Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Titleless Tuesday

Have You Ever...
  • wondered, why sometimes there so many things that you feel you must tell some people but you just can't do it? (all in the name of 'peace') *actually most of the time, we complicate our own lives, don't we*
  • asked, why doesn't he sign that blardy form that has been sitting for a week on his table?
  • thought, why does it always rain when you don't bring an umbrella?
  • asked, why do people treat you so badly after you've treated them so well?
  • thought that if you were to give, you'll receive more? *i dunno la, ok*
  • wondered, why are some of your friends so secretive?
  • thought of your own Bucket List?
  • wished that you don't have any periods?
Someone just updated this status on Facebook :
Minnie Mouse tries to look on the bright side. BRIGHT SAI!!!

Hahaha... sometimes, we just need people like these to perk up our days / nights and I'm thankful to have them as Friends :-) I hope you have some of these people as your friends too ;-)


Kopi Soh said...

Ya if peepul lidat dun exist then life wud be so boring hehehe.
Unfortunately wa oso si one of those dat can make peepul kek khee, thor hueik wan 0_o

rainbow angeles said...

Wah liao eh, kopi soh! Wa balu publish 10 mins, u oledi came in your sports car ah?

U make ppl keik khi ah? Wah... luckily we live so far apart.. haha... just kidding nia lar, kopi soh... wa chia lu lim teh si peng ;-)

Seriously, that's why I like humourous ppl... I'm drawn to them like magnet haha... some ppl will think we are sot-sot but as long as we are laughing, who cares, hor?

moz monster said...

Ever wonder why your queue at the immigration is always the slowest one?

Ever wonder why the dishes ordered by the others in your table is always nicer than the dish you ordered?

How come they give you deadline to file your income tax report, but never meet their own deadline to refund you one?

Why is it always jammed when you are in a hurry, and why are the roads clear when it doesn't matter when you get there ?

Why ? Why ? Tell me why !!!!

Glad to hear from you after all this while ...

L B said...

• the tube of toothpaste is so syiok when it's new.
• when you remembered to pee before you go to bed
• Uncle Joe is healthy
• Bank account/s suddenly surges ahead
• the home cooked Beef Steak turns out perfect!
• there's some leftover gelato in the fridge
• July is almost here..

L B said...

PS I love Conair

rainbow angeles said...

Wah liao, mozmoz... u gave me so many questions to answer ah? OK lah, since u 'pong chan' angeles' playground, I shalt try to answer...

The queue question - next time, choose the longest one instead of the shortest one. Then cum tell me if it worked.

The dishes question - becos the grass is always greener on the other side?

The income tax question - next time, dun report that u earn so much...

The road question - learn to fly, then no problem liao.

See, I told you all the whys... we will send you the invoice soon... :p

Thx for thought...

rainbow angeles said...

Wah liuliuliu! I shalt liu your comments the best I can, LB!

• so ngam, i'm also using a new toothpaste since a few days ago.
• i do pee b4 going to bed.
• Auntie here is not so 'healthy'.
• my Bank Account is slightly bleeding after the weekend..
• I had shabu shabu for dinner!
• there's also more than half a tub of rum & raisin in my fridge.
• You'll be back in the OvenLand in less than a month!

How do I live without you
I want to know...
How do I breath without you if you ever go..
How do I ever, ever survive..
How do I, how do I, oh how do I live..

Anonymous said...

giler babi tired but i really dont like jakarta. it sucks. tapi, pompuan in bandung really chun giler babi. anyways, to join in yr intellectual discussion as u hv posted and engaged, ahem, like the bullet tat u hv put by the side of every piece of thought, it has to be well balance, but really, it is so unpredictable, it can b really unfair.but to tell u the truth , i rally hate that design of yin-yang pak kwa, but i must admit it does rock the world.

ok la, cukuplah setakat nih, i tak larat nak jadi intellectual lagi la..tak kuasa nak jadi power. anyway, i end here first...tired nih...boring nak pi kerja esok.

i luv u la.

*siapa lagi*

rainbow angeles said...

Heh? U are in Jakarta? And Bandung at the same time? We hv one Bandung blogger here... Trinity, angkat tangan!!

And yes, she's a pretty lady *wink*

Well balanced? How to do that? Unpredictable? Definitely. Just like in Cantonese, we say "thin yat mm ji gam yat si..."

The yin-yang pak kwa, not I draw wan u know... it comes with the template of this blog.. when I put bullets, teh pak kwa will cum out.. just FYI lah.. bukan I yang simply letak..

Each and every piece of that 'thought' has been generalised to protect the Innocents...

I'm also tired.. good nite. And thanks for the luv... need to give more to receive more, huh?

day-dreamer said...

