Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Accidental Topic

Winston : sometimes i feel the same way too
Winston : just that i din put in my blog
Winston : abt the gomen
Winston : i am getting sick of them
Me : we're living in this country.. so if there's nothing much we can do, we just hv to live with it, rite?
Winston : hmm... no
Winston : of course we can do something abt it
Me : u mean pangkah roket?
Winston : by voting for opposition
Me : and then?
Winston : that is the only alternative
Winston : if u sit down and think hard
Winston : imagine what will happen in 20 years time
Winston : our next generation
Winston : what will happen to them
Winston : in a way i envy thailand
Winston : because their citizens have the final say
Winston : sighh...
Me : so tell me what will happen in 20 yrs' time
Winston : if the same trend continues, in 20-30 years' time, we will become islamic state
Winston : we are an islamic country now
Winston : i've been to indonesia
Me : ok, and?
Winston : i can assure you that the muslims there are less fanatic than muslims here
Winston : chinese will be marginalised
Winston : just look at the Indians today
Winston : and u will see the same in 20 -30 years for chinese
Me : indian?
Winston : yes, indian
Me : u mean in our country?
Winston : yes
Winston : malaysian indians
Winston : well, of course this is what i think
Winston : it might not be true
Me : but u sound very confident leh...
Winston : but there are more and more cases of discrimination
Winston : because i kena once
Winston : from a policeman
Winston : kena road block
Winston : and the policeman said something that us chinese are drinkers
Me : discrimination happens everywhere in the world
Winston : well, maybe u are right but i really do feel that we should have equal rights
Winston : at least my generation
Me : can i copy & paste tis and do a short entry?
Me : *LOL*
Winston : up to you la.. kalau kena also, both of us kena together. at least got u acc me to kamunting
Me : hahahaha

Do you have any 2 cents? Oh yeah, and I'm not a Politikus... So, people @ MCMC, please don't catch me, okay? I'm a harmless angel... *innocent blink blink*

Today I also spoke to a mother. She's cheesed off because her daughter put down the phone on her. It was a misunderstanding lah... Bottomline, please don't hang up on your mother, okay? No matter how angry you are with your parents, please don't be rude to them.

That's all I wanna say... Waalaikum musalam...


Inevitable said...

Tenkiu tenkiu

Inevitable said...

IMHO, I think the gomen should start abolishing the special right slowly but surely. Give the bumi a bit of pressure and let them know that the gomen cannot be forever supporting them and at the same thing let the non bumi know that they are part of the country too and not being marginalised.

plink said...


plink said...

Uiyo! shouldn't have read for so long....

But accidental topics are the best.

Hanging up on parents? Aiya... when I was small....

*counts the years*

mistipurple said...

chuppp! still got chance hor?

mistipurple said...

every country got its shitty problems. we all here also. but i cannot anyhow type, or else very dangerous for us. even a statement like this. haiz.
*scotchtape own mouth* don't get me hor, i am a good citizen, i don't chew gums, i cross where i am supposed to, i er.. better stop now.

may said...

hrmmm... eh? what was that again? LOL!! I'm bad at politics. just let me have my har kau and roti kaya, and I'll be happy, yea? oh, and pancakes with lots of maple syrup too... *slurp*!!

Simple American said...

I wonder about that for the Chinese as a minority there. So far y'all have not suffered like the Indonesian Chinese. Will the ethnic Malay became racsist and act against Chinese in a harsh way?

I really do not know how the ethnic Malays think. I have not visited one of their blogs. So I am not sure how they really think about this. But it has always been in the back of my mind.

L B said...

Lemme just go KKHH KKHH KKHH KKHH...

L B said...

*shakes my booty* again

L B said...

limp limp limp

Nicholas said...

We leave the serious topics to people like Jeffooi and Aisehman ok?

We are happy happy joy joy people :)

AceOne said...

Aiseh, winston should send one copy to our honourable Mr Lim Kit Siang leh.

angel said...

Dear inevitable,...
Pratinum Chup!
Tenkiu me?
No... tenkiu you...

