Saturday, October 11, 2008

Satu Bulan Lagi...

Tonight, I learnt once again that my family will be there for me and with me, through the good times and the bad times... I also must remember that whatever things that I have 'conjured' up in my mind might not necessary be how it'd turn out. I need to read The Secret. I need to have Positive & Good Thoughts. Like how Noddy would say, "I can! I can! I can!"

ps: Things always happen for a reason... If not for all these changes, I'd have stepped on the soil of the land Down Under today... One day baby... one day...


Winn said...

sigh. can we fast forward to good times..

rainbow angeles said...

My dear Ping Kor (Apple) Winn,

I just had a Light Bulb Moment! How abt the nickname AppleWinnegar??? Hehe...

Hey, long time no 3-8.. must make a date to 3-8 soon, yeah? Amah & KW said wanna go cheong-k...

ps: I detect a tinge of unhappiness in you lately... must be your boss, huh? Maybe time to "goreng her sotong"? *hugz*

Oops, forgot to comment on yr comment tim... fast forward to the Good Times and then slowly playing the Good Times, right?

adrian said...

Whatever it is, it will pass.

One day Superman was flying over the city and spotted Wonder Woman lying naked on the roof, sunbathing.

Superman was tempted. " MAN !!!" he thought to himself, "I'm
faster than a speeding bullet, I can be in and out of there
before she even knows I'm here." So with a blur and a sonic boom he was down, in and gone.

Wonder Woman stared up into the sky with a dazed expression. "What the hell was that??" she exclaimed.

"I don't know," said the Invisible Man as he rolled off, "But
my ass is killing me."

L B said...

One day, baby, one day!! Ireland is a great place too, except maybe there are too many leprechauns.

day-dreamer said...

Agree with the first sentence so much!

I'm sure things will be fine soon, angeles... *hugs*

may said...

one day, honey... one day we shall see each other again and have vegemite on toast! lol!

take care and know that whatever it is you set your mind to do, you can do it. xx said...

Can can can! :) Good thing about life is, most of the time, there is a second chance! :D

I also look forward to eat vegemite toast with you and drink some good ole' Aussie beer!

zewt said...

soil of the down under? hmmmm...

goolypop said...

Peet peet! Make way for Noddy (your turn, shout-NODDY)

U got watch Pocoyo? Can make u happy ler.. Watever it is, maipenrai, gooly is here oks? :)

King's wife said...

after this 'satu bulan lagi', we can go celebrate 9-9? ;)

Trinity said...

satu bulan lagi...what happen?

yes, my family has been here with me in good times and bad times indeed... what a blessing

rainbow angeles said...

Dear adrian,
Thanks for your joke :p

Yeah, it will pass... but I wanna pass with Flying Colours...

Dear LB,
Scotland too! All those kilts... airy... heh...

Dear day-dreamer,
Thanks DD... I also hope that you don't be so sad for so long, ok? *hugz*

Dear maymay,
So sad... sigh... :-(
But thanks!!

BTW, how does vegemite taste like on toast? Never tried that b4... Not sure if I'm a vegemite fan too.. heh... But I'm sure I'm gonna be a fan of Max Brenner's!!! OXXO

2nd chance ah? This is my "first" chance leh... But yeah, I can! I can! I can!!!

Hey, I have another friend who just went to Adelaide for work.. hope he stays there long enough for me to go visit!!

Dear zewt,
Me plan not same as yours...

Dear goolypop,

Of cos got watch Pocoyo la... Ele!! hehe... also Dibo... Handy Manny... Little Einsteins... Mr. Bean hehehe...

Thanks for being 'there' gooly! Cayangggg!!

Dear KW,
Celebrate ah? Mamma Mia? *grins*

Dear trinity,
Tell you later abt it :-)

Yup, we are very blessed to have families who will stick with us thru' the good and bad...


mistipurple said...

wat is the happeningz char bor kiah?
momma sayangz you more ok?

_butt said...

yes baby you can you can can!!


kat said...

On the positive side, yes family will always be there for you. On the negative side, family can get taken for granted frequently. How liddat? Khao ji kei lor... :P

Ireland very nice. Scotland very nice. Wish I could have driven round the countryside forever..