Life's like that... *sigh*

rainbow angeles said...

dear day-dreamer,
life should be what we make of :)

dun sigh ler.. u still have a long road ahead of you... alot more for you to learn, to go through... but each experience will make you a stronger person... positive thoughts, no sigh sigh, hokie? ;-)

may said...

gum emo geh? lol

life is like that lor. why? I also dunno. but thank gawd for cool friends who keep your spirits up, eh? ;-)

ehon said...

i funny i funny! eh, why u bo chia wa teh ci peng ler? actually, i'm not a big fan of teh c peng also lar.

now i really become teh c peng liao if i don't run cos i'm late!!!!!!!!

Jemima said...

Regardless of how we feel or what we think... LIFE GOES ON!!! :)

Take care! :)

Trinity said...

*angkat tangan*

Who is anonymous? from Jakarta? I don't like Jakarta either.. hahaha..

Trinity said...

dear Angeles, hugs to you... hope you feel better and merrier... the more we get together the happier we'll be... *sing for Angeles*

Trinity said...

Yeah, Thank you Lord for the friends we have...they are angels without wings for us!!

Trinity said...

and dear Lord, thanks for the beautiful voice I can hear from Angeles blog today... how do I live without You?


and I am thankful to get 69th sampat comment in LB's post today too! kkkkk

Trinity said...

*come back to hugs Minnie Mouse too*

(((((Minnie Mouse)))))

Huei said...

i have u as a friend, and i'm very greatful! =D

about ur questions, well most of them is a yes for me!

1. If it obstructs peace to tell that person, then that person is not even worth having around u, so don't bother telling
2. *uMmM*
3. Because then you can dance in the rain! =D
4. They don't know how to appreciate u..so don't care about them anymore!
5. Nah, just give to those who deserve it, it doesn't matter if u dun receive, as long as u're happy being urself =D
6. Because they don't treat u like a real friend, and now u know, so u will know wut to do
7. Make a long long Bucket List, because you still have a longgggggg way to go! =D
8. Crap..this one no solution..i oso wish i dun have periods!!!

heheh look on the bright side! =D


_butt said...

hahah! I saw her msg too. bright sai. good thinking =P

life is how you make out of it. yes! carpe diem!

so long you didn't blog already. how are youuuuuu...

kat said...

Haih... my half past 6 speed reading saw me reading "Titless Tuesday"...

Sigh.. anak sakit again. Hope he gets well before we fly.
Aitelyu, what is it in men's genetic makeup that they are extra or-lor when they get sick?? My ger doesn't behave liddat. I don't behave liddat. But when the 2 men get sick, aiyo.. like they are at death's door liddat. Moaning, groaning, weak and helpless as a newborn bb... :P

cibol said...

why kpi soh dun kam to mine wan leh? ha ha ha .. aiyoh, owes look on the bright sai of life lah hoh ..

by the way, i minta cuti today .. I tak sakit but i need rest la ..

Mr. Goober said...

don't think too much :D

hmm..'crap' tag sounds nice too.

Cocka Doodle said...

I treat you so bad meh??

Ok, ok this Flyday Cocka gip you a choice...

a) have lomantik candlelight dinner with Cocka

b) Have lomantik candle light dinner and moonlight stroll by the beach with Cocka

c) have lomantik candlelight dinner, moonlight stroll by the beach and make out in back seat with Cocka

d) have lomantik candlelight dinner, moonlight stroll by the beach, make out in backseat, wild sex on the bonnet with Cocka.

e) All the above.

Jemima said...

Take up Cocka's offer, Angeles. :p

mistipurple said...

wheeee you blogged! liuliuliuuuu!
*raise hands* i sampat. you must lup me. hehehe.

zewt said...

doing some reflection eh?

we all have a list... just that we dont call it a bucket list... too many things in that list. it's only when we're about to hit the bucket... we filter the important ones.

rainbow angeles said...

Maymay, hai lor.. blame it on Auntie Visit!! Grrrr!!

Have u ever thought, why do we have this Life? *intellectual question* Hehe.. I just wish my life is all about holidays... *dreams*

Ehon!! Yaaaa! I KNOW U FUNNY!! :p

Wa chia lu lim kopi lar.. that's why I din chia u teh si peng :P but I love Kuching's Kiasu 5 Layer Teh Si Peng :P

Jemima-rama... Life HAS to go on but we wanna feel happy, we wanna think happy... aye?

Thanks :)

Trinity My Latest Sampat Partner... yes hunie, we saw your "tangan" *admires the Sampat Tangan* kakaka...

Anonymous is a friend from KL.. he oso sampat but sometimes oni hehe..

Thank liu for the hugs... yesterday was a "down" day, but today is "upper", altho' I've been having the cramps since this afternoon :'(

*loves your singing*

Psstt.. I dun hv wings.. that means I'm a friend :-)

Thanks for your sampatly sweet comments.. *how do i live without youuuuu..*

69 is a lucky number, eh? ;-)

And on behalf of Minnie, here's a big hug to Trinity Cang! ;-)
*hugs until trinity cannot breathe*

Oops... hehe...

