Friday, February 29, 2008

Cambridge & Mind Your Language

Today is 29th of February and this date only appear every 4 years... I always very kesian those who were born on this day... Yalah, it's special but then only get to celebrate every 4 years woh.. not kesian meh?

Anyway, Zewt mentioned that last weekend, he went to Cambridge. And that made me yearn to go there again. So how? Just have to make do with my Cambridge Memory made in 2006 lor... Love the place! Because the air is so fresh... unlike London.

On the way to Cambridge... about an hour's journey from London.

We reached just in time for lunch at this bar called Penny Ferry.

Penny Ferry Bar by the river... the view is beauuuutiful!
Twas' a cool and sunny day!

Inside Penny Ferry...

The bar...

Woot! Slot machines!

Bangers & Mash for lunch! Yeah, the lap cheong a bit chow tar liao...
and it was very salty!

Lil' Sammi's set lunch (for kiddies)

Our dessert...

The rest, to be continued another time when got mood again...

*sigh* Makes my feet itchy again looking at these vacation pics... I wanna go Sydney... and I wanna go Sakura Japan... but but but............ aihhhhhhh... so many butts!! (Maymay, I'll be there, one day! Wait for me!)

Last but not least, here's an episode of the ever liuliu funny British sitcom Mind Your Language for Chev because she blogged about the 80's TV sitcom :P Enjoy!!

Mind Your Language - Kill or Cure - Part 1

Mind Your Language - Kill or Cure - Part 2

Mind Your Language - Kill or Cure - Part 3

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Birthday & Happy Happy

h a p p y b i r t h d a y
t o M a m a B a b y G ! ! !

Solly Baby G... pinjam your cake sekejap ahh...

Not in a very good condition today... physically as well as mentally... so, this video is useful...

I tell you... this is really, REALLY educational. Bongkersz & Cibol, learn! OK OK, also for Eastcoastlife & Kopi Soh... Muahahahahaaa... (pls click on the red link!!)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jom Ubah & VideoJug

Roket mia theme song... Just Change!!!

Shall we Change?
Jom Ubah!

Last night, on, someone posted a video entitled, How To Kiss Someone Passionately. Of course my kaypo antenna went 'toink'. (Eh, dun think senget, ok... :P) And that was when I found this really cool video site, VideoJug - Life Explained. On Film. Surprisingly, all videos related to Love & Sex were done with good taste. Nah, dun say I no share-share oh...

Can someone try this and confirm the result?? Kekeke...

There are also alot of videos on Food & Drink, Beauty & Style, Sports & Fitness, Health, Leisure & Hobbies, Technology, DIY & Home, Pets, Parenting, Homemade Videos, etc. Am lovin' it! *wink*

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Shake Your Love Purple Birthday

h A p P y B i R t H d A y , M i S t I p U r P l e ! ! !

Shake Your Love...

I take one piece, ya... ;)

Vantage Point, a good watch. The story is told in a pretty unique way, 'repeated' from the perspective of a few people in the movie. Synopsis C&P from IMDB:

In Spain to give a speech announcing an anti-terrorism initiative, the U. S. President (William Hurt) is apparently shot. The action tracks Secret Service agent Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) as he deals with the chaos following the shooting. We see the event first through the eyes of the television news director (Sigourney Weaver), then the scenes rewind and we see it again from several different perspectives. The arrogant U.S. Secret Service and their clever tricks meets an even more clever adversary, one who seems to have read the good guy's playbook. Agent Barnes is aided by an innocent tourist played by Forest Whitaker, and there are numerous bad guys and incidental characters. By the time Barnes discovers who the double-agent is, it is a race against time to save the president, and the ensuing car chase is a wild ride. The movie ends where it began--with the television news giving a tidy explanation that is quite different from reality. The repetitive return to 12:00 noon seems closer to Groundhog Day than Rashomon, but it is neither comedy nor drama--Vantage Point is an action thiller, start to finish.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Earlier this afternoon at 3 pm, Eh-dee-sern Chen gave a press conference, and announced that he will quit "step away from" the HK entertainment industry "indefinitely". (It's okay wan... He still has Hollywood lah, Bollywood lah, Bolehwood lah... ) It was his first public appearance since all his scandalicious pics found their way to the Internet a few weeks ago. He looked calm, composed but clearly, the word 'regret' was seen on his face. He apologised to all the ladies, their family, his own family and the people of HK. He asked for forgiveness.

