Monday, April 30, 2007

3 Tags - Current Crush, Gotta Get Goals, Fave Wave

Tag No. 1
Vegemaster tagged me yesterday. I'm supposed to write a story about my crush, current or previous. A picture is worth a thousand words, they always say. Since I've been so lazy busy with tax, babies etc, I'll just let the picture tell you about My Crush. Sorry vegemaster, I'm not tagging anyone because... errrr... because... I'll tell you later why...

TAG No. 2
Then narrowband tagged me on Gotta Get Goals. I'm to list out 5-10 goals I'd like to achieve before I get too old, no matter how chi sin the goals might be.
I only have one goal to share with you.

I wanna open a Starbucks Cafe in Puchong.

Less goal(s), better chance of success, no? *wink*

So tell us your goals...

TAG No. 3
L B tagged 5 of us for this Tech Techno Technorati's Fave the Site 'list'. I don't really know how this works but he said it's for some Blog Popularity thingy. Would matter to those who are trying to make some $$$ from the Internet, I suppose, I really don't know. But the ONE and ONLY reason I'm doing this to help enhance +ve chi although I must say this, this sounds like an MLM scam whereby all those at the "top" (but in this list's case, it's at the "bottom") stand to gain the most, ie. being the popular-est since EVERYONE has been 'instructed' to start & end what to copy. But never mind lah...


Here are the Rules:

1) Write a short introduction paragraph about what how you found the list and include a link to the blog that referred you to the list.

2) COPY the Rules and ENTIRE list below and post it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for, go ahead and change the title of the blog. Just don’t change the links of the blog.

3) Take “My New Faves” and move them into the “The Original Faves” list.

4) Add 5 Blogs that you’ve just added to your Technorati Favorites to the “My New Faves” section. Remember to also add the “Fave Me” link next to your new blogs (i.e.

5) Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on “Fave the Site.” Those who want good kharma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

My New Faves:

The Original Faves:

Paris Beaverbanks - Fave the Site
Tigerfish - Fave the Site
Wennnn - Fave the Site
SiwwyPig - Fave the Site
angel - Fave the Site

LB - Fave the Site
Cool Insider - Fave the Site
Simple America - Fave the Site
Chen - Fave the Site
Captain Picard - Fave the Site

East Coast Life - Fave the Site
Culture Shiok! - Fave the Site
Pond Perspective - Fave the Site
Carlo Ocab - Fave the Site
Fruity Oaty - Fave the Site

Michael McKinlay - Fave the Site
Nice4Rice Free Backlinks - Fave the Site
Work at Home, Make Money Online - Fave the Site

Web 2.0, Tech Reviews - Fave the Site
Wireless LAN Security - Fave the Site
Bobs [ReformatThis] - Fave the Site
Everyday Weekender - Fave the Site

Armen’s Blog - Fave the Site
Gary Lee - Fave the Site
Dosh Dosh - Fave the Site
Nate Whitehill - Fave the Site
Ms. Danielle - Fave the Site

Jeff Kee - Fave the Site
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Eat Drink & Be Merry - Fave the Site
The Man of Silver - Fave the Site
Hannes Johnson - Fave the Site
My Dandelion Patch - Fave the Site
Nathan Drach - Fave the Site

SiteLogic - Fave the Site
Julies Journal - Fave the Site
Stephen Fung - Fave the Site
Ed Lau - Fave the Site
QMusings - Fave the Site


My apologies for the sporadic updates. Reason? Errr... let's just say that sometimes, I get tongue-tied, or in this case, fingers-tied? This week will definitely zoom by me before I fly off for a week to this place. Postcards again, anyone? *wink* Who didn't get it the last time?


Winn said...


