Sunday, June 24, 2007

Royal Birthday, Hollys Coffee

It's been exactly a year since my first audience with Her Majesty. Now, one year later, not that many things changed (Can you see I'm lying thru' my teeth?? *grins*), well except that I got to know her better. Allow me to say that SHE is the Dancing Queen! Heh heh...

Come one, come all, come wish her a Very Happy Royale Birthday ! Sang Yat Fai Lok! May you stay pretty and healthy forever!

Initially, I mind-blogged quite a bit for this entry but don't know why, the fingers aren't tapping... hmmm... Oh yes, I'm much better now, thank you!

So, since I'm unable to type lotsa words today (must be because I'm not drugged tonight...) I'll just show you this cool place which I hope won't chap lup because that place didn't look that popular, even on a Saturday evening. Anyway, move away Starbucks, here comes Hollys Coffee from Korea! (If you need help with Korean, you may seek winn or Laundryamah's help.)

Last week, I had the opportunity to try out Hollys Coffee at Cineleisure. Someone blogged about it some time back but I didn't get to try it. So today, I'm telling you this, I'm lovin' Hollys Coffee! (No apostrophe wan, ok)

What am I lovin' at Hollys Coffee? I'm lovin' their Raspberry Cafe Mocha. Something different from your usual mocha. A tad sweet but raspberry and coffee, I say it's yummy! I also had their smoked chicky sandwich. Not too bad and I like the corn. *slurp*
(Important note : YES! There IS FREE WI-FI! YATTAA!!!)

So, if you are at Cineleisure later today for the Transformers Robotcon 2007 (last day today), do check out Hollys Coffee at Ground Floor (right wing) of Cineleisure. This is NOT a Sponsored Post! *blekkk*


kyh said...

wah those food are yumm!!!

happy birthday KW!!! imperial happiness to u!

angel said...

Wah liao!!! How come you so fast wan???

For you, can only eat the corn...

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

L B said...

Happy Happy... I think I am all used up.. No more energy.
But I like this HOLLYS COFFEE! Wheeeee, somemore free WiFi! Ok, essentially free WiFi! Shall I disown Starbucks yet?

L B said...

take me, take me... I am all yours...

L B said...

take or not? waiting..

angel said...

Take you go where?

angel said...

Why you not HAPPY HAPPY liao ka? How can?? Cannot! Must be HAPPY HAPPY! So that the World can be HAPPY HAPPY too! Save the World! Save the Cheerleader!

*silly grin*

Haha... no no, you mustn't disown Stabaks yet... Stabaks is convenient for u, remember? Hehe...

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

L B said...

take me lying down...

angel said...

*tries not to LOL*
Your fav position? Spread Eagle?

L B said...


L B said...

I am so wanton...

angel said...

It's ok to be wantan.. oops... to be wanton around the blogs :) Misti will come and clear everything later... hehe...

*time to zzzzz*
*prepares for Sunday Spa*
Goodnite... muakkksss!

ehon said...


U very the random lor. start of with King's Wife and suddenly Hollys Cafe. -_-""" i thought the Hollys Cafe got something to do with the birthday then when i finish reading, "har? not connected har?" -_-

:P hehehe. good to hear that u're getting better lar. no more drug addict. ekekekekekekek

Winn said...

KW rocks!!!! Happy birthday KW happy happy birthday! dance to the birthday song KW!

errr.....why me korea?

really nice har? i never see hollys cafe when i was in cine leisure..ok must go and nawinngate out...aiya u dint manage to let ur previous entry reach a 100 comments...

may said...

Happy Happy Royal Birthday, KW!! pretty pretty, happy happy always!!

Hollys Coffee better than Stabak's ka? I dun mind trying, looks good! as long as they make a good latte, I'm all for it...

Will said...

happy b'day king's wife...

royalty birthday... ada holiday tak? :P

ah nel said...

Hapii Birthday King's wife

*not a sponsored post but kepoh go post oso*


a^ben said...

happy birthday to her majesty~~~~


mistipurple said...

*runs in clean up mess left by the angel and the spread eagle*

Happy Birthday King's Wife. may you continue to have more gold gold gold!

moz monster said...


That place looks pretty decent ... but if it's not getting business ... better go eat there first ...

King's wife said...

Thanks Angel! Those pink roses are sooo pretty. So sweet, almost good to eat!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! Happy Sunday to all!

Yay! Another kopi place.

L B said...

*looks up the king's wife's dress from below*

Chen said...

Happy Happy Royal Birthday, King's Wife.

I'm hungry leh, i wanna eat the jagung.

