Saturday, May 12, 2007

Grattis på födelsedagen Ah Maaaaayyyy!!!

Dear Ah May,

How Are you? Hope you are feeling great this lovely Saturday. Today is 12th of May, and thanks to Albie's Awesome idea, here's wishing you A very Special And Happy Birthday... My Alphabet is "A". What do I wish thee?

May there be Angels on your shoulder, Always...

And may there be Apples for you All year round...
edible and inedible ones too *wink*







Enjoy yourself, Ah May... Here's a chocolate cake for you (which I ate on your behalf hehe...) from Sigtuna, Sweden :)

With Lots Lots Lots of Liuliu Love, Hugs & Two-Lip Kisses From Scandic Park Hotel, Stockholm! YATTA!

ALSO, I must make a mention to wish another friend, Happy Birthday. He is none other than Ah May's kai sai lou, JL. Yeah! Both of them share the same birthday and what do you know, same surname too!!! YATTAAA!!! Well, okay, it's not exactly the same spelling but hey, the pronunciation is the same, okay! So, Selamat Hari Jadi, JL!


angel said...

Testing... YATTAAA!!

Will said...

wheeee.... happy bday to may may... yattaaaaa

L B said...

Testing.... the Cake... Ангел Хорошего Утра..

Very Nice cake! * O P E N S * * O P E N S W I D E R *


A P P L E B I R T H D A Y , A H M A Y !

may said...

awwww, I get my own real cake here!! whee!! and lots of apples, and lots Angels looking after me... yay!! muah muah!!


T H A N K Y O U H U G S !

And Happy Birthday to my Sai Lou JL too!!

Chen said...

I love that colourful apple

curi one bite of choc cake..
Appy BirthdAy, mAymAy

ah nel said...

Hapi birthday to Mai Mai n Jai Jai... ;)

*1st cake seem liek malay cake as so kalerful*

Jemima said...

*starts singing*

"Happy Birthday to May,
Happy Birthday to May,
Happy Birthday to May....
Happy Birthday to May!"

My very 1st visit here, Angel.
Have a great weekend. :)

cutiepie said...

*yawning* oh no!!! *quickly brushing teeth* now can kiss the birthday girl ... happy birthday MaY MaY *kissssssss*

Will said...

JL bday also ah? happy bday to jason too

carcar said...

LOL, angel so notti, eat the cake on behalf!

ok i shall go eat cake today too!

♥happy birthday maymay♥

carcar said...

:: happy birthday to JL too ::

mistipurple said...

wah, quickly bite a mouthful of the cake too!!! kkkk, lucky virtual cake cannot finish wan!
Happy Birthday to AhMay!!
so many angels looking after, so lucky!!

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday JL! :)

Paris Beaverbanks said...

Happy bday May and JL! Nice cake! :)

Helen said...

ooooh, doggy makes my day!! lol

Well done!

day-dreamer said...

Nice pictures!!

Happy birthday May & JL!! :D

Samm said...

FIRST TIME HERE!!!!!!!! I LOVE THOSE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Ah May......

kyh said...

happy birdday maymay jie!!! and to JL too! double celebrations! whee!!!

narrowband said...

Mana boleh eat on people's behalf wan ;p Happy birthday to both JL and Ah May, though I may not know who you are in person, we SHARE the same birth month!!! Tee-hee.

Right... Ah May's birthday falls in May... oo, rhyming... ;p

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday AhMay!

What a beautiful greeting. And your links are so cute and superb. Angels are perfect ya? ;)


a^ben said...

happy bday jl and may~ kekeke

Winn said...

whhheeeeeeeeeee u are back!!!

happy bday to JL and maymay

angel u seem to have full record of everyone's bday.....u wanna sell ur bday database not? hehe

moz monster said...

Happy Birthday May !!!

Happy Birthday JL !!!

Happy Swedish Adventure Angel !!!!

Eh ... that cake ... looks ... delicious ...

_butt said...

happy birthday May!

happy birthday JL!

have more fun fun fun in Sweeden Angel!


kat said...

♥ H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A H M A Y ♥

* Happy Birthday AhMay's sai-loh, JL *

Your colourful choc cake looks sinful!! And did Ahmay's birthday cake taste good?? :D

echoes winn... yeah, wanna share your birthday database??

