Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kalkitos, 11/11

A friend just posted a picture of Kalkitos in one of our Facebook Group. OMG.. how many of you remember this Fun Stuff??? I have nearly forgotten about it...

You young cikus dunno what's Kalkitos ah? Nehmind.. Hip Hip Hurray to YouTube!!

Last but not least...

Oh oh.. and I must thank EastCoastLife 'cos I won something from her PhoneBAK Contest!!! It's an anti-theft software for Windows OS, Phoenix! Also thanks to Bak2u.com!


kyh said...

wah i long time no chup! chup ah!!! feel so lucky today! :P

kyh said...

congrats for winning smth from ecl. wanna anti-theft who ah? :P

happy birthday angie mama! hope u leng leng always!

kyh said...

AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA forgot to change identity. hey why no delete button here wan?

kyh said...

u notchet sleep meh? so fast delete liao. :P

kyh said...

hey i got played that b4 when i was young!!! but i din know what it was called back then. :P

ooops seems like i'm spamming ur blog. :P

rainbow angeles said...

Pssttt!!! I helped you to delete liao!! ;-)

That anti-theft is to anti thieves wan lah! Anyone who wants to curi your lappie sure will kena... quite good software, I read.

Thx for the wishes! XXX

ps: I 'knew' u needed help, so I helpchu la.. :p

pps: WOW!! I'm surprised you played Kalkitos b4??? I thought it was only popular in the 80's!

brad said...

HAPPY BURFDAY MAMA IN LAW! we'll go out dine tonite ya?

jemima said...

Happy Birthday to Brad's mother-in-law & Angeles' mother!


Trinity said...

Happy birthday Mom!!! Congrats for the win, Angeles...

hm.. what is Kalkitosssss??! I am one of the young cikus right? now... tell me what is cikus? hahaha

ps. can't see the video.. not sure why?

Trinity said...

eh, I can see what is kalkitos now... hehehe

Kopi Soh said...

Hapi Burpday to Angeles's mummy and congrats in the win :D

day-dreamer said...

Happy birthday Angeles' mummy!

And congrats for winning something from ECL... :D

adrian said...

OMG! Kalkitos! Loved em! What happened to them arh? Why no more liao wan. Kids would love em now as well. I guess.

Happy Bday to Auntie.

zewt said...

happy birthday to the angel mom.

what is kalkitos ah? :P

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday Rainbowone's Mummy!
May you stay beautiful always and be in the best of health forever!

Congrats on the software win from ECL!

goolypop said...

barfday siape? kunfius la me..

Now gooly plays with those sticker type.. got scene also. Reusable stickers. But not quite the same. Have to scratch2 macam loteri baru bes.

rainbow angeles said...

Dear brad & jemima,

Dear trinity,
Thankiss Trinity cang!

You dunno Kalkitos? Maybe Kalkitos didn't reach the shores of Bandung? Hmmmm.. it's very fun.. Clay & Cliff would have loved it!

Ciku is a type of local fruit.. you don't have it in Indonesia ka? I love ciku.. esp. when it's ripe.. sweet!!

Dear Kopi Soh & day-dreamer,

Dear adrian,
I asked the same thing when I saw the Kalkitos pic! Sucha waste isn't it? I think it's really a fun thing to kalkitos.. and it promotes creativity!! To see where you 'trace' all the objects... *nostalgic*

Thankiss for the wish!

Dear zewt,
U sure u dunno what's kalkitos? Kenot be... u not that young ciku leh.. :P

Thankiss for the wish!

Dear misti,

Dear goolypop,
Eh, sorry, wanna talk abt sumting unrelated first.. when i was typing your nickname just now, i terfikir, it shud be goolyMa or goolyMop, bukan? kekkeke..

Resusable stickers? Like how? Show show.. I oso wanna play... Kalkitos memang best!


dreamie said...

Happy belated birthday to Angel's mami
~~ Many happy returns of the day ~~

congrats on your win , Angel !

may said...

Happy Birthday Angel's Mummy!

Kalkitos. yes. I used to be addicted to those. so many ways of setting the scene for the same background and trace-on pieces!

Huei said...


narrowband said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Mama Angel!

I really dunno what is Kalkitos... nvr hear b4 oso :-/

lisalove said...

Happy Birthday to MOM OF ANGEL!!
wishing auntie good health and happiness always!!

Kalkitos??!! i didn't know it's called Kalkitos :)

hey sweetie, kinda guess what happened. sometime life force us to change...
and we can actually make it change for the better ;)

stay positive dear! i must make sure i stay alive and healthy for year 2009 so that we can visit the land of kiwi togeder ;)

lisalove said...

why not ozzy?

can oso but my boss is there ;P and i have not been to NZ.

Chen said...

At first i thought wat is kalkitos :P
rupa-rupanya tu...
i never know what is it called in the past :)
i never play before but i see before lah :P

Happy Birthday Aunty
Wishing u many happy returns :)

and last but not least, congrats woh for winning a prize

suituapui said...

Belated birthday greetings to all...spotted ur url in my blog stats and decided to hop over to say hello! Lone time no sound liao hor! Hope you're doing fine...and as for me, I'm just the same as always. Nyonya called me yesterday out of the blue. So nice to hear from old friends time and again. Keep in touch!

rainbow angeles said...

Dear dreamie,
Thanks thanks!! Happy Belated Birthday to you too!!

Dear maymay,
Thankiss for the wishes!

U were addicted to Kalkitos? I wasn't but now, I'd die to get my hands on 'em! Hehe.. ok lah, khuar cheong a bit :P

Dear ah huei,

Dear narrowband,
Thanks for the wishes!

U young ciku lor.. that's why nvr heard abt it b4... :P

Dear lisalove,
Thankiss so muchi!!

I actually *forgot* it was called Kalkitos until I saw the pic.. :-)

U know what happened already ah? I'm such a bad communicator.. I've not communicated the 'news' to a few more friends.. i'm baaaad.. but now I'm figuring things out.. :-)

Thank you so much for your wishes! Hope to see you One Fine Day, a-ok?

I've not been to Oz nor NZ.. I must print more $$$ liao.. oops!

Dear chen,
I think hor... maybe Kalkitos not popular in S'wak? Maybe only popular in northern states cos KYH oso know abt it leh.. but Narrowband doesn't.. and KYH is more ciku-er than Narrowband.. hehehehe.. I hope they won't piak me :P

Thx for your wishes!!

Dear suituapui,
Thanks for the wishes! Who went to your blog thru' my blogroll ah? Must be... nyonya?? Or kopi soh?? Hehehe...

Thanks for taking the trouble to 'visit' me here.. See you again!


IguanaKia said...

Angel...i dunno Kalkitos boh, is that mean I'm young also??..:)

rainbow angeles said...

Dear iguanakia,
You young ah?

I said you CIKU leh... hehehe! :P

laundryamah said...

oooo i remember kalkitos..i was so addicted last time!

Chen said...

angel O Angel

almost one month no update liao leh :P

EastCoastLife said...

Wishing you and your family a Merry Xmas!! *hugs*

Simple American said...

Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas my friend.

Hope they have a huge Christmas tree at the airport. :)