Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Music & Lyrics

Music & Lyrics - a lovey-dovey- romantic-comedy starring Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore. Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking... Hugh Grant??? Give me the benefit of the doubt and go watch this movie! Especially those sentimental souls out there... those in lurve... those out of lurve... and those who are finding the Way Back Into Lurve... Oh, and the soundtrack is Grrrrrreat!

The 'main' song in this movie is Way Back Into Love, which has got two versions, one "Demo Version" by Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore, and one "Concert Version" by Hugh Grant & Hayley Bennett. I found both versions on YouTube and now sharing them with you here! The "demo version" is part of the movie... Watch it and you'll wanna watch more. *wink*

Oh yeah, before that, the movie started of with this SO VERY 80's music video! It cracked me up when I saw it! Enjoy!

~Pop! Goes My Heart~

~Way Back Into Love - Demo Version~

~Way Back Into Love - Hugh Grant & Hayley Bennett~

Saturday, February 24, 2007

♥ Purple Day ♥

Before going into the main topic of the day, an encounter I had last night on my way to a restaurant for dinner. I was walking to the Greenview Restaurant in PJ when suddenly, a man (foreigner, could be from India) called out to me while he was talking on his mobile phone. He said, " Hey miss, my girlfriend is upset with me. Could you please tell her that I love her?" And he handed his mobile phone to me. I of course had the doubtful, apprehensive look. He continued, "Just tell her that I love her."

By this time, I gave him a smile and a kind of blur, wtf look but on the other hand, I took his mobile phone from him and said hello to the person on the line. It was an Indian lady (I presume) on the line and I said to her, "Hi, your boyfriend says that he loves you." She replied, "Really? Is he alright?" I was kinda surprised because she didn't sound upset, but I said, "Yeah, he's okay." By this time, the man looked a bit 'impatient' at me and wanted his phone back. So, I gave him back lar... What was he trying to prove??

Anyway, dateline 24th February 2007...
Let's wish Mistipurple a Very Happy Purple Birthday! Yay!!!

A not quite purple cake for you...

The first time I met Mistipurple was Last Christmas in Singapore,
together with May, Sengkor & Winn (their 1st time too), was at this place...

Everyone got a Christmas pressie from Misti that night...

The next night, she bought us a very interesting
and sumptious Eastern cum Western dinner here.
Thank you, mistiliuuuu...Happy Birthday and may you have a great year ahead!
L o t s a L o v e , H u g s & K i s s e s * m u a k s *

Oh, a related entry would be here!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Lost Steam... Oh, And A Tag

I think I've lost steam to blog... How now, Brown Cow? On the other hand, zewt is talking about not gonna stop blogging etc. Ahhh... Ironies, ironies...

Oh well, I've promised myself that I'd come up with something tonight 'cos it's been exactly one week since my last entry! Wow... one week just flew by me! Darn... And I'm so not looking forward to the weeks after this because there'll be a lot of new stuff at work. *double sighhh* If only the Company offers the MSS (Mutual Separation Scheme) to moi... I think I'll take it. Sheesh, I'm talking as if I've worked for 20-30 years! Aargghhh!! Don't mind me...

Anyway, tonight I'll do a tag which was presented to me by Pookyma. Thanks lah for wishing to meet this "auntie" right now! Yeah! This boy wants to meet me to see how "auntie" I am! Gee, he's gonna be so disappointed, ain't he? LOL!

Since the tag's name sounds uninteresting, I'm gonna rename it as "Meet The Blogger Tag".

Q1. Who is the first blogger you meet?
~ At first, I thought it was this Lengjai, but then when I checked back my "notes" *LOL*, the first blogger I met is H I M ! OMG... It was a day before or after his birthday... But this year, I forgot his birthday pulak... haha... Sorrylah...

Q2. Who is the "most wanted to meet blogger" for you?
~ No one in particular, really... well okay, maybe Ken Watanabe Uncle Lee AND Brad Pitt kyh?

Q3. Who is the "I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet" blogger?
~ Can't think of any... Darn, the questions are beginning to irritate me!

