Friday, September 01, 2006

THHC™ Chapter 4 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©

Another month over... as usual the obligatory post on the first day of the month, announcement of last month's Top Spooners aka Huggers aka Chuppers! This month, 28 Chuppers made it to the List! Last month, there were 20. I guess the reason is because of the "varieties" in the time of my entry posting. (Now, why did this sentence sound a bit "out"? Hmmmm...)

This is gonna be a short one because I'm running outta time! I'm leaving on Sunday and I've got tonnes of things to settle before I leave! Aarrghh!!! Without further ado, here's the Top Spooners' List! Congratulations to the Top Three Terrorist Huggers! *muaks*

01 24 Pratinum Doktor Chen
02 15 ♥ Grolden Keatix
02 15 Grolden Tiuniasing
02 15 Grolden Misti
05 11 Srilver Winn
05 11 Srilver C o n s u e l a
07 09 plink
08 08 Lil' Joy
08 08 _butt
08 08 titoki
11 07 Lil' Miss May
12 05 King's Wife
12 05 ikan
12 05 aceone
12 05 mozilla monster
12 05 ElleB
17 03 Fantasyflier
17 03 Inevitable
17 03 carcar
17 03 sengkor
17 03 ♥ carmistwinanplinktitokichen
17 03 ah nel
17 03 ducky
24 02 cocka
25 01 a^ben
25 01 sotongking
25 01 angugu
25 01 nyonyapenang

Oh dear... looks like this month I gotta buy *count count count* Six Scoops of Ice Cream! Waaa! And I've not even settled last month's "debt" with sengkor, doktor, misti & winn!!! How can?! Die!!! I'm gonna be in deep in debts soon! Liuliu lohhh... OK, OK... Looks like I've gotta note it down somewhere, but where?! Now I know why I "want" a PDA... :P

Oh yeah, later tonight I'm going to this place with Mama...

To watch 'em live... Wheeee!!! Anyone going too??

*By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
ye-eah we wept, when we remembered Zion*

*Daddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy Cool
She's crazy like a fool
What about it Daddy Cool
I'm crazy like a fool
What about it Daddy Cool*

Lover of the Russian queen
There was a cat that really was gone
Russia's greatest love machine
It was a shame how he carried on*

DYK that today the Budget Speech 2007 will be presented @ 1600 hours?


L B said...

Quick Quick CHUP

L B said...

WAAAA!!!!!! Jackpot today!!! How can? How can? Beware, everyone!! This marks the Return of L B, the real stalker!!!! Soon, anyway, once he gets back to Italia.. Wakaka!!!

L B said...

Er, where's my Ice Cream?!

mistipurple said...

ahhhh yaaaaa i see 0 on the front page and LB attack oredy!!!!

mistipurple said...

now i got time to jogek and shake my hip, Cool daddy coooool cool daddy cooool!!!
i got grolden award!!! yipppeeeeee!!

Anonymous said...

me second, cannot be. u must hv been biased to 'me'. i seldom visit u and i dont even hv a belog....LOL.

ok, i know u wanna buy me an icecream, u can mail me RM20.


a^ben said...

yay~ 1 mark *shake butt till fainted*

hee hee hee hee hee~ ai.. kl so many concerts to attend`

zeroimpact said...

Why I no get to hug one...

may said...

no need to be in top 3, can still have ice cream with you, kan angeliuliu? ;)

Inevitable said...

At last, I see my name there...
Memang susah betui naik chart...

titoki said...

Wow, I'm no. 8. And no. 8 is ONG leR. ;)

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

your fan club growing wahhhh

Pink Cotton said...

wahh *bawlss*

i owes kenot be top 10 in ur blog one!!..sianz!

oh btw.. i think this dr chen has got some tool lar..she really good in being the first one to comment..LOL

dreamie said...

angel.. your tag i do jor
so lucky you !! going to concert and holiday aso
you must be mummy's pet lah

King's wife said...

oh, boney M...they got some good hits.
Enjoy your show with mama!

plink said...

Pistachio ice cream!

Aiyah wasted! Just short of two points....

Shh... I remember Boney M....

Kenny Ng said...

boney M? wow!!! old group alive! too bad no rock concert :(

sengkor said...

alamak, from 1st placing last month jatuh 17th.. need to add more petrol!

carcar said...

boney M! wow! yeah echo-ing with king's wife, enjoy with your mama mia!!

LB, get your ice cream from titoki ah! haha!!~

hey im glad that i make myself into your chart leh, you know lah.. so many stalker out there waiting to chup!

Chen said...

wah, dapat lombor satu ah..
bagus bagus.. can get another free scoop of ice cream,
but hoh, i haven't get the previous month scoop of flee asikelim yet :P
jadi, can combine it jadi 2-in-1 combo :P

can eat the asikelim with the platinum spoon or not?
u wanna provide that, kan?

enjoy your night in that classic place together with your beloved mama.

Budget ah.. tak dengar lagi leh..

L B said...

Why am I getting icecream from titoki wan??!!!!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Freeze!!! This is Ma baker! Put your hands in the air and give me all your money!!!

Simple American said...

Wow! They're still around. I remember them when I was in the Army. Have fun.

I'm slipping. Another Hug Hug Club and me without a point. :(

nyonyapenang said...

oooei, nama gua pun ada? macam mana main punya ini game?
anyways, terima kasih and wishing you and mama a wonderful time.
** sayangs ***

angel said...

