Monday, September 11, 2006

7 Days Later, September 11, 2006

It's been exactly one week since I came to London. How has it been so far? One word - G R E A T ! ! ! 5 more days to go before I leave this city. So tell me what else do I need to do here???

I've done the London Eye, Tower of London, Madame Tussaud's, cruise @ River Thames, change of guards @ Buckingham Palace (couldn't really see much 'cos 'twas so hot and so many people!), Camden Town, Cambridge (Yes!!! And last night, I was told that someone is THERE too!!! Arrghh!!! Should have met up, shouldn't we??), went punting (not me of course), Primrose Hill @ night, Eros @ Picadilly Square, had coffee, had tea, had scones, had banger & mash, had fresh figs, had duck rice @ Four Seasons, had fish & chips, had hot chocolate & muffin in the park, checked out Wembley Stadium @ night, had meatballs @ Ikea (Ai-kay-ya) Wembley, had kebabs... and no, I'm NOT "mooning" with any sort of "honey" here! I wonder who was the liuliu rumour monger... *prepares Giant Sotongs to piak that fella*

So, what did I miss? Theatre you say? Of course! How could I miss it?! Phantom of The Opera!!! Coming soon! Wait for me! *wink wink*

My replies to your previous comments... Hope you don't mind because I find this way easier... well, at least for now... Have a great week ahead! And yes, let's take a minute to reflect on what happened 5 years ago on September 11, 2001. Time flies, huh?


Inevitable said...


Darling inevitable, wow! First indeed! Pratinum Chup!

may said...

chup for GOLDliuliu!!

Darling lil'missmay, *LOL* Yes, Grolden Chup!

Chen said...

darling angel,
yeah miss u :D
but u will be flying back soon liao also, right? :D

Darling doktor, Srilver Chup! Oi, notchet so soon laaa... *tries to slow down time*

may said...
waaaa, so the cheating! make replies to comments as part of your post... liuliuLOLOLliuliu!! but good lah, at least you got reply.

the duck rice there ok lah, not totally fantastic, but if you're craving for some then that's the place to go. once you get off the station, it's on the same road, can't miss it!

I didn't pay to go into any of the palaces or museums and stuff... me cheapskate, kekekeke! but I did pay to go up the London Eye. ride once is good enough! go and check out the Palace lah, then can tell me about it... *grin*


Darling lil'missmay, haha! Oi, what cheating? Just starting a new "trend" kakakaka! And yessss! I went to 4 Seasons for the ducky rice!!! And hey, it's in Bayswater! Not Baker St!!! Lucky got some London Boy take me there... :D And luckily, it's sedap! ;)
I also think I dont wanna pay to go to the palace la because the other day, I didn't find Tower of London that interesting... :P *hugz back*

Anonymous said...

ingenious my dear! i love reading reply to comments and it is goood that comments reply get some good airing cos doing reply as time consuming as new post!


Darling feikor,
Ingenious? Hehe... no lar.. it's called cheating abit... and I agree totally with you about replying comments... the time taken to reply is sometimes longer than to do a new entry!
ah nel said...

larling liu liu,
i see u no comment tot u lost ledi mar... ;P

18th???hmmm...tat number...ohhh...i think that my last day... ;P

*gua ade pressie kar?*

Darling ah nel,
I no comment because I lazy and bz become tourist maa...
18th your last day? Should I say congrats ar?
Pressie? Got... if liu come KayElle, I got something 4 u ;)

Simple American said...

I likes my fish and chips with Angeliu. :D

Darling Sir Simple American,
Now... this sounds kinda tricky... hmmmmmm... :P
*fish & chips coming up*

zeroimpact said...

Ok loo, manhattan fish shop also saaatttt
Have fun though, and ta pao la anything that you can back :)

Darling zeroimpact,
OK OK, I'll tapao something... but then hor, I not straight away fly back to KayElle worrrr...

Anonymous said...

go skor ok? skor a goal watever la.


Darling ngor,
Skor goal? *catch no ball*

plink said...


angel got watch play or not? Can go with your friend orso....

Psst... Go check your email....

Darling plink,
Going! Going! *waiting for u to go with me*
E-mail checked... Tomorrow nite, okay?

L B said...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on your W E D D I N G ! ! ! Sneaky! Ran off for hunnymooncake, never tell us wan!

