Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Week That Has Been...

One word sums it up. Busy!!!

Nonetheless, I feel a 'need' to write to you. I had a chat last night with a friend who's in a dilemma. You know, most of the time when we feel that we are torn between choices, in actual fact, we already know what the answer is or what we want... We just need some kind of support from our peers, don't you agree?

Anywayyyy, whilst Emperor LB was busy chasing his concubines dressed in blue blue tei, red red tei, green green tei, purple tei, pink pink tei, rainbow tei saris, round and round the coconut trees, rolling uphill & downhill (and probably into the pool) after his dose of Bollywood's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I had the opportunity to watch this classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's, starring the ever glamorous Audrey Hepburn (so beautiful can die!) & George Peppard (good looking man!).

For those who have not had the chance to watch this movie, you must be wondering, why Tiffany's? Why breakfast? Haa... Actually, I also don't know why... It's only at the beginning of this movie where Hepburn was shown getting down from a taxi one early morning (I assume it's in the morning because the place was deserted), making her way to Tiffany's (yes, THE jewelry shop). She was outside the shop, gazing at the jewelry on display, then munching on some food, which I guess, could be doughnut (or some bun), and having her coffee at the same time. So there, that's Breakfast At Tiffany's. And what do I like about this scene? Moon River! The song that has been playing in my mind for more than 100x since Monday night! Here, check out Hepburn doing the song on this youtube video that I found.

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
Wherever you're going I'm going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world;
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end,
Waiting 'round the bend,
My huckleberry friend, Moon River and me.

This conversation in the movie reminds me of Zewt's entry about girls, guys, love & money:

Holly Golightly (Hepburn) : I'll tell you one thing, Fred, darling... I'd marry you for your money in a minute. Would you marry me for my money?
Paul Varjak (Peppard) : In a minute.
Holly Golightly (Hepburn) : I guess it's pretty lucky neither of us is rich, huh?
Paul Varjak (Peppard) : Yeah.

You mean we can't have true love without money? Nah, of course not. And then ahmay told us about the story of the 57 year old lady, who was too busy with work (chasing $) when she was younger yadda yadda yadda, and now, going through divorce, and will be on her own. Hmmm... money again... Money, the root of all evil? And here, Bryan says that we can make $$ without effort, just need capital (read $$$). Everything also $$$... I've been watching a lot of E! Entertainment Channel lately and my oh my, I'm envious of people like Ivanka Trump, Athina Roussel Onassis who are called Trust Fund Babies. But of course, life ain't a bed of roses for them... but then but then....

I feel very cheong hei today because I want to let off steam. I must do more Pom Chak Chak taught by Cikgu ehon from Adelaide... Anyway, the idiotic major Internet Service Provider company already took 2 weeks to "work on" my complaint and today, someone from their "Follow-Up Dept" gave me a tinkle to "confirm" my complaint. (Apa nie??) You see, I'm having download problems with one particular ftp server located in LA. Oh, BTW, this account is a corporate account and we pay nearly RM700 every month for the 2MB line, okay. Can faint, right?? Anyway, I'm not satisfied with their replies (Each time I e-mail to follow-up, they take 2 days to reply to me...) and was thinking of writing an e-mail to the CEO. But I'm sure he won't be reading e-mails from this particular e-mail account found in their corporate website.... but you think I can get the problem solved faster if I did that?

That's all for now... cau cincauuu!


kyh said...

busy busy oso must chup! u know ur brad is using dial up these days??? so painfully slow, even to bloghop and chup!!! :(

angel said...

Waiiii!! What feed reader are you using?? So fast wan?? -__-'''

Why dialup?? Kesian... but my broadband also can fight with dialup liao... grrr!

kyh said...

u wanna become a trust fund babe too? :P braddy babe not good meh?

come come we both go pom chak chak! ;)


angel said...

But I AM Brad's babe, no? Can be 'trusted' or not, I dunno lah... :p

Haha! Yeah! Pom Chak Chak is the new liuliuliuuuu! *muaks*

Will said...

chup chup

Will said...

wah audrey hepburn...

reminds me of the song "breakfast at tiffany's"

"moon river" also very nice nice song... i likey

angel said...

