Sunday, July 30, 2006

Saturday's Activities

Today, Someone left some offline messages for me, saying that he missed Japanese food. Well, Someone, guess what? Last nite, yours truly was at your favourite Japanese place, SUGIMOTO! What a coincidence, huh? Nah, here are some food pics for you.

Nice Japanese food @ Sugimoto, Desa Sri Hartamas.
They also have another restaurant at Bangsar Baru.

I had the cod fish dinner set...

Given a choice, I'd choose cod fish over salmon, anytime...

This is ikan's azli's tempura...
sounds so farnie hor, ikan makan udang *LOL*

S U G I M O T O @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Dinner was with Ah May, Ah May's PILOT cousin (woooooo!!! *wink wink*) Lil' Joy and Azli. After makan, we then adjourned to Checker's Pub, owned by Ah May's friend. Shahrin's Band was playing last night. We didn't get to dance that much because the tunes were errr... not so danceable? But in between, we did shake a lil' bit of butt...

Earlier in the morning, I accompanied Ah May who had a sudden fatt hao-ness last week. She wanted to rebond her hair pulak... So, I said that I'd accompany her since she accompanied me the last time. Since I also wanted to "fix" my hair, I recommended "my" hair salon, the place in Atria Shopping Centre called VR One. My mistake, the last time I mentioned their name wrongly as Hair Zone... sheeesh, my memory arrr...

Oh, before going thru the 4-hour session, we had good ol' kopitiam breakfast downstairs... As usual, before the food can be chowed down, they will have to pose pose for the cameras first. Thank god only got 2 cameras...

The posers : toasted bread with butter & kaya, half-boiled eggs,
yao char kwai, kopi susu... yummy!

After that, to the hair salon. "My" hairstylist said that my hair wasn't "that bad". Phew!! What a relief! I think she knows that I very sayang my hair, so, she trimmed the hair just a bit and only charged me for Wash & Blow Dry! Thank you, Wei Leng! *muah* It's still a lil' bit frizzy but see lah... if I really cannot tahan, then maybe I'll go see Lester Lai who came highly recommended by someone... Have you heard of Lester Lai? His salon is at Ampwalk, Ampang. I'm going to Ampwalk next weekend for my facial & spa appointment. Maybe I'll hop in and check him out...

The fatt hao lenglui May...
if you wanna see her pretty face, go to her blog *wink wink*

And so, that was how I/we cured my/our Saturday Night Fever. How did you cure yours?

DYK that tonight I had some Carameled & Candied Popcorns for dinner?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Misses & Dances

Tonight itself, I read a few blog entries about Missing Someone. She misses Someone (I think), and He misses Someone. I asked you before earlier this month, what do you do when you miss someone and I suppose now is the Missing Season, huh? Nah, I'm not missing anyone tonight... or am I? Nah... *shakes head unconvincingly*

When you are not with anyone, you miss someone but for those with someone, do you miss anyone? Complicated and confusing question? Yeah, I think so... but what the heck. If you knew the answer, just head to the Comments area...

So, today I watched a liuliu romantic movie, Shall We Dance. Kat mentioned to me sometime last week that it's a pretty good watch. So, being the liuliu romantic, (U didn't know, huh?) I watched it today. It's... it's... awwwwwww... with Richard Gere, what do you expect?? *dreamy* I know, I know, the guys will avoid these kinda movies at all cost wan... Sheesh... Or maybe not since there's J. Lo... *wink wink*

I don't wanna story the movie because Kat already did it in her blog. Now, some pics that make me go awwwwwww.... *dreamy look sigh*


*nearing orgasm*

Yes, ladies, together now, 1-2-3... *dreamy sighhhhh*

The Killer... *pengsaned*

Okaylah, one 'candy' for the guys... *wink wink*

One liuliu quote from the movie Shall We Dance.

Beverly Clark (Susan Sarandon) : We need a witness to our lives. There's a billion people on the planet... I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you're promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things... all of it, all of the time, every day. You're saying 'Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness'."