Wennnn said...


day-dreamer said...

Nice nice pics o... ;)

Happy Birthday King's Wife!!!

surfer boy said...

happy birthday u there!

so, biler u gonna take me (and blanjah) to this kopitiam suci(s) nie?

aiyah nonya said...

Hi angel

Holly's many names, so many coffee joins and the names they can come up with.

Over here we have Gloria Jeans, (sounds like a store that sells jeans), Coffee Club, tcc, Olio Dome to name a few. Even there are cafes at the museums - Novus Cafe.

The most important guy in all those cafes are the barista.
Not all the joins make a good cup of coffee. One outlet serve a good cup of latte but another outlet's standard might not be that good. Even though they are from the sme coffee join.
So, it all depends on the person who is making it.

The sandwich at Holly 's coffee looks unique. And I love corn too.
Raspberry mocha...I want to try that.
Aiyah, all this talk about coffee makes me want to have a cup too.

Have a nice Sunday.

angel said...

Dear ehon,

Random is good wat... random is me :p No need to connect everything wan, rite? More exciting like this :D

I hate drugs... I sort of overdose myself that day. Suppose to take 1 pill 2x a day, I took 2 pills once a day -_-'''

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear winn,

Becos you got Korean face. Like Rain... u like Rain? :p

I like the coffee lor... new taste maa... U din see it becos it's not so obvious lor at the corner there... Din reach 100 comments because u din spam enuf :p

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear may,

Not sure if Hollys is better than Stabaks... but I like that mocha lor... I'll try their latte nxt time ;)

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

*off to Victoria Station... steak, anyone?*

Leonard said...

this hollys kopi looks not bad!

what's that pink stuff on the kopi's foam?

narrowband said...

King's Wife - That's gotta make her the Queen. Happy Birthay to Her Majesty.... ;pp

Nowadays got alotta cafe with free wifi pun ma.... !:D

angel said...

Dear will,

Holiday? Can... tomolo u self declare lar :p

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear ah nel,

I learnt from you wan...

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear a^ben,

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear misti,

How would we do without liuuuu... oh wait, should be how would he do without liuuuu :D

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear moz,

I a bit conpused by your sentence la... not getting business but better go eat first? Are you saying this? Or something else... @.@

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear King's Wife!
Sang Yat Fai Lok!

The picture of the roses was taken somewhere in London... forgot where liao :D

I love the Hollys Kopi! ;)

Hope you had a good celebration today... *birthday hugs*

Dear L B,

Howsit goin' down undah?

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear chen,

You dowan minum the kopi arr? The jagung looks good hor? Sommore got mayo... ;)

Dear wenwen,

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear day-dreamer,

Paiseh... thanks :D

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear surfer boy,

Hang jangan kedekut la... I tak nak pi ini kedai kopi... I nak makan ikan!!!

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear aiyah nonya,

Actually, there aren't that many other coffee joints like Starbucks. We only have Coffee Bean, San Francisco Coffee, Gloria Jeans, Grand Canyon Coffee (not popular), Dome... that's about all. The rest are those kopitiams like Old Town Kopitiam, with cheaper coffee, of course ;)

How are the museums there? I'm not a museum fan though...

Hmmm... you've got a point about the barrista... I never thought about it before... I think I should cut down on kopi at work... sometimes without realising it, I have 2 cups per day at work... sei mm sei?

You know, I also love Gloria Jeans' Swiss Orange Mocha. Do they serve it in Sg? Hmmm... I seem to have this thing for Fruit + Kopi, huh? Hehe... And yes, the sandwich IS different ;)

Have a good week ahead!


zewt said...

who is KW? i am cuntfuse.

pssst... dont tell anyone.. 24/6 is also my bday!

angel said...

Dear leonard,

The pink pink is the raspberry syrup, I think... I'm lovin' it! :D

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear narrowband,

Haha of course! ;)

Yalah... I know a lot of cafe with free wifi but in order to 'promote' this place, must say it out also la... I need to 'promote' this place because if not, it might chap lup, then I got no raspberry kopi to drink liao... :(

Speaking of free wifi, even the Malay kopitiam opp my opis pun ada free wifi... dun pray-pray...

Sang Yat Fai Lok, King's Wife!

Dear zewt,

WAT??? U dunno KW??? WOEIIII... you met her that nite too, okay! Aisay...

Your bday also??? WAAAA!!! Double Happiness!

Sang Yat Fai Lok, ZEWT!

