Sunday, May 18, 2008

LiuLiu LiuLiu Liu LiuLiuLiu! (Happy Birthday To Winnliuliu)

The one behind the scenes of TheLiuLiuConspiracy...

The one who first liu-ed me in this blog on 1st of June, 2006 on a Flyday... and I quote:

"angel without halo: HAHA, cool song blog! liuliuliuliuliu..opps i mean sha la la la la, sha la la in the morning. Shalalalala. Shalala in the sunshine:) you are the angel in the dark eh. penang mari too? i penang mari but i very jakun of penang since i hardly go home... ok la ok i'm jus naturally road blind! :) hehe"

She is none other than the Winn who's not the Pooh... who stopped blogging 5 months ago and now too lazy to restart...

A special thank you to Jackson for the 10% Blogger Discount @ Pick & Brew Cafe, One Utama! Also to our CrappyTaiLou for the dinner!! *fatt tatt* Also, thanks to Laundryamah for the cutie cuppy cakeys!!

Memblog ada faedahnya... ;-)

Lee Hom - Only One

Chev wrote about some Sotong Balls aka Takoyaki. I also want to show off the ones I had before :P


adrian said...

Happy Bday Winn! Not the Pooh.

adrian said...


Lai liu! :P

rainbow angeles said...

Dear adrian,

Kap liu go orr liu lah! :P

L B said...

Happy Birthday, Winnliuliu!!! Many big wishes..

Anonymous said...

Happie birthday Winnliuliu
forever liu
forever young young

Chev said... come i become anonymous pulak in d above comment.. piak blogspot

Trinity said...

wah I am quite early this time.. hehehe... HAPPY LIULIULIU BIRTHDAY TO WINNLIULIU!!

Trinity said...

Happy Sundah Angeles dearie... how come Winn didn't blog anymore!! Waaa it happens to Lisa too? Lisa!!

Hope LB not too lazy to blog anymore...

day-dreamer said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY wInN! :D

Really blogger got 10% discount at that cafe?!

ehon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINN LIUUUUUUU LIUUUUUU!!!! :D :D why facebook doesn't say it's your birthday geh??

I hope you have a fan-freaking-tanstic day!! :D Cos you absolutely deserve it!!! :D


may said...

Happy Delicious Merry Winnliuliuday!! yay hooray! can CrappyTaiLou send some takeaway to me ah? :P

zewt said...

OoooooOOoooo..... liu-ed liu-edth liu-edthday.

Andie Summerkiss said...

Happy birthday to WinLiuLiu!!

Love the sotong balls! Love all the food shots. I am now craving for the cupcakes!

Hope you had a great sunday!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

Happy Birthday WinLiuLiu!!!!

Hope you have a liuliu SUNDAY and a liuliu BIRTHDAY!
Stay happy liuliu :)

Jemima said...

Happy Birthday Winn!

Happy Long Weekend Angeles!

Aiyah Nonya said...

Happy Birthday Winn !!!

Those cupcakes sure looks yummy.

Have a nice weekdend, angel. :)

Wennnn said...

Happy birthday Winn Liu Liu.....

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Birthday Winn Liu Liu! Wah.... how come Facebook don't have your birthdate geh!?

piak piak angel.... for not telling me about the birthday party, I want to come... for the pretty cupcakes! kakaka.......

and tai lou belanja ah!? aiyahhhh....
*punch my palm*

eastcoastlife said...

I no drink coffee. I give you the Carte Noire when I come to Kayelle.... soon. :)

mistipurple said...

the cupcakes so nice wor. *drools*
so this is lee hom, winnliuliu's heart throb. oppsie.. *looks around for the crap* :P

happy birthday winnliuliu
when you coming back to blogland wor?
neck long liao.

rainbow angeles said...

Dear LB,
No big hugs? Kisses? :(

Dear Chev,
She'll forever be our beloved liuliu...

Eh, u no piak Takoyaki?? :P

Dear Trinity,
Ahahaha.. yeah, you are early this time :)

Winn dun blog anymore becos.. err.. becos.. becos she's liued? :P

Lisa? Lisa oso liued... hehe..

LB ah? Better piak all the LazyBugs that have been going around the blogsphere! ;-)

Dear day-dreamer,
We dunno abt the discount.. quite paiseh oso lah, but thanks to Jackson for it!! Someone called and asked him if he's Jackson...hehe.. we even took a group pic with him ;-)

Dear ehon,
Becos she took out her birthdate fr her profile kuar? ;-)

Dear maymay,
I'll ask CrappyTaiLou to send u some char koay teows... anything else? ^^

Dear zewt,
Haa.. yeah yeah, it's liuliu's liuday.. :P

Dear Andie Summerkiss,
Hey, you can make your own cupcakes! I'm sure it'd taste heavenly ;-)

Have a good week ahead, andie!

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
I'll stay liuliu... what abt liu? U liu too? Hehe..

