Monday, December 31, 2007

Au Revoir 2007...

Just like last year, this year I had a blog block on how to construct the final entry of the year. I am too lazy to do a roundup about my life because ... let's just say that I'm just too lazy to look backwards. I prefer to look forward. (Wah, sound so corny geh...)

Anyway, coming back to this entry, I think I shall also do what I did last year. An entry about you, you and you.

Year 2006, I met most of you guys. Year 2007, I met fewer of you new guys. Let's see...

Bernard Chan - Met this doc during our Penang trip together with LB, ECL & Chen. A pretty brief encounter it was. What can I say... he's a fun doc!

Cheepeeone - Met this sexy, fun & giggly babe sometime earlier this year before May left for Sydney. Now, she's one of my Zouk cum musical cum Japanese food kaki! (Not forgetting Datin Winn, another Yapunis food kaki...)

Day-dreamer - Met this young lady sometime in April during a birthday do for Kenny & Nyonyapenang. Very quiet (prolly shy :D) girl she is!

Domdom - One of Liucas' love interest. Met her at Bandar Utama during some dog fest. Also the same time when Liucas fell head over heels and then...........

Ehon - Val Kilmer's lookalike twin! Met him in September (I think!) while he was in-transit from Adelaide to Kuching. Fun kiddo! Heh heh...

Eastcoastlife - Another Sampat Partner! She's contagious, her laughter & her funny comments! Gotta love her *grins* Met her in Penang, together with LB, Chen & Bernard. And her accident... poor woman kena wheelchair-ed while on holiday!

Freethinker - Just met him not too long ago. When I started reading his blog, there were very few comments. So, I 'kindly' commented in the entries with no comments. Now, he's got quite a number of young chicks following his blog ;-) See, I bring 'ong' to blogs, okay... *grins*

Frostier - This fella used to kacau me in my blog, gave me comments which made me pull my hair. But ever since we met during the Togeder-geder Party in March, he's been quite 'kind' to me. Cos he seldom comment liao after that LOL!

Huei - Met this young lady sometime in February during a CNY dinner. She sat beside me but we didn't really talk... because we are shy haha.

Laundryamah - What can I say about this hyperactive lady? She's got a contagious laughter! First time 'saw' her at the Togeder-geder Party in March. Later on, met her again when Wennnn was back in KL. And of course, we also saw the Karaoke Queen in action...

Misha - Met this youngest lady & mommy sometime in July (or was it August??). She's a pretty and smart princess :)

Monk[t]icon - Met this Transformer guy earlier this year (Jan or Feb??) when Pink Cotton was in KL. Really gero-gero-gero!

Narrowband - Met this tall young chap first time for the premier of Transformer movie. He is a really nice guy, someone whom you'd want to bring home to see your parents haha!

Oscar's Mommy aka Angeline - Met this momma only once when Wennnn was back in KL. Didn't know who she was at that time... didn't manage to chat much with her too because the Karaoke Queens were distracting.. haha..

Pink Cotton - We met up with this cute lady beginning of the year, had dinner at Wong Ah Wah... and then went Starbucking.

Pookyma - A few of us were 'lucky' enough to meet this chap briefly during our Penang Makan-makan Trip. Well, that's because he had to collect his gift from me. And of course, Vege_master, his best friend came along...

Rinnah - At last, a number of us got to meet the Cute Spinner. She was quite quiet during our steamboat dinner. Probably she's shy... *grin*

Sasha of Blablabla - Met her the first time at the Togeder-geder Party. Was in the same lift with her & Laundryamah. Then met her again when Wennnn was back. She reminds me of a certain TV celebrity. Sorry forgot the name liao...

Sheon - Met him over a cuppa a couple of months back. He reminded me of someone I knew a long time ago. ;-) He can be politically 'inclined'... and I shut my gap when he talks about politikus.. :P

Sotongking - Met him at the Togeder-geder Party. Even had a picture taken with him. But he's been MIA for some time...

