Monday, August 31, 2009

Man Got Hit (Hard) By Lady in Singapore

By now, everyone must have seen the video of this Singapore guy who got hit in the groin and slapped repeatedly. (The above video has got some funny captions abt the incident :p)

I read some forums and so far, I think this guy gave the best comment:

He's a picture of meekness, even misery. Let's assume for the sake of argument that the man has done a grave wrong, say an act of infidelity. Somehow she got wind of it and lashed out at him like an attacking crocodile. Some feel her aggressive behaviour is justified while many others find it most appalling.

Let me relate my own harrowing experiences. Being caught with my trousers down was a real downer. To start with my loved-up gf was aghast by the discovery that I'd copped off with someone behind her back and she did the unthinkable. Sobbing hysterically, she threatened to slash her own neck with a kitchen knife.

Almost as a reflex action, I lunged forward and made a grab for the sharp knife she was holding. Thank goodness none of us was hurt. On a separate occasion, another steady gal of mine cracked up for the same reason. She literally took a massive overdose of sleeping pills and almost never woke up.

They're all women but that's where the similarity ends. Under extreme stress or pressure, different women react differently - just as each of us have differing ideas on how an emotionally charged woman ought to behave. It's so easy for armchair critics to moralize but when the emotion segment of an infuriated or upset woman's (or man's) brain is engaged, there's no telling how she'll react or overreact.

So it's not a point of how she should respond in a frenzied situation but rather how she will react according to her genetic make-up. Some may unleash like the enraged woman in the picture while some sweetie - if you're lucky enough - may just hug you tightly, almost suffocating you, as she pleads with you not to forsake her. Most, however, plunge into deep depression which means you've got a lot of explanation to do.

In short, ppl differ from one another in their ability to handle stress. reported this:

A man who was caught on video being hit my a woman repeatedly without retaliating is a director of a local property firm, said Lianhe Wanbao.
According to the Chinese evening dailies, he drives a flashy car and stays in a condominium.
Last week, videos of the incident were published in AsiaOne, in which it showed him standing still while his girlfriend used her shoe to smack him repeatedly in the groin and face.

There'll be a 'full' report later on... wait I update u ols ah... 

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Pink Cotton! (etc etc)

Many Happy Returns of the Day to Pink Cotton and ahmok!

This is a very interesting video... Did You Know..

I'm really disappointed in the state of our country right now... and what more, with this incident, I feel that we are .... *speechless...sigh*... like what 5xmom said today, "Where did we go wrong?" 52 years of Independence and yet.... Those of you who are permanent residents of other countries, please don't come back to M'sia... sigh sigh sigh!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Danyl Johnson

People are asking, is Danyl Johnson, 27, a teacher, the next Susan Boyle? (If you wanna see the original upload on Youtube, this is the link. I couldn't find any good videos on youtube to be embedded here)

OK lah, maybe someone will say Sungha Jung is better...


*addendum @ 10.30pm*
Danyl was interviwed in NBC's Today show:

Each time I click on "New Post", my mind goes blank... apa ni????? Cis... But then, when I'm not in front of the computer, I have so many things in my mind... I am probably not cut out to be a blogger anymore... It's also thanks to all the addictive Facebook games, my TVB AND Mediacorp dramas, not forgetting all the DVDrips that I have downloaded and sitting prettily in my hard disk... I need more than 24 hours in a day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Of 3 Sides To A Story & Some Japanese Laughter

Just the other day, a friend posted this on his Facebook status: ~ there are always 3 sides to a story. his side. her side. and the truth...

How true... So, I consulted my Best Friend Mr. Google to see who was the original author of this 'quote', and this ezine article hit the number one spot. It's a very short article, but this is the first sentence: "One of the major causes of relationship breakdowns is the issue of communication."

And this:

"Communication is the foundation of ever human relationship. If your communication isn't open, honest, clear and congruent there will always leave room for assumptions, misunderstanding and any number of potential conflicts that can tear relationships apart at the seams."

Okay, this is just me trying to get into the 'groove' of updating this blog and yes, I have a reason... Oh well... we shall see if my Lazy Butt will cooperate with my Itchy Mind...

Last but not least, you MUST see this really funny clip of a Japanese game show. Another friend posted this video on Facebook. I searched hi and low for the version with English subtitles, in youtube and found it. I just love the Japanese gilaness when it comes to game shows! Totemo daisuki!

After some 'research', this game show is called Gaki no Tsukai. This is their Facebook page! Really lawaklah these Nihonjins!