Dun tell anyone arr? Then can blog about it anot? :p


zewt said...

now i know it's KW... majesty... sorry... had a bit of wine just now...

can la... just kidding just now.

zewt said...

now i know it's KW... majesty... sorry... had a bit of wine just now...

can la... just kidding just now.

angel said...

Dear zewt,

Waa... so easy to mabukkan you wan huh? Go sleep early then ;)

OK, nxt year I shall announce it loud loud... blowing of trumpets and all heh heh...

Happy Burfday again! ;)
I love burfdays :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Angel, I like the place. What? You go there and bring your Apple too?
Don't leave home without it, huh?
When you go on your Ha ha. After dinner, tap, tap away to NyonyPenang's post?
Hey, hope this place still there when I balek kampong, buy you Strawberry ice cream, okay?
BUT, don't bring your Apple...want to hold hands, how?
You have a nice day, Angel.
Hope your cold, flu, fever, headache, officeache all okay now. UL.

Huei said...

the raspberry cafe mocha looks so yummy!!! i love raspberry!! cool!!

i must go try n c! =D

Angel Eyes said...

Sure nice eh? Now have to try coz i live nearby!

Come, come i belanja you want or not angel?

eastcoastlife said...


Cineleisure? Singapore??? Where? You in Singapore?

JL said...

aiks.. mm shue fook arh? *hugs*

hope ya feeling better liao...

rinnah said...

Happy Royale Belated Birthday wishes to the King's Wife! Long live the Queen! The Queen! Hehehe.

And Zappy Zirthday to Zewt!

rinnah said...

Fingers too fast... pressed the enter button before I could comment on Hollys Coffee.

Free WiFi? Yes, I'm halfway there already... Price how? Cheaper than stabaks?

zeroimpact said...

A big happy belated birthday to KW
I want coffee now
And is that corn
Is that really corn
Where's this place again

laundryamah said...

wah next gathering there la! korean wor...i LIKE!

angel said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

No no... I didn't bring my Apple there lar... I just went to have dinner.

Haha... when I go honeymoon arr? Sure I'll need to bring it along because I prolly might need it to communicate with The Other Half! Hehe... Welcome to the World of Romance in CyberSpace! I know, not your cup of tea heheh...

I hope the place will still be here when you balik kampung... that's why I needed to blog about it so that people will go there! *wink* Har? Buy me strawberry ice cream? Errmm... but I love rum & raisin flavour better worrr... Buy me R&R, okay? Thankssss!

Hahaha... OK OK, I shall NOT bring my Apple when I go for dates with you. But be prepared for raised eyebrows when you hold my hand ohh... esp. coming from Nyonyapenang hehehe...

I'm better now... except my officeache... aiyahhh... that one, forever will be aching wan... sighhh...

But thanks for your concern... can hug you? Hehe...

Dear huei,

You like raspberry? Then you must try that mocha... very special cos never tried mocha with raspberry flavour before ;)

Dear angel eyes,

I like it lor... not sure if you'll like it too but you can try since it's near your place :)

Belanja me? Waa... sure boleh! ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,

Hehe... no no, not Singapore... it's in PJ, like I told you, beside The Curve, which is beside Ikea. Next time you wanna look for The Curve, looke me up first, ok? *wink* I'll take you there.

Dear jl,

I'm okay liao... tor cheh...

Dear rinnah,

The Queen sure happies :D

Err... the price is NOT cheaper than Stabaks wor... but Stabaks dun hv raspberry mocha! Whoopie! Hehe...

Dear zeroimpact,

You ah? You go for Stabaks lah... cheaper for you ;)
Of cos that's corn! Jagung! Real wan... quite nice when laced with mayo :)

This place is at Cineleisure... neh... the Cathay cinema ahhh... near your favourite LaundryBar!

Dear laundryamah,

Haha... I know sure you like wan ;)


Simple American said...

Free wi-fi!
Excellent hugs!
I'm on the way.
Keep the coffee hot. :)

plink said...

Coffee and free WiFi!


Angel Eyes said...

So when can i date you?


Monk[+]Icon said...

eh u got come to Robotcon ah? why didnt call me geh? -_-

_butt said...

happy belated birthday king's wife!

oh yeah, heard about Holly's coffee but haven't been there yet though :(

angel said...

Dear Sir SA,

I'm still waiting for you at the airport :p

Dear plink,

I'm also waiting for you... neck became like giraffe wan liao... :p

Dear angel eyes,

Date me is not very susah wan... bila senang, u tell me la... :)

Dear ah monk,

Gua tarak pi... soli...

Dear butty,

Better go there soon... I sked nanti they chap lup nia... :(