Dear will,

U chup Hepburn? :D

Haaa... that Breakfast at Tiffany's is rock song! :p

Moon River is a very nice song but hor, I've been analysing the song for a few days... macam the meaning dun hv like that...

Dear kyh,

Ei, why you repeat yr comment??


kyh said...

eeeks mebbe i tersilap tekan butang or this stupid dial up's fault! nebermind angie, i deleted it liao... :P

narrowband said...

Paling effective method: Write in blog!! Public letter!

I love Moon River! Luv it luv it luv it!!

Wennnn said...

Very pretty Audrey Hepburn!! Classic... NOw new liu liu is *pom chak chak ah??? **** Very liu liu lor!!! I luv ur cheongheiness..

angel said...

Dear kyh,

Y u hv to use dialup?

Dear narrowband,

Har? -_-''' Eyyy... can u help me??
*damsel in distress wor*

You do? OK, so tell me what is the real meaning behind that song in the movie...

Dear wenwen,

Yeah, she so pretty... her face is so perfect... so flawless... sucha doll...

Have you seen ehon's pom chak chak?? Damn liu... but I like... cos make me laff kakaka...

Thanks for loving my cheonghei-ness... I feel old liao... so must cheong hei... :D


moz monster said...

Thanks for giving me the time of the night to hear out my dillema ... =)

As for cheong hei ... no probs ... we all like you for being cheong hei !!!! Feels unnatural when you're brief ...

Chen said...

i'm lost :(

angel said...

Dear moz,

Apalah... sendiri pecah tembelang wan... :p

But you're welcome ;)

So you saying that all along I cheong hei lar, izit?? (I learn to be cheong hei from L B wan...)

Dear chen,

Harrr??? Apa lost? You just do pom chak chak lah liddat...


a^ben said...

*sings loud loud~*

moooooooooooooonnnnnn LIVER~~~~ wider than a mile~~~~~~

*watches rotten egg flying from northwest direction~*

angel said...

Dear a^ben,

I no throw rotten egg wan... I do the "Suei Hei Chao Arrr" Stance.. haha :p

L B said...

I wanna do an encore of my earlier twitter:

Angel, I want to talk to you as a baby now.. Your voice is so piercingly true, the highs so high, the lows so bass! So treble! So mid-range! Do you use Titanium Tweeters? What brand of toothpaste do you use? How many heads are there on your toothbrush? Do you gargle? Or do you swallow? Di larang spit..

I just love the way you say Katherine Hepburn.. I think you really have such beautiful guts too.. I think I need dinner.

L B said...

Love without money is good too.. You just don't get to sail on the Mediterranean on your own yacht waiting the sunsets..

L B said...


angel said...


I thot u went for dinner liao...

angel said...

Bwahahahhaha!!! I love your comments! So YATTA, so PCC... so KKHH...

But hor... I didn't ask you to ask me questions like ehon wor... You salah blog liao :p

But I shall answer whatever I can, just for u...
I use Colgate... I gargle with Listerine... I dun spit, I swallow... Swallow is good... can make my face as smooth as Hepburn's... My knees went weak when I saw Hepburn... she's sooo beautiful...

Katherine Hepburn?! OK, you really need dinner liao... U like the "ever glamorous" part or the "so beautiful can die" part?

Love without Money is no good... No Money, No Honey... yeah, now you know why ah nel no like me and always perli me, pijak me, call me Pork and all... cos I'm $$$-minded...

*pom chak chak pom chak chak*

mistipurple said...

i kena slapped kaw kaw this month and last month with a S$890 and S$1200 bill for office's broadband. and of course i wouldn't know how that happened. the *ahem* company had a list of the days when the excessive d/loading occured but of course i have no inkling of how it was derived at. and nooooo.. there is no way of checking! pfft.

last time we kena kaw kaw phone bill also (in those $$$$ too!). same case, every 2 seconds kena billed for sms from overseas. think can dispute? naaaahhh..

sorri talk so long here, so sienz about these stoopig bills. changed phone line and now, changed broadband plan. damaged done though. *faints and cannot get up*

angel said...

