Monday, May 12, 2008

JL & May's May Burfday - 12th May 2008

For a Birthday Girl & A Birthday Boy...

Happy Birthday to Lil'MissMay & JL!
Hope you guys will have a great celebration today!

Tom Cruise's interview with Oprah - celebrating 25 Years
(Part 1 - at his house in Telluride, Colorado)

The rest of the video, go look 'em up yourself...

Tom Cruise's interview with Oprah - celebrating 25 Years
(Part 2 - in the studio)

The rest of the video, go look 'em up yourself...

I dunno about you but I felt very angry when I saw this video...

Really, WTF is wrong with the authorities? The people staying in that area, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, have the right to use the road ma... but... really, this is just too much.

What else...
Since Rinnah & Chev show off their TweetCloud, I also want ler... but do note that if your Twitter updates are protected (check the Settings in your Twitter account), TweetStats can't 'form' your TweetCloud ;-) Come follow me on my TwitterAccount! Nowadays, I do mini-blogging there *wink*

DYK that Perodua came out with a 4WD model, Nautica? OTR price - RM89,900.

Last but not least, some dimsum Forn to conclude my blogging diarrhea. Till the next birthday edition, have a good week ahead! Try spot the same pictures... liu?


adrian said...

Whats up with the videos of Tom Cruise? u lum him arh? ;)

Yeah the Cheras thingy really shitty.

Isn't that the Toyota Rush or Perodua's version of the Rush?

adrian said...

Oh... happy birthday to both birthday girl and birthday boy.

L B said...

Happy Birthday to May & JL

kyh said...

whee i still can chup!!! :P

kyh said...

happy happy to may and JL!!!

may said...

thank you thank you angeliuliu... and thank you for the card too, received it Flyday! yay! xxx

Happy Birthday to my Sai Loh JL!!

ehon said...

happy birthday may may and JL!! :D

wahh!! new perodua and so many lor mai kais!!!

mistipurple said...

happy birthday ahmay
happy birthday jl
wish you both happies and eat good food everyday

Huei said...


ooOooo lor mai kai that good? =P~~

mistipurple said...

halfway watching the cheras youtube. why liddat? so sad. i see also want to cry already.

day-dreamer said...

OMG~ Perodua also come out with 4WD? Can sit one anot? LOL!!

Happy Birthday May and JL~

Trinity said...

Happy birthday May and JL..

Trinity said...

wow.. tom cruise has a great beautiful house!

and that bandar mahkota cheras, I can't load the video too much, as the internet connection is so slow right now.. should try it again later..

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to May May and JL!

I can't watch YouTube videos in office, so have to wait till I go home first to see...

Leonard said...

Happy Birthday to May May and JL!

how come the Nautica looked so much like the Toyota Rush/Daihatsu Terios??

buy la, what you waiting for?

rainbow angeles said...

Dear adrian,
Tom Cruise veli lum-able ma... his face hor, really very symmetrical lar... that's why so lengjai :P

That was some TL moment @ BMC, isn't it?

Rush? I dun think so lor... they say liddat but the quality is of cos not up to par with Rush ler... for u, Rush is more ngam ;-)

Thx on behalf of the birthday boy & girl!

Dear L B,
Eh? U no drool at the LMK? Not even a drop of drool? *disappointed*

Thx on behalf of the birthday boy & girl!

Dear kyh,
Oops... I forgot to post April's result... nxt entry, okeh? ;-)

Thx on behalf of the birthday boy & girl!

Dear maymay,
Wheeee!! Glad that it reached you on time! I thought it'd be late liao...

Hope you are a having a great day so far :) XOXO

Dear ehon,
Did you miss a lormaikai or two? :P

Thx on behalf of the birthday boy & girl!

Dear misti,
Thx on behalf of the birthday boy & girl!

Wai... u no sleep ka? How can...

Dear ah huei,
Thx on behalf of the birthday boy & girl!

The lormaikai ah? So-so oni ler... heh heh..

Dear misti,
Why liddat ah? Dunno... idiots ruling, I suppose... u see wanna cry ah? I see already I wanna fight!! GRRRRR!!

Hehe... oops...

Dear day-dreamer,
Can sit anot ah? Sure can... but sit how long, itu gua tak tau :P

Thx on behalf of the birthday boy & girl!

Dear Trinity,
Thx on behalf of the birthday boy & girl!

Yesss! Tom Cruise's house really beautiful... and the surroundings.. breathtaking!!

Dear rinnah,
Thx on behalf of the birthday boy & girl!

