you the limited edition of my 2008 Starbuck's diary. Eh, I drank 16 (or was it 18?) mugs / glasses of coffee and a pastry just to get this, okay! But of course, the final 4 cups were 'contributed' by dearest Cocka when he bought alllll the ladies coffee that night.


The Tag:
01. What is your blogging name?
angel angeles.


02.When did you start blogging, exact date?
28th of March, 2006.
So boring the questions.. zzzz..


03. What was your first blog post title?
Write Away! Sorry, no link. Actually, I began as Angel's Song Blog. I suppose after that, I ran out of 'air' to sing...

04. Which post do you feel is the best so far?
My MindBlog. Best of the best. Your jaw will drop if I ever put it in words. Yet to be written :P But as I was going thru' my entries, there's this odd one out with 254 spam comments. Those were the Sampat Spammy Days..


05. Who promotes / is the source of inspiration for you to blog?
Our beloved Emperor L B!


06. When do you usually post entries?
Like now... In the middle of the night... cos I'm the Night Angel.


07. Where would you prefer to be when you are blogging?
On my bed. I'm a lazy bug.


08. Have you met other bloggers? Who?
Go read here for year ending 2007 and here for year ending 2006.
So kaypoh wan this tag...


09. How many entries do you make in a month?
Getting lesser and lesser. Now average 1-3 entries a week.


10. Would you reveal your face or your family in your blog? Why?
No, no. Why? Because the sky is so high.


11. Would you promote the concept of blogging to your friends? Why?
No. Because NOT all Great Minds Think Alike. Also because if I wanna talk bad about them, I can! Muahahahaha!


Would you feel restless / guilty conscience / incomplete if you didn't blog for a month?
Restless - prolly not.
Guilty - of course not!
Incomplete - no way!
Gee... I sound like I'm ready to quit anytime! And then start another new blog.

Phew! Mission accomplished! Thank god for Starbuck's diary! If not, this entry would be soooo boring to read, hor? ;)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Pop Art Moi!

Come try pop art yourself here! Fun! Fun! Fun!


One of my Resolution for this week...



To send out these Year of Rat CNY cards!!! You know what happened last year? I bought more than 2 dozens Year of Porky CNY cards and never sent any out. Why? Procrastinator I was until it was too late to send liao!! So how? Can't send those cards this year already.. have to wait 12 more years later lor... *&^%#!

Happy Monday! Happy Thaipusam on Wednesday! Wheeee!!! Another 4 day work week! *dances around the room*

Thursday, January 17, 2008

All About Angel

  • Very busy!!!
  • Warning - Narcissist Post Ahead!!
  • Some of you might remember, sometime end of summer 2006, I visited London.
  • Was there for 2 weeks and most of the time, I travel alone, using the Tube.
  • Used the Northern Line almost everyday because my stop was at Hendon Central.
  • Noticed this one stop called Angel.
  • Never planned to go there.
  • But on one of those days, decided to hop off at that station to see what's in my town hehe...
  • The Discovery...

It's a really nice town... Sigh...