Thank you for sampating at my blog! XOXO

HueiHuei.. Thank you so much for your comments.. u are so sweet to me... muacks!

1)U r right but what if that person is important to u? *dilemma*
2) *ummms togeder-geder*
3) I've not tried to dance in the rain.. one day i should, huh? *anyone else wanna join??*
4) I'm not gonna care for ppl liddat too from now on!
5) Yes, giving is more important than receiving, thanks! :-)
6) Dun fren them? :D
7) Haha.. I like this comment of yours! Yeah, a Long Bucket List!
8) Haha.. *high 5*

Thanks Huei! XOXO


rainbow angeles said...

Butty not the butt.. hehe.. that woman is one of the brightest woman I've met! But not the 'sai' part la.. hehe...

Life is sometimes urghh.. but then, without the 'urghhs', we wouldn't appreciate the 'yippies', aye? ;-)

Yeah, this was an impromptu blogging... i'm crapped... ;P but still alive tenkiuuuuuuu...

Kitty Kat... I nearly typed that word in the first place heh...

Sorry to hear that yr son is sick.. hope he gets well soon! M'sian food waiting for u to kambek...

Your question hor... mmmm... it's like this... *serious face* Men are from Mars... women come from another planet eh... that's why the diff ler... *act smart* :P

Hope the boy gets well soon!!

Cibolution Man, kopi soh must be sesat lar.. dun marah ok? :P

Look at the bright sai? Eh! Ask me to look at shit pulak... :P

Adoi.. today oni Tuesday woh... work one day then minta cuti? Then how to survive whole week woh... hope u got enuff of rest today.. tomolo kuai kuai go work, ok?

Mr. Goober Jam.. being a Woman, how to NOT think leh? Not like u dunno... hahaaa :P

It is Crap.. becos it's already in the past.. ;-)

My dearest Jacko Cocko...

It's so easy to choose...









Muaahahahaha! Unker dun think this mui mui jai so easily "thum" woh... :P

Jemima-rama, I made the wisest choice! ;-)

Misti the Purple, yeah, I succumbed to emo last night.. ishhh!!

U sampat? More sampat than Trinity or less sampat than the iDoc? *trick question* kekekkeke...

Of cos lup u! Abuthen lup who woh!! ;-)

Zewty, not really reflection of sort... just some Mind Diarrhea...

How do we know for sure when we will hit the bucket? Sometimes, it comes suddenly leh? *shudders at the thot..*


Trinity said...

breath!! breath!! hehehehe

I'll sing.. soon.. I'll sing..

zeroimpact said...

LeAnn Rimes - How do I Live
That is like my favourite song ever
Take care there yah!!!

Angel Eyes said...

Why the lorry terbalik lah? Kena langgar ke?

YEs, i'm having my period cramps now. V painful until i cannot walk properly.

Why lah?

Chev said...

Happy Birthday
my dearie sampat partner in crime..
any more HAS?

rainbow angeles said...

Who breathe, Trinity? Me? Liu? :P

I'm still waiting to hear u sing.. faster!! Time's up!! :P

Your favourite song, Zeroimpact? I love it too! So sad...

I'm a-okay, thanks!!

Hiyee, Angel Eyes! Lama tak nampak :)

Winn said the lorry terbalik cos my flash too hebat.. heeee...

Say Tak Nak to Periods!!! Urghh... I had a bad cramp 2 nites ago... really macam nak mati :( But hope u ok now...

Thank you very muchi my Sampat Partner in Blogging Crime :P

Hahaha... HAS still got... it's become part of our our lifestyle liao... veli HAS!! Kkkkkkkk..

Thank q for the Cuckoo flawer too hahaaa...


ehon said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D I hope you have a fabulous dayyy!!! :D :D You absolutely deserve it!! :D

Anonymous said...

hey sayang, slamat hari jadi siottt!! nasib i ader cek facebook ari nih dan ternampak update bday pulak. biasanya i tak perasan semua nih...tapi taktau lah kenape...

anyways, slmat ari jadi dan semoga u sihat dan ceria selalu. i sayang u selama2nya! hi 5!

"siapa lagi kalo bukan yg tersayang?"

Angel Eyes said...

Happy Birthday princess! Come, come, let's go out i belanja you makan! We go out together with Winn and mudpie!

Leonard said...

told you already, never read my quote on my banner?

it's never easy being a human!

Leonard said...


rainbow angeles said...

Dear ehon,

You are too kind :)

Dear bdk bkk,
Aduh... boleh plak terlupa akan bersday ku nie... tapi takper.. I tak marah...

Thanks thanks thanks!! Korb khun ka!

Dear Angel Eyes,
Thank you! Thank you! We'll make a date then ;-)

Dear Leonard,
Life is tough, heh.. but nehmind, we WILL survive!!!

Thanks for the wishes!