Dear jemima,
Monday evening... long weekend's coming to an end.. *cries*

Dear aiyah nonya,
The cupcakes are yummy! :)

Dear wennnn,
Hello new mommy... howsit going??

Dear eastcoastlife,
Winnliuliu must hv taken out her birthdate in her FB profile.. heh..

Haha.. oops! I forgot to tell u, hor?? Nehmind la.. June when you come, we can cupcake party oso geh... ;-)

TaiLou will belanja when u come oso.. *sayangz ecl's palm*

Aiyak, no need so ma huan bring me the kopi... I might not know how to appreciate such high crass kopi oso haha.. but thank you so much for thinking of me.. *touched*

Dear misti,
Cupcakes are always very pretty to look at.. but kinda too sweet esp. those u buy outside..

Yayaya, u dunno LeeHom ah? Got look like SK anot? Kakakkaka..

U can go liu Winn at her blog.. liu her until she kambeks!! ;-)


rinnah said...

Happy Liuliu Birthday to Winn!

Eh, so if I go to Pick n Brew and tell them I'm a blogger I can get discount ah? :P If that's the case shall we have our blogger gathering there? LOLOLOL.

Huei said...


Winn said...

TQ angeliu....for remembering the 1st comment ...haha i pun dah lupa!! TQ for the doggie i so likey it is now sleeping with me everynite on my bed..

i m back from penang ..brought the real liucas back this time! hehe



suituapui said...

Happy birthday to birthday girl! Wah! Name already Winn!!! Surely win all the time like dat!!!...Hey! Good idea to have cupcakes like dat!!! Then no need to fight over whose is bigger!!! Hey! I'm talking about the cake slices lah!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

suituapui said...

BTW, wat's dat "angel hair"? Eee...I dont want to eat!!! Dunno what hair that is!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Pink Cotton said...

wah happy bday to winn!
nowaday seldom see her already lah...

now madam loktor sotong upgrade to sotong ball already...sudah high more piak-ing with raw sotong?lol

_butt said...

blogger discount?? wah I didn't know!

takoyaki! *screaam*

hope that Winn have a good liu liu celebration on her birthday :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Winnliuliu!
Although late to comment here, that day SMS-ed already counted lah hor?

JL said...

Happy Birthday Layang Layang Winn!

melbie said...

Wah have yet to see a place that offers discounts for bloggers here in KK! Betullah memblog ada faedahnya kan.. hehehe

Happy belated birthday to Winn!

Anonymous said...

ohh, kira ader belog gak. siapa si winn nih? anyways, happybday kepada si winn lah iyer? emmm, si angel cam ner kebelakangan nih? abang busy gak tapi aderlah masa untuk accompany adik yg tersayang tu la...jadi drebar skit. k la, setakat ini jer lah iyer? abang rindu akan si angel sepertimaner i rindu akan si may tu...walaupun kedua dua ko tak minat aku langsung. .....hehehehe.

yg tersayang

rainbow angeles said...

Dear rinnah,
Errmm.. I dunno ler... but maybe if you tell Jackson that you are a blogger having a blog meet, maybe got? We didn't ask for it BTW... we asked for free food haha.. :P

Dear Huei,
She's happies!! :)

Dear winn not the pooh,
Actually I dun remember... I had to go korek my archives... but I'll always remember our Liuliu Flyday Anniversary... I dun hv 2006's calendar liao.. that's why couldn't count how many weeks our anniversary is liao... hehe..

So, is Liucas joining us for the next makan session?? ;-)

Dear suituapui,
Hah! Of cos lah she wins all the time!! Just like your name, suituapui, sure tuapui all the time hahaha.. but still 'sui', so fret not! Heheheheh...

The birthday cupcakes, for you, must have at least 2, hor?? Or 3? hehehe..

Angel Hair is MY hair lah, what else?? Muahahahhahaha.. u donwan to eat is your loss loh... kakakaka..

Dear Pink Cotton,
Winn has retired from blogging mar... but u can see her in Facebook ;-)

Haha.. our lokter sotong nowadays where got piak ppl liao... she has turned into a good loktere hehe..

Dear butty,
We also didn't know :)

Why you scream at takoyaki har? O.o

I'm sure Winn had the liuest celebration on her birthday! ;-)

Dear Cocka,
U din tell her about what you asked me ahh?? :P

Dear JL,
Hahaha... Layang-layang.. long time no hear that word connected to Winn liao! ;-)

Dear melbie,
It was our first time too :) a bit shy also lar... hehe...

Dear bdk bkk,
I hanya blog biler ada bersday... zaman sekarang nie, saya sangat sibuk... dan ada stress lagi... jugak takde mood nak memblog... blog baru pun belum ada... nanti satu hari kiter pi makan2 lah, ok? Betulkah u rindu kat saya nie? Biar betul! Semua orang pun u cakap rindu...


L B said...

We are the Champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the Champions -
We are the Champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the Champions - of Europe -

laundryamah said...

alamak missed her actual bday the photos u took..can send me??

