Sunday, June 06, 2010

Check Your Receipt When Shopping At Tesco (Malaysia)

We like to get our groceries from Tesco because it's slightly cheaper (sometimes) and more varieties (Tesco's own brand) compared to other hypermarts like Giant or even Carrefour. But, I'm very unhappy with the way they work (or lack of it?). I bought some sanitary pads at the offer price of RM16.99 for two packs. This is like 3 or 4 bucks cheaper than the 'normal' price. The price was stated at the shelf. When the cashier scanned the packs, it came out as RM17.99. I thought, "Hmmm... my eyes bluffed me, I guess."

As I was walking away and looking through the receipt again, mom asked, "What's the matter?" I told her about it and she asked me to go check the price at the shelf 'cos she said it happened to her and dad before at another Tesco branch. So, off I went to check the price. True enough, it was RM16.99. One of the staff was nearby, so I showed her the receipt and asked her to verify, she said, I was right and asked me to go to the Customer Service Counter.

So, I went to make a complaint at the CS counter. The lady of course went to check it herself and I got my RM1 refund.

The point I want to make is, how could this have happened? Imagine those who didn't check their receipts, how much would have Tesco gained from this "mistake"? Do you think it was a mistake or was it an intentional mistake? I don't like to make blind accusations but the fact that this happened to my family a few times before, what does this tell you? You wanna have sales and special offers during holidays, make sure your system is updated! Or are your operational staff all slackers? OR, was there an intention to c.h.e.a.t.? I'm just asking and wondering. Kinda difficult to give them the benefit of the doubt when it happened more than once... So, please check your receipts when shopping at Tesco and spread the news. You might save a few bucks.

*wonders if Tesco have a Social Media Team*