Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Out and About: 6/10/2014

Yesterday me and mom went to check out The Intermark in the city. The mall wasn't that big but classy and of course there were a number of restaurants but the most popular joint there seems to be The Red Lobster Restaurant.

Anyway we reached there and looked for some late afternoon snacks. Saw this café serving cakes and coffee. Juan Valdez Cafe. A cup of mocha latte and a piece of banana loaf cost me RM29 including taxes. That to me was very expensive. And the taste was not up to expectation. Enuf said.

Then we went to Village Grocer to walk a bit, bought a golden melon and a purple lada benggala (shit I forgot the English name).

Parking there on Sundays and publuc holidays is RM5 per entry. We left a while later and went to KLCC for dinner.

Had dinner at Little Penang Café and looks like they have reduced their prices. Used to cost more than RM15 for a bowl or a plate of char koay teow or laksa etc but now it's only RM12.20. Weird.

Geez blogging on the phone isn't really fun but since I woke up and couldn't sleep so I thought I could at least do something 'productive'.


k.t.x said...

tak report pasal makan egg benedict dengan aku pun...lol

Anonymous said...

Hello VPL...