Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Eastcoastlife's HalloWinn Tag - Wordless Wednesday Chapter 12

She forced, bitchslapped, strangle tagged me to put up a scary photo of me on HalloWinn day, ie. today. Okay lor, I do it... if you wet your pants, go haunt her, not me! :P

Oops, sorry so many words... not MY fault, ok... bye!



B O O !


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On The First Afternoon In PussyCat City...


I have never really thought of visiting the Borneo Island before this but somehow, in the past two months, I went to this 3rd largest island (in the world) twice. I was in Brunei for one weekend in August and last weekend, we went to the Cat City aka Pussy Town (dunno who came out with this term, ECL maybe...) aka Pussy City (I said wan...) aka Kuching aka the capital of Sarawak state.

Initially we were invited by someone to visit Kuching but I suppose the plan didn't materialise. I took the 'liberty' to invite the Sampat Couple
to come along but turned out, they have booked their 'free air ticket' months ago and were going there one week before the weekend that I had planned. So in the end, we decided to follow them. The more, the merrier! And it was so true! But to cut a long story short, ECL couldn't make it due to unforeseen circumstances... aiyah!!! Potong stim!!! But never mind, we ate on your behalf too... muahahhahaa!!



Arrival & Departure Hall...

Me & NP took an earlier flight. Upon reaching Kuching's International Airport, a message came in, welcoming us to Kuching. None other than Master Ben! I did not tell him the time of our arrival as I did not want to disturb him. When I called him back, he said that he's on his way to the airport to pick us up. Wow! So touched! So kind of him! So io ka chn'g... I said, no need, but he insisted. So, okay, we waited for him... it was drizzling a bit...



Outside the airport... right & left...

While waiting for him, we were busy admiring Kuching's airport. Very wow! Very KLIA! Beat Penang's airport hands down! How Can?? Ohh... because it was just renovated sometime last year... no wonder... but still, why can't they give Penang's airport a new facelift??

A few minutes later, our chauffer friend came...


Master Ben in action...

He is really too kind to us... He just came to pick us up and sent us to the hotel, and had to leave because he had a class that day! Aiyah... made us feel so guilty... But thank you 1,000,000x, BenBen!!!



It was still too early to check in because the rooms were not ready. Our initial plan was to go around that area, look-see look-see but alas, Luck was NOT on our side as it started to rain right after we reached the hotel. So what to do? Wait lor! Wait wait wait...

Later on the
Sampat Couple™ arrived, chauffered by a friend Kenneth, and his gf. He came with them in a big car and all of us hopped into the car to go for lunch. What's for lunch, you asked? What else but this...



Errr... dunno where he took us.. I din take pics of the place :p Oh, and thanks to Kenneth for buying us lunch! Aiyah!!! So shy again...

After that, he left with the gf and Master Ben took us to this other place for a drink. Die... forgot this place's name... I think got the name "Song" sumting...

What was for teatime? Tea of course... Teh-C Peng Special! (Chen calls it Kiasu Teh-C Peng worrr...) Teh-C Peng = Iced Evaporated Milk Tea [Correct ah my translation??] Why "Special"?

Haaa... here's the answer...





It's "special" because it's 'layered'... 'shortest' is 3 layers, ie. Gula Melaka syrup (brown sugar syrup), evaporated milk & tea.

4 layers will be
Gula Melaka syrup, evaporated milk, wheatgrass (green colour) & tea. 5 layers will have cincau (grass jelly or black jelly) as the 5th 'layer'.

I ordered the 3 layers because I'm not so keen on the green green tei stuff... Yup, it was during this trip, they all found out that I hate green stuff! Anything green, nothankyouverymuch!! (But I love Milo, ok! :p) My 3 layer tasted just like any other iced milk tea... but the 5 layer one tasted quite different, and guess what? All of us loved it! Unfortunately, this "special" concoction is not available at all coffeeshops... My Question, "How come KL dun have this drink??? How come? How come???" (Someone bought a bottle of the gula melaka syrup back to make her/his own Teh-C Peng you the picture of it another time :p)

**Intermission - WAAA!!! How come I can go into Facebook already??? Wah... I better don't get too excited yet...**

So, there you go. Our first afternoon in the Land of Hornbills...

Frust Big Time

My Current Mood...


Imej taken from here.

Because they just blocked Facebook 10 minutes ago... like how they blocked Friendster...
Very KNNCCB!!!!
*pek chek ahhhhh...*

Okay, at least they've not blocked Blogger or Wordpress yet... I hope!

