Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No Substance Blog?

Someone : Ei, blog lah about something with more substance.

Me : *shows Fangs*

Happy HalloWinn... Happy HelLoBinn... Have a Howling Halloween!

Also, a very Happy Birthday to a Shirley S.L. Lee... Where are you, woman??? New Zealand? Anyone out there knows my Friend?

This song is my current Obsession. Last night, I let it play throughout the night while I was in Dreamland...

Say Goodbye - Jordan Knight featuring Deborah Gibson (Remember Debbie Gibson? It's her, rite?)

**note: OK, I give up trying to fix the Lyrics**

Yeah, I've been so lost lately
I don't really understand baby
Where did I go wrong
I wanna talk to you
Please call

Where do I begin with you
after all that we've been through
I don't think that it would be right if we got together so suddenly

I wish that I could take back all the things that I said
and replace them with simply I love you instead

You don't wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try

But I only wanted you to stay
then I let you just slip away

If you didn't listen to your heart inside
then it really doesn't matter what was on your mind
and if you need me then tell me why

Girl, I never meant to say goodbye
Mmm... oh yeah...

I think about the past baby
Why we couldn't we make it last, lady
I know you still have doubts
But I'm gonna prove that we can work things out

I wanna be sure that you know what you put me through
and reveal that you intend to never let me down again

It's clear to me and I can't ignore
that I have to give you something I couldn't before

You don't wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try

But I only wanted you to stay
then I let you just slip away

If you didn't listen to your heart inside
then it really doesn't matter what was on your mind
and if you need me then tell me why

Girl, I never meant to say goodbye

I didn't think that we would come to this

Oooh, no
Your eyes, your face, your smile is what I miss

Why'd you wait so long to take me back

Deborah & Jordan
It's just a simple misunderstanding

You don't wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try (Never wanna try)

But I only wanted you to stay
then I let you just slip away

If you didn't listen to your heart inside
then it really doesn't matter what was on your mind
and if you need me then tell me why

Girl, I never meant to say goodbye

You don't wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try (But I never meant to say)

But I only wanted you to stay
then I let you just slip away

If you didn't listen to your heart inside (Never meant to see you cry, never meant to say)
then it really doesn't matter what was on your mind
and if you need me then tell me why

Girl, I never meant to say goodbye

Sunday, October 29, 2006

First Part of Weirdo Tag

Hullo there! Can I ask, why is my Blog showing these Errors each time I publish an entry?

006 Please contact Blogger Support.blog/15/15/5/angelestrix/archives/2006_10_01_angelestrix_archive.html 001 java.net.ConnectException: Connection refusedblog/15/15/5/angelestrix/2006/10/lazy-pictures-entry.html

As I was thinking what should I share with you tonight, I remembered that I've not done Zeroimpact's 9 Weirdo-Me(me). As of now, I can't think of NINE, just maybe a couple. Yes, I'm gonna complete it in a few entries. Sorry yeah, zeroimpact, you won't mind, would you?

Now, what is weird about moi? Now, I admit I can be eccentric at times. Uh huh, eccentric, like Ally McBeal. Too bad 20th Century Fox have stopped producing the series, huh? Any Ally fans out there??

So, what's the No. 1 Weirdo in me?
- I have an obsession towards lipsticks/lip gloss. Oh, I think I forgot to bring out a few more... a few more only laa, ok!

What about the No. 2 Weirdo?

- I have another obsession. This one...

No. 3 Weirdo leh? Last one for today...
- I absolutely dig these and the likes...

Haha! Okayyyy, not exactly these...

...but something like this...

So, Three Weirdos in Me for you today...
*to be continued someday...*

Do you have Someone who is your Source of Inspiration cum Irritation?

Have a good week ahead! I know it's a drag come tomorrow because traffic in the city would be back to normal and it'd take forever to reach office etc, but hey, let's look forward to Christmas, shall we?

* angel cheers on E v e r y o n e *

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lazy Pictures Entry

Ahhh... sleeping in on weekends is simply blissfullllll...

And that also spells L A Z I N E S S on the prowl...