I also can't watch youtube at work :)

Dear Leonard,
Thx on behalf of the birthday boy & girl!

I suppose they were trying to copy Rush kuar... heh..

Me buy?? Eh, I buy, you pay ah?? :P


zewt said...

birthday galore! :)

nautica for 89,900!!! i think i rather get a vios... the brand new one model.

Chev said...

Happy Birthday May & JL

why so many LMK pict geh?
Btw, my colleagues called tat car as "Naughty Car" leh :P

Cocka Doodle said...

I'm not surprised that the Pero2 is a toyota rush. Even the Myvi has a Toyota engine wat.
You know lah these ppl always like to use other ppl's backside for their face and claim that it's their original idea or design.

Happy birthday Ah May and JL!! Muaks muaks!...oh! that kiss is for JL...don't get jeles ah May! ;)

Jemima said...

Happy Birthday to May & JL. :)

What's your fave Tom Cruise's movie, Angeles? ;)

JL said...

Hi Angel!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It's very sweet and thoughtful of you.

Happy Bday to you too May Cher!

A kiss from Cocka!? Gasp! he really likes cock now ah? :P hahaha

RAMBO said...

weii.. the lormaikai same pics or you eat wan ar? "blurrrppppssss"

King's wife said...

Ish! Only cowards n bullies use force!! Can't talk n discuss rationally cos the brains are in the ass!

Happy, happy Birthday to Maymay and JL!!

Wei, why tiba-tiba so lum Tom Cruise?

rainbow angeles said...

Dear zewt,
Yup! Lotsa fren's birthday in May :)

The new Vios model, nice ka?

Dear Chev,
LMK pics are to make some1 drool wan... but some1 Very Ghost Rice...

Naughty Car? Kakakkakaka... can get naughty in the car... big enuf :P

Dear Cocka,
Wah.. very serious comment woh... *shocked* :P

U kiss JL? Okayyyyy...
*no eye see*

Dear Jemima,
My favouritest Tom Cruise movie would be Jerry Maguire!!
*feels complete...* :P

What about yours?

Dear JL,
You are most welcome!!

Kakakka... that kiss from the Cock ah? I no comment leh... heh heh..

Amboi amboi... becum rambo pulak...

I only ate half a lormaikai lar.. :P

Dear KW,
Dunno la those ppl... really no brain liddat geh...

I no tiba2 lum Tom Cruise woh.. I lum-med him long long time liao! Hehe... his face veli lengjai.. must be symmetrical la his facey... kekeke...


Jemima said...

A Few Good Men. :)

Kenny Ng said...

Nautica? What a name, here is Daihatsu Terrios and it cost AED 50K++ only. We are using it too.

Andie Summerkiss said...

Did you post that LMK's picture to tease somebody? LOL. Too cute!

I will follow you on tweeting business ...

Trinity said...

Angeles, wanna see my video? here!

Trinity said...

I love Jerry McQuiree too.. show me the money!! kekekeke

rainbow angeles said...

Dear jemima,
That's a good movie too! ;-)

Dear Kenny,
50K sounds cheap, hor? Here, where can get so cheap...

Dear Andie Summerkiss,
Hehe.. yeah, it was to tease SOMEONE... but someone didn't get teased... heh..

Hey, thanks for following me! I'm following you too :)

Dear Trinity,
OK, I'll watch your video later ah.. now at work cannot see...

Haha.. show u the money ah? Then what you gonna show me? Your bum bum?? Kekekekek... I love the song Secret Garden.. *dreams*


Hazel said...

Happy Birthday!

Oscar's Mommy said...

harrow... aper khabar?

* drops off hugs and lormaikais and leave quietly *

suituapui said...

Drool...drool...slurpz...slurpz!!!!....Salivating plus2 sampai speechless liao!!! I love dimsum!!!

rainbow angeles said...

Dear Hazel,

Dear Oscar's Mommy,
Herro herro! Khabar baik! Lu leh?

*accepts the hugs... lormaikai leh, kasi LB* :P

Dear suituapui,
Speechless ah? Nehmind.. just belanja me makan can liao!! :P

U love dimsum ah? I love food hehehe...


mama of 2LittleFellas said...

ai? i missed out this one?!!


cibol said...

wah .. at last can onlie liw .. lotsa things to catch up ... :) waseh .. everytie kam here got fud fud fud and more fud .. not forgetting video jug .. sometimes .. ha ha ha. have a nice day angel.

eh, bila mau belanja makan?