Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 New Year Fireworks at Genting Highlands

A bit late for New Year wishes, huh? Nevertheless, better late than never! May this year be better, healthier, & happier than the last for you, you, you and you!
A Happy Life... I found the 'right' article for it.. from Life Happiness 101. If you have some time to spare, do read it..


jemima said...

I wish you lotz of happiness in life. :)

may said...

Amen to happiness!

hope you have lots of happy times to come.

mistipurple said...

chupppp ahhhh!!! heehee

mistipurple said...

wah so fantastic!
thanks for recording that.
i love the fast moving sperm like ones that went shiiishiishii..

ehon said...

wahh!! so nice. happy new year!

Trinity said...

Hugssss.... God will guide you, protect you with His love, and bring peace, happiness and joy into your life...

as well as you have bring happiness into my life Angel...

Trinity said...

btw, is this the video you want to uplot last time?

rainbow angeles said...

Wow! Still got people come read this blog.. thankiss!

Dear Jemima,
I wish you the same too.. and more :)

Dear Maymay,
I'm glad to "feel" your happiness ;-) I wish the same for you too!

Dear misti,
Chup ah? What's that? Hehe...

Wow, u actually watched the clip?? I didnt think the recording look so nice leh... not much colour, isn't it? But The Real Thing was great! And you know what, some of us kena the bits of fireworks too! Eeks!! Lucky hair no burnt!

Dear ehon,
Wah, u oso watched the video.. thanks for watching hehe... u hv a great year too!

Dear trinity,
Thank liu so much for the prayer.. sniff sniff.. so terharu... I wish you the same and MORE :-)

Yeah, this was the video I wanted to upload that day.. took me 4hrs plus to get it up finally! :)


Nine3 Nine3 said...

Did you take some of PioMei Masseur I give you , to Genting ma???

Big Ear Hole Ah Seng

Trinity said...

my dear.. sorry for the first mistake i've done in 2009 hehehe.. hm.. i hv uploaded the correction though.. hope it can put a smile on your face hehehe...

oh btw, thanks for recording and uploading the firework video!! *hugs*
wish I was there with you.. must be so sampat! hahaha

day-dreamer said...

Yoyo where you ran to? :P

EliteVillain said...

Nice wonder my brother went to Genting to celebrate new year eve....i should have join him....

rainbow angeles said...

Dear Big Ear Hole Ah Seng Kor,
I need piao mei masseur meh?? U need oni kuarrr :P

Dear Trinity,
It's a-okay!

Haha.. I'm sure there'd be lots of sampat moments when we meet! ;-)

Dear DD,
Ah? Ran ah? Ran where? I still here ak.. hehe..

Dear EliteVillain,
Genting only had fireworks on NYE the past 2 yrs.. before that got one year I went but tarak anything!! So disappointed! heh..


Kenny Ng said...

Giong Hee Huat Chai... Never expected can met u at B'W starbucks... LOL