Q4. Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
~ Errm... I wanna meet Pookyma & Vege_master! They really crack me up sometimes! And they blog so naturally too!

Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
~ Up until now, I think I've met most of whom I wish to meet... BUT, if I were granted a few wishes, I'd wish to meet c o n s u e l a in Hawaii & c@r@ in Spain! Or even Fantasy "sticky" flier & Uncle Lee in Canada, Simple American in Texas AND wennnn in London! Wheeee!!! I also wanna go Italy to see Mr. Apple, Sydney, Singapore, Kuching etc etc etc ... OK, OK... wishful thinking...

Now, to tag 5 people:
01. L B s l a s h C K W o n g (to distract his attention from The Fruit)
02. c h e n (KKKK!!! Wait till she comes back and sees this!)
03. kyh (*revenge is Sweet...muaks*)
04. Mr. Goober (saja...)
05. sengkor (to help him overcome his Loneliness... :P)

That's it, folks! Have a good weekend ahead! It's F L Y D A Y ! ! ! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

ps: Chen, Moz, Monk[t]icon & kyh, I still remember your taggies... I shall do it, one of these days...

pps: Hey, looks like I still have lotsa S T E A M ! *LOL*

Thursday, February 15, 2007

2007 Linpeh & Friends' CNY Sing Song Projeck

Announcing, our He Xin Nian.mp3 single for the year of the Fire Boar, 2007. If you want to download the song, just right click HERE.

Who sings what?

1st Round
He xin nian Zhu xin nian
Xin nian ah Nian lian nian

Bao zhu sheng sheng cui de xiang you nian

He xin nian Zhu xin nian
Xin nian ah Nian lian nian

Sui yue you you guang yin shi jian

Hui shou wang shi ru yan tong ku xing suan
Ji wang cong jin wan shi ru yuan

He xin nian Zhu xin nian
Xin nian la Nian lian nian

Yuan ta jia dou guo ge tai ping nian

2nd Round
He xin nian Zhu xin nian
Xin nian ah Nian lian nian

Bao zhu sheng sheng cui de xiang you nian

Pin Pin
He xin nian Zhu xin nian
Xin nian ah Nian lian nian

Sui yue you you guang yin shi jian

Hui shou wang shi ru yan tong ku xing suan
Ji wang cong jin wan shi ru yuan

Lin Peh and Friends
He xin nian Zhu xin nian
Xin nian la Nian lian nian
Yuan ta jia dou guo ge tai ping nian

So how??? Sorry, I've been very busy at work and out of work. I shall reply to your comments soon. Last Valentine's night, my first niece was born! Wheee!!! A Valentine Girl she is!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

♥ Heart Heart Day ♥

One of the funniest Valentine date I had some years back was the time when I went for a so-called "Valentine Dinner" with a friend's friend, SS. That night was my first night meeting him and he came to pick me up at my place. For a start, it was a 'bad' night because it was raining soooo heavily. And me, all dressed up for the 'date', had to run to his car outside the house.

We did not plan where to go earlier, so we drove around PJ area and then chanced upon this one Italian restaurant somewhere in Subang Jaya. So, in we went. It was a nice cosy restaurant BUT with one problem... they arranged the tables so close to one another that it was really slightly too close for comfort. I suppose business was really good that night. Anyway, we asked for a table and was told that we were 'lucky' there was one table available at the back, a corner table.

So, we said okay because it was probably after 9pm already when we reached the restaurant. Not much choice there... So, we had dinner in the company of more than a dozen couple... very unromantic because everyone was talking! Was like as if I was in a kopitiam! *LOL* Anyway, I didn't really mind because me & SS didn't have anything going on.

The best part was when he wanted to pay the bill, he found that he didn't bring enough cash! I could see he was a bit embarrassed, so I took the bill from him and paid for it. He was apologising profusely but I told him it's okay. Kesian him lar... but later on, when I thought about this incident again, I thought it was really funny.