Is it easy for you to forgive and forget?

Me? I'm a pretty forgiving person. I blame it on Bad Memory... *shrug* BUT, I gotta take my hats off to those who forgave their cheating spouse / partner.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Pengurus Punggung

DYK that I just received a 'bombshell' from my boss? Bad & uncertain days ahead, I foresee...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dormant Accounts, Macho Men

A couple of days ago, I received a letter from the bank informing me that one of my joint account is now dormant and I was advised to reactivate it a.s.a.p. Well, honestly, I have forgotten about this account. (Blame it on memory cells going down the drain, and at such tender age summore... ahem :P)

So, off I went to the bank today. Yes, some banks here in the Klang Valley open 7 days a week. Chev called me when I was at the bank and told her that I'd return her call. She was surprised to learn that the bank is opened. So, anyway, the account was untouched for maybe about a year or so. So fast can jadi dormant wan, okay. So, those of you with many fat bank accounts, faster do something about them if you had not touched it for sometime. If not, the Ruling Party will makan your $$... betul tak, Cibol? On the other hand, I asked the bank teller, what is the duration for an account to become dormant, she said 6 months. Huh?? So fast?? Is this piece of info correct, Cibol?? (Updated : According to Cibol, bank accounts become dormant after exactly one year of no transactions...)

Anyway, I withdrew some money (seriously, this sum of money came at a very, very ngam time for me to get a DSLR... I think some 'special power' is involved in making this happened lah...) and then proceeded to run my next 'errand'.

I terminated my gym subscription after leaving it 'dormant' for one whole year... 'dormant' as in, I paid but no go. Yup, that one year of subscription fees was like 'buta' only for that fitness centre. So, what now for sexercise??

U think this will work?? RM1,388... just sit there, watch TV... yeah, exercising the lazy way, wheee! :P

And while I was enjoying lunch, I read with great interest, this piece of "news" that was found on the front page of The Star today. Here's the interesting finding entitled, "Family and wealth, not sex, the mark of a macho man."

In the study, 89% of Asian men (China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan) think that having an active sex life is important, wheareas only 0.9% of Malaysian men (One of the 3,000 guys in the survey must be Adrian... muahahaha :P Okaylah, maybe Cocka also was one of the 0.9%) said that active sex life makes them man. 25% of our Malaysian men stated that having a good job is 'macho', whilst 20% of them said that being a family man is equivalent to being 'manly'. WHAT?! Get outta here! Quick guys, out with THE TRUTH!!! Muahahaaha...

Slow Me Down Lyrics

Anyway, last one, remember 2004's Phantom of The Opera movie? Yup, this is THE Christine! Played by Emmy Rossum. That time, she was just 18 years old. She's so leng... came out with an album late last year and this song is one of 'em... Nice?

And, has anyone watched Meet the Spartans? Stupidly farnie! Here you go... the movie... (Here's one of the movie links, Ehon!) Great week ahead, all!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Girl's First Birthday

Dearest Baby Geralynn,

Today, you are One Year Young already... Yiyi witnessed your transformation from the day you were just a couple of hours 'young', when you smiled / grinned with your eyes closed, where yiyi & porpor were checking you out from the Baby Room's window in the hospital, until now, you have already spent approximately 8,760 hours in this relatively new world... how time flies!

From then on, a year ago, our lives changed. You brought Ultimate Joy to the whole family... to your mommy, your daddy, yiyi, your porpor, your kungkung...

Even though you are constantly so active, at times cranky, sometimes to the point of making your mommy & yiyi go crazy, we love you unconditionally, with all our hearts... Your cheeky sweet smile always never fail to melt our hearts, just like how butter will melt in a hot pan liddat...

Your ability to imitate the things we do in our daily lives have really stunned us, especially the time when you took yiyi's mobile phone and put it beside your ear. OMG.. we never taught you that! You learned by example, I guess... And also the way when you participated in our jokes by laughing with us! Haha... Porpor said, "Look at her cunning ways, the way she laughed!" We laughed louder and you followed. Also the time when you decided to poopoo inside yiyi's car, where your mommy and your porpor had to 'catch' your 'gold' and yiyi became the Watcher, watching to see if the next ball of 'gold' is on its way or not... haha...

So today, being your first ever birthday, yiyi wish you a Very Happy Valentine Birthday! Later we eat your expensive Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake, and open some presents, okie!