So, I'll let the pictures do the Blogging. *wink*
*Narcissist Alert*

Oh, a dear friend is supposed to have a promotion interview this week. All the best to Y O U ! ! ! *goodluckflyingkisses*

And if you have nothing much to do, go read this, The Ladder Theory. Saw n.d.d. posted this in Lil' Joy's Comment Box today. Very interesting, I must say... Lemme quote: The ladder theory is a funny, scientific explanation of how men and women are attracted to each other. It also covers such topics as why women sometimes just want to be friends but men always want sex. Unquote. Need I say more? *grins*

Have a Great Weekend, Y'all! Now please excuse me while I go dress up for an afternoon tea date! ;)

I think I read in some comments that L B isn't too sure of how muruku looks like. Here you go... got this from a colleague! Thank Q, Kana! Mmmm, crunchy yum!

"Pile Collage" from Picasa. Hmmm... don't quite like this kind of collage.
Thank Q, Moz!
Note to inevitable: Get me a big Koala, okayyy?? Hehe... just kidding!

Donno why I got this... but love it! Thank Q, Lil' Joy!

These, I got 'em for MYSELF! Thank Q, ME!!!

Interesting number plate, no? Damn! I'm doing a stupe!

Taking pics while driving...
sei loh...

Heh... naughty naughty...

Friday Gurls' Night Out Dessert... sigh! Poor liuliu lighting!

Thank Q for the company, Ladies!
*wink wink*

Yesterday's Lunch Dessert No. 1

O R G A S M I C T I R A M I S U ! ! !

*nearly died-ed*

Thanx to Lil' Joy for bringing me to Marmalade Cafe, opp. Plaza Mont Kiara

DYK I'm going there again in a bit??

Yesterday's Lunch Dessert No. 2 *GASP*

Moz, this is an Oreo Cheesecake! Heh heh...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cloud Image

Cool anot?? My Custom Cloud Image (of my Blog) from snapshirts.com. So fun! Can print my own t-shirt! But why so small wan?? How to resize to make it BIGGER?? You can do yours too! Faster go do! Aiyoo!! I've got lotsa work to catch up but here I am, taking five to play... I'll reply to your comments later, okay? *mwah mwah mwah*

Cameron Highland's Tea Plucking Story

Last Sunday, while in Cameron Highlands, we visited the Bharat Tea Plantation which is 5 km from Tanah Rata.

This shot, postcard anot?? :D

It's really nice to get away from the city,
to be surrounded by greens and fresher air.

The building is actually Bharat Tea's Shop cum Tea House. Yes, they serve Tea & Scones! DYK that their Scone Set is RM12.00 for two scones with cream, butter & jam??? I had my scone at the famous
T-Cafe, Tanah Rata for RM2.30 per scone!!!

You must go to T-Cafe when you are in Cameron Highlands! There are a lotta good reviews about 'em. I don't know about their other food though... Oh, and they are closed on Sundays. So, last Saturday night, eventhough we were quite full after our steamboat dinner, we still went for dessert here...

Strawberry Cheesecake (I didn't quite like it) & Scone!

So, back to the tea plantation, as we walked down the slope, we spied this sign.

Okayyy... but but but... But Lil' Joy has made a special request for me to pluck some tea leaves for her. How could I disappoint her?? So, pluck I must... and pluck I did.

Just as I was plucking the tea leaves, suddenly, "BOOM"!!! Both me and my friend looked at one another. It had just started to drizzle a bit. She said, "A warning shot!" I thought, "Shucks... don't tell me there are some CCTVs nearby, but how can?! I didn't see any!"

After that, I went to another row of tea trees and started plucking more leaves. "BOOM" again!!! This time, I was a lil' bit scared. Dammit! Who's watching?! And the rain got a lil' bit heavier. So, we quickly made our way back to the car. Phewww...

No, it wasn't firecrackers! Well, I didn't think it was...

The tea leaves as of last night...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Toy & Note

I feel so VERY challenged by it :-(


A note to Someone I know:

It's really a pity that you had to say that my blog readers are gossipers. If not because of MM asking me to "talk" to you, I wouldn't have bothered to blog about that matter. Oh well, I did what I could but it's totally unnecessary to accuse these nice people here of being gossipers. Never forget, when one of Your finger points at me, three other fingers of Yours are pointing back at You.