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to May May! And to JL too!

Kenny Ng said...

eh... come back liao ah? Happy Birthday to May n JL...

Wennnn said...

Happy Birthday to MAy and also Ah May's kai sai lor....

Angel: I also wan cake lor... Pls send?? Eh eh where is my postcard ah?? How come I no see yet geh?? U too usy catching storks ah???

-Princess Shin- said...

OOoh.. Birthday post! =) Happy Birthday!!! I wanna eat the cake too!!!!

Ah Boy said...

Woof Woof birthday, may jiejie

Ah Boy waiting for angel jiejie to come back to Msia :)

Cocka Doodle said...

This doggie can fetch dildos anot?

aiyah nonya said...

Hi Angel,

Nice designs on the cups and plates.

Sorry no comment on your cake as I am stuffed, very 'lau' already. :)

Wish I can have a kopi with the cup in your picture.

Have a great day !

Winn said...

i suspect this angel notchet sleeepppppppppppp...........kakakaka..

hey u posted this on 5 dec 2007...wahhhhhhhh

zara's mama said...

The cake looks so yummy..

Hee hee.. you also thought about Apple when you link Ah May with letter A huh?

Huei said...

Happy Birthday to AhMay!!! =D

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! You so good life, having a holiday in Europe. Such a cute poodle!

I want to go holiday!!!

Happy Birthday to May!

velverse said...

Yeay... appie birthday maymay.

Wah.. the second apple looks like the one snow white eat geh.

*take a bite from the chocolate cake and quickly take the whipped cream to cover the missing part*

cutiepie said...

oik!!! the change to a new one??? *wake up wake up*

cutiepie said...

opsie .. i mean the apple

JL said...

THANKS ANGEL! so nice of you *hugs* the choc cake looks yummilicious...

To everybuddies: Thanks for the wishes :) have a nice day!

Pink Cotton said...

a bit memalukan to be the last one....haiyo...wat to do ...better late than never rite ??? rite?????


angel said...

Dear angel,

Yatta it is!

Dear will,

TQ you... let's Yatta!

Dear L B,

No need O P E N so wide wan... a bit for it to masuk will do :D

TQ you for the Awesome Aidea!

Dear maymay,

Hope you liked everything 'A'! ;)

You are most welcome!


angel said...

Dear chen,

No nid curi ler... we can go have choc cake anytime! :P

I also lup the colourful apple. In fact, I lup anything colourful!

Dear ah nel,

Ei, u racist arr? Malay cake got colourful wan meh? :P

Dear Jemima,

Hello, welcome!
*brings red carpet*

You've been singing a lot lately, huh? :D

TQ you!

Dear cutiepie,

Aiks... tarak berus gigi??

Can I hv a kiss too? After berus gigi, that is... :p

Dear will,

Yeah, Jason's bday same with ahmay's bday mar... ei, u forgot liao? We talked abt it during the dinner at Sri Siam, remember?? U forgot liao neh...

Dear carcar,

I not notti wan... it's just that the distance btwn me and burpday girl so far ma... so, I did the best that I could... eat it on her behalf :D

Dear misti,

U also want the cake? Wow... I didn't expect everyone to want the cake kkkkk :P

Dear paris beaverbanks,

Hello there! Welcome!
*brings out red carpet again*

U think the cake is nice too? ;)

Dear helen,

Hi there again! I'm glad the doggie made your day! It's so cute! He/She was whining away outside the cafe where we had afternoon tea...

Dear day dreamer,

TQ you!

Dear Samm,

Hello! Welcome!
*brings out red carpet again*

Glad you love the pics, me too! Hehe...

Dear kyh,

Things that come in twos are just lovely, aren't they? Just like Brangelina ;)

Dear narrowband,

Why cannot eat bday cake on their behalf wor? I can eat yours too... heh heh... so when's your burpday, Fellow Gemini? ;)

Haha... yeah, May was born in the month of May... so May! :D I should be called June then... :P

Dear Sir SA,

You think angels are perfect? Heh heh.. they are just cute, no? :D

*angelic hugs*

Dear ah ben,

*pinch ka chng*

Dear winn,

I just got back yesterday :)

Me sell bday database? Errr... how much u wanna offer sin?

