Friday, September 29, 2006

About Men, Pimp Your Blog & Buka Puasa

I've got very itchy hands today. I'm not supposed to be here in this blog because I've got a tight deadline but but... arrghh! Sod it!

I wanna write something about men. Yeah, men... Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em, eh?

What type of men do you like, my dear ladies?
What type of a man are you, my dear gentlemen?

I know, I knowwww... my questions are so very the general but I don't have time to elaborate! But still I fatt hao suddenly very the curious. I just wanna know your say about (your) men and what type of a man you are. No, it has nothing to do with my dates last night, which by the way, was fun. Yeah, Double Fun ;)
I also wanna 'pimp' a coupla blogs to you today. Firstly, nyonyapenang! You must go read her! She's really cute and do read about her latest entry on Pickled Pepper Pecker! OMG! Pickled??? *LOL & imagination goes liu-ed* (Nyonya, my entry lagi lame! *LOL*)
And, I found this Pak Cik's blog today. Got humour also wan...
Today, I'll be attending a Buka Puasa function with The Team.
Buffet! Food! Fun! Now, that is life, ain't it?
Have a good weekend and yes, yes, more London pictures, soon, soon!!! Aarrghhh!!! I'm so bad at keeping promises, eh? *sigh*
PS: Let's see how "fast" my RSS goes, okay? It's now 4.35pm.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Entry No. 111

“The instinct of love towards an object demands a mastery to obtain it; and if a person feels they can’t control the object or feel threaten by it, they act negatively towards it.”
*Found/quoted from*
Yesterday, I got "busted" as how a certain Ms. A puts it. OMG! *LOL* Yeah, I was busted! Someone I know, 'saw' me @ Titoki's. Grrrr!! See Cocka, don't say I didn't warn you...

To Ms. A, welcome to this blog. Leave some thoughts for me, will ya'? ;)
And just now, I spoke to another friend (Remember Colin?) who reads this blog as well (and who doesn't comment except once or twice) and suddenly I had this thought. I think it was a mistake revealing this blog to him. After this, he's gonna ask me why and I'm going to say, "You just don't understand."
Is that a good answer?
BTW, do I sound a bit cuckoo/cranky/crazy/chi sin today? I think I am. But like what Lil' Joy said, Sod It! I'm gonna have a date with 2 gentlemen tomorrow. That's something to look forward to.
Oh yeah, a word to Ex-Londoner, if you are still reading, I think it'd be great if you start a blog. Let me give you some courage. And if I need some next time, I can ask to borrow from you :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Accidental Topic

Winston : sometimes i feel the same way too
Winston : just that i din put in my blog
Winston : abt the gomen
Winston : i am getting sick of them
Me : we're living in this country.. so if there's nothing much we can do, we just hv to live with it, rite?
Winston : hmm... no
Winston : of course we can do something abt it
Me : u mean pangkah roket?
Winston : by voting for opposition
Me : and then?
Winston : that is the only alternative
Winston : if u sit down and think hard
Winston : imagine what will happen in 20 years time
Winston : our next generation
Winston : what will happen to them
Winston : in a way i envy thailand
Winston : because their citizens have the final say
Winston : sighh...
Me : so tell me what will happen in 20 yrs' time
Winston : if the same trend continues, in 20-30 years' time, we will become islamic state
Winston : we are an islamic country now
Winston : i've been to indonesia
Me : ok, and?
Winston : i can assure you that the muslims there are less fanatic than muslims here
Winston : chinese will be marginalised
Winston : just look at the Indians today
Winston : and u will see the same in 20 -30 years for chinese
Me : indian?
Winston : yes, indian
Me : u mean in our country?
Winston : yes
Winston : malaysian indians
Winston : well, of course this is what i think
Winston : it might not be true
Me : but u sound very confident leh...
Winston : but there are more and more cases of discrimination
Winston : because i kena once
Winston : from a policeman
Winston : kena road block
Winston : and the policeman said something that us chinese are drinkers
Me : discrimination happens everywhere in the world
Winston : well, maybe u are right but i really do feel that we should have equal rights
Winston : at least my generation
Me : can i copy & paste tis and do a short entry?
Me : *LOL*
Winston : up to you la.. kalau kena also, both of us kena together. at least got u acc me to kamunting
Me : hahahaha

Do you have any 2 cents? Oh yeah, and I'm not a Politikus... So, people @ MCMC, please don't catch me, okay? I'm a harmless angel... *innocent blink blink*

Today I also spoke to a mother. She's cheesed off because her daughter put down the phone on her. It was a misunderstanding lah... Bottomline, please don't hang up on your mother, okay? No matter how angry you are with your parents, please don't be rude to them.

That's all I wanna say... Waalaikum musalam...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Simply Rojak Post, Including 7 Songs Tag

I have somewhat been infected by the Lazy-to-Blog bug... DYK of any cure for it?


Zeroimpact tagged moi. 7 songs that I won't ever get bored listening to it.