Oh yeah, finally, I've always known that you'll still come here. As IF You could stop reading me. Gah!

This is just another filler post just in case Blogger goes "down" again later. I'll be putting up another entry, soon ;)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday's Filler

I'm so lazy, help me! Since I don't have any pictures to post up, come tell me what have you done for the weekend? And what will you be doing the next two days?

*busybody mode*

Oh, and next week's Halloween! Gimme my treat! Gimme my treat!!! Right now, I want this...

Has anyone tried Ms. Read's? I was told that it's nice...*drools*
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to Pak Cik Totally Depleted (Not!)!!! I only wish him because he's the only person I know who reads Angel's blog, who's celebrating Aidilfitiri. Anyone else out there I should know who's celebrating too?
Holidayyyy... Celebrate...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Toys & Holidays!

Currently Fitness First has got this promotion, Fitness & Fun with iPod.

iPod Nano 2G (Silver) - RM 599
iPod Nano 4G (Blue, Pink & Green) - RM 838
iPod Nano 8G (Black) - RM 1,049
iPod Shuffle - RM 340 <--- very tempting
iPod Video 30G - RM 1,060
iPod Video 80G - RM 1,444
Dopod S300 - RM 999 <--- looks like a Motorola flip phone

Do I want it? Need it?

Psssst!!! DYK that I got myself a new, small Tech-Toy and it arrived yesterday? Any volunteers to help me read the Manual???

*makes Liucas Face*

Yours Truly will be away the next couple of days, breathing in fresh air... Happy Holidays! Vanakam! Happy AidilfitriVali! Happy Saturday! Happy Sunday! I'll be back soon. *wink wink*

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Couple Of Babies & Me

Ang goo goo...

K is 4 weeks pregnant but she’s been spotting the past week. Two days ago, when she broke the news to me, she was very worried due to the spotting and went to see the doc. The doc said that nothing can be done because it’s less than 4 weeks and scanning can’t help much. Yesterday, she texted me saying that she might be having depression because she feels emotional most of the time and she believes that she can’t accept the changes of her lifestyle after this. Then today, she tells me that she’s very worried about her baby because she’s still spotting and today was a lil’ bit more than before. --__--“

Y is a few months pregnant with a baby girl. She is not too happy with it because she wanted a baby boy. Reason, she’s worried about bringing up girls, worried about the safety of her daughter, worried about how women can be stupidly easily cheated etc.

Me is not pregnant. (Thank god…) Me is currently having a syndrome called “Commentor’s Block”. Yes… Lately, the mind goes blank/blocked when trying to comment in your blogs. I donno what’s wrong and the most “frightening” experience happened when I tried to comment in Titoki’s blog yesterday. I read her entry in the morning, got stuck, donno what to type. Went back again in the afternoon and stared at her entry again after reading other comments and STILL stuck. Only managed to write something after that.

So, DYK what’s wrong with me?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Anyone liu-ing this tonight at GSC Mid-Valley?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Wish You Love & A Love Tag

15th of October, 2006, a dear friend officially signs the "Till Death Do Us Part" document on this day. Here's wishing You & The Love of Your Life, A Lifelong Supply of Love & Happiness.

Lately, this friend has been getting on my nerves... aargh! Long story...
Have you ever been in this kind of situation where a friend of yours suddenly made you feel like you wanna just punch him/her then and there? Yes, and it's a dear friend... *sigh* The Paradoxes in life... Kind of like when Love & Hate Collide. No, it's not the romance type of love lah okay... Geez, everything also have to clarify before your imagination runs wild, eh eh?? :P

Next up, another ridiculous tag. Tagged by the Doc again. This time, to give 3 definitions of L.O.V.E. I actually did some "research" for this Love Tag. Doctor Chen!!! Look at the "effort" I put in for my Love Assignment! Hmmph!!!

As with many words in the English language, love is a derivative of the Latin word causemajoraproblemus which means "You're miserable when you got it and miserable when you don't." OMG! Could you believe this?! I couldn't! *LOL*

And, after pondering for two days, my 3 simple definitions of LOVE:
  • Love is My Family.
  • Love is a dirty beautiful Four-Letter Word.
  • Love should be is unconditional.