Darling L B,
*prepares to piak with Giant Sotong*
So Y O U were the monger!!!

_butt said...

angeliu, u getting married??? waaaaaa..

see you so syiok bercuti.. *jeles*

Darling butty,
Oi! Prease dun listen to the liuliu rumour!
Bercuti of cos syiokkkk! :P

_butt said...


shud be honeymooning.. kekeke

Darling butty,

*gets ready more Giant Sotongs*

a^ben said...

got buy anything for me? ahhahahahahahah! :P

Darling a^ben,
Gottt... but u must cum KayElle to claim, ok? :P

kat said...

eeeep!! dunno my left from right!!! *runaway&hideredface*
Now rainy season here, nice and cold...can pretend to be in London with angel...following the da vinci code...
Got go to mdm tussaud and take picture with meng sing ah?? But so expensive, the entrance fee..

Darling kat,
Rainy season eh? Today, it's pretty warm... but still the nice kind of course... u don't hv to pretend... can come also maa... *hands over a map for kat to crack Da' Code*

Yes yes, got go Madame Tussaud and take pictures of the ming sing nia because went alone maa... Any entrance fee is expensive, esp. if kali 7! *pengsan*

9393 said... to say where is Wardour….alot of pubs, posh restaurant ..err at night can see a lot of in central London somewhere carnaby St.Try ask you friend they sure knows when you say Wong Kee the Rudest Restaurant...But not to worry they wont treat us yellow skin that bad but sometime depend on the hongkie mood as normally crowded.Bet you have a lot to blog about

by the way how is your jet-lag..hope is ok jor

Darling 9393,
Ha? Posh place arr? And chickens?? I don't really dare go to central London on my own at night... My fren not every time so free accompany me wan maa... u come take me there la... :P

Yeah, no more jet-lag... die loh if still got... :P but thanks for asking :)

Chen said...

since everyone congratulating Angeliu, how can I tak congrats leh?
I kiasu on & off mah.. :P

Darling doktor,
*orders more Giant Sotongs for Piaking Session*
This is gonna be a looooong piak-ing session...

plink said...


Congratulations to angel!

Tengok fotos of the blushing bride/groom?

Darling plink,
My previous comment to doktor, ditto to you *blekkkk*

mistipurple said...

hahaha *conpused whether to congrats or not* scared kena piak by sotong. but sotong nice to eat mah.. so Congrats!!! :D
*runs far far*

Darling mistiliu,
Oiii!!! Liu oso so bad follow the bad liulius!!! *bawls*
*rings for more Giant Sotongs*

c o n s u e l a said...

hey you!!!
are you still enjoying your getaway in London?
very envious lah!! I wish I can be in London too...

wedding? wedding? honeymoon? any truth to this? if so...
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

*hugs hugs hugs*

Darling c o n s u e l a,
Yes, yes yes! I'm enjoying every bit of it! Dun be envious... cum cum! Take a flight here! Quick! :P
Of course there's absolutely NO TRUTH to that rumour! If it were my honeymoon, I wanna do Hawaiiiiii!!!! Yeah! Aloha!!! :D

Lil' Joy said...

Angel, enjoy your holiday ya...

Darling Lil' Joy,
Wooooo! I'm happy to see u here... Thanks, I'm enjoying London...

Cocka Doodle said...

Go for one of the musicals. it's quite an experience. I'm sure you'll love it!
Take care and come home soon!

Darling cocka,
Yes! Die-die also must go for at least one of the musicals! I'm sure I'll love it too! Tuesday, Phantom of The Opera! ;)
I'll be back in a week... miss me leh... heh heh...

Dannie said...

hehehe i wan post cards~~~

Darling dannie,
Can can... mana address??? Faster!!

dreamie said...

Angel babe, you on vacationing cum honeymooning? wow!! you gonna break many hearts lorrr... (lol)

Darling dreamie,
I'm on vacation laaaa!!! Break hearts? Your heart break ka? So now, are you the kor kor or the mei mei??? Make me konpius la you...

nicholas said...

