Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 017 - Sei Siu Keong

We all hate siu keongs... well, at least I do. Not sure if u noticed or not but nowadays, the siu keongs are getting more difficult to kill! If u try using insecticides, u'll now need to use at least quarter of a bottle b4 siu keong decides to pengsan... really one... so, best is to roll some old newspapers and whack whack whack! And that also have to aim properly.. if not, after whacking 10x also won't mati wan!


ah nel said...

u r big keong but cant kil siu kiong kar? :P

Pink Cotton said...

i hate siu keong very very much too!
and nowadays i think they went to siu keong school or wad...they r very clever...once i even saw a siu keong that pretended to be dead for 3 days! (yea i m that lazy, i left the supposedly dead siu keong lying on the floor for 3 days...ROF)

rainbow angeles said...

ah nel, i'm not big keong, i'm siu ling :p

pink cotton!! 3 days??? wah liao! that's too much!! (i mean the siu keong haha...) nowadays they are really more resilient... and cunning! cis!!

JL said...

your rumah ones must be the X-Keongs... the mutated one :D

rainbow angeles said...

JL, mine is the species from Brazil wan... super keong!!!