01. Dong Hua - Michael Wong

02. Xiang Ai Hern Nan - Jacky Cheung & Anita Mui

03. You Yi Dian Xin Dong - Jeff Chang & Karina Lau

04. I Believe In You - Il Divo & Celine Dion

05. Friends & Lovers - Gloria Loring & Carl Anderson

06. Separate Lives - Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin

07. Home - Michael Buble

Who wants to do this tag, go ahead, yeah? Mr. LongBlek Singh Blek iPod nano, maybe? *heh heh*


Yesterday, we had a "mini bloggers' gathering" organised by our beloved Mr. Cock-a-doodle @ The Curve's Lan Kwai Fong Cafe, where I met Ms. Titoki & Mr. Kenny Ng for the first time. The rest who came were Seefei, TNS, Zeroimpact, Winn (blog kaput liao), Kat, Carcar, Sengkor, Ah Tak & 9393.

I have nothing much to write but do head over to Ms. Paparazzi Titoki's blog over here to get the juicy stories. Over dinner, I came to know her Up Close & Personal. She said that my blog is all nice-nice & angelic & liuliu. I suppose it reads BORING! Must be because I don't have all those KNN CNN, CCB CNBC & WTF WTO swear words etc. Probably I should start to curse write like that, eh? What do you think?

Yes, I know I'm blogging (Gawd, I'm beginning to dislike this "blogging" word! Dunno why!) for myself blah blah but you are also reading it, right? I just wanna know what you think :)

Oh and Ms. Titoki, I love you, okay? *wink wink*

Actually, to be honest, there is some censorship done on this blog. By yours truly, of course. Why, you ask? Let's just say that it's being done in the name of World Peace...

Okay, too much crap tonite... just gonna share some pictures I took today and a few days' ago. More pictures of London will be posted up soon... Meanwhile, urrghh!!! Monday! Have a good one!

DeepaRaya deco @ KLCC

The highly recommended roast duck @ Loong Foong Restaurant

The taste? Not too bad... as good as the one
I had @ Four Season's Restaurant, Bayswater, London!

London's roast duck rice... yum!!! *drooling*

Inside the karaoke room on a Saturday afternoon... no prizes for guessing
who's the one standing on the couch with a camera...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wind Sceneries Beneath The Wings

One day in Bangkok...

Peek-a-boo from the clouds... Menam Chao Phraya... rite??

I love to see the cottony clouds... yes, flew Thai Airways... sawadee ka...
But hor... tsk tsk tsk!!! 12 hours of flight without a personal screen??!!

Does heaven look like this? *wondering*


Why is the sky so blue...

I just feel so good looking at the tones...
I hope you feel that way too... but please, don't feel blue!

Yes! Yes! London! Here I come!
Could you spy the London Eye?

For those who wanted to see the London Bridge...

From under the bridge...

Side view...

See the lighted red bridge? Yup, that's London Bridge! I took this picture while on the city tour bus and we were very lucky to be able to see it
lighted up at that time!

Yes, the London Bridge which was sold to an American!

One of my favourite, British Airway's London Eye...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm Back!

Yup, 2 weeks gone down the drain and it certainly has been one of the most interesting 2 weeks I have had this year! Not only being a tourist but... well, let's just say that I discovered a couple of "shocking" truths during this trip. Maybe someday, I might share it with you... someday...

About the postcards, let these pictures tell the story... :)

Update: Butty already got hers today! Happy Belated Burpday, Butt!

It was more of a shop rather than a post office... franchise, rite?

The red box outside...

The notice on it...

Ooooo... what are these that went into the red box?

Same stamps for all countries except Italy... don't look at me... :P

This one, out of topic wan...
but don't you love the sight of the Tower Bridge?? I do!
Seems that alotta people mistaken this for the London Bridge...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Making My Mark At Apple Centre, Regent Street

Kakakaka! Yeah! I'm surrounded by all Mackies! Can play for as long as you want. Syiok!

Note to King's Wife: I'll try and see if can ge the figs but aiyooo, dunno can tahan till I go back or not because figs cannot tahan very long wan... And summore gonna be in Bangkok for 3 days. I hope they don't rot!

Note to LB: See lah! See lah! You should have brought back a few dozens the last time, kan? Kan??? :P

Note to Doktor: OK OK, I'll be back soon... but don't make me piak you with sotongs, yeah! *blek*

Okay, that's all for now... here, go chup!

Oh yeah, thanks for all the lurvely wishes... Looking forward to Home Sweet Home... :)

One and half more day

Yup, time flies when you are having fun. Oh wait, time flies by all the time!

My apologies for not replying to your comments as yet...

The postcards, I think they are "flying" now...

I've learnt a lot of things here.

I like the pork pie :)

I like the hot chocolates.

I encountered a couple of mini dramas here.

I'm gonna miss the weather here.

I'm... I'm... kinda speechless already... hmmm...