Winn said...

i won 1milllions chup chup!!! wohhh!! i cant remember when was the last time i gotta chup oredi.

oh i dint get the post card the last time;p

hehe well i did la..still on my work desk:P

liucas said...

me wan postcard too!!!! only edible one ok

Brat Pitt said...


kyh said...

wah who is this guy disguise as brad??? HGHHHH

mistipurple said...

ok. 4th.
i always get 4th.
there should be special placing for 4th placers.

kyh said...

wahhhh i see so many brads!!!

*evil grins*

postcards?? i wanttttt!!!! me din get it last time! :P

stockholm? i think it is!!! whee~~~ so beautiful!!!

mistipurple said...

well, if they exclude split personalities, i can qualify for 3rd. hehe

kyh said...

mistiliu u r 5th!!!

kyh said...

or maybe 4th. cos i'm beginning to suspect that one disguise as me the brad is that liucas!!!

jaga said...

i totally concur with misti up there. split personalities don't count.

kyh said...

and angeliu, did i tell u that i love postcards? ;)

*muaks muaks muaks*

dont forget about brad okie? and ur 4 babies at home! so dont horriday for too long... come back fast fast oh!

kyh said...

*beginning to heartache cos need to act as jaga for the 4 babies when the wifey not at home, as well as no one to sleep beside me at nite*

*long sigh*

*begins to dial 1-800-JAGA*

jaga said...

dares not visit blogs.
too many loos to clean.
cannot handle 1-800-JAGA overwhelming response.

kyh said...

lol lol!

eh jaga, where's ur assistant up to?

narrowband said...

omg omg *beams excitedly*

three tags in one post - (3 birds with one stone).. You *is* can one!

P/s: Puchong is a stone's throw away from where I am - I want free coffee privileges ok?

angel said...

Dear winn,...
Haha! OMG it is!

Your last Million Dollar Chup was... errr... was... dunno... have to check... can't remember liao... and you are chupping from Penang liu? ;)

Last time that postcard you let it sit inside your mailbox for how many months jek? :P

Dear liucas,...
Edible postcard? Okayyyyy... I'll check it out Just For You! *woof*

Dear brad pitt,...

Dear kyh,...
Brad is Brad is Brad ;)
Dun angry ler... *sayang*

Dear misti,...
Haha... awwwwwww... come come... I'll let you have a bonus point, liu? I still need your guidance on Loo Cleaning...


mistipurple said...

momma happies you travelling again, to farfarawayland.
*prepares new panties for you to pack in*

mistipurple said...

i like kena tagged hor?

angel said...

Dear kyh,...
*grins & winks back*

U want too? Can... send me your addy, okay? Make it fast ;)

The last time, where were you wor? I made public announcement but you din come also... :(

Why Stockholm? :P

Dear misti,...
Now, about this split personality... you remember who started splitting herself FIRST? KKKKKKK... shhhh... she not around... kkkkkkk

Dear kyh,...
You wanna help me tabulate my chup chup hugs?? :P

Har? U is not brad pitt?


Hey, I just noticed, it's BRAT instead of Brad! LOL! Then we all know who is behind Brat now... ;)

Dear jaga,...
Hey you... how are the toilets today? Split personalities can sometimes be very useful hor? ;)

Dear kyh,...
No, you did not...

*face turns read after the muaks*

Brad is always in my Heart wan... and my 4 babies too... haha... I not go for 100% horriday... it's 20% work too ;)

You don't heartache lar... you are excellent with the kids ;) No need jaga... but I will ask and see if my Big Momma will help out... :D

Dear jaga,...
No fear! Your apprentice is here!

Dear kyh,...
Would you like to join the Apprenticeship Programme too?

Dear narrowband,...
Aloha! :D

My, you look cute beaming this way... haha...

Haha... Of course I *is* Can! Because I *is* Malaysia Boleh! :P

ps: Coffee privileges, not a problem! AND more... Free Wifi... ;)

Dear momma misti,...
Thank you momma for those *ahem* new panties...

