Sunday, September 28, 2008

So Mamma Mia over MAMMA MIA!

Good things must share share ;-)
This is quite a clear upload, but the ending songs were cut off..
Oops... Megavideo has deleted the video.. dew... lemme try to find another one...

Note @ 2.08am : Yes! Yes! I found another upload! Fast fast watch!!!

1. I should have watched this musical in London instead of the Phantom one...

2. Meryl Streep is keng! Pierce Brosnan is... errr... yeng! But his voice not quite yeng though...

3. Kalokairi, the island in the movie is actually Skopelos, in the Aegean Sea off the coast of mainland Greece. It's B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!! But it's an expensive island by Greek standards, I read... *I Have A Dream...*

4. This movie is downright funny! 3 of us had so much fun watching it.


Winn said...

i will tell my parents PAPPA PIA!!:P

they'll then understand i'm nut lor:p

Winn said...

y itu pierce brosnan always get all the girls? just becoz he's old?

mistipurple said...

still buffering..
anyway everything is slow for me here.
i want to sleep already. cannot keep eyes open. got long day tomorrow. got some recording in studio and filming probably. some tv finalists. ;)

jjmm said...

however cara u tell oso the effect will be the same. at first they will be shocked, disappointed and angry at u. so better put on a thick skin and bullet proof vest :p

but after they "lum jeng" oredi, then everything will become ok and they will sapot ur decision becoz in the end no matter wat u r still their dotter ma.

rainbow angeles said...

Dear winn,
OK, i try yr method and see.. being nuts is a good excuse too, hor? ;-)

Pierce Brosnan always get it becos he's the "ju kok" maaa... summore so yeng leh... old, but still yeng!! U no likey the movie ah?

Dear misti,
Things also darn slow here... but yr place why slow woh? Sinkapork shud be fast fast fast!! Summore now got F1 there... fast cars = fast internet, no? ;P

Dear jjmm,
I think they wont angry kuar... unless I tell them something like... "Hey, I'm having a baby!" or maybe "Hey, I'm gonna be a latuk's mistress!" Liddat sure la angry ;p


VampireM said...

Wah, so many ppl commended this movie.

I'm not a fan of musical, but I like ABBA's songs :p

I wait till it's up for download, and can 'watch' while doing work :P

rainbow angeles said...

Dear vampirem,
Eh, I also watched while doing work just now :p

Alot of ppl like this movie? I love musicals but of course not all lar... ABBA's songs are ForeverGreen!! ;-)

The DVD should be out soon kuar since the movie was oledi out in July...

L B said...

I had always loved the Blonde Abba with the tight lycra pantsuits.. Agnetta? I have a Dream....

day-dreamer said...

I like the song. Haha.

Happy Sunday! :D

hiongkongkiok said...

1. i bercita cita to watch with gooly

2. i bercita cita go greek to find grease man

3. i like to write in point form

4. jom .. hui cheong K!

hiongkongkiok said...

lupa tambah kaiyik

5. i watched phantom in london too.. circa 2000.. were u there too?

rainbow angeles said...

Dear LB,
In this movie, the blonde is Meryl Streep. She's Donna and her group is called Donna & The Dynamos... really funny these 3 ladies.. they did a really hilarious Dancing Queen performance.. not forgetting Super Trouper... :-)

Dear DD,
U like which song? The one in my blog now? ;-)

Happy week ahead! :-)

Dear HKK,
1. U'll hv a great time with gooly

2. This cita-cita hor, I think u hv to kambek another life to realise it lor...

3. I also like point form now.. belajarlah daripada chedet dotkom

4. Cheong k? Hou ah! I wait u..

5. Eh, speaking of kaiyik, yesterday the Musang got a kaiyik entry... u go check him out and see what he says abt kaiyik kkaka...

6. Year 2000 I still wear Pampers, belum akilbaligh :p I was there in 2006


carcar said...

i like this movie very much too, 6 of us had so much fun watchin it :P

King's wife said...

best hor? so funny!!
Cant stop singing Dancing Queen!!!

Anonymous said...

even old ppl like me so sure syiok til wana watch 2nd time n wana bought d dvd for collection...


_butt said...

i watched i watched!! :D

poor pierce brosnan... the girls obviously outdone the boys when it comes to mamma mia! :P

love it love it!! the island is just so beautiful.... the sea... *dreamy*

happy raya holiday! :-)

rainbow angeles said...

Dear carcar,
Hi hi!! We all love this movie, eh? I feel like watching again and again and again...

Dear KW,
What else to say... love love love! Mamma mia indeed!

Dear oldman,
U oso watch ah? Oh yeah, u oldman sure sukak wan ;-)

Dear butty,
Yeah man.. PB's voice sounded really weird, hor? Yes, the island... fuyoh...

So... u wanna have a big fat greek wedding too? *grins*

Happy hols!!


Mr. Goober said...

both videos removed? can't view anymore :(

Trinity said...


both videos removed... but I will try to find out by myself. My drama director told me about this movie as well... should be very good right?

Anonymous said...

jiejie angel

i love mamma mia too .. watched the movie with parents last week and guess what I did cry a bit during watching the movie.

i really love the movie
and hope to watch the musical soon :)

till then .. take care and love always!

rainbow angeles said...

Dear mr. goober,

Oops, sorry abt that! But u can go to to 'find' it ;-)

Dear trinity,
Sorryu didnt get to watch the movie.. but yeah, u can try find it at

I love love the movie!!

Dear misha,
Hullo!! Long time no see.. thx for dropping by :-)

U cried? Awww... *hugz*

The musical is coming to KL, u'll be here in December too? ;-)

Happy Sunday, mish mish! XOXO


Chen said...

No BoyBoy Bia meh? :P

Leonard said...

i have the movie but i yet to watch is it good?

zeroimpact said...

I must be real late
Cannot see anything

rainbow angeles said...

Dear chen,
Still waiting for AhBoy to produce that movie!! ;-)

Dear leonard,
Dunno abt u, but i love it!

Dear zeroimpact,
Oledi taken off, I suppose.. go watch the movie ler.. ;-)


Chen said...

Ah Boy busy eating & sleeping, hence no time to produce movie :P

rainbow angeles said...

chen, ahboy so hoh mia.. maciam itu koala... Koala Ah Boy, I gib him this nickname :P