Yes, ehon, some PussyCat tales coming up!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Birthdays & Getaway


H a p p Y B i r t h d a Y
W e n n n n & E v e L e n g L e n g ! (25 & 26 Oct)

And now, please excuse me for I need to prepare for a weekend getaway to PussyCity! *meow*

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fiver Tag

Aloha! The past week or so, I've been doing the inevitable. MindBlogging, of course. I have a lot of things blogged in my mind but what a pity 'cos most of them can't make it to the blog. Becos... becos... becos... becos I have short memory :p (OK, and also because I'm a private person... sort of...)

Today, I'll do a tag out of the many, many stashed away in my pocket. My beloved Emperor gave me this 5-5-5-5-5 tag about a fortnight ago.

5 Things Found In My Bag *goes look into my Doraemon Bag*
~ My black Guy Laroche Wallet
~ My beige N70 phone
~ My Panasonic DMC-FX7 Liumix (Today, at Pavilion, I was this close to getting the Canon PowerShot S5 IS... I must tahan... tahan I must... 'cos I can't make up my mind... Liumix? Canon?)
~ My cute coin purse
~ My Clinique makeup pouch but not filled with any makeup stuff

5 Things Found In My Wallet...
~ 2 Citibank Credit Cards
~ 1 RHB ATM Card
~ Jusco Card (DYK that with Jusco Card, you can get a 10% discount at Times Bookstore?? Haaa... you dunno leh... I also din know, until yesterday.)
~ Credit card slips + other rubbish
~ Wang Ringgit Malaysia

5 Things Found In My Room...
~ My beloved-est Queen Bed
~ Built-in Wardrobe
~ Scented candles (One of the most expensive one, I bought from Brunei last month... about RM100... so sayang want to use...)
~ My Aiwa mini-compo (Yeah, AIWA brand!)
~ My Rubbishes...

5 Things I've Always Wanted To Do...
~ Find "Him"
~ Overcome the fear of water in the pool...
~ Fly like Superman
~ Work as a Tourist (Thanks to for this winnderful idea)
~ Have my own Liucas, AhBoy, Baby or Domdom

5 Things I'm Currently Into...
~ My Valentine Girl Niece (She lights up my life... really, she does...)
~ Play Rock, Paper, Scissors in Facebook
~ Read blogs (Never get tired of 'em...)
~ Astro's Channel 703 - Asian Food Channel

5 Beautiful People To Tag...
I'll be nice & kind not to tag anyone because everyone is owing alotta tags...

At the beginning of this entry, is the video for the original song, "Home" by Buble, (this is the ONLY Buble song that I love!) and I found out a few days ago that Westlife did a cover and will be released on 29th of October. Here's their version. I can't make up my mind which one I like better... but I think I'll pick Buble's. You?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday-Not-So-Farnies Comic

This was done in a rush, under 15 mins, first time using Comic Life! It looks horrible, yucks! But I must do it becos kesian Conan_cat organise this 'contest' but no participants... So, I just do this for him lah... No winn never mind... I see also so ugly... yuck... But I gotta learn to use this Comic Life more often! Quite fun... Happy Sunday! Im now rushing off for my lunch appointment!

Aiyoh.. why got all these space wan??? iSifu, helpssss!!

Conan_cat, sorry if you didn't get some of the meaning in my comic... it's gotta do with a few of my blog buddies here :)

One more entry coming up very soon! Mistipurple say Wordfull Sunday, so I must adhere... heh heh...

Last but not least, a very Happy Belated Kitty Burfday to K A T in Abu Dhabi!



Friday, October 12, 2007

外婆, 一路顺风

I just exchanged a few Facebook messages with Sis, telling her that I feel sadder for our Mom because she lost her Mother... because one day, all of us will have to go through this...

Sighhhh... sometimes I have very morbid thoughts... when I was a lil' girl, probably around 5-6 years old, I began to understand the concept of death. There were some periods of time whereby I was so afraid of death, that I kept thinking about it, about how death is gonna feel like (and I used to cry myself to sleep because I couldn't bear the thought of me, dying...), about losing the people I love etc. and that caused me sleepless nights. Yes, I started having morbid thoughts since that young... but thank god I grew out of it... or did I?

Thanks for all the FB messages, SMS-es & phone call...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

To My Blog

Dear Bloggy,

I had a whirlwind weekend. Whirlwind because it started on Friday night itself, with dinner at Flam KL, right smack in the city centre. Nope, not complaining, just that the traffic around Bukit Bintang area was horrendous. Urgh... we took probably half an hour to reach Federal Hotel from Sg. Wang Plaza.

Dinner was great. Company was good. Another entry on this dinner later.

Saturday. A wedding banquet to attend in a posh hotel, around the same area too. One of the unique weddings I've seen so far. Started with the groom (my buddy) who proclaimed himself as the "MC" of the night. A joke? Haaa, not for this guy, my Perfectionist Pal.