DYK that today is already the last Flyday of the month???

Thursday, July 27, 2006

8888th & 10,000th & A Liuliu Letter...


*skips & dances around*

*orgasms continuously*

Why, you ask?

Because, sometime earlier this month, I was 'dilligently' clicking at Moz's blog to be the 8,888th visitor and I did it. This was actually Doc's fault because a few of us were clicking here, on the 17th of June to be the 28,888th visitor over at her blog.

And today, I'm the 10,000th visitor over at Moz's after waiting for more than a week! Now, why am I so sexcited about this? Well, it's because Moz said that I'm gonna get a pressie! *grins*

See the finger pointing?
Hehe... that's my cursor lar...

Initially today I wanted to blog a letter for one liuliu. Maybe I should do it...

Dear Liuliu,

It's not my intention to argue with you with regards to politics or govt policies. My concern is you, your anger and all your outbursts. Before that, I must say that it's very unfair of u to say that angel has more than enough because of my profession and can afford luxuries of life. What do YOU know about my life? You DON'T! So, don't assume that I have more than enuff and can afford anything and that I have nothing to worry about. You are wrong about that.

I actually don't think that you are in such a "deep shit" as you described. If you were, I'm sure you'd find ways to overcome it, maybe migrating elsewhere and not just "fight for equality in the country". Please lah, let's be honest, u think if you were really in deep shit, you'd still "fight for equality" instead of fighting to save your own butt?

And BTW, rich or poor - they are relative.

Like I said, my concern is you and your liuliu anger. It's not doing any good to you and the reason I took the trouble to write to you is because yesterday, we were, or rather, I was again reminded of life's fragility with the sudden passing of Hani Mohsin who's just 41 or was it 43, someone who is popular (the current host of Roda Impian, M'sia's version of Wheel of Fortune, yes, M'sia's Pat Sajak) and most probably well-off, and someone who looked quite fit, who just collapsed all of a sudden due to heart attack while on his way for a vacation with his daughter, and that's it. He's dead.

So maybe you could at least try to appreciate what you have at hand rather than just to always cry out and vent your anger at u-know-who. You just don't know what's gonna happen in the next hour, for God's sake! Sadly, when we point the fault at someone else with our forefinger, we always forget that the four other fingers are pointing back at us. And you know what, sometimes what we have is really just our 'rezeki'... (<-- need transration, prease...)

Last but not least, yes, I know you have the right to blog about anything under the sun, I'm not "attacking" your entry and yes, I might not understand thoroughly the situation that you are in and that's why I didnt post up my earlier comment. My point is, I'm just concerned about you, ok? That's all. Take a step back and see where you are and then think of what you can do (inspire yourself) to make things better, or at least to make you feel better/happier rather than just tiu-9 angel or the world and being sore about u-know-who & u-know-what.

Take care & good luck!

Yours sincerely,

ps: I sound kinda incoherent, huh? Must be the liuliu abdomen pain that's distracting me... sheesh...


Wow, what did I just write? I must have been possessed... Nevertheless, let this be a reminder to all of us, well, more of like a reminder to myself actually, bahawa manusia hanya boleh merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan segalanya. (Loosely transrated as - humans can only plan, God determines the rest)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

260706 - Sotongking's Day

26th July, SotongKing's burpday worr... and the other day I asked him, what does he want on his Special Day, he said he wanted this.

But too bad lah, baby sotong, I can't afford a real one, so you have to accept this one first, okay?

All these 3 sotong cakes also specially for you lah since I find 'em all so cute ;)

M a n y H a p p y R e t u r n s O f T h e D a y !

So, whose burpday is next?

DYK that my boss is coming back today after a month's vacation?

Addendum @ 3:00am - Today, Doc Chen is going back to her hometown in Kuching
:) and keatix, well, he is leaving the country again...