IMHO, I'll let you speak your opinion, tenkiu you. Please come again tomolo...

Dear plink,...
Grolden Chup!
U really think accidental topics are the best? Hmmm...
*lightbulb bernyala*
You also hang up on 'em ar??
*prepares rotan*

Dear mistipurple,...
Hahaha! Got chance!
Srilver Chup!

Understood, understood... but aiyo that scotch tape...
*peels off the scotch tape slowly*
Dun lah... sakit liuliu leh...

Dear lil'missmay,...
I also prefer dimsum & Old Town Kopitiam! Heh heh... aiyoo! Hungry!!!
*control control*

U take pancakes, I want waffles! With AISKRIM!!!

Dear sir simple american,...
Well, for the moment, I think we are still safe over here... But in the next 10-20 years, whether anyone for that matter will turn racist and act barbaric against the "minority", we have no idea.

I'm a peace lover but I believe discrimination happens everywhere. I also believe that at times we should maybe count our blessings instead... we could end up worse elsewhere.

OMG! Who just wrote that?!

*rolls around*
*runs in and out of the Ferarri*
*twirls around the coconut tree*
*shake shake shake*
*do a shampoo ad-like pose*
*pretends didnt see the limp*
*looks around for more dancing partners*

Dear nicholas,...
Totally agreed!
*high 5*
Aisay... Who's Aisehman again? -_-"
*tries to coax nicholas to join in the dance*

Dear aceone,...
Send wat har?

psst psst! Lim Kit Siang is LimPeh's unker ka? :D


plink said...

*faster finish waffles and aiskrim*

Kambing! Kambing!

*dancing between the trees*
*meaningful eye movements*

Acherly hor... when I was small(er), I would never have dared hang up on pMom. That would have threatened world peace quite properly!

LimPeh mya initials LimP ar?


Winn said...


haha.....seee how msian blogger always relate politic with foood? HAHA.....

i wan my pan mee! hehehe..

chup angel chup. been i while since i get to chup. Sighz!..

Kenny Ng said...

Based on the conversation, some of the points I'm quite agree, but some are not. I'm not side to any party, I don't think if opposition wins all the vote will improve the situation. Human is always a human, once u become a leader, there is 'something' that u can't avoid, unless u r god.

Yes, don't hang up the phone while talking to our own mother, I'm really upset nowdays many young generation never learn how to respect to the elders.

ah nel said...

chinese are drinker but they never drink at park,outside a shopping mall and didnt rape their own daughter,buang bayi... ;)

*i hang up the phone last time when i quarrel with dad* :(

Chen said...

discriminations occur everywhere..
well, put the politics aside..

yeah yeah.. we must respect our parents.
who are we without our parents?

last but not least, we all love food, don't we ?
we can relate everything with food :P

Tiuniasing said...

i am not sure if the government is doing something right for the country. but iIF we chinese were leading the country, i think the same thing will happen also. what say you??

_butt said...

hang up on my folks? err.. cant rmb i got or not.. with PP, got lah.. *LOL*

politics.. it's nearly impossible to be objective abt it. but umm, i don't think voting for opposition would help much anyway.. in the end it's all abt guarding one's self-interest, being the human that we are, dont you think?

not sure this worth two cents or not.. *haha*


Lin Peh said...

Love Thy Gaoment ! Especialy Maraysia Mia Gaoment ! Free Comedy ! Free entertainement ! Mana mahu cari ?

zeroimpact said...

Very the sensitive the issue
But then who am I to say it
I believe everyone can make a difference
We just need to believe and stay together and make sure we look for a brighter future

angel said...

Dear plink,...
Oi!! Why u finis my waffle & pancake???
*eyes the meaningful eye movements*
Can I ask, wat meaning har?

Ahhh... pMom must be very garang... shhh... i oso sked...

U ask LimPeh yrself lah!
*kejar plink*

Dear datin winn,...
Pan mee?
The one that we DIDN'T get to eat last time??? That reminds me, yeah! We must go! When? Where??? Faster!!

Yeah hor, u very long time no chup jor... tonite no chup becos my steamyx stimmed liu...