Angel, remember to learn some British accent! :)

Darling nicholas,
Hullo! *brings out the Red Carpet*
British accent?
*clears throat*
I think I'm already doing it. Can get pretty carried away when you are staying with a 5 year old gurl who speaks only British Engrish! ;)


ah nel said...

i forgot to wish you happy honeymoon...LOL...*waiting pResent*

Chen said...

oh ya.. today is 11 September..
so fast time flies..
remembering the day when many innocent lives were killed :(

enjoy your hols angel,
see you soon :)

c o n s u e l a said...


can't wait to see all the photos!!

may said...

whee, srilver chuppies!

may said...

alamak, too late, got hijacked by consuela... LOLOL!! I think you've pretty much covered most of what a typical tourist would do. I did a lot of sight-seeing at the museums, galleries, etc... same old, same old, but still interesting!

5 days left, just relax and take a stroll... ;)

sengkor said...

i everyday check mailbox still nochet get the postcard geh..?

Inevitable said...

LOL @ sengkor. I also check the mailbox daily lah... mana postcard?
There is a chance that you came back first before the postcard arrived... kekeke

nyonyapenang said...

what else need to do huh? buy all the gorgeous and sexy babydolls! ;)

L B said...


Chen said...

oh.. regarding the honey with the moon rumours ah...
when u come back time,
u can slow-slow search for the source :P

awaiting the upcoming piaking session...
more sotongs on the way

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Then you mooning with who? :P

Ex-londoner said...

Wong Kee (Wardour Street) is right by China Town! There are two ends at China Town, one with the pavilion and parking house and the other end with a road leading down to Leceister Square. The 'other end' is Wardour Street and Wong Kee is located quite close to Shaftsbury Avenue (the theatreland).

Sounds like you won't be there for another weekend.... otherwise I'd suggest Notting Hill/ Portabello Market on Sat..but go there on a weekday and just enjoy the village, it's nice anyway.

Spitalsfield Market in East End is worth a visit. It has a different theme every day, it's close to Brick Lane (if you explore a bit you can find the 24 hr bagel place, they sell freshly made bagel at 12p per piece)

Borough's Market at London Bridge, where Jamie Oliver shops for his groceries (at least on the show). From there, walk along the South Bank and hit Tate Modern. A large part is free and the building itself is worth a visit (the musuem is converted from an old power plant)

plink said...

*O.O @ TheNyonya and AhWongKor*


[batu api]
Mali mali! Lelong lelong! Giant Sotong, very good for piakking wan.
Today spesial offer: buy five sotong free one skunk!

[/batu api]
[aiyahnehminebatu apiagain]
Mali mali! Lengjai, lengloei...!

Kenny Ng said...

go watch an EPL match! Damn... today is 11 sept already, got 5 years liao meh? Cham... wa lao liao.

Anonymous said...

LB said SEXS HOP not sex shop ok? i m merely clarifying on his behalf.

yeah, so go sexs hopping....emmm, like wat u do in hopping?


zeroimpact said...

Never mind I can wait...
About the honey with the moon dessert ah...
I still think there is something fishy leh...
Or may be they just like sotong piaking too much

King's wife said...

phantom should be good! I am sure you will enjoy it. Wish I was there too.
Are you gonna hand deliver those postcards when you get back??

Dannie said...

hehe i was jk laa... but i am from kl mar... hehehehehehe *winks winks* and *shining puppy eyes*..hehehehhehehehe i still prefer fish and chirps hehe

L B said...

where's my ASTRO?!!!

kat said...

Oo postcard with tube map-boh? Lu eh sai hand carry...wa don't mind eh...

Simple American said...

Did you go to Soho. I liked watching people there and Picadilly Circus. I remembering finding some records I could not easily find in the US. Yep I said records, cause CDs were still pretty new at the time. Weren't sure they would be the next thang or not.

_butt said...

when you come back, there'll be sotong *piak* fight waiting for you.. ooops I mean us!! *hehe*


L B said...

*prepares ITALIAN sotong*

Nicholas said...

wah so nice got london boy bring u go duck rice!

is he good looking? ;p

may said...

*checks postbox...*
*mou postcard geh...*

how was Phantom of the Opera? fantastic, kan? oh yea, sorry 'bout the Bayswater and Baker St mix-up, I knew it was somewhere up North lah! Baker St is where Madame T's is (and not worth paying to go in, either!).

Chen said...

awaiting the upcoming sotong piak
I will post something on "that topic" soon..
stay tuned :P