Monday, July 24, 2006

MAB 7887

This morning, as I was coming out from my apartment, there's this car, make of the car, forgot already, damn... must be either a Kancil or Kelisa, anyway, there's a lady in the car and she stopped on the opposite lane. She was gonna take a pic (of the apartment or maybe the signboard of the apartment) but when she saw me, she lowered her camera. Right after I turn out from the apartment, she held up her camera again.

My question, what do you think she was taking the pic for? Some private investigator (P.I.) trying to chuk kan/tangkap basah? [<-- what's the Engrish term for this??] Or you think she's some real estate agent? But if she's the latter, why she so sked when she saw me and quickly hid her camera? So guai guai shi shi wan...


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Washroom Notices @ Mum's Place

Since I'm kinda lazy this Sunday, I thought I'd just put up some interesting and kinda cool notices in the washroom when I was at this restaurant called Mum's Place in Damansara Perdana. Shirley brought me here some time in June...

Well, okay, outside the toilet, the restaurant's deco looks kinda cool too, I like it alot...

Well, what's a trip to a restaurant if there ain't any food pics, huh? *wink wink* There's a write-up here (and a map too!) by The Sun two years' ago. Waaaa, the restaurant's been around so long already?!


The sambal is devillish spicy, aitelsyu!!!

Soft shell crabs... nice!

DYK that I hate/detest/abhor/loathe/despise/dislike/benci/chang/boh sukak/hern Sunday evening because tomorrow's liuliu Monday??? Oh, and it's the last week of July?? Nooooo...!!! Well, okay, 31st of July is next Monday but but... *wailssss*

But... have a good and productive week ahead!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Flyday's Full of Fun

Time now is 5:40 am and yeah, I'm still liuliu awake. Must be the mocha earlier... I told myself that I have to pen this down because after I get up from Slumberland, sure no time to write liao...

Time: 7:30 pm
Dinner @ Dave's
Attendees: AhTak, Cocka, ElleB, King's Wife, Lil' Joy, Lil' MissMay, Poison & yours truly, invited earlier in the afternoon...

7:45 pm...
angel walked in, eyed the familiar faces and one unfamiliar face. Aaah, that's him...
*sexcited liu*
*but keep cooliu*

Hello hello!
*laff laff*
*shake shake hand*
*kiss kiss hand* <-- angel's hand, ok! *waaa, kembanggg...*

After 8 pm...
Poison walked in.
*yak yak laff laff drama drama*
*snap snap*
*order drinks & food*

Around 8:30 pm...
*food arrived one by one*
Waaaa... woooo...waaa... WAAAAAA!!!
*flashlights here and there, snap snap*

*makan makan*
*share share*
Waaa, yummmyyyy!!!
Let the pictures do the talking...

Could you see some familiar stubby fingers here? *winkwink*

After dinner...
*camwhoring... make up pose... hiao hiao pose... pose with Hot Sausages... *
*laff laff laff*
*discuss discuss where to go
cheong K (karaoke)*
*walked to One Utama's new karaoke centre, Neway*
Aiyak... fully booked...
*discuss discuss*

Ah Tak called up The Curve's Red Box Karaoke. Room available 11:30 pm onwards. Book first!
Poison called up Yow Chuan Plaza, room available too!
OK, Yow Chuan Plaza it is.

*make plans, whose car to take, whose house to go etc etc*

LJ : Aiyo, by the time we reach there, it'd be 11:30, might as well go to The Curve 'cos it's nearer.
Everyone: OK, agreed!

