Friday, June 06, 2008


Thank you so much for the Lovely Birthday Wishes and SMS-es and calls... it's been an overwhelming day...

Thank you, Chev, for the kuku flawer...

Thank you, L B, for the walk down iMemory Lane with the Los(t) Angeles (Found!!)... [no more 6 Fingers liao, yay!!]

Thank you, Mistipurple, for the so very kind wishes...

Thank you, Trinity, for the Sampat Rainbow Party... and for the Special Edition of the iWallpaper... AND for the Special Serenade... *u rock lah...*

Thank you, Someone Sampat, for the Bob Dylan rendition...

Let me say thank you for the wishes
And more thanks for the thought
The greatest thing I can thank you for
Is the joy you all have brought.

36 comments: said...

Happy Birthday! i hope i'm not too late.

day-dreamer said...

Happy Birthday again! Muahahahaha~

Happy weekend too!

Cocka Doodle said...

Dearest Angeles, Here's wishing you a happy, hiao-hiao, seductive, fellatious, copulative, gyrating, 7.5 on the richter scale orgasmic, hiao tao ai si Birthday!! Mmmmuaks!!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Waaah! timing also 6.06 pm?? Kakakakaka!!!

Angel Eyes said...

Mari kita berdating! Yayyyy!!!

Anonymous said...

alehhhh, kata2 penghargaan ko tu...takder nama i pun...bengang lah....merajuk lahhh...hehe.

kidding ajer sayang...i sayang u selalu!!!!!

'yg tercinta dan tersayang'

L B said...

Yay yay! Happy Orgasmics ala Cocka in the back seat of the Titanic Car!!! No more six fingers, just sex!! All out, no holds barred explosive churnings!! Prong! Prong!! Young Young!! No Au Pei Heet!! No PMS!! No more Tampons!!! Yay Yay!! Happy Birthday, LA Confidential!!!

ps: In my excitement, I posted the above at Doreen's Blog as well!! kkkkkkkkkkk, solil soli, Doreen! Thousand and One apologies!! I was wondering why suddenly Angel had word verification on, but by the time it registered, i had already punched the publish button!!! KA!

eastcoastlife said...

Happy birthday to my lovely rainbow angel!! I manage to rush back for your birthday! :)

Thanks to your prayers, Jaymes is back home this afternoon. :)

Jemima said...

Happy Birthday again!!! :)

oceanskies79 said...

Happy Birthday to you.

I have found out about your birthday from eastcoastlife's and mistipurple's blog.

I can sense that you are a lovely person. Cheers.

may said...

Happy Merry Birthday! when you come here we do belated celebration, ok? ok!!! yay! xx

mistipurple said...

you hiao until where oredy? it's 1251am. hahah.
happy birthday angel darling!

(lol at lb, he hiao-ed until doreen's to post your greet, hahah)
*runs from the lb*

Aiyah Nonya said...

Happy Birthday !!!

"Sang Yat Fei Lok
nin nin yau kam yat
suei suei yau kan hew
goong hei lei, goong hei lei"

Chuk lei cheong mang pak suei !!!!

Sandy C. said...

Happy Birthday!!! Saw your tribute from LB and Trinity and had to stop over to wish you well :)

Chev said...

Happy Birthday Angel
when u come Pg, we go celebrate..
but not celebrating it under the rain lah..
which reminds me of the Gurney Drive lomantic dinner episode.

Although I was in KL yesterday but sorrylah i couldn't celebrate your birthday with u cos too tired...
i even fell asleep inside the cab on my way back home fr airport, lol

i just woke up niah..
i thought i will zzz till 12 noon :P

zewt said...

did anything crazy yest? haha!

kat said...

Happy happy birthday, dear angeles!

May you and your life stay as sweet as those burfday cupcakes always!


belated celebrations next week, ok?

Mr. Goober said...

aik..i missed this??

happy belated birthday angel :)

kyh said...

got ahem ahem on burfday nite or not??? :P

happy birthday!!!

suituapui said...

Muuaaah!! Muuuaaaah! Muuuaaaahhh!!! Lots and lots of kisses for your birthday!!! Got party or not? No invite stp kah??? Ur birthday 6.6...what year leh? Not 1966...nanti 6666, that number from "The Omen"! Oops...that one kurang satu 6. So what did u do to celebrate? Tell lah....

rainbow angeles said...

Dear ahmok,
Thank you!! U were on time ;-)

Dear day-dreamer,
Thank you!!

Dearest Cocka,
Thank you so much for the Orgasmic Wishes... I'll try my very best to stay Hiao Forevah! Muacks!

Dear angel eyes,

Dear bdk bkk,
Bengang? Merajuk? I lagi berhak bengang dan merajuk daripada u tau...

Tima kasih atas kesayangan u..

Dear LB,
Sex Sex Sex! If chant more, can get more? Haaaaaa!

Thank you so much for the special edition of LA Confidential! Tor jeh sai!!

