Monday, April 20, 2009

hibye 01

01. hokay, so misti said that i'm a good blogger, so die-die also must blog! :p

02. a few weeks ago, i dropped my portable hdd. aihhhh... hv not taken it to the shop to see if anything can be salvaged.

03. last last week, my mac's adaptor decided to die on me... aihhh... took it to the Machine's shop to check if it's my mac or the adaptor.. thank god it's the adaptor.. rm299 to get a new one.. but the shop no stock... aihhhh.. oh, and the mac 'fell' from my bed a few months ago... so, the left hand corner has got a 'crack'... but luckily, it didn't 'hurt' anything else.. i hope!

04. last week, my p & s camera (the beloved liumix) 'jumped' out of my bag.. now, it is unable to focus. aihhhhhhhh!!!

05. 2 days ago, my n70 decided to 'play' me... her screen dunno how, became... very illegible.. and the 'best' (or worst?) is that i didnt even do anything to it.. i just switched it off the night before and when i switched it on the next day, this illegibility greeted me.. aihhhhhhh!!

06. how to 'zhuen wan'??

07. a friend just told me that her bro's gf's 2 yr old honda city (or civic? forgot) got stolen from her place's carpark. O_o soooo... double lock your hondas!

08. but fortunately, the whole family had a swell time at the Hill Villas last week... save for the below expectation lunch service on the first day... jai ho!!!

ps: Red.FM rocks more than MIXFM!