*adjourned to The Curve*

10:30 pm @ The Curve's Starbucks...
*yak yak laff laff*
*Ah Tak takes glamourous pics of lengluis*
*Poison was taught some Canto sentence, something to do with yap chor loung (went inside wrong hole)*
*laff laff laff*
*drink drink*

11:30 pm @ Red Box Karaoke...
First things first... camwhoring! *LOL*
*choose songs, order drink, go toilet*

Menghitung Hari... Il Mondo... Endless Love... Tang (Wait)... Lyin' Eyes... Everything I Do, I Do It For You... Take a Bow... Aku Cinta Padamu... Uptown Girl... Dancing Queen... I Will Survive... Fallen... Viva Forever... Because of You... Because You Love Me... Right Here Waiting... Antara Anyir dan Jakarta... Woman In Love... Don't Cha... Wannabe... etc etc etc

In between songs...
He: Why u so quiet wan? Why u so quiet wan?
Me: ..........
He: Why u so quiet wan?
I like dat wan wat... U oso quiet wat.
He: No...
Me: I enjoying myself with all the cute-cute people who do cute-cute stuff maa...
He: Sure u enjoying yourself?
Me: Yeah!

4 am, karaoke close shop...
*with dry throats, still sitting there like donwan to leave*

So, that's the gist of tonight's Orgasmic Outing. I had a good time although I was "quiet", as usual :D Remember guys, I'm angel AND devil, so this blog is probably, or rather, IS my alter ego? Thank you liulius for a night filled with fun & laughter!

Okays, time for a liuliu napzzzZZzzzz... Have a great weekend, everyone! Most probably I'll be away from the keyboard today...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crowning Disaster

Last Sunday, as most of you would have known from May's place that we went to the hair salon together on Sunday morning. We only made this plan late Saturday evening when I was chatting with her while I was at First World Hotel's Starbucks.

Sunday came and we spent 4 hours at this Monsoon-Id salon at Sri Hartamas Shoppping Centre @ Plaza Damas. The rebonding 'package' they had was RM259 for rebonding, hair cut & treatment. Not a bad deal considering they are using the Schwarzkopf brand. (Psst psst, their website quite high-tech wey...) I've been doing this for the past 3-4 years, twice every year. Most of the time, I'd do it at another salon (Hair Zone is the name, I think) at Atria Shopping Centre. There was once I did it at Chezz, another salon at Amcorp Mall, which was cheaper than Hair Zone but it didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to be. The best would have to be my first time at SS2's Kimarie.

ANYWAY, rebonding was Sunday and I am not supposed to wash my hair for two days, which means that I could only wash it on Tuesday night. So 2 nights ago, I washed my hair and to my horror, after my hair dried up, it looked.... it looked... arrghh!!! It looked darn frizzyliu!!! Worse than before rebonding! The frizz was at the edge and I... I didn't know what to say... Already the other day, I was given a trim and the hair was layered a bit at the edge but now it looks like the hair has gotta go... *bawlsss*

Frizzyliu hair... :"(

So yesterday I left a comment for May telling her about my hair condition and she 'ordered' me to go back to the same salon to get it fixed. I told her that I am having doubts about going back to them again because the other day, the stylist (by the name of Abby, guy ok!) said to me, "If you have any problems, come back lah." Coming to think of it, it's like as though they were anticipating a "problem" to crop up!! But May insisted that I go back to them to have it fixed FOC and that she'd accompany me there. So I told her that I'll try to 'fix' it myself later yesterday and then see how it is.

Closer look at Ms. Frizzy... :"(

I went to Guardian Pharmacy and bought L'Oréal's Elseve Vital Serum, S.O.S. Repair. After using it, I still find my hair to be frizzy and not as smooth and silky as how it's supposed to be. So now, I guess I'm liu-ed... I shouldn't have taken the advantage of a 'cheaper' package when it comes to the crowning glory... I shouldn't have...

But hey, Ah May, not your fault hor... So, no sorries :)

So, I might go back to Monsoon-ID in the next few days and 'demand' my hair to be fixed FOC and if they were gonna charge me for some liuliu treatment, I'm gonna tell them to liu off... If I'm paying, I'd better go back to Hair Zone or to A Cut Above (and pay thru my nose *bawls*) or even the place that Mrs. Wingz went, La Mode Coiffure at Mid-Valley! Hmmph!! Coincidentally, Mr. Wingz aka Rojaks wasn't too happy that the missus spent RM332.60 at this particular salon. *LOL* You can hop over here to check out the shock of his life when he discovered this item in his monthly credit card statement *LOL*

Oh, and back to last Sunday, after lunch, on our way to Starbucks, when we passed by a stall outside Starbucks selling clothes, shoes and accesories, our Lil' Miss May fell in love at first sight...