So, moral of the story... Don't leave your credit card at home when going for a date, especially on Valentine's Day! SS, if you happened to read this... HIIIIII!!!! Haha...

Do YOU have a funny Valentine story to share? Comments area, please! May you have a great & fun night ahead!

Thank you to You, You, You & You for all the Sweet Love SMS-es
& Valentine e-cards...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Eve of Heart Heart Day

Today, I had two surprises.

This morning, I had a meeting with my new boss when I received a couple of missed calls from an unknown number. Then when the call came in the third time, I answered and lo & behold, guess who called??? From someone far far away... How did you get my number, huh??

Anyway, I didn't expect the call, so, was a bit taken aback haha... thanks for calling but sorry couldn't speak to you that time...

And the second one, just a while ago, I received an e-mail from cincailah.com asking me to write something so that he can read because he's bored. Okayyy... so here I am.
Today is the eve of Valentine's Day. A certain Mr. Durian asked and I quote:
On days like Valentine's sometimes I stop to ponder about those who are single and not involved in actively seeking out their other halves. Do they get lonely? Do they get "emo" when seeing other couples and then drowning their sorrows in chocolate, ice cream or booze while watching reruns of Meg Ryan /Tom Hanks romantic movies.

This Is My Heart...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Love To Lust, Lust To Love

**This entry was written sometime last week**

Today I feel like writing an emo post. Don't ask me why. I'm not emo but I seem to read quite a few emo blogs. So now, I also wanna write emo. *But still no freaking idea what to type out as of now*

Found this today in my mailbox... Valentino Card?? *laam*

Let's see...

Shall we talk about love? Yeah, let's talk about love. Or better still, let's talk about lust! Haa... did I get your attention now? Good...

Inside the Red Envelope...

Love & Lust. A thin line differentiating 'em? Especially women, we always seem to get cuntfused (pun intended!) with these two, aye? Nay? Come on, ladies, come tell me I'm wrong! *dodge heels*

Cute Porky!

Just kidding there...

But hey, let's ponder on it for a while. Isn't it true that Men are able to differentiate Love & Lust slightly better than we Women? Why is it so? I've read, seen & heard enough to come to this so-called 'conclusion'. Men know that if they are in lust with you, they only Lust for you and don't necessary Love you. Whereas for women, when they are in lust with you, there is a possibility they might Love you. Well okay, there is a BIG possibility there... unfortunately...

Porky the Poser!

So when that happens, men are called Heart Breakers... But speaking of heart breaks, I found something interesting here and I quote:

Is love just a chemical state with genetic roots and environmental influences? New research suggests that there might be drugs or genetic therapies which can help people to fall in love, or perhaps fix broken relationships.

Many scientists believe that administering serotonin can help someone get over a bad love affair faster and that by doing novel things with your long-term partner it is possible to trick the brain into feeling romantic love.

Wow... how far is this true, Doc Cheneosaurus? You think I can get rich selling serotonin?? You think? You think?? I wanna help ALLLLL those whose heart have been broken. Really, I do...

I am lovin' it! Thank you, loh!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Multiple Events

_butt said that if you missed someone, give them a Miss Call. Geddit?? So, if you received a "Miss Call" from me, I Just Called To Say... I Miss YOU. *wink* Of course I know it's corny! But it's funny romantically... no?

Last Saturday, 3rd of February, I received two good news. Both are Love related. First one, I received an SMS from KH saying that he's gonna be a daddy soon! Junior is already 5 weeks old. Awww...

Secondly, a personal friend who reads this blog asked me out for lunch and announced that he'll be getting married soon. (At last!!!) Wheee! Double Happiness in one day! Ahhh...

Last Wednesday, I was rushing my work to catch a deadline, so I decided to just do a takeaway at the nearest Malay restaurant. I bought a packet of nasi lemak and went to pay for it at the cashier's counter. Suddenly, someone tapped on my hands and gave me a packet of sanitary pad, which looked very familiar. It was a Malay chap and he said that I dropped "that thing". OMG! I was sooooooooo shyyyyyy! If only I could do an ostrich and bury my head then and there! What did I do? I didn't even thank him! Maaflah, dik. Cos' I was already so the malu!!! I just acted cool and held the pad in between my purse.