*faster faster hides 'em*

Dear misti,...
*pretends too*
*pretends summore*


kyh said...

who's that brat huh? me jus noticed is brat, not brad, too! :P

not stockholm meh? but it looks like it!!! abo sydney ah? but dun look like it.. still think it's stockholm!

me dunwan apprenticeship la... me got jaga and angie can liao... :P

*psss... my goodness... tadi my pc hang and kena restart all... my blog post which i tengah typing and posting pics one is gone! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

L B said...

omg, a feeding frenzy in here! Gimme air, I'm pregnant!
Oi, isn't there already a Starbucks in Puchong?!! And haven't you got enough shares in that one? And apa ini tag me lagi back? Ini boomerang ah? LOL!!
YAAATTTTAAAAA!!!!!! Good Chi, god chi! Very good chi!
My Goal: The Ho Kwai Fann™ Retirement Home for Super Starbuckers on a Maldivian Island which (because of Global Warming) will move shortly to a Tahitian Island which (because of overcrowding) will move on to a Scandinavian Fjord.. Meanwhile, I chup for Postcard!

car@kitty said...

OMG!! I LUST OVER BRAD PITT!!!! he is simply amazing!!! :-)

how are things Angeliu? sorry i have not visited you in a looooong time but carakitty always remembers you!!!! lap liuuuuu have a good week! :-*

may said...

me me me me me! I want a postcard! you ada address, kan? kan? whee!

now, about that goal... I aim to receive postcard from you... LOL! ok ok, more realisitically, own a nice home here in Sydney with more room for junk and a garage for my car. I think with the cost of homes here, can help you buy the Starbucks franchise twice liao!

U.Lee said...

Puchong Starbucks. X'cuse me, can I have one kopi ice? Ipoh hitam one? Got ah?
Ahh, you going to Beijing? Wait...wait, no la, that not pic of Beijing, I think its Oslo, Rotterdam or maybe Stockholm? Cannot be Toronto, our river no boats like that, only got canoes.
Hey Angel, you have a good holiday, bring much money and don't buy any funny toys. Have a safe journey. UL.

Wennnn said...

Angel U hv my addy rite... so dun 4get my postcard too ya.. Last time me no get so this time me must get okie??? Heheheheheheh

ah nel said...


*sapa mia anak*

Huei said...

wah so many tags!!!
keng!!! hehehe

can u open a starbucks in kelana jaya too?? =P

cutiepie said...

me me me .. i have not got one .. pwetty pwease!!! *puppy face*

Selba said...

I want a post card from you!!! Last time, I didn't get it.. so can I get double pleaseeeeeeee.... :D

day-dreamer said...

Wah... three tags in one post, geng! Like a^ben... hahaha!

Which reminds me... I have three tags to be completed. :D

Going for a vacation? Postcard postcard! Hehe.

Bon voyage! Have a safe journey... :)

AceOne118 said...

You open starbuck kopitiam ledi i be your manager wokeh? hehehe

eastcoastlife said...

wah! 3-in-1 tag!

Hi angel,
I'm a link on the Technorati Fave Train too!
I fave you, so fave me, will you. Thanks. :)

Darren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
plink said...

Chi sin! Chi sin!

*waves excitedry*

plink said...

My ambition is to move to Puchong and be angel jiejie best customer.

I buy Vanilla latte, big wan!

plink said...


Spam liao....

plink said...

Sam patt!! I sam patt!!!!

angel said...

Dear kyh,...
Aiyah... neh, Brat is .... *whisper*... heard it?

Heh... Stockholm, huh? When you get my postcard, then u know lor ;) But where's your addy??

Tho' your pc hung, but you managed to rewrite the whole thing again? Great +ve Chi you got there! *wink*

Okaylor... come come, kiss kiss ;)

Dear L B,...
KKKKKKK... I think you must have gotten pregnant earlier this afternoon... impregnated by a couple of Twitterers! ;) How many months liao?