Alas, she didn't succumb to Temptation... but these pics should serve to remind her about it, huh? *wink wink*

DYK that I have a feeling I'm gonna have to cut my loooong hair in order to "save" it?
* B A W L S B I G T I M E *

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Unidentified Object

This evening, mom told me she found this small round thing in her glass. No, no, not the one cent coin but the silver thing that looks like a watch's battery but it's not. The coin is just for you to gauge the size of the Unidentified Object found.

Flip it over... OMG! It's rusty! Well, not the whole thing but 1/3 of it. Sorry, my lighting was a bit... liu-ed...

And this is where mom found the Unidentified Object! Liuliu or not liuliu??? I wanna sue liu!!! Because I have downed like half of it the past 2 weeks!

DYK that I met a^ben boy today for lunch @ Mid-Valley's Sushi King? He's every bit like his blog! *LOL* We didn't plan earlier as he texted me around 15 minutes to noon, saying that he's on his way to Mid-Valley Megamall. I was starving at that time but I told him to wait for me and that I'd be there in half an hour's time. Oh, he was with a friend, a pretty boy... *LOL* Okaylah, a^ben also pwetty lar... *LOL*

Saturday, July 15, 2006

150706 - Ben Boy's Burpday!

Addendum @ 6.15pm : Dammit!!! F*** F*** F****!!!!! I just lost my new Reebok jacket at First World Hotel's Starbucks!! F*** the one who took my liuliu jacket!!! I'M SO ANGRY, I'M SO SAD BECAUSE IT WAS A BURPDAY PRESSIE FROM BELIN!!! *bawwwlllssss* Why so like dat wan??? :( I really very upset now... more of it is because it's a pressie from a fren... *sighhhh* Cannot do anything already, right? Blardy fool... May the person who took my jacket be... be... be wat, huh? I hope that he won't be getting any f*** for the rest of his life! Hmmmph!!! Damn you!


Today, 150706, is a^ben's 19th Birthday.

Yeah!!! N I N E T E E N T H birthday!!! Can you believe this boy??? Wot a baby! *LOL*

So, let's take a walk down memory lane... how did YOU celebrate your 19th birthday eons ago? For the life of me, I can't remember how I celebrated mine! Or maybe I didn't celebrate. Because on that year, He left me... Yes, He did...

Anyway, Ben, here's wishing you only Da' Best in everything you do, including the Io Ka Ch'ng International Conference! Faster come redeem your sushi-liu!!! I waitingliu!!!

Nice anot this special Musical Burpday cake??? Nice leh...
MaNy HaPpY rEtUrNs Of ThE dAy!!!

This one is a special Musical Cake Cover!
*LOL* I thought it looks kinda cute liuliu...

DYK that a^ben will be in KayElle from tomorrow until Thursday? ;)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tagged By _butty & Anonymous Crap

I was tagged by the cutie _butty not too long ago and a couple of days later, a Ms. Anonymous Crap tagged me too. She did not leave any message to tell me that she tagged me and it so happened on that day, I was browsing PPS and suddenly I saw these words - Angel the Liu-liu Gurl, OMG! I thot someone slammed me blog! *LOL* Anyway, this lady, an avid Korean drama/movie fan is very mysterious because she never replies to the Comments in her blog wan... liuliu lah...

The tag:
- The tagged victim (ie. moi) has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
- Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
- Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
- If you are tagged the second time.There is NO need to do this again.
- Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

I have some 'issues' with this liuliu tag. First of all, Perfect Lover??? WTL?? (wot the liu) Where got perfect lover in this world??? Okay if there were any Perfect Lovers out there, please lemme know because I sure hell can be a Wet Blanket and tell you 101 imperfections about that person! Yeah, I can be a Negative Charge at times...liuliu loh... Do you feel that I kinda sound like a female dog today? Yeah, that's because I feel that way lately, liu!