Loads of Love, Hugs & Kisses
Your One and Only Yiyi

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dunno What Title To Put Lah!

Yes, hornidays are over. Gonna take a couple of days to kick start the Lazy Engine... I have a lot of things on my mind but I don't know what to blog. So how? Show you this nice music video by Taylor Swift called Teardrops On My Guitar. Nice song.. tho' a tad sad... Who is the Drew in your life?


  • I had to crawl in the traffic jam at the Penang Bridge for half an hour, inching through the toll plaza, on both occasions when I wanted to go over to the island. It sucked! Grrr!!! And on the 4th day, my intention of going to the Kek Lok Si Temple was crushed when I had to do a reverse stunt to get out from the loooong queue at the Ferry Terminal... using the bridge was not a choice as well...

  • I haven't had any yee sang yet... why? Missed the chance on the 2nd day of CNY. But tonite, I hope to have it... and on Friday... and next Monday...

  • I just realised that somehow, the house I grew up in (parent's place), has now become so noisy! At night, in the morning, 24/7 (OK OK, maybe not 24/7 but 20/7, maybe?), dogs barking, howling, crows crowing, motorbikes, cars, lorries, gates opening & closing, and can you believe it that someone was doing renovation work (they were knocking down some walls early in the morning!) on the Eve of CNY and also on the First Day! OMG... it's unbelievable... how did my house become so polluted with noises??? How how??

Who are the Oxens, Dragons & Monkeys? Angkat tangan... :P

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rat Away From Keyboard ;o)

For about a week... Meanwhile, enjoy these few new CNY Music Videos... Here's wishing One and All...




Saturday, February 02, 2008

February Started With A BANG!

Uh huh... that was what happened to me yesterday. B A N G !

OK, it didn't look that bad when I checked it out at first. The motorcyclist lost his balance (I think) while trying to avoid the bus on the other lane, according to Sis. What was I doing? My mind was somewhere else when suddenly, BANG. Next was, "Shit!" Sis shouted. Me? Cool only... No reaction. (Later I told her that she should be careful not to say all the 4-letter words in front of Baby G and Sis said that she didn't realise that she said Shit hehe...) Not sure what hit my car that time. So, I put on the hazard light and got down from the car. It was bumper-to-bumper on LDP that time.

The motorcyclist was a Malay chap. His number plate also dunno flew where already. So, I didn't get his number. Looking at his face, I knew he won't be able to pay me anything. Plus, I think he was in shock too. U know what he did after that? He just rode off on his bike. Niamah... Me? I was also a bit shocked but I knew there was nothing I could do, and I was a bit embarrassed to have caused a minor jam as I was on the fast lane.


Anyway, at first it looked okay. That picture was taken at the Pavilion's carpark. But later on, to my horror, we found that the bumper was a bit "out" of its place!! It looked fine earlier. I guess the bumps on the roads contributed to that... double sigh! So keik sum that time...

This morning, went to the workshop, they said can't do it now, have to wait after CNY. Gonna cost a few hundred bux... SIGHHH...

To interested "punters" out there, lai lai lai, today I give free number... 8-3-8-3.

Friday, February 01, 2008

THHC™ Chapter 21 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©


The Hug Hug Club™ - Details -> Here.


After 31 days... 11 entries... 17 Chuppers...

01 - L B
02 - Mozilla Monster
03 - Jemima

04 - Firehorse a.k.a. Kopi Soh (New Spooner!)
05 - Winn (retired bloggerette)
05 - Ehon

06 - Adrian (New Spooner!)
06 - Cutiepie
06 - JL
06 - LittleMissMay

07 - Aiyah Nonya
07 - Chev
07 - Iguanakia (New Spooner!)
07 - Kat

08 - a^ben
08 - Mistipurple
08 - Tiuniasing


Remember Murphy's Law No. 2 ohh... :P


And yesterday, this card made it to my mailbox.
I love Funnies! Thanks! Muaks!

And I just had to copy and paste this Masterpiece
Chairman Himself cos I like it so muchi!


Last but not least, have fun preparing for CNY! This year, I'll be back in Penang again. Last year was the first time I spent CNY in KL (and I have yet to blog about this temple that I went... very nice wan!)

DYK that Baby G will be one year young this Valentine's Day? I'm thinking of something unique and fun to get her to commemorate Her Day... Any suggestions?? Please throw me some...