He gave a short 'speech' and then introduced the bride, who came into the banquet hall, rendering
月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), made popular by the late Teresa Teng. Twas' refreshing :) Too bad the groom did not reciprocate with any song after that... (Heard that, Mr. Groom?? :p)

It was a good night. Caught up with friends. Met a couple of new people. Same ol' same ol'...

Nevertheless, I am very happy for the Couple.

On Sunday morning, I had a date with Domdom & Liucas at the park at One Utama. It was gonna be a hot Sunday. So, I went prepared, face & arms, all sunblocked. The doggies - darn cute. If I were not living in an apartment, I'd be mommy to a Shih Tzu, most probably.

Then yesterday, Monday. Early in the morning, received a text that says, "KRINGG!! wake up lo! time 2 work!! hehe. this is a distraction in case the monday blue strikes! if it does, think of me! a community msg brought to u by ehon da Great!"

I was STILL in Dreamland, ok. But still, I appreciate his thoughtfulness. To distract me from the Monday Bluek. And how was my Monday?

At first it was okay. Until I received an email from an ex-classmate, whom I wasn't close to. A few of us initially wanted to meet this weekend. And this WOMAN, whom in the beginning, did not reply to any of the earlier emails, had the cheek to say something along this line.

I see no problem but pls do make it at a place which is less congested than one utama. What say somewhere open? At a park, where the children and husband can go and play while we chat.
Sorry to say, I do not fancy going to crowded places so that is why me and hubby would opt for somewhere more carefree when we go out.
So, i have not much of suggestions as to where to meet. Maybe AA or BB or CC have some suggestions.

That email gave me a WTF Moment™. So smart to give those 'sophisticated' excuses but couldn't give ANY suggestions. Now I remember why I wasn't so friendly with her during schooldays. *roll eyes*

I hate people like this. I call them Selfish Suckers. Damn.hate.ok. Only think of themselves. You see, I'm a very cincai person. I am agreeable to almost everything, IF it's within my effort. But when I come across people like this, I vomit blood. Told another friend in the loop that I cannot stand that email and thank god she understood what I meant without me having to explain everything. No wonder this friend (the 2nd one) was able to sampat with me during those 2 years in school... :)

And a small 'accident' happened to me just before I left the office.

Yeah, my keys and bag and phone were inside. -_-'''

I had wanted to wash my mug before going home. So happened that today, I forgot to wear my access card aka The Tag. I knew at least 2 people were still working but they were in their rooms. I went out of the office, door shut and uh huh, WTF Moment™ number two...

*insert an image of a lady frantically pulling her hair out*

What could I do? Knocked on the door a million times, calling out to my girl inside the room. Nada... she couldn't hear me. I was banging on the door for like 20 minutes, and in that 20 minutes, I thought, OK, maybe I could go down to the security's office and borrow the phone, call her, ask her to open the door for me. But then, panic attack... what if she wasn't in the room??? Oh no... who's the next best person to call?

Call M? Call P? Cos both of them are staying near to the office but shucks, I don't have my mobile phone with me, I don't have their number! OK OK, calm down... I have my colleague's number in mind. She is my partner-in-crime. My best partner at work. I REMEMBER her number. Well, because there were some sam (3) and pats (8) in the number, so I could remember. OK, plan B (or was it C), to call her and then have her call M or P to the rescue.

But I was still not giving up on calling to the meenachi in the room. Aiyoyo... whylah she couldn't hear me?? At last, the other girl in the other room came out, on her way home. I was soooo relieved to see her! My ordeal came to an end...

Lesson of the day. MEMORISE at least 2 telephone numbers of colleagues who are staying nearest to the office, 2 telephone numbers of family members AND 2 numbers of good, reliable friends. Trust me, you wouldn't wanna be locked out from anywhere without those numbers in your mind... A community service brought to you by ME! REMEMBER!

Oops... sorry Dear Bloggy.. looks like this has now became an entry, not a letter to you anymore... but thanks for listening...

a n g e l

Monday, October 08, 2007

Doggies @ One Utama's Park

Domdom's daddy said that he's bringing Domdom to a "dog fair" on Sunday. He asked if Liucas and family wanna attend too. So, I told Liucas' fierce mummy, and she said okay. So, yesterday, I woke up very early (for a Sunday, waking up at 9 am is soooo wrong, you know!) just to go meet this Domdom, and Liucas... and many many bitches doggies!








This (below) is my friend's dog, Haha (the name lah).
His eyes, wow... grey colour


And, there's this hamsap white dog
that kept sniffing at Domdom's there...


Awwww... how schweet... one for the album...
Guess whose palm is that?


ps: Getting less wordy, huh? H o w C o m e ?
Because Words don't come easy to me, lately... Maybe I'm just lazy... Maybe!