Nevertheless, because of my liuliu lurve for butty, who has got this really darn cute baby as her profile pic, I'll do this tag. I liu you, butty baby :) Oh, at last I decided that I'll follow the tag and not twist it... To twist it, need more brain juice and my brain is pretty dry now :P

8 points about my perfect lover?

Point no. 1 - He has to l o v e me, of course! Frankly, I've been out of this 'game' for some time now... or not. :P
Anyway, the point is, he has to love me, in other words, take the effort and/or time to tell/show me that he *shrug* loves me. People say actions speak louder than words. Well yeah, they do. But I don't mind the words too, yeah.

Point no. 2 - He has to be a good lover. I meant in the sack lah, ok! Like what Tiuniasing said about about sex in his posts here, here and here, a good sack life is essential in a relationship. Ok ok, I know SOME people (silent reader[s]) will disagree, look, I'm not here to pick a fight, ok. You are entitled to your opinion and me to mine. *peace*

Point no. 3 - Should there be a situation to-save-his-mom-first-or-me-from-drowning, I'd expect him to save yours truly First! Yeah, call me selfish, call me anything but hey, if I'm your girl, you'd better make sure that I'm No. 1 and not No. 2. This doesn't sound like me hor? Well, can I not even dream??

Point no. 4 - He must tolerate all of me AND still love me. Yup. A.L.L. of me. You know how females are. At times, we could get pretty outta hand... And it's during those times that He needs to accept and then forget about it after 10 minutes :D I know, I know, I'm asking for too much, huh?? Yeah, how crappy! (Borrow sekejap, sengkor)

Point no. 5 - He must be a leader. As in, he's gotta be the Man and take charge of everything, in the bed, outta bed, basically, everything. Yeah... I will follow him... follow him wherever he may go... there isn't an ocean too deep... a mountain so high it can keep... keep me away... away from his love...

Point no. 6 - He's gotta be humourous AND smart/brainy. Yeah, these two MUST come together. You can't have one without the other... (Now, does anyone remember this ad??? For a bonus of 5 points, the first person to gimme the ad's name and 5 points is yours! Earn it! Quick! Quick!)

Point no. 7 - To be frank, I am stuck. 2 more points to go... What, huh? A good looking bloke? Nah... Good looking guys are just candies for the eyes... Rich man? Well, it won't hurt if he's rich, but..... Anyway, there are alotta attributes which we look for in our Perfect Lover. I think I'll just stop here. Not gonna work on my brain juices anymore because after all, all this Perfect Lover stuff, they are just crap. No? Yeah?

My perfect lover's gender? -> Male, please.

My victims? I'll be kind and not tag anyone. But lemme ask you, what do YOU look for in your partner? Come tell me, dun be shy... :)

~I'm hitting the gym now. Have a good weekend, guys!~

DYK that I've been feeling very tired this week? TGIF!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Poll & Some Random Pictures

A very good & quite close friend insisted that I let him read my blog. So far, none of my friends know that I have this liuliu blog except for one person, well, who's not a friend... Anyway, my question is, would you let someone whom you know, read your blog?

Nah, doctor, this is the Jalan Alor's chicken wing that I told you just now!
*LOL* Look like yours anot??

Bak Kut Teh instant noodles + shrimp + Tungkus + vege

Part of the dessert spread @ Westin Hotel

Something called mat tou lo dessert from SS2... *LOL*

DYK that I have still not booked my ticket to London??? Aiyoyoooo!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

V I V A I T A L I A ! ! ! ! !

I Wanna Go Italia!!!

*goes and count how many mugs of Mocha I'll be collecting soon,
beginning with one from Winnliuliu later tonite! Muahahahahaha!!! Liuliuliu!!!!

Please click on my Liuliu Tune! Dedicated to The Champions!!!