Wennnn - Met this lady when she was back in KL earlier this year. And now she's married AND is having a baby! Oh, also a Karaoke Queen... :)

Zewt - Met the man himself during the Togeder-geder Party in March. Very briefly though. I'm sure he's forgotten which one was me..

There was no Christmas in Singapore this year, maybe next year. (Someone promised) But there was the Penang Food Porning and the Kuching Kekekaka. The furthest I went this year was to Sweden. And I've not finished my Swedish Stories... Sigh! I'm a baaad blogger. I need to be spanked...

Oh well, that's all for this year. If I continued writing, I might not know where to stop. See you again next year! Sayonara 2007! H e l l o 2 0 0 8 !

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Ending / Over My Shoulder - Mika

Earlier last evening, Baby G was spotted dancing moving / 'rocking' her body to the tune when this song was played over MTV Channel. And it was also my first encounter with the song. Love it, although Mika sounded ............... :P

The 'saddest' parts of the song:

This is the way you left me,
I’m not pretending,
No hope, no love, no glory,
No happy ending

This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever,
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together

Sad anot?? So Last Christmas... so Where Do Broken Hearts Go... so My Heart Will Go On...

Nolah, I'm not sad, not heartbroken nor anything of that sort. Since it's the time of the year again, I'm sure some of us reflect upon the past 12 months, and sometimes we can't help but to wonder, "Where did it go wrong?"

Actually there is no purpose of this entry. I just wanted to share the music with you. It's 3 days before Christmas. I wanna hop onto the Time Machine and go back to Last Christmas... :)

Last but not least, Happy Dong Zhi!!!

Winter Solstice greeting taken from this site

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yednesday Yin Yeong Yag - Love & Hate Collide!

When Love & Hate Collide... reminds me of Def Leppard's song, of course!

OK, coming back to this entry, L B tagged a few of us on 10 Things to Really Hate. Wah, 10 is not enough. But of course, Hates are not very nice things. Not especially during this Tralalalala Season. But because yesterday, I had a very bad case of Hatesssss, so I do this tag today.

  1. Hate to cover up everything for the Boss while she goes MIA. *MAJOR HATE*
  2. Hate to do Boss' work.
  3. Hate to tell them to follow up on what they are supposed to do, everyday.
  4. Hate to disallow staff who want to go on leave.
  5. Hate to repeat myself repeatedly.
  6. Hate to deal with people who think they are right and the whole world is wrong.
  7. Hate to wait for the lift and then only to find that it's full. Happens all the time when I wanna go for lunch.
  8. Hate to come across road hoggers.
  9. Hate Sunday evenings.
  10. Hate myself. Sometimes. For being nice. Urgh!

So much of Hatred, no can't do. Must balance it up. Hence, the Loves...

  1. Love the whole family.
  2. Love the friends, on and off line.
  3. Love all the supportive staff.
  4. Love year-end bonus, holiday season...
  5. Love Friday evenings & the whole of Saturday.
  6. Love Facebook, esp. Hatching & Growing Gifts, Snow Globes, Bumper Stickers, Bling-blings.
  7. Love Seafood.
  8. Love Movies.
  9. Love Humour.
  10. Love zzzZZzzzzz.
There... that should do the trick. My account is now Balanced. Phew!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Tralala lala....

7 days to Christmas...

14 days to 2008...

Tis' the season to be jolly... tralalalala lalalala...

But I just read a few very ... errr... non-jollyfying blog entries... how come??



I did some youtube-ing just now, and here, I share with you some of my favourite Christmas jingles, in no particular order.

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Péter Szabó Szilvia - Little Drummer Boy

Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas Time (original version)

Cascada - Last Christmas

Disney Channel Stars - Circle of Life (Xmas version)
(this song I heard from radio wan...)

Boney M - Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord
(I think Boney M's Christmas songs are Forever Green!)

What are your favourite Christmas jingles / songs ?

ps: This Saturday, 22nd of December, is the Dongzhi Festival a.k.a. Winter Solstice Festival. This year, I'm happy because I don't have to celebrate it either alone or with friends like what I have been doing the past many years... because Mommy is here! Whoopie!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Flyday Mice Tales

No Orgasm today. No Food. No Porn. Of course no FORN. No idea what to post. No, wrong. Actually got alotta ideas but too sleepy today. Also, work is *ueck*...