Dear kenny,...
What's the 'something' u can't avoid har? *curious*
Young generation? Ei ei, u very old meh har, har?? :P

Dear ah nel,...
Sape buang bayi? Sape? Sape??

Hmmph! Hang up fon on daddy? After that got say sori anot?

Dear loktor,...
*politik letak tepi*
We won't be anywhere without our parents.
And food... errr... finger lickin' good? :D

Dear ah tiu,...
Hey, that IS some food for thought... I say, I agree... irrespective of race & religion, we are all just human...
Lei chan hai yat kor lek chai... yao lengchai worrr... :D

ps: Hey, I think you've grown a bit more muscular since the last time I saw u! Keep those muscles pumping! ;)

Dear butty,...
Har, har! U oso! Tsk tsk! Kecik-kecik cili padi hor... :P

And those are worth 2.01 cents ;)

Cheers? Eh, u drinking ka?
*LOL* :P

Dear lin peh,...
I love Lin Peh better lah. Free komedi and entertainment oso wat... and sometimes free makan minum leh... mana mau carik??

Dear zeroimpact,...
Waa... kata-kata patriotik betul... yes, if everyone does it, it can make a difference but if only you & me, mana boleh??
Sheesh, boring subjek... nxt subjek prease!


Chen said...

not oni finger licking good,
but spoon & fork licking good too..
or chopstick licking good as well? :P
liuliu loh..

angel said...

Dear loktor,...
Eik! We meet again! :P

Waaa... everything oso licking good...

*imagination gets carried away*

moz monster said...

Deja vu indeed .... deja vu indeed ....

nyonyapenang said...

the mother must have hurt bad. :(

plink said...

Waffles and pancake very nice orr....

If LimPeh mya initials is pLim maybe he is ka ki lang?

ah nel said...

no ler as din day anything and din talk certain period to cool down...:)

may said...

*throws some confetti*
*hangs up disco glitter ball*
*waves around chinese ribbons*

eh? am I in the wrong scene?


zeroimpact said...

Yah yah...
We talk about lap la
So now who lap who
Kepoh liao

angel said...

Dear moz,...

Dear nyonyapenang,...
The mother is more keik khi than hurt :)

Dear plink,...
I prefer waffles... psst psst! I just had Chocolate Belgian Waffles with Chocolate Ice Cream @ Waffle World last weekend... hehe... lai lai... mali mali... makan waffle...

Itu pLim, liu go ask him and see... tunjuk your O.O to attract him... hahaha!

Dear ah nel,...
Aiyo... nxt time try not to like dat liao ler... okay?

Dear lil'missmay,...
*scratches head*
Hmmm... got disco balls means...
*starts to boogey*

Cut? Cut what?

Dear zeroimpact,...
Who lap who?
U lap me lah...
pssst pssst! mana itu gambar-gambar mm kin tak kwong?? faster faster! :P

kat said...

Gip up on gamen alredi....just makan my tu bak and be happy about it...

Can't even say no to mother without feeling like a cow, let alone hang up on her...

Winn said...

pan mee??

*gets up fr my seat and dream walk to jln tunku abdul rahman for pan mee!!*

angel said...

Dear kat,...
Yeah, most important is to be happy... tu bak or no tu bak...

Some ppl are just plain stubborn cum short-tempered... sigh!

Dear datin winn,...
Eh! Eh! Wait for me!!
*follows Dreamy Datin*
Eiii! One day liu must take me there, ok?


ah nel said...


titoki said...


I like the new Angel. Got chili powder smell one. GENG!!! LOL!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Chinese are drinkers ah? Geez....I really sympathize with them. They don't know what they are missing!
Oh yes! I go for my favorite bak kut teh every Friday noon!

angel said...

Dear ah nel,...
Your eyes ok ar?

Dear titoki,...
Chili powder?
Pedas ar? :P
I'm beginning to like the words related to "mother" u know... *LOL*

Dear cocka,...
U think they need sympathies?
*points forefinger inside mulut*

Your favourite BKT in Jaybee arr?