Dear misti,

*brings plink's skunkie*

Heh?? Your broadband plan not fixed rate wan ka? Ours is fixed rate, no matter how much we d/l or u/l...

Why cannot dispute?? That's baaad... donwan to pay, cannot? So unfair...

No sorries... can talk as long as u want... ;)

*admires the new hairdo... & tooth*
*checks out the sparkle*

L B asked, what toothpaste u use?

mistipurple said...

my house unlimited plan. before was dial-up.
office didn't realised after changing to broadband, was volume based. so one day, someone in opic downloaded only one day kaw kaw, then the surge. after that, never liao, still surge kaw kaw until i hin hin see bill. thought one month over, then this month saw bill $1998. because earlier one haven't paid cos now only due. pengsaned but revived after Plink's skunkie.. and called them dispute.
they offer discount but must upgrade to unlimited plan. i no choice lor. *hin-hin still*

LB want to know what toothpaste i use?? *hin-hin reply.. Colgate*
don't know why oso. is it very shiny he can see from italy ah? i everyday open mouth and grin in his direction wan..

angel said...

Dear misti,

*brings fong yao*

I see $2000 Broadband bill, I also hin liao... how can??? That's ridiculous! But then, our corporate account one month RM700, also a bit ridiculous...

So how much is the unlimited plan now? A few hundred dollars too? *whisper* Sing and Tel arr?

Colgate shiny meh? I think Darlie is shinier... the Darlie man is blek karer, but the tooth is soooo white... sure he can see fr Italy...

U only open your mouth in his direction ah? I thot got O P E N something else tim... kkkk...

mistipurple said...

$98 unlimited. sienz. pengsan again. kia si lang hor? every month i usually pay less than 100 to 200 at most. that includes 3 lines somemore. not handphone(s). that one under other bills. also can pengsan that one.
hehe. i now go zzZ and OPeN in your direction and His direction also can? can?? hahaha. nitenite sweetie! xxx

angel said...

Dear misti,

$98 unlimited is still ok kua... but the service better be good lor... I listen to your bills, I also can pengsan... and guess what... it's Paying Bills time again! Pay pay pay... get salary, pay bills... aiyoh... how liddat?

OPEN in my direction arr? I must close my eyes liao liddat... :p Nitenitesleeptight! *muaks*

I hv another song ringing in my mind now...

I will follow you... follow you wherever you may gooo...

day-dreamer said...

Waaa... my reader just picked this up and so many comments already! =.="

In Malaysia, complains normally take a lot of time to settle. :(

ehon said...

*pom chak chak pom chak chak*

lol!!! waiseh. got summary. FINALLY you update. haihs. i hari hari datang also takde update.

Blogline is the fastest feeder in my opinion. Google Reader is too slow. Haihs. But I use that too.

And when your album coming out? LB alrdy sign contract with you anot?

may said...

*aik, my komen gone!! grrrr...*
*I said...*

it's the classics week! I have Casablanca sitting in my Mac waiting to be watched. probably this weekend when I'm not so tired, I tend to zzz when I watch TV these nights...

pssst... too much KKHH and Simon Cowell impersonation by LB, until Katharine Hepburn come out pulak instead of Audrey... his brain must've been starving too! kkkkk! *cabut*

JL said...

mmm hou kek hei...

yum pui char sek kor pau and do the pom chak chak thingy :)

let's sing..

'Moo Liver... why the tanned A-Meow...' :P

Huei said...

"dream maker, you heart breaker"

i like this! hehehe ISP oso kanasai! broadband with the speed of dialup, i email them twice only they decided to respond >.< (it's Maxshit) =P

cutiepie said...

well, my boss he did some nyamuk pusing complaint on Proton and that night the CEO called him .. *jaw drop* so now he is getting all the fuss fixed .. so try lorrrrrr .. *muuacckkkssss*

kat said...

Yes, you must write to the head of the company. Provided, of course this company places importance on customer service. If the boss not kancheong, you think the mahchai will or not?

My phone bill dispute from Dec 06 until now, still haven't settle yet. I ask them to investigate for me, they never get back to me. And they dare send reminder asking me to pay up! Go fly kite-lah! I am not going to chase them. If they still haven't given me an explanation by the time I leave, they can cut off my line for all I care!!