So today I'll do one Tag. Maymay tagged me moons ago. Something about the best bargain I've ever got for $10. OK, RM10 to be exact. Nowadays, can't buy much with just RM10. But last week, I think I bought the cheapest optical mouse at the PC Fair in KLCC. I walked nearly all the halls but this optical mouse has gotta be the cheapest there. RM 10. Looked kinda ah beng actually... but what the heck, nowadays must really look after the wallet... sigh...

But later on, I saw a mouse that I must have... that stupid guy at the stall/shop called Agogo something from Low Yat Plaza sold it to me at RM23. Then, I walked to another hall, and saw something really CNNCNBC!!!

They had another stall at the other hall and it was only selling for RM18. Got put price tag sommore. So you say lah, CNN or not? So now I want to cheong suay
advertise Agogo Enterprise (I think) for FREEEEE, located at Low Yat Plaza. You suck for cheating an innocent and angelic Mouse Buyer...

Oh yeah... how does my RM23 "Must-Have" Mouse look like hor...






















My mouse which is a cat...
so, you gather it's a Cat Mouse...? :P

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

♫ Monday, ♪Tuesday, ♫Happy Days...♪

Chen's posting on Reminiscing Old TVB Series from the 70's & 80's inspired this entry. Well, actually I was 'inspired' to do this after reading Le' Beloved Emperor's comment in that entry :


I went, "Eh?? The Angel & The Cow??" Haa... he must be pulling our legs :P With that, I got inspired and went looking for intros & clips from the famous-test Engrish TV series in the 70's & 80's, though I must add that those aged below 25 years 'young' might not be able to follow this entry...

So last night, taking the advantage of today being a public holiday in the state of Selangor, (Yeah! Daulat Tuanku!!!) meant that I can sleep late... or early, depending on your sense of 'time', I spent about 2 hours finding and enjoying all the theme songs of TV series from those Golden Years.. the 70's & the 80's... Totally enjoyed them! And here, I share with you my *sweats* hardwork... heh heh... Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Dallas - Full Opening Credits for "A House Divided" The episode where JR gets shot. This clip contains the opening credits and the promo before the credits. Names like Southfork Ranch, Miss Ellie, Clayton, Bobby Ewing, Sue Ellen, Pamela Ewing, Lucy Ewing, Cliff sumting... err... Simple American? Hehe... So anyway, who killed JR Ewing???

Knots Landing - a spinoff from Dallas, I believe. I watched this series (or do you call it soap opera??) because of the opening credit music. Love it! Each time after an episode, I'd be humming the music... hehehe...

Dynasty - I nearly forgot this series! How can?! I had to check out from Joan Collin's filmography to find the title!! Aiyoh... *smacks forehead* Why did I watch this series? Alexis Carrington! (Joan Collins) Jeff Colby! (John James) Fallon Carrington! (Emma Samms, love her!)

Falcon Crest - don't really remember why I watched this... Lorenzo Lamas? Hmm... dun think so...

Flamingo Road preview 1981 - I watched this because of Morgan Fairchild. Dunno why. She was sucha bitch but so beautiful... I also remember Mark Hammon... the 'best' thing is... I don't remember what is this series all about... hmmm...

Hawaii Five-O - my favourite detective series!! Well, I remember I was really really young that time... all my parents' fault for introducing me to this series! I also remember sneaking out from my bedroom and curi watching it from the staircase because it was obviously pass my bedtime! I love Detective Steve McGarrett! Was sooooo swooned! And to think I was soooo young then! *faint*

Hart to Hart - another favourite detective series during my growing up years. All is because of Robert Wagner... and Stefanie Powers, of course... and all their passionate kisses... very stim wan, you know... yeah.. those are the reasons why I watched this series haha!!

Fantasy Island - also introduced by my parents. I remember this series was aired on late Sunday nights... but that time I grew up a bit liao.. so I was allowed to watch this series... The plane! The plane! DYK of any Fantasy Island around?? I wanna go and have my fantasiessss fulfilled!!