Trinity said...

Sweetie Angelie Rainbowie... the new post newest from the newest you greet me, has been up..hurry up.. chup up.. up.. up.. now.. kekeke

Trinity said...

When is the next birthday?! hahaha.. June? Hm... why you have no mood and stress girlie? Count your blessiiiinggggssss...

a^ben said...

how come i didnt receive invitation geh???? *goes to corner eat cupkek*

sigh, I always forget ppl's bday, can generate something and make them come to me and say "WEI ITS MY BDAY" ah? :X

Aiyah Nonya said...

Hi angel

I have a tag for you.
Have a nice weekend

lisalove said...

angeles angeles
*whisper softly to ear*

i know u know.. my BD coming hor but ah, i super shy when it comes to public announcement.. i, very low kidding :)

so hor, can we keep it quiet and not post it here? can?

*shy shy walk away*

rainbow angeles said...

Dear LB,
We are the world.. :P

Dear laundryamah,
I thot I got send? No ah? U want the pics of food oso?

Dear Trinity Cang,
No new post... no air... :p

Nxt birthday ah? Mmmm... I forgot.. wait lemme think hehe..

Yeah, I was stressed...moodless... penat.. all in one... but now better already.. thanks!

Dear a^ben,
U too far... tak sempat send invite to u... :P

U dun remember ppl's birthday cos u too old liao? :p

Dear aiyah nonya,
Thanks for the tag... i think i'm the "antique" at home.. hehe..

Dear lisalove,
*whispers back to lisa*
Lisa lisa...

U know what... i was surprised to read yr comment... because earlier on the same evening, I WAS actually thinking of what to "do" for u on your burpday... but now u say u shy shy... okie, nehmind... but hor... can i take u out for some makan makan?? Some salad? ;-)

*follows lisa with pleading eyes..*


mistipurple said...

lol at the pleading eyes!
*double up power of the pleading eyes for my char bor kiah* hahah

Trinity said...

whisper to me...when is it? when is Lisa birthdah? kkkkk... my eyes are more pleading eyes than lisa's and misti's ..

kat said...

psst.. we go celebrate lisa's burfday quietly. Go sek chai..

Thank you for shining your angel light on my way. Always glad to see you around.. :)


lisalove said...

thankew thankew - so 'yau sam"
*hug first*

buy yeah, i will be away...
nvm. it's the thought that counts.

btw dear, *lower voice and whisper whisper again*
"can i have your office address-ah?

lisalove said...

*looking very sheepishly shy at misti, trinity and kat*

mistipurple said...

lol at the lisa! *ciums*
kisses to the kat. *ciums*
new paint to the wings of the angeles. *ciums*
new sampatness to the trinity. *ciums*

rainbow angeles said...

Dear misti,
*compares Pleading Eyes*
U can batt eyelashes better than me, eh? :P

Dear Trinity,
Whoaa... u are right... yr eyes are Mozzie Pleading :P

Whisper to u ah?
*whisper whisper... shhhh...*
Can hear?

Dear kat,
Sek chai? As in vegetarian food? I'm in! Love all the fu chuk... yummmm...

Shine my angel light? U r too kind to say that... I'm no angel leh... but if u need torchlight, I can bring.. :D

Dear lisalove,
This is not really yao sam oso... this is not good enuff... I want to go and take u out... rescue u from yr ofis' lousy connection...

I hope u'll make lots lotsa lurve ;-) Shhh.. dun tell... it's yr sexcret :)

*whisper back*
Office addy? U wanna send me cupcakes? Hehe... I'll try to remember to send u a note later when I wake up... but will you exchange your addy with me?

*looks with Pleading Eyes at lisalove*

Dear misti,
Psstt.. u forgot two more ciums... to make it sex.. oops, I mean, SIX! :P


Trinity said...

Wokay.. don't whisper to me.. I can't hear you! your voice is tickling my ear! hahaha...

shout out loud:

answer me out loud in capital letter too ya.. kkkk

-Princess Shin- said...

Happy Birthday Winn! =)

I love takoyaki!!! I wonder what new food does KL have that I don't know! ^.^

rainbow angeles said...

Dear trinity,
IT WAS............

Did u hear??? :P

It was sometime last week... but she too shy to tell... :)

Dear -Princess Shin-,
Hello there! Thanks for your comment... so shy to tell u that i seldom update this blog already :)

KL got new food? Mmmm... I also want to know leh... u tell me, ok? ;-)


Trinity said...

aiyooooooooooh... so it was last week?!!! aiyooooooh... so late!

rainbow angeles said...

nothing is ever too late! better late than nevah!! liuliuliuliuuuuu...

come, we sing togeder-geder for her, liu???

Anonymous said...

The next time I go to Pick n Brew, I'll drag you along : p

Ms A

rainbow angeles said...

no need wan ler.. just show yr blog can liao! :P