It was because of my jacket that I kena malufied. I never wear that jacket out from the office. But that day, I was feeling very cold, so I went out with the jacket and the packet of sanitary pad inside the pocket. OMG, luckily it was a new pad. If not.... -__-'''

Yesterday, Sunday, I saw a pair of very nice shoes at One Utama. So, I asked to try the same size as the one on display. The sales lady then brought out the other side of the shoe for me. Tried it on, fitted just nice and I looked sooooo feminine in it. *LOL*

Decided, yes, I want that pair. So, I asked for a new pair. The lady took the shoes into the "store room". After waiting for 5 minutes, she brought another pair for me and the funny thing was, there was this turpentine smell. Straightaway I knew they gave me the same "old" pair of shoes. I asked the lady again if they had another new pair. She mumbled some stupid thing which I didn't manage to catch, so I assume it was a No. So I said I don't want it if they don't have another pair and walked away. I was kind of upset that these people used this kind of trick on customers... The shop is located two units away from RHB Bank in One Utama. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Sigh! I really liked that pair of shoes. Oh well, it wasn't meant to be, I suppose... Just like some relationships in our life...

And, can someone please tell me,
why are these shoes so blardy sexpensive???

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Love Month & THHC™ Chapter 9 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©

Yeah, time of the month to announce the previous month's Top Chuppers aka Huggers aka Spooners! And yes, Yours Truly is late again this month... Aiyoh!! I must keep the Spooning Steam© hot! Helps!!! How to do this??? *sigh*

As always, there are a lotta things on my mind which I wanted to pen it here but my train of thoughts just won't let me do it! Confused already? Never mind... I'm more confused than you.

So, we are now in the second month of the year, the Month of Valentine. Therefore, in the next few entries, Let's Talk About Love, and the likes, shall we? Just now, I told TM that today, suddenly I had this "sad lovey-dovey" feeling. He asked if I was listening to any music. Yeah... probably it's because of this song I heard in the car...

*shrug* Sheesh! So the emo... Ha... you must be asking who's Always On My Mind... OK, I tell you. You, you, you and you...

Yes, I have Multiple Compartments© in my Mind, okay. Have YOU had that many people in your mind at one go? Why were they on your mind? Was it because you missed them? Or was it because you were wondering what they were doing at that point of time? What's the definition of Missing Someone? How do you define this phrase, "I Miss You"? Usually, you miss people who are far away from you but do you miss him/her even if he/she is right in front of you?

Waaa! So many questions... Yeah, when the mind starts thinking, this is what you get. And I'd most probably be throwing out more questions during this Valentine Month. Because very often, I've been asked those questions. Sigh... is there ever a correct answer for those questions...

And speaking of Love, I wanna do a couple of plugs. First one, this one fine young chap, Vegemaster who wrote a very touching entry about his dad here, and the song in his blog brings an equal touch to my heart. Second one, his best friend, Pookyma (yes, this name could sound a tad vulgar LOL), although swears pretty often in his blog, actually has a kind heart AND he calls me Auntie Angel! *pengsan*

Okay, getting a bit long-winded already, last but not least, the Results.

01 - 11 points - chen
01 - 11 points - winn

02 - 10 points - inevitable
02 - 10 points - l b

03 - 07 points - zeroimpact

04 - 06 points - will (New Spooner)

05 - 05 points - cloudsun (New Spooner)
05 - 05 points - Ms. A
05 - 05 points - stupe
05 - 05 points - wennnn (New Spooner)

06 - 03 points - _butt
06 - 03 points - may
06 - 03 points - liucas
06 - 03 points - tiuniasing

07 - 01 point - dreamie (New Spooner)
07 - 01 point - plink
07 - 01 point - vege_master (New Spooner)

Thank you for chupping. Come fall in love this February!

~Yours Huggingly~