Dear moz,


Errr... which cake u referring to? The Sigtuna cake? It was sinful! But without the cream, of cos!


ah nel said...

i no racist ler...malai cake n their hosu all same same wan...kalrful...

Lin Peh said...

Notchet hui lai ah ? ;-)

may said...

guten morgen, Angeliu! if you need something to keep you company when you're awake in the middle of the night...

T A G . . .

Winn said...

oh this entry is now 12 of may wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

u are back! how to cure jetlags?
go take MC!hehehe!!!

imagine 'jetlag' is written on the sick certificate. hehehe..

cutiepie said...

here's your kiss *mmuuuaaaahhhh*

angel said...

Dear butt,

Thanks for the wishes! I had fun, and it's a very beautiful country! :)

Dear kat,

Haha... that chocolate cake dunno whose punya... ahmay's choc cake was yummy of cos!

My birthday database? LOL! Show me the $$$$!!! *money face* LOL...

Dear rinnah,

TQ you...

Dear kenny,

Monday baru came back nia...

Dear wenwen,

Your postcard will reach soon gua... Ha? Send u cake? Errr... you come back to KL that time, we go eat cake together la, ok mou? If I Fedex cake to you, sure not nice liao... all hancus liao...

Dear -princess shin-,

Aloha! Welcome!
*brings Red Carpet*

You also want the cake ar?? Hmmm... everybody seems to love the cake, huh? :D

Dear ahboy,


Good boy... me is back liao...

*throws a piece of siew yoke*

Dear cocka,

Fetch dildos for you ar?

Dear aiyah nonya,

Haha... trust you to notice the cup and saucer! But it's nice, I must say.. the place is nice too! Sigtuna is like an old town situated outskirts of the city... very quaint... and this cafe that we stumbled upon, it's beautiful! I'll post up more pictures later on when I blog about my Swedish stories :)


Stupe said...

sweden is beautiful, ain't it? i love the place when i was there too.

angel said...

Dear winn,

YOU are the best! Only you notice the date! KKKKKK!!! So sharp wan your eyesight... like Liucas neh? :P

Dear zara's mama,

Hello there!
*brings Red Carpet*

Hey, so sorry la the last time in Genting, we were only next to you but I didn't know it was you... :P

You also like the cake ar? Hmmm... funny that everybody seems to notice the cake... A is for Apple! Both edible and inedible! ;)

Dear huei,

Thank you... :)

Dear eastcoastlife,

Haha... I am indeed lucky this time to be able to go there 20% for work and 80% for play! ;)

You'll be going for holiday soon, no? ;)

Dear velverse,

Hello again! Long time no see!

Snow White apple is like that wan ar? *forgot liao*

Haha... looks like you've found 'good' use for the cream :P

Dear cutipie,

Har? Change what new apple? I really blur now... *scratching kepala*

Dear JL,

You are welcome! Hope you had a fun celebration! ;) See you soon!

Dear pink cotton,

Haha... malu nehhh! Nvm la, I also believe in Better Late Than Nevah! ;)

Dear ah nel,

Got meh? Like kuih lapis? Summore what kuih jek?

Dear lin peh,

Unker, wo hui lai liao... ;)

Dear ahmay,

TQ you lar... so lup me wan... :P

Dear winn,

Haha! Thanks to you! Yeah, I'm back liao :P

MC? Aiyoh... I not like SK always want MC nia... I very good employee ok... :P

You think the docs will write 'jetlag' on MCs? Hmmm... ask chen and see can boh...

Dear cutiepie,

Wow! A gweat Kwissss! :D

Dear stupe,

Yes, it is beautiful... I was mesmerized by the beauty of Sweden... and not forgetting the Swedish hunks & babes! ;)


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Happy Birthday to all the May Babes out there!! Woohoo!

angel said...

Dear Nastasshea,

Hullo! Welcome!
*brings Red Carpet*

Thanks sweetie! ;)

ah nel said...

kuih lapis is cake mer?its a car lar!

angel said...

Huh?? What car? Never hear before wan... From Kuching wan arr? :P

zeroimpact said...

Happy happy belated birthday to ah may