Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wah, Wordless Wednesday


mudpie said...

CHUP *think think think*

mudpie said...

30 minutes orgasm .. should try! hahahaha

jemima said...

Chup Chup

JL said...

Chup #3 yay!

cute piggy

Jemima said...

Now I know! Thanks! :p

Winn said...

strongest muscle is our tongues ar!!! hahaah sei lor i think senget now!! lol

day-dreamer said...

No wonder people always say siu keong beat don't die. Haha.

may said...

ahhh, so all that training on tying the cherry knot with my tongue wasn't wasted... :P

Chen said...

wonder how mudpie gonna try that out

Eeeee at the headless roaches

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

who else has no brains?...hmmm

Huei said...

ohhh! next time can scold ppl starfish brains liao!! =P

hmm..pigs r very lucky =P heheheheh

hiongkongkiok said...

Trivia facts.. I love them! Do u know that eating carrots to improve eye sight is a myth? Not real ga... during World War, the british jingku germans by spreading this rumor lor. Wakakaka. I wan to compile a list like urs too..

dreamie said...

The body strongest muscle is our tongue ??..hmmm interesting :P
not our hands that can do karate and legs that can gif flying kicks?

_butt said...

siu keong really meng ngang (life hard?) eh. no head also still can live. die also because cannot eat!

rainbow angeles said...

Dear mudpie,
Aper nak pikiak lagi woh...

Eh... want to try 30mins Orgasm... hmmm... tak takut nanti heart attack?? Hehehe...

Dear jemima,
Now that you know, what r u gonna do? *curious* :D

Dear JL,
Piggies are always cute... oink oink! Like the door stopper you got for me! ;-)

Dear Winn,
What u think senget? I dun understand... *pure angel* :P

Dear day-dreamer,
Oh, I din know that ppl say siu keong beat won't die... :P

Dear may,
Wow wowie... can teach me too??

Dear Chen,
I dunno how she's gonna try it... oink!

Dear Fantasy"Sticky"Flier,
Hello!! Long time no see!

Who else no brains ah?
*raise hands...*

Dear huei,
Kesian the starfish ler... so starry but kena scold pulak hehe...

Dear hkk,
Yaya, I know abt the carrots... I is smart gurl maa... hehe...

Got anything to eat then can get 30 mins O like the babi ah?

Dear dreamie,
The tongue can do wonders, I suppose... ;-)

Dear butty,
Yalor... kesian siu keong hor? But very lasak!!! ;-)


Leonard said...

so many words in the photos..haha

mistipurple said...

headless flying kachwaaaaaaa

Pink Cotton said...

thats a lot of words for a wordless wednesday!

Cocka Doodle said...

I want to be reincarnated as a pig! Ooooo...!! 30 mins wor...

narrowband said...

Wah wah! Can live headess for so long! But sure in pain :( Kelian...

EliteVillain said...

yalor siu keong really keong can live so long....and i really duno how the OK comes from until now u reveal it :P thx

eastcoastlife said...

30 mins big O for a sow!? I want to be a sow. *eats a lot, mang sek....*

Tongue is the strongest muscle in my body!! O.O *so is nei.... *

moz monster said...

Imagine if scientists do genetic engineering, one day, they might create a pig that can have orgasm lasting for 30 minutes even after losing its head for 9-10 days !!

Trinity said...

do you know... that I hate cockroach very much!! I even hate to see its picture!!

Trinity said...

ow ow owwwww.. how do starfish think without brains then..

Winn said...

saturday nite fever!

L B said...

Can you imagine how many ciggies are required after a 30 min orgasm?

L B said...

Where's Wall•e?!!!

rainbow angeles said...

Dear Leonard,
Words in the photo considered pics lor, no ka? :p

Dear misti,
Dun forget abt flying lizzies too... eeks!!

Dear Pink Cotton,
Got meh? Where got? *innocent blinks ala pink cotton* kekeke..

Dear Cocka,
I wish you all the best!!

Dear narrowband,
I dunno in pain anot.. I know I dunwan to be a kachuak.. :-(

Dear EliteVillain,
0 Killed sounds very OK, isn't it? :-)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Your "romeo" will be Cocka.. hehe..

Hope you put your tongue to "good" use after this ;-)

Dear moz,
Err... having O's without a head is... errr... doesn't sound too fun, does it??

Dear trinity,
I hate lizards and mozzies too neh! *spray spray*

Starfish dun hv to think.. they just swim? :D

Dear winn,
Monday Blueeeee... boo hoo hoo!

Dear LB,
One pack not enough ka? Two packs leh??

Wall-e is hiding behind wall-d.. kambing kambing!!


kyh said...

*thinks senget with winn*

so u must put ur tongue to good use loh! :P

EliteVillain said...

yes it is very OK lolz or should it be 0K either way seems like same XD

Kopi Soh said...

How they noe wat der pig feel? And how long the pig feel it??

Aiyah Nonya said...

Especially the 30 minutes part. :)

Bernard said...

Hmmm.. OK is from Otto Kaiser, the chief quality control man in the Ford car factory, who marked each car with his initials when he was satisfied with the quality.

... Unless my old school HM was pulling our legs when he told that story. LOL.

Marion said...


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rainbow angeles said...

dear kyh,
why so senget? O.o

my tongue? always useful geh!! :P

dear elitevillain,
u OK today? :)

dear kopi soh,
they study the pig behavior, then mar can agak2 when the pig syok lor.. hehe...

dear aiyah nonya,
everybody is curious abt piggy's 30 minutes...hehe...

dear bernard,
long time no see!!! (one year liao...)

oh.. i've heard of otto kaiser but not the OK from him... hmmm... suituapui din cum here to confirm, so i wouldn't know if your HM was really kidding or not ;P

dear marion,
thx for the offer but it'd be kinda difficult to errrr... 'review' your product since i don't hv errr... any male 'organs'... :) UNLESS you can guarantee at least 10 or 20 mins of ahem.. pleasure? LOL!


Simple American said...

Interesting stuff.

How to be a pig? *scratch head*