That Starbucks in Puchong is at the IOI Mall wan... I wanna open one near my place... wanna fight with Old Town Kopitiam... haha... shhhhh... U are welcomed anytime! Errr, that is if my Goal jadi ;)

Hahaha! Very 'flexible' Goal you have there! I sapot! Sapot KK! I will follow youuuuuu... follow you wherever you may goooo...

Dear car@kitty,...
Helloooo!!! Waaa! Long time no see!
Muaks muaks muakssss!!!

Caraliu, I'm good... I hv not visited you for a long time too... I'll be popping by soon... *more muaks* I no forget liu too!!! Muakmuakmuaks!

Dear maymay,...
One postcard flying your way soon ;)

Whoaaaa... houses there so sexpensive neh? Nvm... u think I can open my Starbucks there too?? Somewhere along Shirley Rd?? :D


angel said...

Dear Uncle Lee,...
Hello there, Uncle Lee... Welcome to Starbucks Puchong. Kopi ice, black kopi ka, white kopi ka, anything kopi ice for you, all also got! My tauke niau, Ms. Angel, said that if see UL, must give extra big glass... anything else for you, sir?

Aiyoh, UL, one day I shall visit Toronto... one day... can tumpang at your place? And you also will take me around with your Big Big car?? Hehe...

Thanks, UL. Don't buy funny toys? Toys like how? You mean like those that give out sound like Brrr Brrrr?? Haha!

Dear wenwen,...
Okies, got it! ;)

Dear ah nel,...

Manusia mya anak lar... apalah...

Dear ah huei,...
I'm not keng... you are keng-er... everyday 3-4 entries! :D

Starbucks in KJ? Ok, ok, lemme work on the first one first, can? ;)

Dear cutiepie,...
You you you! Of course, for you! Kasi addy, cepat ;)

Dear selba,...
Wah! One more! So 'laku' liddat! :D Ok ok but addy, prease? ;)

Dear day-dreamer,...
a^ben also liddat ka? Got meh? Must be he copy me wan... :P

Now you have all the time to do your tags!

One more postcard coming but but... addy? ;) Fai tik oh...


Dear aceone,...
U sure you wanna work for me anot? You not sked of LadyBoss ka? If not sked, then ok, set!

Dear eastcoastlife,...
Aloha! Hello there!
*brings Red Carpet*

I've seen you around, ma'am ;) Thanks for flying by here!
Ahhh... we are the Fave Wave Family? :)

Dear plink,...
Who is the chi sin?
*waves back nonetheless*

Haha... I wish your ambition will come thru! ;) TQ, plinku!

Spam meat? U having that today? :D

Sam pat?
*same same*


aiyah nonya said...

Wah ! You got a huge crush on Brad Pitt. Mine was Tom cruise till he started to act like Sun Woo Kong on sofas.

Going to London.... I want postcard too :)

Have fun. Maybe you will get a glimpse of Prince William. Heard he broke up with his girlfriend. Maybe Angel can fix his broken heart ? Hahahaa!!! :)

Brad Pitt said...

Don't anyhow put my pictures there can anot jek?

angel said...

Dear aiyah nonya,...
Haha... who wouldn't be?? :D

Hahahaha!! Tom Cruise IS lengjai too! OMG! And you just made me remember his Sun Woo Kong dance on the sofa haha! *beh tahan*
You think that's what men do when the fall in lup? :D

Haha... aiyah nonya, not London ler... I'll whisper to you afterwards, okay? And I'll get your addy too. I'll fly by your place later :)

I went to London last year but unfortunately, didn't get a glimpse of whatever prince wor... cheh...

Dear Brad-cocka-Pitt,...
Dun so action, can anot jek?


kyh said...

brat is unca cocka? :P

okok... muaks muaks for angie!

i'll twitter msg u for the add, cos me sgt lazy login to my email, plus the pc will hang!

*sprays +ve chi for a safe trip ahead*

aiyah nonya said...