Oops @ your comment boo-boo... but donch worry.. no Fencing Attribute there.. heh!

Dear eastcoastlife,
Thank you! Thank you!!

I'm very glad to know that Jaymes is a-ok :)

Dear Jemima,
Thanks again!!

Dear oceanskies79,
Thank you so much for coming over :)

And also for your kind words.. :)

Dear maymay,
Thank you!! OK, wait for me yeah! Muacks!

Dear misti,
I hiao until quite far that day hehe... thank you for the wishes!!

Dear aiyah nonya,
Tor jeh lei!! Very thank you!!

Dear Sandy C,
Thank you so much for coming by! U are so sweet ;)

Dear Chev,
Haha.. the lomantic dinner veli ocipala.. not forgetting the super hiao hiao pose by the LB hehe...

It's okay lar... we celebrate in blogs can liao mar...

Thank you very much for everything my sampat partner!! Muacks!

Dear zewt,
Eh?? How u know??? U saw me? O.o

Dear kat,
Thank you! Thank you!

My name has got "honey"... so, I also hope that my life will be as sweet as honey hehehe...

Nxt week ah? U kambing bek liao?

Dear Mr. Goober,
S'ok :)

And thanks for the wishes ;-)

Dear kyh,
Ahem ahem? Ask Brad! :p

Thanks for the wishes!

Dear suituapui,
Whoaaa... STP muah me!! I thought only Cocka does all these muacks hahaa...

But thank you so much for all the kisses!! *still can't believe it... haha*

Party ah? Oledi celebrated earlier... but nehmind, when u celebrate your bday, u invite me, ok? I celebrate wt u!!

My year of birth ah? Definitely not 1966 lorrr!!! So old meh??? Hahaha... But u wanna peep behind my hair to see if there's any sixes there? Hahaa...

What did I do to celebrate? I did something out of the ordinary.. I kidnapped someone... jeng jeng jeng...


Huei said...


May all your wishes and dreams come true!!! =D

*ManY mAnY HuGZ*


eastcoastlife said...

I just went to your new blog and buka it.


Leonard said...

happy birthday once again!!

simi new blog?

melbie said...

Happy belated birthday, angeles! :) Many happy returns to you...

rainbow angeles said...

Dear ah huei,
Thank you! Thank you!!
I also wish that all my wishes and dreams can come true... :)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Hahaa... so paiseh... not ready yet wan... wait I renovate first, then do BlogWarming Party, k?

Dear leonard,
Thank you!!

New blog is errr.. under renovation *grins*

Dear melbie,
Thank you very muchi!!


suituapui said...

Peep behind ur hair??? Oooooo.....I want! I want! ROTFLMAO!!! Now who did u kidnap??? That Botak kah? How botak is he?.....LOL!!!

suituapui said...

U have new blog...never tell kah!!! Aiyor...why u didn't let me buka first????.....Or come to the worst, old Cocka oso can mah!!!Hahahahahahaha!!!!

dreamie said...

Ooops, sorry i'm late.
~ HaPPy BirTHday, Angel dear
many many happy returns of the day~

new blog? di mana leh?

plink said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you! When can see new blog? skunkie want to go blogwarming party liaoo!!

rainbow angeles said...

Dear suituapui,
Wah.. u sounded so sexcited to peep behind my hair geh!! Now I sked liao haahaaa!!

Kidnap Botak? Why kidnap him? He can fetch a high price meh?? U want buy him ahh?? Haha..

Aiyoh, itu is only testing mia blog lar... If ok liao, I sure invite u wan.. sabar, ok? Now I also veli bz... no time and strength to blog oso...

I dun quite understand what u mean by Cocka oso can woh... can what??
Can cum? haha...

Dear dreamie,
No worries, MCC! Better late than nevah! And thank you so muchi for the wishes!

New blog still under renovation... I'll invite u when bukak liao, ok? BTW, u got Facebook account mou? Cum add me ler...

Dear plink tungku!!!
Miss u lots lots!!!

New blog sure I will invite skunkie and plinkie wan... ;-)

Thankiss for the wishes! Again, missed u much!!! ;-)


carcar said...

happy belated birthday to u rainbow angeles...

sorry for late wishes here, i was so sick for the pass few days... for many days i never come near to my stil have slight fever...


treasure your frenship!~

Anonymous said...

ok okiesss.... i be waiting yr invite ..
kkkkk.. facebook i tadak, accs book, storli book, XXX book i got la.. LOL :P
Hv a good weekend! Rainbow Angeles


Anonymous said...


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Oscar's Mommy said...

hi angel, happy belated bday... so so belated lor... enjoy yr day...

rainbow angeles said...

Thanks carcar.. I appreciate your friendship too :) muaks!

Amboi RAMBO!! Can share share your XXX bookssss ah??? :P

Thankiss Oscar's Mommy! Happy Belated Burfday to you too!!