According to this research project, there are 150 definitions of love. If you are already full and have nothing better to do, try check it out. And I also find this site interesting, about Love Relationships. But I didn't read any of it. I just give you reference only since a lot of us seem to be confused at times when it comes to Lurve.

I only want to tag one person. Ms. Lil' Joy. Because when she's around her daughters, she's so full of Love... and Joy...

A So-So Sunday's Lunch

Well, that wraps up today's Blog Episode. Tomorrow is my "favourite" day. *pukevomit* Actually, I kinda look forward to tomorrow and this coming week because there'll be some makan-makan in the next coupla days and then next week, yippie, more bank holidays!!! Till I talk to you again, here's wishing you, No Haze But Blue Skies & Everything Nice!

ps: Fashionasia, the chup-chup thing, you can refer to this entry here in my blog. And where it all began, by the Creator himself, it's here. Everyone, well, almost everyone, is aiming to be the first 3 commentors in each entry and then they get points. End of the month, points are tallied and we get to see who gets into The Hug Hug Club™ (THHC™).
In this blog, I have "offered" to buy the first 3 "Medallist" either ice cream or coffee, which reminds me, I think I still owe
sengkor one, right? Faster cum date me claim! And LooBang Khan, OMG! How many?? 2 iPods? Oh, but you already have it... :P

Friday, October 13, 2006

Knowing Me - Final Chapter

Today, I had a boringgggg time attending training. I wonder who is it to be blamed... Blame it on the participants or facilitator or the programme itself? Hmmmm...

Next, the last part of Simple American's tag! Phewww! At last! At first, I thought I was gonna split this into two more parts but I also can't stand all the liuliu questions already! Here you go! Oh, yay!!! Thank God It's Flydayyy!!! 21st Liuliu Flyday Anniversary! But it's also Flyday The 13th... So, shhhhh... Have a good one!

Part IV - The LAST PERSON WHO Questions:
1. Last person who slept in the bed beside you?
Ha!! I'm sure YOU would wanna know the answer to this question, kan?! Go on, think of something wild... :P
Well, it's a she ( By now, you might have a wilder imagination, kan?), my friend in Bangkok la wey... I bunked in with her in her room when I was there because her sister was in the guest room :P
But everynight, a certain Mr. Doggie sleeps beside me, no, not Liucas ;)

2. Last person who saw you cry?
For the life of me, I can't remember... I must have not cried in front of anyone the past few years...

3. Last person who went to the movies with you?
Darn... I couldn't remember this as well!! Last week, I went with I, Me & Myself. This doesn't count, eh? If I remembered correctly, it must be the time I went for Pirates of the Caribbean with Winn, Lil' Joy & May.

4. Last person who you went to the mall with?
If meeting at the mall, considered "went" to the mall ah? It'd be with scau & gf.

5. Last person who you went to dinner with?
The Tan couple. We went to Italiannies @ The Curve.

6. Last person who you talked to on the phone?
Ms. A. ;)

7. Last person who said ‘I love you’ to you and meant it?
Who else but that B*stard.

8. Last person who broke your heart?
A man, of course.

9. Last person who made you laugh?
Winn!!!! I just read the comment she made in sengkor's latest entry here:

errr..liucas are u a cat?
well lucas oso always kena mistaken as cat ,...till he barks..

Part V - The WOULD YOU RATHER Questions:
1. Would you rather pierce your nose or tongue?
Nose! Firstly, it'd make me look like some KKHH movie star. (I mean some Bollywood stars laa) Secondly, tongue??!! Painnnnnn!!! But high possibility it'd feel different if the tongue is used to lick..... *looks @ misti*

2. Would you rather be serious or be funny?
I hate to be serious. It's an inclination to stress. No?

3. Would you rather drink whole or skim milk?
I DON'T DO MILK, thank you...

4. Would you rather die in a fire or drown?
Neither. I pray I could die in my sleep... like Eve's mom...

5. Would you rather spend time with your parents or enemies?
Now, this is interesting... Since I don't stay with my parents, for the heck of it, I'll answer, ENEMIES! Why? Didn't they say "keep your friends close but your enemy closer?" Is this one of Sun Tzu's Art?