*pom..chak..chak, pom..chak..chak... in slow Moon River beat*

I have this song in my phone. You want?

savante said...

But that has to be one of my favourite movies of all time. How could you not love the sweet, earnest Peppard in that movie?

Winn said...

yaya i love that movie too shes absolutely gorgeous!!!

ur internet got probs? no wonder u've been chupping in ppl's blog as early as 2-3am........

Winn said...

Hepburn 'mai hum ngap thaan' or sell duck eggs oredi rite?

laundryamah said...

breakfast in tiffanys..i got that DVD sometime ago but haven't the chance to watch it yet! sei moh??

surfer boy said...

fcuk all moonriver

try this on the "click to listen" thing. this is the thai version, which i think kinda cool. tata, tata, tata.

btw, do u know that the scary movie call ALONE is starred by my lover Marsha Wattanapranich??? i baru tahu...shite. and she was even here for a press conference...i tahu sedar otherwise, i would hv gone to say..hello and gave her a hug and kisses.

yak pai doo nang pi nii mai kap? lol.

surfer boy said...

aiyo, forgot to it is.

moonriver, pleng beb pasa thai jak tata young na kappp.

King's wife said...

She is really beautiful hor?
Hmm...I also belum watch this movie before.

Stupe said...

Audrey hepburn was in one of my wet dream before.

OK, info overload.

I love moon river as well. infact, i love any oldies.

narrowband said...

I tak pernah tengok that movie le :( I have heard about it, I know audrey hepburn starred and all, but I've not watched it b4.... Therefore I kenot relate d song to d movie.. *sad*

aiyah nonya said...

I love that movie too. Moon River is so dreamy. I am waiting for a ring from Tiffany. I guess I am also chasing a rainbow's end. :)

Re your conplains - do sent in one complaint email to the CEO. You have nothing to loose. Still no response sent in some more or to the newspaper.
This is what most S'poreans do. Complaint Kings and Queens. If they are not happy with the service complain to the boss or to the company. Verbally, emails, written. Which ever method you use they will sure to reply. If they don't reply more complains will come in. And the person/department whose service you are dissatified with will kena.

S'pore is very customer orientated. Customer comes first.

Do you think this method will work in KL ?

Anyway, no matter what do remember to rest no matter how busy you are. Go to the spa to destress.

Take it easy...

zewt said...

hepburn.... must be a damn old film eh? anyway, i think i have heard those lines before... in a more recent movie, i think they recycle the script or something.

oh... one thing... no money... no marry... wedding cost a bomb!

angel said...

Dear day-dreamer,

Actually, not many comments yet wan... just that I reply each comment separately ;)

What is wrong with M'sian customer service, huh? KNS...

Dear ehon,

Yippie! The Pom Chak Chak Sifu! :P

What summary? Pom chak chak summary? Since you datang hari-hari, today I update again, just for you.. hah! :p

Bloglines sometimes can be slow also you know... dunno why liddat wan... Google Reader leh, sometimes super fast, esp. for Blogger mya blogs... but sometimes, dem slow also... what about EhonRSS Feeder? Will it be the fastest?? (one more ques for u :p)

My album arr? Wait I go for singing classes first...

Dear ahmay,

Soli Blogger makan your comment... *bad Blogger...piakssss*

Casablanca IS a classic! Humphrey Bogart... so lengjai...

DYK that this quote, "Here's looking at you kid," is one of AFI's 100 years top 100 movie quotes?? But the no. 1 quote of all is from the movie Gone With The Wind... "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." Hehe... so yeng hor this quote?

I just watched Casablanca a few months back... B & W but love it! ;)

Dear jl,

How can not keik hei... I keik until mou hei jor... :(

OK, I'm lost about the "tanned ah-meow" -__-'''

Dear huei,

U like it too? So laam, hor? :)

Hahaha! I like your "Maxs*it". I really dunno what's the problem with customer service in Malaysia!!! GRRR!!!

Dear cutiepie,

Waa waa waa... must ask your boss how he do the nyamuk pusing... terrernyer.... I've been busy but later today, I'm gonna GET 'em! GRRRR!!!


