Sunday, May 18, 2008

LiuLiu LiuLiu Liu LiuLiuLiu! (Happy Birthday To Winnliuliu)

The one behind the scenes of TheLiuLiuConspiracy...

The one who first liu-ed me in this blog on 1st of June, 2006 on a Flyday... and I quote:

"angel without halo: HAHA, cool song blog! liuliuliuliuliu..opps i mean sha la la la la, sha la la in the morning. Shalalalala. Shalala in the sunshine:) you are the angel in the dark eh. penang mari too? i penang mari but i very jakun of penang since i hardly go home... ok la ok i'm jus naturally road blind! :) hehe"

She is none other than the Winn who's not the Pooh... who stopped blogging 5 months ago and now too lazy to restart...

A special thank you to Jackson for the 10% Blogger Discount @ Pick & Brew Cafe, One Utama! Also to our CrappyTaiLou for the dinner!! *fatt tatt* Also, thanks to Laundryamah for the cutie cuppy cakeys!!

Memblog ada faedahnya... ;-)

Lee Hom - Only One

Chev wrote about some Sotong Balls aka Takoyaki. I also want to show off the ones I had before :P

Monday, May 12, 2008

JL & May's May Burfday - 12th May 2008

For a Birthday Girl & A Birthday Boy...

Happy Birthday to Lil'MissMay & JL!
Hope you guys will have a great celebration today!

Tom Cruise's interview with Oprah - celebrating 25 Years
(Part 1 - at his house in Telluride, Colorado)

The rest of the video, go look 'em up yourself...

Tom Cruise's interview with Oprah - celebrating 25 Years
(Part 2 - in the studio)

The rest of the video, go look 'em up yourself...

I dunno about you but I felt very angry when I saw this video...

Really, WTF is wrong with the authorities? The people staying in that area, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, have the right to use the road ma... but... really, this is just too much.

What else...
Since Rinnah & Chev show off their TweetCloud, I also want ler... but do note that if your Twitter updates are protected (check the Settings in your Twitter account), TweetStats can't 'form' your TweetCloud ;-) Come follow me on my TwitterAccount! Nowadays, I do mini-blogging there *wink*

DYK that Perodua came out with a 4WD model, Nautica? OTR price - RM89,900.

Last but not least, some dimsum Forn to conclude my blogging diarrhea. Till the next birthday edition, have a good week ahead! Try spot the same pictures... liu?