Chips - haha... Erik Estrada is the reason!!! And I remember me & sis used to hum or rather, make, the intro song with "chuh chuh chuh" sound... LOL!!

Charlie's Angels - watched this series because... well, thanks to my parents again haha... I believe mom loves Jaclyn Smith :)

Macgyver - Richard Dean Anderson!!! The guy who could get out of any trouble! But I wasn't as crazy as some of my other classmates... they were totally crazy over him!

Little House on The Prairie - what can I say... wow! It's been a looong looong looooong time! Who'd forget that horrible, horrible Harriet girl!! Hated her! LOL!

Happy Days - one of my favouritest sitcom! Fonzie! Very yeng!

The Greatest American Hero - love the song, of course! And William Katt and Connie Sellecca!

Well, with this entry, those who didn't know me would now be able to 'guess' my generation/era/youthfulness :P A lot more series came to mind like The Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Hunter, Trapper John MD, Murder She Wrote, Magnum PI, Moonlighting, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, Incredible Hulk, The Love Boat, Matlock, LA Law, Manimal (Anyone remembers this?? OK, I just found a clip of Manimal's transformation... from man, into a panther! Posted below, after this long paragraph), 21 Jump Street, Airwolf, Knight Rider, Family Ties, Facts of Life, Full House, The Golden Girls, The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Different Strokes, Punky Brewster, Alf... those TV3 days hahaa!! My, my... those were great memories, weren't they?

Manimal - Can you believe it that we used to watch shows like this?? Looked kinda fake, hor? LOL! But I suppose Simon MacCorkindale made it up... hehe...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Flyday Forn (Food Porn) - Chapter 2 - Ichiban Izakaya Restaurant

I received this joke on SMS the other day...

WHO IS GUILTY? Wife dreaming in the middle of the night, suddenly shouts, "Quick, my husband is back!" Man gets up, jumps out the window and realises, "DAMMIT, I'M THE HUSBAND!"


Did I mention that I love Japanese food? (I also like Italian food a lot!) A couple of months back, I had dinner with some friends at Ichiban Izakaya Restaurant located in Hartamas Shopping Centre. It's just two shops away from the Starbucks in the mall. Very easy to find.

~ Appetizer ~


My first time tasting sake! Love it! It's quite mild actually. Tasted like... ermm... white wine?


My favourite is the fruity one.


You see, before Ichiban Izakaya, I'm not a sashimi fan. I don't take sashimi voluntarily.




But my friends 'forced' me to try this sashimi and for the first time, I'm gonna say this, "I love sashimi!!!" Well, OK, I love Ichiban Izakaya's sashimi! Why? Because it melted (almost!) in my mouth! And no fishy smell! Yes, totally fresh! That's why...


~Something tofu~


~Some Salad~


~Some so-so Gyoza~



Oysters baked with cheese, totally out of this world!!
Very the yummy!!! I kid you not!


Chawanmushi - more ingredients compared to the ones at Sushi King,
Genki Sushi, Sakae Sushi, Yo! Sushi blah blah blah.


Soft shell crab maki - nothing extraordinary about the taste.


Wagyu beef - OhMyGawd... very delicious... meat is tender,
succulent, tasty... another Thumbs Up!


Love the variety of sake (bottles)



Damage was RM200++ for three. Not too bad for such great food, huh? Next, I would love to try Kampachi Restaurant @ The Pavilion... anyone?? *wink*

Sunday, December 02, 2007

THHC™ Chapter 19 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©


Further Info, click *here*

Happy Belated Birthday to Zeroimpact - 30th November
Happy Birthday to Dark Wolf - 1st December
Happy Barkday to Ah Boy - 2nd December
Happy Early Birthday to Carcar - 3rd December


01 - Jemima


02 - Ehon


03 - Chen & L B


04 - May & Kyh


05 - Cheepeeone & Mozilla Monster


06 - AnonyMOUSE, Laundryamah (New Spooner) & Zewt


07 - Ms. A & Mistipurple


08 - Sengkor