Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi 2009

GongXi GongXi! 牛 Year kambing... let's get into the mood! *sucha lame post..* HaVe fUn!

1) 《988 - 春风吹到你的家》

2) 大团圆(古装版)《牛转乾坤庆团圆》MY ASTRO

3) 庆祝 《牛转乾坤庆团圆》MY ASTRO

祝福你 《牛转乾坤庆团圆》MY ASTRO

小拜年《牛转乾坤庆团圆》MY ASTRO

发大财《牛转乾坤庆团圆》MY ASTRO

5) 欢乐年年《988金牛报喜过好年》

6) 招财进宝 + 财神到《988金牛报喜过好年》

7) 春天来了+ 欢迎新年到 《988金牛报喜过好年》

8) 万年红 + 新年好《988金牛报喜过好年》

9) 十二生消庆丰年《988金牛报喜过好年》 (rap)

10) 龙凤呈祥齐拜年《988金牛报喜过好年》

11) 过好年《988金牛报喜过好年》

万事大吉祥《牛转乾坤庆团圆》MY ASTRO

嘻嘻哈哈过新年《牛转乾坤庆团圆》MY ASTRO

大地回春《牛转乾坤庆团圆》MY ASTRO

新年万万岁《牛转乾坤庆团圆》MY ASTRO

庙宇朝拜《牛转乾坤庆团圆》MY ASTRO

红红热闹闹《钟盛忠 鼓声咚咚》


day-dreamer said...

Keong Hee Huat Chye! :D

mistipurple said...

angel baby!! happy lunar new year!!
chup ahh! tua tan ah!

ehon said...

kiong hi huat cai!! :D i was just telling a friend how there's no CNY mood because no CNY songs here and u happen to put so many up!!! lol.

zewt said...

bu ming bai... bu ming bai...

kyh said...

LOL @ zewt! :P

gong xi gong xi... where's my angpow? :P

Trinity said...

wah, I can't read chinese.. hehehe... but I can write Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Fat Chai...

Aiyah Nonya said...

Hi Angel
Here's wishing you wealth, health and everything swell this 'Mooooo'year.

EastCoastLife said...

Have a happy and successful moo moo year, my angel!!

Selba said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Eh... It's the year of "Kerbau" - Ox now, not "Kambing" - sheep ;)

dreamie said...

Happy prosperous 'niu' year to you
& family , !!! GONG XI FA CAI !!!!!

all the songs you posted veli 'cheang'

rainbow angeles said...

Dear day-dreamer, misti, ehon, zewt, kyh, trinity, aiyah nonya, ECL, selba, dreamie...

HAPPY CHAP GOH MEH!!! Time really flies... thanks for coming over with all the wishes!

Misti, huat tua tua!!

Ehon, hope u'll get to come back for CNY nxt year!

Zewt, bu ming bai nehmind wan.. just gongxi gongxi!

Kyh, apa angpow? I wait for yours...

Trinity, it's ok.. I also not very good in Chinese!

Aiyah nonya, I wish u the same!

ECL, same-same to u!

Selba, hehehe.. I know ;-)

Dreamie, 'cheang' neh.. the past 2 wks, all these songs singing in my mind! :P