Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Birthday Boy - 30th April.. Birthday Girl - 1st May

*scheduled entry using http://draft.blogger.com - to be posted on 29th April, 2008, 10.10 pm*

Hi hi! Long time no see! No blog! No sound! No nothing! Howsit going for you, you and you? *grins* Me is enjoying the "Blog Break". Kinda nice... no need to think of what to blog... no need to think of whose tail I'd step on... no need to to do alot of stuff... but then again, the mind is always blogging... 24/7/365! How liddat??

Anyway, this is a birthday entry! Time to celebrate the birth of Adam & Eve... Well, okay, not exactly Adam & Eve...

30th April - Happy Birthday to Mr. Monkey LovahLovah! Who is Mr. Monkey LovahLovah, you asked? He's a nice chap. Very liuliu sampat-ly funny... like some of us here. No, no, he's not my Lovah. Why, you asked? This reminds me of something he told me not too long ago.

He : ...that's why we cannot be lovers, only can be good friends.
Me : Ah?? Why ah?? *shows disappointment but inside the heart, cheering & thanking god*
He : Because we'll be laughing like crazy when ahem...
Me : What?? What so bad about laughing when ahem?? Very bad meh?? *shows disappointment again*

Anyway, I was thinking, 2 sampat people won't make Great Lovers? If really like this, then I have to be less sampat? But if I'm less sampat, it won't be me... if I'm less sampat, I'd "attract" sampat people? Or, if I'm sampat, I'd "attract" non-sampat people, and end up with a boring partner??

OK, I feel like I'm having a blogging diarrhea, with all these thoughts spilled out after so many non-blogging days.. :P Anyway, don't take me seriously... seriously, okay? ;-)

1st May - Happy Birthday to Eastcoastlife from the Red Lil' Dot down south! Woohoo! This hawt mama rocks!

A special present for my dearest ECL... something to keep all your fingers busy... haha! Oi, u asked for it sometime in February, okay! Haha... *wink wink*

So there you go... TWO Birthdays' Update!
*missed you*


sengkor said...

that para with alot of 'sampat' is really sampat. seriously.

liucas said...

i waited 12 mths lioa.. still no sign of angeles wishing me happy birthday.. *sad*

day-dreamer said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Monkey LovahLovah & eastcoastlife!

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Monkey LovahLovah and ECL!

Eh, is Mr. Monkey who I think it is? *thinking hard*

And ECL, one year younger and prettier! *hugs*

Chev said...

Happy Cow One to Mr. Monkey LovahLovah and ECL :)

So fast huh?
it's now end of april liao..
so fast till really kia si lang :D

if u r not sampatly sampat,
then that is so not like u liao..
but i still lup u even if u r not sampat :D

*non sampat hugs* :P

Jemima said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Monkey LovahLovah & Eastcoastlife!

Happy Workers' Day, Angeles. ;)

adrian said...

That monkey is such a good looking monkey. :P

*shows disappointment but inside the heart, cheering & thanking god*
Hahahaha.. :P

There's only one way to find out if two sampat people will make good lovers... cheng! cheng! cheng! :P

TQ. Lums u 100 years. ;)

L B said...

Happy Birthday to ... Mr Monkey LovahLovah! I am sure laughing like crazy during ahem ahem is the best way to go!!! I wanna laugh like crazy liao!

Happy Birthday to ... ECL!! Oral sex is an Art form! It is also a great way to go!!! I wanna go great too!

c o n s u e l a said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Monkey LovahLovah & Eastcoastlife :)

miss you much angel...will be back later to read more postings.


ehonchan.com said...

bahahahahaha!! happy birthday eastcoastlife and monkey lovah.

lol!! ecl must be very busy tomorrow night. ahem.

Huei said...

dun break anymore okie!! heheh =p


so funny the conversation between u n mr monkey hehehhe


eastcoastlife said...

Wah!! you expose my birth date! Should wish me Happy 25th birthday. kakaka.........

Thanks every one for your birthday wishes.

I forgot what I asked for in February but I definitely didn't ask for oral sex!

I love you for your sampatness and when you turn less sampat, chen and I will direct you back on the right path. hahaha.......