Tom Cruise must be head over heals in love. Or too much Science-thingy.

" that's what man do when they fall in lup"

This is scary man.
It means our man is not in love with us since I don't see my H doing that stunt.

Must use this as a love-o-meter to see if our man are really in love with us. :)

mistipurple said...

love my special angel. spam you here.
have a safe trip and keep those wings clean and pretty all the time!
come, i give you one more coat of protective shimmering crystal glow. take care angel baby! love you 99. wait for you come back.. will miss you then!

dreamie said...

3 in one * Angel Boleh ! *
Waah.. going holidays how wonderful,
have a safe journey and a great holidays !!

Btw, going Europe to meet Brad Pitt har? .. :)

angel said...

Dear kyh,...
Brad is cocka.
Brat is.... a brat ;)

I dun understand... what you mean your pc will hang when u log in for your email? Then if check blog, won't hang ka? *weird*

Nevertheless... twits & muaks received ;)

Psstt! Dun spray yet... spray later this week, ok? Thanks! *hugs*

Dear aiyah nonya,...
Haha... he must have been, but now, I'm not sure liao... :D

Haha... pssttt! So what does your H do wor? Got make you laam or not? Or it's the other way round? You make him laam? Hehe...

Me is still looking/waiting for My Man... you by any chance can play "Auntie Kay Poh"?? Haha...

Thanks for visiting twice in one day! *hugs*

Dear momma misti,...
Thank liu so much for loving this naughty char bor kia hehe... Also thanks for helping me to clean my wings. You must be the wind beneath my wings...

Don't worry, momma... I just read that my hotel room gonna have free wireless internet! WHEEEEE!!! Hehe... I'll still be around... unless I can't connect for some reason... choi choi choi! Can connect, who says cannot, hor?? :D

Thanks for lupping me 9-9! Lup u 10-10! :D

Dear dreamie,...
Haha... Kalau angel boleh, dreamie jugak boleh! ;)

It's not actually 100% holidays... just 80% hehe... but thanks!

Brad Pitt? Haha... I see him everyday maa... :P


Simple American said...

Have a great trip. I only been to the airport in Copenhagen and it looked so beautiful from the air.

angel said...

Dear Sir SA,...
How come you only went to the airport? O.o

I'm not going to Denmark but Sweden ;)


Stupe said...

my comment last week didn't come out. :(

was telling you THANK YOU. i cut and paste all the thingy but how come no link comes out one?

and also..have a good trip to that country ya!

freethinker said...

wah.. so many ppl love u 99 one arr ...
Luv me 11-11 !!!

angel said...

Dear stupe,...
You are welcome!

Tak jadi ah? Can wan... just copy and paste all the faves and when you publish, all the links will come out wan... try and see?

Thanks, I will focus on the men... haha :P

Dear freethinker,...
Cheh... I thought you were gonna say you'll lup me 11-11 since ppl lup me 9-9... *sad*


Chen said...

got homework ah?
Kkkkkk.. 2 homework to do liao :P

bila angel start flying woh?
i believe i can fly...
(kkkkk.. sing song here :P)
and bila coming back woh?
(i will miss u kaw kaw liao..)

i want postcard(s) too !!!
got ssssssssssss wan
sibeh tamak

U.Lee said...

Hi Angel, have a wonderful holiday and a safe journey.
Best wishes, UL.
ps, don't forget your passport.

freethinker said...

Aiyo...draw cartoon no need go outside wall one... u know 1 give u 12 one.... HAHAHHAH

angel said...

Dear chen,

KKKKKK! I'm here liao :P

Tag? Heh heh... dowan do also can wan... I won't force u to open or watever wan.. kkkkk...

Dear UL,

Thanks... I'm having a good time here!

Dear freethinker,

Hahaha! Yr translation is super keng! LOL! But I like worrr if u draw cartoon out the wall... then can admire the drawing mar... haha!