Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Sweet Gooly-mo'

Before I begin my story, a Big KOLO MEE BIRTHDAY WISH shoutout to Ehon, a brilliant Kuchingite in Brisbane! Tried to look for a kolo mee cupcake for u but failed... :p Have a good one, mate! ;-)

Okay, so sometime last week, I had a very pleasant experience at the local supermarket near my place. Wanted to get a shopping trolley and there were lots of trolleys available, 3 rows in all. But there was a big problem... all of 'em seem to be 'stuck'! Yup, S.T.U.C.K., and me being the si lembik that I am, failed to pull out any from all the 3 rows. Can you imagine me, using all my limbs (yes, my kakis tangans), trying to release the 'stuck' trolleys, while carrying my big sling bag? Thinking back, big possibility I looked very Mr. Bean in that half a minute.. -__-'''

So, there I was, a damsel in distress, looking desperate and helplessly at the many trolleys available but  failed to get one on my hands. However, some lucky stars must have shone on me that day... ying hung gao mei... [translation: hero to the rescue, a damsel in distress... more or less lah!]

While I was struggling trying to release one of the trolleys, from the corner of my eye, I saw a boy who was doing the same. At most, he's about 6-7 years young. Suddenly, I saw that he managed to release 2 trolleys. Inside me I was thinking, "Shit lah! Small boy oso more powderfool than me! How can?!" And while I was having that thought inside me, the Little Gentleman™ said to me in Mandarin, "Here's one for you."

And what did I do?

I smiled and went, "Ohhh! THANK YOU!" And I smiled summore.

I saw his face. He had that Happy Boy™ face... a very satisfied-with-himself kinda face.

Abuthen seconds later, came another bigger boy who took his trolley away... alamak... by then I was already about 5-6 steps away from him... but I think the Little Gentleman™ didn't mind... not even one bit...

After about a minute or so, the incident was seen flashing a few times at the back of my mind And I thought to myself (again), "Hey, I just had a darn schweet Gooly-mo!(ment)" Our Little Gentleman™ reminded me of Gooly the Gentleboy who jumped into the pond to 'save' the girl's wallet.

From that moment on, I was pretty convinced, that chivalry is most probably inborn. I mean, how can you teach a young child, that when you see an auntie struggling to get herself a trolley, that when  you manage to get one yourself, you should offer one of the trolleys to auntie? How? How? Can teach meh? *shakes head* Donch think so... But I also think that parents play a big role in instilling good values... [ok ok, who am I to talk abt parents, instill good values blablabla...]

When I related the incident to mom, she smiled and said, "Ohhh, what a caring boy!"

Caring... so yeah, we need more Goolypops in the world!


goolypop said...

awww... u didnt ask his contact number meh? Kai siew pei reece... or keep for ur self. Bwahahahhaa. Like Gumyu Che-che.

U paparazzi gooly leh! Hehehehe.

Thanks.. my smile is sooooo big now thinking there is hope in this world!

Muacks! Jom kita gooly-mo bersama.

rainbow angeles said...

goolypoppins, we are the world, let's heal the world by looking at the man in the mirror everyday!

keep that Little Gentleman for myself? no, u trap me wan... i wont fall into your trap... kai siu pei reece ah? must ask her winn kuku first can anot... pls, not the bird kuku ok!! :p

there is hope if there are more goolypops! so watchu waiting for?? faster make some buns!! :p

took me so many days to pen this down.. i just had to... it was just too sweet not to ;-) yumseng, goolypoppins! for a job well done! xx

adrianlee said...

U cant teach this kind of stuff. I didnt teach my kids but yet they do these things. Unfortunately when kids grow up a little, they start to feel pissed at life and don't do it anymore. :P

jemima said...

WOW! Not a wordless wednesday post but a wordy one. ;)

rainbow angeles said...

adrian, your boy also help aunties with trolleys ar? :p

jemima, no more wordless wednesday! ;-)

Trinity said...

I don't know that you blog again! hahaha

why dont you bring me along with you to this blogging world again??? :-)

happy bday Ehon!!

Anonymous said...

superwoman konon*a boy oso can pull*...cheh...get a guys lar.. :P


rainbow angeles said...

trinity, heheehhe... i just blog as and when i can and got inspiration... bring u along to blogging world? hey, u nvr stop maaa... ;-)

louyan, TAK NAK! :p

Ehon said...

hahahahaah! i just saw my kolo mee birthday wish! just got time to scroll through my google reader!

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

narrowband said...

yah... that one hor, cannot teach one ;p it's in-born!

day-dreamer said...

Cute neh that boy! So angelic...

p/s: Why this update of yours never appear on my Reader one? O.O

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