Gosh I'm going to be busy every night.... Is it so obvious that I'm so into lovemaking? I get so many sex toys for presents. Please lah!!!!

psst... psst... I'll bring them on our horniday with May. kakaka.....

Trinity said...

Whoa dearie cutie sampatie Angelie!!
You post this while I was sleeping... hahaha.. true, 10:10 is actually my favorite number but I am not always online on that time.. hehehehe...

was is great to have a blog breaK? I was here yesterday to leave a comment but you turn off the comment on the previous post ya? I wonder why, so strange!

congrats for being able to post on scheduled post!!! Welldone!!

reading this post makes me realize that me and my hubby are sampat lovers... hehehehekekekke.. it's a sampat prove for you,sampat girl that you don't have to be less sampat to find a sampat or non sampat lovah..anyway, sampativitis is infectious and I am sampatly sure that your non sampat lovah will sampatly sure become sampat very soon because of your sampatness.

Happy birthday Mr. Monkey Lovahlovah!! Happy birthday tomolo ECL!! Happy making a chup result for tomolo dearie cutie sampatie angelie!!

from TerrorBacang... huahahaha

Wennnn said...

Happy birthday to My Monkey Lovahlovah & also to Eastcoastlife....

suituapui said...

Happy Birthday ECL...and Mr Monkey Lovahlovah, whoever u are! My! My! Ur bananas sure are long!!! LOL!!!

kat said...

Whoa.. check out the size of that monkey's.......................................ear!!!

Like father like son issit?? :D

Happy Birthday mrMonkey!

Happy early Birthday ECL!!

Andie Summerkiss said...

Happy birthday MrMonkey!!

Happy birthday ECL!

bongkersz said...

wah ada blog post!!! :D happy birthday to mr monkey and ms. eastcoastlife! mana you get the monkey photo? very cute hahaha! hmm.. sampat people with sampat people, mar sampat menyampat? no bad also.. at least got things to do no boring. and, do ahem cannot laugh kah? 'ahhhh ha ha ha' ROTFLMAO!

EliteVillain said...

erm erm sampat with sampat then later end up sampat whole day and night....how ar? i think great lar!! haha!! when sampat works sure laughed ...

kat said...

Have you watched Forbidden Kingdom ah? How is it?

sengkor said...

sei for.. forgot to wish ECL heppi bday tim..

Happy Sangyat Aunty ECL..!

_butt said...

arrrgh geram! type a lot manatau semua hilang @!$@#%^@$#

anyway, how's your blogging diarrhea? feeling better? :)

hmm... 2 sampat ppl kenot get together as lovers? why not?? must have balance? like yin and yang?


Aiyah Nonya said...

Heh, how come so many sampat !!!

Anyway I think you and mr monkey can work ...why because you will know how to sampat each other very well. :)
Plus eveyone knows it is the size that matters not anything else....hahhahaa....

Btw happy birthday to ECL and Mr Monkey.

Trinity said...

hei.. are you busy? not reply these yet? tell me your ym or gmail so I could chat with you ok?

Trinity said...

waaa you hate harleyquinn? I think she is cuteeee!! hm.. I love you and your sampatness and even though you are not sampat anymore I will still love you ok?

not be mad at me pls... *weep*

Trinity said...


mine is real tears, yours fake one..

*pretend weeping*

ah I will go to sleep now.

mistipurple said...

Happy Sweet 18th ECL!!!!
Happy Banananana Day Monkey Man!
sampat is safe, sometimes. kakakaka

angeles said...

Dear sengkor,
Of cos la it's sampat... abuthen why I write if it's not sampat?

Dear liucas,
*wipes crocodile sad tears*

It's not that I dunwan to wish u, Liucas... it's just that I day day wait for February 30th to come but never reach geh.. so how to wish u liddat?

Dear day-dreamer,
Thx, on behalf of them! :)

Dear rinnah,
Have u thot of who Mr. Monkey is? Is he monkeying around?

Dear Chev,
Yeah lor... time and tide waits for no man... aihhh...

Actually hor, I dun remember if I were this sampat before I met u... maybe not.. or maybe I only sampat in my heart haha..

Thx for lupping me altho' I not sampat... but I think I'll die of non-samatness if I not sampat... konpius liao? :p

*sampat hugs & muaks*

Dear Jemima,
Happy Holidays!!!