1. What time is it?
0008 hours.

2. Name?
"Top Secret".

3. Nickname(s)?
Angel, Angeles, Angeliu, Angeliuliu, Angeliuna, A...

4. Where were you born?
The Adventist Hospital, Penang Island.

5. What is your birthdate?
6th of June. (Uh huh, I just might be The Devil, without the Prada, of course...)

6. What do you want?
I want to retire now, after striking a lottery of millions and millions of dollars, and then to be able to do whatever I want, anytime I want, including bring you, you and you to Maldives or Hawaii also can, for a partay!! How about that?!

7. Where do you want to live?
If I had the means of travelling all year round (as in I achieve my Want No. 6) I'd want to go and stay at least a month, all over the world, before deciding where I want to live. I know, I know... dream on!

8. How many kids do you want?
Subjected to change but right now, N O N E .

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Knowing Me Chapter III - "Have you" Questions

This is actually someone's name?!
Engrish people... (picture was taken @ a souvenir shop in Covent Garden)

Because Winn knocked on my door today asking me to update my blog because Misti has updated hers, I'm gonna do it for her, thanks to her Winn-winn Blogging Strategy as recorded by misti. Sheesh... Why is it so difficult for me to say no?! *Fact Alert! Fact Alert*

~3rd part of SA's tag~
Are you bored already? *heh heh*

Part III - The HAVE YOU Questions:

28. Have you changed a diaper?
Yes, I have but it was a loooooong time ago... let's see... more than two decades ago, I think, you know those fabric type of diapers?

29. Have you changed a lot over the past year?
Frankly, I have not really thought about this. I probably have because as they always say, the only thing constant in our life is Change.

30. Have you had friends who have never seen your natural hair color?
Wot kinda question is this?! Well, to answer it, I have friends who have not even seen my hair! Or my face! And you know who you are... ;)

31. Have you had surgery?
Touchwood, but the only minor surgery I've had so far is to extract a wisdom tooth and I couldn't open my mouth for a few days. It was horrible... and painful. And there's another one still sitting inside the gums...

32. Have you killed anyone?
I've killed lotsa ants (especially the small red ones and the small smelly ones), some cockroaches, and some bugs. But humans, nay... not yet... You know, I always have this imagination that if Looks Can Kill... life would be very lonely, wouldn't it?

33. Have you had your haircut within the last week?
Does cutting split-ends count? Hahaha! Suddenly, I'm reminded of Misti's answer, "Plucking pubic hair count bo?" *LMAO*

~to be continued in the following entry~

I know, I know! I'm so over the top! But sorry lah, I've got some liuliu work to complete tonight!

*sends Flying Kisses everywhere*

Monday, October 09, 2006

Knowing Me Chapter II - "Do You" Questions + Weekend

This past weekend, I was sucha Taker...
people give, give, give... I take, take, take! Thank Q, you!

Sunday night again, aisay... what is there to look forward to this week? Hmmm... work, mid-year review/appraisal & training. It's gonna be a very busy week ahead. *persevere*

How was your weekend? Mine was spent in the company of friends, friends and more friends. Oh, and I managed to squeeze in a 2-hour facial treatment session on Saturday afternoon, plus The Devil Wears Prada on the Sunday afternoon. All in all, a great but hazy weekend.

~a continuation of SA's tag~
Part II - The DO YOU questions:

12.5 Do you bite your nails?
Why got question number 12 and a half wan?? *roll eyes*
I don't bite my nails anymore. Yes, I used to... when I was a lil' angel. As you'd have seen before, now I keep long nails and I can't bear to cut 'em short. I'll feel kinda "fingerless" if I have short nails. And nope, I have no problems typing with long finger nails ;)

13. Do you get paranoid at times?
Errmmm... nowadays, maybe not so... unless I hear something in the middle of the night... but choy choy choy!!!
You see, many years ago, there was one scary incident which happened during one Independence Day Eve. That night, I was left alone with a couple of my housemates. They were inside their room and me, in my room. At that time, I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when I heard something above the ceiling. Some scratching sound. I thought, damn, must be the rat(s) playing catch again. And I continued brushing my teeth. The sound became "louder" and I got out of the attached bathroom and stared at the ceiling. There's this piece of removable ceiling (there's a term for this, what is it??) in my room and before I could do anything, I saw this one black hand trying to pry open that piece of ceiling! He removed the ceiling and must have saw me staring up at him and he quickly fled. I couldn't see his face because it was dark up there and what did I do? I just froze, no screaming, no nothing. After a while I ran to my housemate's room to alert them and the guy (my housemate) got a ladder and tried to "catch" that @$$hole. To cut a long story short, the burglar was not caught and since then, I've been quite a paranoid when it comes to sounds on the ceiling.