I oso wanna cheong K...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that family will be there for us through thick and thin :) and we're blessed to have them.

Yes, things always happen for a reason. Believe it, more often than not, it happens for the good. Keep the faith, one day, your dreams will come true :) so cheeeeem ho :p

Ms A

jjmm said...

i think they had mellowed down since becoming datuk nenek lor. i have an impian of making trucks and bucket loads of money then i bling everyone for holiday in pangkor laut, then to paris, london, rest of europe, hollywood and new york. wheee! not sekadar cakap kosong orh, it's not impossible....*motivates myself to achieve the impian*

Kopi Soh hugs Angel said...

Dun wori I walk beside you where ever you where we going in satu bulan, if you are going where I think you are going then will be good because I am going to be there too and maybe we can seow seow togeder geder.

Anonymous said...

u preg?


Chen said...

*Suddenly i had thought block*

Whatever it is, hope u r alright

Hopefully no more fluing..
I'm still coughing (a bit lah) :P

carcar said...

family is always the closest one in our life...

especially we are staying away from home...

the every time we look fwd for the re-union.

*group hugs*

like yr mp3 songs..

laundryamah said...

me blur blur...dunno whats happening..nehmind we go 3-8 dis flyday leow...

rainbow angeles said...

Dear misti,
Everything's fine... for now :-)
Thx for the sayangz! XXOOXX

Dear butty,
*nod nod nod*

Dear kat,
I always (TRY) to make a conscious effort not to take anyone for granted... friends included :-)

Dear Ms. A,
Thanks for the Positive "Feedback" :p Happens for the good... I like it :-)

Dear jjmm,
Faster faster... time and tide wait for no man... *dreams first*

Dear kopisoh,
Thanks.. but you dun walk to Tanjung Rambutan, k? That direction I no go! ;p

Dear oldman,
U wanna adopt?

Dear Chen,
Everything 'should' be alright... thanks!

I'm still having a runny nose.. kns.. nearly 1 wk liao...

Dear carcar,
I know family is number one in your heart :-) *hugz* long time no see.. 1 year oledi, hor?

Dear laundryamah,
Nehmind.. it's ok :-)


Stupe said...

apa jadik dearest angel

rainbow angeles said...

Stupe, biler senang talipon kiter, ok?

narrowband said...

Yes I can relate.. I also always tiba tiba realize my family is supportive and i'd go like "luckily they're around", something like that!

Huei said...

don't forget ur friends too!! =D

lisalove said...

hey sweetie...not quite sure what's happening but many has concurred, things will work out just fine :) stay POSITIVE!

pssttt..i rmbr i invited you to join me for my next BKK trip this year end. well, that might not happen. but that's becoz i'm changing portfolio and guess what?
i'm changing over to South Pac. so, hey, maybe we can arrange a trip to the downunder or NZ together next year instead ;)

*shhhh..the above is yet to be officially announced. so, you are the first to know besides my boss*

stay cool dear!

lisalove said...

currently i'm very into this song called "I'm yours by Jason Mraz"..i think it has such mood lifting happy tune.

dedicate this to you dear
hope it cheer u up too :)

rainbow angeles said...

Dear narrowband,
We are lucky to have supportive family members! Let us also remember not to take them for granted ;-)

Dear ah huei,
Yes, true friends will be there to support us! Like bras... hehe..

Dear lisalove,
Keeping my fingers crossed! I'm supposed to tell you and a few other friends the story behind this entry but always got excuse not to write the msg.. mostly is due to laziness.. sheesh!! But I'll get to it.. soon... :-)

S'ok abt the BKK trip... no prob! Thanks for inviting me in the first place...

Hey, congrats on your new portfolio! South Pac would be more 'interesting' eh! Thanks again for inviting me to tag along... i so not shy.. *cover face*

And the Jason Mraz song, alotta ppl love this song! Me, I like the catchy tune too.. and thanks (again!) for the dedication.. muacks!


Nicholas Chay said...

I bought and read that book... and felt cheated lor.. every page is ALMOST similar they only have ONE message.. better not spoil it here :p

angel said...

Dear Nicholas,
Actually, I also know oledi lar what's the SECRET eventhough I have not read it hehe... shhhh.. it's all inside us, isn't it? ;-)