Dear ElleB, The Stalker King!
Waaa!! I'm so the implessed!!! Hit Jackpot, can share share??? *blink blink*
Ice cream arr?
OK OK, I'll pack a dozen scoops and Fed-ex it over to Italia, deal? Cos we running outta time liao!! Alternatively, next year, you can have 3 dozen scoops... ha, apa macam? :D
Oh yeah, Pratinum Chup!

Dear mistiliu!
Hahahahahaaha! Liu always make me laff wan liu... so liuliu :P
Mistiliuuuu, I go Sg and we go eat ice cream, liu???
*jogets with mistiliu*
*shake bonbon*
Grolden Chup for liu!

Dear keatix!
Shhh! Oi! How can say like dat so loud wan???
Soli, I dun mail cash if i wanna buy ppl ice cream... either me or ice cream, nothing else.
Srilver Chup for u!


angel said...

Dear a^ben,...
Oi, dun faint here lar... nanti i bawak skunkie, u baru tau...
Yeah, actually there are lotsa concert being held here! Especially in Genting Highland! Nearly every weekend oso got!

Dear zeroimpact,...
U like concerts too?
Who said u get no hugz? Gotttttt!!!
*free hugz give-away*

Dear lil'missmay,...
With u, ice cream anytime! ;)

Dear inevitable,...
I must congratulate u for masuk chart first time and becum a New Spooner! :D

Dear titoki,...
Haha! Yeah! U are also a New Spooner, hor? Tahniah! Ong all da' way!

Dear fantasyflier,...
Eh nolah... where got fans club... all fren fren... so it's called Frens' Club ;)
Errr wait... no.. it's called The Hug Hug Club!!! :D

Dear pink cotton,...
Awwww... dun cry, dun cry... can still try wan... that doktor, she must hv the RSS Feed ler... Dun worry, I oso dun really know how it works wan... *LOL*
I buy u aiskrim if u cum KayElle lah, ok boh??

Dear dreamie,...
Me mummy's pet? Errr... it's the other way round... :P

Dear king's wife,...
Yeah, the concert was greattttt!!!
All the songs are like 30 yrs old liao but they all rock!!!

Dear plinku,...
OK OK, noted the pistachio aiskrim!
Boney M - they rockkkk!
*io ka chng*

Dear kenny ng,...
What kinda rock concert are you looking for? INXS arr?

Dear sengkor,...
Yalorrr! Aiyo, yam kung loh... so liuliu wan...
Maybe u shud change your petrol lar... now using wat? Shell ar? Petronas better, rite?

Dear carcar,...
Yaaa! I enjoyed Boney M very muchi!!! TQ!
I'm glad that you made it too!
*hugz & muakz*
Altho' u so bz but still cum and chuppie... *kam toung* Take care, hor!

Dear doktor,...
Ei? U just hv aiskrim tonite wat... :P
Har? Why must eat with Platinum Spoon? Plastic spoon not good arr? Lighter maa... :P

Yes, I enjoyed the concert alot!! My mom too! :D

Budget, i think u got bonus, rite???

Dear ElleB,...
Errr... *shrug*
*points at plinku*
Maybe titoki can make liuliu aiskrim?

Dear cocka,...
Of all the songs!
*surrenders everything*

Dear sir simple american,...
Uh huh... their songs are forever cool!!! Love it! Love it! Enjoyed it alot!

Awwww... dun be sad... there's always next month and the nxt and the next... ;)

Dear nyonyapenang,...
Hehe! Yeah, u are a new Spooner!
Ini game like tis wan... Just be the first 3 commentators and earn hughug points... First is 5 pts, 2nd is 3 pts and 3rd is 1 pt. End of the month, points are tabulated and hence the "announcement" of the top 3 Huggers! Over here, we have the Pratinum, Grolden and Srilver Chups for 1st, 2nd and 3rd commentators. This The Hug Hug Club (THHC™) was created by ;)
If you wanna read more, can go to my previous posts on every 1st day of the month ;)
Waaa, so lor sor... :D

TQ and I had a great time with mama!
*sayangz back*


ah nel said...

ehhh...i was thre last nite in my

Boney Masin...wahhhhh... *who r they ha???lol

_butt said...

Still standing at 9th place.. pheww!! and with such fatt fatt number 0808 sumore.. hehe.. gimme all the fatt I need in exammmm!!

Have a great weekend oh Angel!! ^^ *hughug*

See Fei said...

no honourable mention for me? :-(
What have i got to do to get your liuliu?

angel said...

Dear ah nel,...
Masin yr head lah!
They are like Abba like dat punya group. Their songs are like 30 yrs old liao but still are favourites ;)

Dear butty,...
U need fatt in exams arr? OK OK...wishing u all the fatts that u need! Fatt hao, can ar? *LOL* Just kidding! Good luck! ;)

U hv a good weekend too!

Dear feikor,...
Honorable mention? *LOL* So honourable meh to be mentioned? Well, looks like you have made it into this month's chart with your Pratinum Chup in the next entry! :)


Chen said...

I just subscribe to not long ago :P

angel said...

Dear doktor,...
Ohhh... so this is your senjata... :P

Susah kah??

ah nel said...

how u noe my head masin???lol

akba???duck meat???seem nice to eat... ;P