Dear adrian,
Yeah, that monkey is good looking.. but I not sure abt the Mr. LovahLovah... is he good looking?

Eh, neh, got my friend here who said that she and her hubby are sampat couple woh...

Psstt.. 100 years is like a lifetime liao woh... sure anot??? :P

Dear L B,
So, did you have any sampat lover before? And laughed like crazy? Inside the barn? *wink wink*

Dear consuela,
Missed you lots lots too!! In fact, I missed every bit of my blog :) XOXO

Dear ehonchan.com,
She's busy every night lar... ;)

Dear ah huei,
Dun break anymore ah? Means gotto hv another blog liao ;)

Happy horniday!! So fun got holiday! Wheeeee...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Yeah hor... in my haste, I forgot to announce your 25th birthday.. solly.. next year I'll announce your 24th birthday... kekekke...

U din ask for oral sex? Gottt... I think u asked some 'tips'... kekeke... if not, I wouldn't hv kept this entry in my draft for so long liao haha....

Haha.. thx for the guide back to Sampat Path if ever I got lost in the non-sampat regime... kakakka.. this itself sounded so sampat..

Hey, don't forget to share share your "toys" during our horniday, yeah! I can't wait!! Bring the XL ones... *extra long* hahaha...

Dear trinity,
Wah, I got new name! Angelie!

Sorry you missed the chup.. I dunno u sleep so early wan ma.. I thought u still had a chance...

Yeah, I turned off the comment in the previous entry cos so long already ma... hehe...

And thanks to your tutorial on the scheduled post, only then I could make it!

Thanks for being the 'proof' that Sampat Couples are a match made in heaven! So happy for you! Your paragraph abt the "sampatness" is really more sampat than mine! Haha...

*licks the TerrorBacang*

Dear wennnn,
Thx on behalf of them... BB ok mou? Going to come out liao, right? Take care!!

Dear suituapui,
Long Bananas are nice to eat... muahahahaha...

Dear kat,
Monkeys all look alike wan ma... of cos like father like son geh... hehe...

Dear andie summerkiss,
Thx for the wishes!

Dear bongkersz,
The monkey photo I got it somewhere.. forgot d mana...

Sampat menyampat of cos not boring! Laughter is the best medicine, IMHO ;-)

Huh? Was that you trying to come but kenot come?? O.o ;P

Dear EliteVillain,
Sampat day and night not good meh? At least happy ma... I love to laugh too ;-)

Dear kat,
Replied to u liao..

Dear sengkor,
U kua ji mutt yeh woh...

Who is your "auntie" ah?? Lei sei lak lei...

Dear butty,
Oops.. your komen hilang ah... soli...

Ah yes, my blogging diarrhea much better liao... no need charcoal pills... just a computer will do hehe...

I dunno why he said that 2 sampat people cannot be lovers.. but nehmind lar, I dunwan to prove him wrong also haha...

Happy holidays to you too!!! Hugz!

Dear aiyah nonya,
So many sampats becos I is sampat ma... ;)

Hahahahahaha.. me & Mr. Monkey ah? Can... can... can work... can work in his dreams haha...

Size matters? Kakakakakkakaka... sista, you are so damn right! Hahaha...

Dear trinity,
Yeah, was busy earlier yesterday... I'll send u a note later :)

No no, I dun hate HarleyQuinn... as long as she looks sexy, I dun hate her... cos I'm her mar... haha...

Thanks for loving me and my sampatness... u are too cute, too sampat and too nice :)

Can I whip you? Kakakakaka... just kidding laa...

*cries fake tears togeder-geder*
*fake tears are sweet one...*

Nitenite, TrinityCang... hehe...

Dear misti,
You make sense... sampat is really safe most of the time... becos I can be sampat even when I feel angry, sad, or even upset... come to think of it, maybe I'm more sampat when I feel negatively inside?? Oh dear.. no wonder la I so sampat... *die...*

G o o d N i g h t z z z z . . .

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

hAppY BirThdAy Mr. Monkey!!!

the twin.. gemini is airborne... very fluff... so, naturally also very sampat... but sampat is fun wat.. and that's why I lup you so much.

mistipurple said...

the Faker comes here and moan and groan. hahahha. i've learnt much today. thank you sweet char bor kiah.

may said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to Mr. Monkey and ECL!! waaaa, double celebration... means can celebrate at midnight, hor? kekeke...