Dear kat,

Sigh... I'm disappointed in customer service, generally... even at the place I'm working, I sometimes could hear those ppl on the phone and they sound so rude tsk tsk... so men-siasuei-kan...

Your phone bill got dispute, then they no cut your line when u din pay? Not bad wat...

Can pom chak chak to Moon River ah? Hmmm...

Yes! I want! TQ! :D

Dear savante,

Haha... you are right... how could anyone not love Peppard! But but but... you no look at Hepburn meh?? Not even a glance?? Or two?? :p

Dear winn,

Yeah... actually you also look like Hepburn, horrrrr? :p

No no, not my house internet got problem... it's my opis mya line... pek chek can die I tell you...

Hahaha... ya ya, Hepburn sell duck eggs quite a number of years liao lohhh... (at first I thot that "mai ham ngap tarn" is your attempt to translate Hepburn's name hahaha! :p)

Dear laundryamah,

Must watch... it's a CLASSIC! ;)

Dear surferboy,

Oiii!!! Tolonglah jaga skit bahasa hang tu! Tsk tsk tsk!

Thanks, I listened to Tata Young's version liao... actually, doesn't matter in what language, Moon River is orgasmic... :p

ALONE? Soli... tak pernah dengar... aku tak suker cite seram ler... takutttttt :p

Dear king's wife,

She is beautiful TOTALLY!!! You should watch... it's gonna be on Cinemax on 4th of July... afternoon, I think ;)

Dear stupe,

Wet dreams? What's that? :p

You love oldies cos you old man hehe...

Dear narrowband,

Toksah risau... I pinjam you the DVD, k? ;) But after that, you have to explain to me the song, ya?? :p

Dear aiyah nonya,

*high 5*

Yeah, the movie is dreamy... Hepburn is dreamy too...

Oh regarding your ring from Tiffany's hor... you have to tell H ler... he can't read your mind marrr... rite? :D

You are lucky that customer service in Singapore is efficient... here... haiii... dowan to talk... talk already also can make me spit fire! But yeah, when I'm a bit free either later or next week (cos boss not around hehe), then I'll send them a spicy email :D

Whether it'll work or not, I tell you later, ok? :)

Spa arr? I just went last weekend... Thanks for the soothing words! *hugs*

Dear zewt,

Ei, not very old lar ok... got colour already wan... not black & white like Casablanca... You are from the 'younger' generation... dunno how to appreciate "classics", izit?? :p

Recycle the script? Haha... got meh?? Which movie?? Must be some Canto movie ler...

Haaa... actually hor... you can also marry inexpensively wan... it's a matter of choice ;)


Jemima said...

Chk out this link & drool... hehe

Happy weekend!

rinnah said...

I love Hepburn! She's like THE Hollywood star, IMHO, compared to the current crop of starlets.

"... wherever you're going, I'm going your way... two drifters, off to see the world, there's such a lot of world to see..."

_butt said...

I liked moon river too, such a romantic number hor :)

Audrey Hepburn reminds me of a song I heard long time ago.. Breakfast at Tiffany by Deep Blue Something. nice also.

RM700 per month?? I can confirmed pengsan liao... lol

angel said...

Dear jemima,...
Thanks lah for making me droooool :p

The Hepburn 'set' was darn cool! You so lucky! And I love Tiffany! Haha...

U hv a relaxing weekend too! ;)

Dear rinnah,...
I'm just so amazed with her flawless beauty... so dreamy her face... so leng, hor?

I also wanna be a star like her... *dreaming*
*faster wake me up*

Dear butt,...
Haaaa... that Breakfast At Tiffany's is a rock song :p You rocker you! LoL! :p

My jaw also dropped when I heard how much we were paying for that pathetic 2MB line... really jiak lang wan! Hmmphh!!


Ah Bong said...

i once sang moon river at a karaoke and it didnt come out good..some long ago friends still call me moon river

angel said...

Dear ah bong,

*brings Red Carpet*
Errmmm... coffee? tea? ribena? :p

Haha... Moon River is a nice nickname. I shall call you that from now on. Oh, I'll need to try this song at the karaoke the next time ;)