14. Do you currently regret something that you have said/done?
No regrets whatsoever. Not before, not now, not ever.

15. Do you curse frequently when you get mad?
Maybe inside the heart, but definitely not aloud. My Tolerance Level is pretty high actually...

16. Do you enjoy country music?
Occasionally, I do. Especially Faith Hill. Last time, I used to like Alabama too ;)

17. Do you enjoy jazz music?
Unfortunately, I'm not a jazz person. I tried to learn to appreciate jazz but it just doesn't gel with me.

18. Do you enjoy smoothies?
I do. I wonder what is this question for?! A smoothie person and a non-smoothie person, got different 'traits' or something??

19. Do you enjoy talking on the phone?
I do, if it's with someone I like & enjoy talking to. My record, 6 hours, house phone :P

20. Do you have a lot to learn?
Duh! I quote, "Life is a learning process!" Unquote. ;)

21. Do you have a pet?
Over here, I don't. But I'd love a Shih Tzu but if I did, that poor fella is gonna be like Liucas, locked up in the toilet most of the time.

22. Do you have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” person?
Let's just say, I've been there, done that and trying very hard not to do it again.

23. Do you have all your grandparents died?
What grammar is this?! Sheesh...
No, I still have maternal grandparents.

24. Do you have at least one sibling?
Yes, I do.

25. Do you have been told that you are smart?
Again, the grammar... Errr... errr... you want the truth? Well, recently, someone did say that I'm smart but the truth is, I'm not.

26. Do you have had a broken bone?
No, I don't. And I pray I won't break any!

27. Do you have Caller I.D. on your phone?
Of course I do! They come free in the package... duh...

~to be continued in the next entry~

Meanwhile, have a Marvellous Monday! Those working in Selangor must be very happy that Tuesday is a holiday! Grrrrr!!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Knowing Me Chapter I - "Are You" Questions

Two days ago, our dear Texan friend, Simple American tagged a few of us with a really long questionaire kinda meme. Since I'm very sleepy tonight, I'm gonna break the tag to a few posts. Hope you don't mind, Sir!

Part 1 - The ARE YOU questions:

1. Are you a cuddler?

Are you serious??? I'm a Spooner! Cuddle me and I'll melt in your arms ;)

2. Are you a morning person?
I'm sure alot of you know the answer. NO, I'm a NIGHT OWL!

3. Are you a perfectionist?
I probably try to be one. I'm not too sure myself actually... but my ex-boss used to say that I'm one... *shrug*

4. Are you an only child?
Nope, I'm not.

5. Are you Catholic?
Eh? Nope. Why only ask about Catholic?? Doesn't this make you wonder about the Meme Originator?

6. Are you in your pyjamas?
Let's just say that I've got minimal thread. Yes, yes, let that imagination run wild. And I mean, WILD... *narcissist*

7. Are you currently suffering from a broken heart?
Nah, the Liuliu Heart looks intact... for now. Although at times, It does hurt a bit here and there...

8. Are you okay styling other people’s hair?
I'm A-OK!

9. Are you left handed?

I'm right handed, but last time, I wished I was left handed. Why? Because some liuliu people say that left handed people are more creative and their reflex is faster worr... is this true? DYK that I used to admire Yang Yang, one China's greatest badminton players who's a left handler? So cute he!

10. Are you ddicted to MySpace?
No. What's that actually? MSN? I no use MSN wan...

11. Are you shy around the opposite gender?
Shy? *blushing* Sometimes...

12. Are you loud?

By now, if I were loud, you'd know, wouldn't you? ;)


Yippie! TGIF! 20th Flyday Liuliu Anniversary! Have a good and safe weekend! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Anyone wanna play lanterns with me? :)