*can't wait till September!!*


dreamie said...

*Happy belated birthday to birthday
guy and gal *

May Day !!! May Day!!!!!!
Angel oooiii .. oh where? oh where ?? are ur sampat postsssss ???

Have a great weekend :P

Trinity said...

Trinity Chang.. hehehe.. Just like Jackie Cheung? hahaha.. Dearie Cutie SAmpatie Angelie, thanks for the email..

Cocka Doodle said...

*Cocka passes lou wong kuah to Angeles for her oral lessons*


drumsticks said...


'If really like this, then I have to be less sampat? But if I'm less sampat, it won't be me... if I'm less sampat, I'd "attract" sampat people? Or, if I'm sampat, I'd "attract" non-sampat people, and end up with a boring partner??'

this is hilarious.. but does make some sense.. LOL!!!

angeles said...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Ah? Airborne? U mean we are so light? Nolor.. I dun think I'm airborne.. I'm landborne.. haha..

Sampat is very laughable.. becos I'm very laughable.. ppl always say that I everything oso laugh.. no good meh laugh? Good mar.. can release stress.. ;-)

Thanks for the lup, my 'twin'!! I heartchu too :)

Dear misti,
What did u learn my Young Padawan? Eek.. sounded like SA talking to Rinnah liddat!! heh heh...

Dear maymay,
Haha.. yaya, supposed to celebrate at midnight.. but they dunno each other... so had to hv separate celebrations ;-)

Wheeeee! September, Sydney I come!! *fingers & toes crossed*


Dear dreamie,
Where what?? My sampat posts?? Where got? Notchet start lar.. ;-)

Happy weekend, MCC!

Dear TrinTrin Cang,
Ah?? Jackie Cheung?? Oi, where got same??? Cang and Cheung, very different leh! Unless, u said Jeff Chang hehehe.. hey, I like his songs! Esp. the one duet with Karina Lau, u know that song?? I very 'lum'... (means feel lovey dovey in Cantonese kekekeke)

Hey, thanks for the reply too.. I'll reply you later.. hopefully I dun forgetzzzz... :p

*throws the lou wong kuah at Cocka*
*throws bats as well*

Dear drumsticks,
Hey there! Long time no see :)

Of course it makes sense! Sampat Sense ;) But actually, it's true mar... cos ppl always say Opposites Attract? Or not... ;-)


savante said...

Aiks. Got distracted by the last video about oral sex! :)

FELEX TAN said...

Happy belated birthday,i like the Ying Yang cake.This is the 1st time i see.

Brad said...

Psss....How cum I dun recall you do this to me one geh? I oso need pleasure mahh... :(

angeles said...

Dear savante,
Ahem... did u learn anything then?? ;)

Dear Felex Tan,
Hello! Thx for dropping by :)

Dear Brad,
Eh eh... u need what pleasure?


Trinity said...

Ms. Chang is here.. hehehe.. Angeles, what is your job? you will fly to Sydney in Sept? wah so nice!

Thanks for the lifelogger link.. now I can be cool mom.. hahaha it's heard now.. manage to convert my amr into mp3. *blink blink* so when will you update this blog? hehehe

Hazel said...

happy belated birthday to them.

rainbow angeles said...

Dear trinity chang,
My job ah? Shhhhh... I'm a secret agent huhuhu... ;-) I'll whisper to you what I do if and when I go to Bandung, k?

Sydney, planning for a horniday there ;-)

Glad to know that lifelogger worked for you! Wheeee... update blog ah? Mmmm... next update should be on the 12th *wink*

Dear Hazel,
Thanks for coming over...


Trinity said...

See my new avatar? a bit fatter than yours hehehe.. *show off*

when you go to Bandung?! Bring the gank!!

Trinity said...

Oooopss.. the new avatar is for gravatar hehehe... can't be seen here *blushed*

what happened in 12? still a few days away!

rainbow angeles said...

Dear trinity cang,
You tipu me.. no heart heart avatar oso :P

Go Bandung ah? Tak cukup korum, how woh... :P

On the 12th, got burfdays mar... ;-)