Oh yeah, to Ex-Londoner, thanks for your suggestions but, do I know you? If you could be kind enough to introduce yourself? Thank you ;)

Last but not least, this would probably be my last entry before I leave London and can only get online when I'm back in KayElle next week. Till then, have a nice weekend!

Love, Hugs & Kisses

Monday, September 11, 2006

7 Days Later, September 11, 2006

It's been exactly one week since I came to London. How has it been so far? One word - G R E A T ! ! ! 5 more days to go before I leave this city. So tell me what else do I need to do here???

I've done the London Eye, Tower of London, Madame Tussaud's, cruise @ River Thames, change of guards @ Buckingham Palace (couldn't really see much 'cos 'twas so hot and so many people!), Camden Town, Cambridge (Yes!!! And last night, I was told that someone is THERE too!!! Arrghh!!! Should have met up, shouldn't we??), went punting (not me of course), Primrose Hill @ night, Eros @ Picadilly Square, had coffee, had tea, had scones, had banger & mash, had fresh figs, had duck rice @ Four Seasons, had fish & chips, had hot chocolate & muffin in the park, checked out Wembley Stadium @ night, had meatballs @ Ikea (Ai-kay-ya) Wembley, had kebabs... and no, I'm NOT "mooning" with any sort of "honey" here! I wonder who was the liuliu rumour monger... *prepares Giant Sotongs to piak that fella*

So, what did I miss? Theatre you say? Of course! How could I miss it?! Phantom of The Opera!!! Coming soon! Wait for me! *wink wink*

My replies to your previous comments... Hope you don't mind because I find this way easier... well, at least for now... Have a great week ahead! And yes, let's take a minute to reflect on what happened 5 years ago on September 11, 2001. Time flies, huh?


Inevitable said...


Darling inevitable, wow! First indeed! Pratinum Chup!

may said...

chup for GOLDliuliu!!

Darling lil'missmay, *LOL* Yes, Grolden Chup!

Chen said...

darling angel,
yeah miss u :D
but u will be flying back soon liao also, right? :D

Darling doktor, Srilver Chup! Oi, notchet so soon laaa... *tries to slow down time*

may said...
waaaa, so the cheating! make replies to comments as part of your post... liuliuLOLOLliuliu!! but good lah, at least you got reply.

the duck rice there ok lah, not totally fantastic, but if you're craving for some then that's the place to go. once you get off the station, it's on the same road, can't miss it!

I didn't pay to go into any of the palaces or museums and stuff... me cheapskate, kekekeke! but I did pay to go up the London Eye. ride once is good enough! go and check out the Palace lah, then can tell me about it... *grin*


Darling lil'missmay, haha! Oi, what cheating? Just starting a new "trend" kakakaka! And yessss! I went to 4 Seasons for the ducky rice!!! And hey, it's in Bayswater! Not Baker St!!! Lucky got some London Boy take me there... :D And luckily, it's sedap! ;)
I also think I dont wanna pay to go to the palace la because the other day, I didn't find Tower of London that interesting... :P *hugz back*

Anonymous said...

ingenious my dear! i love reading reply to comments and it is goood that comments reply get some good airing cos doing reply as time consuming as new post!


Darling feikor,
Ingenious? Hehe... no lar.. it's called cheating abit... and I agree totally with you about replying comments... the time taken to reply is sometimes longer than to do a new entry!
ah nel said...

larling liu liu,
i see u no comment tot u lost ledi mar... ;P

18th???hmmm...tat number...ohhh...i think that my last day... ;P

*gua ade pressie kar?*

Darling ah nel,
I no comment because I lazy and bz become tourist maa...
18th your last day? Should I say congrats ar?
Pressie? Got... if liu come KayElle, I got something 4 u ;)

Simple American said...

I likes my fish and chips with Angeliu. :D

Darling Sir Simple American,
Now... this sounds kinda tricky... hmmmmmm... :P
*fish & chips coming up*

zeroimpact said...

Ok loo, manhattan fish shop also saaatttt
Have fun though, and ta pao la anything that you can back :)

Darling zeroimpact,
OK OK, I'll tapao something... but then hor, I not straight away fly back to KayElle worrrr...

Anonymous said...

go skor ok? skor a goal watever la.


Darling ngor,
Skor goal? *catch no ball*

plink said...


angel got watch play or not? Can go with your friend orso....

Psst... Go check your email....

Darling plink,
Going! Going! *waiting for u to go with me*
E-mail checked... Tomorrow nite, okay?

L B said...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on your W E D D I N G ! ! ! Sneaky! Ran off for hunnymooncake, never tell us wan!

Darling L B,
*prepares to piak with Giant Sotong*
So Y O U were the monger!!!

_butt said...

angeliu, u getting married??? waaaaaa..

see you so syiok bercuti.. *jeles*

Darling butty,
Oi! Prease dun listen to the liuliu rumour!
Bercuti of cos syiokkkk! :P

_butt said...


shud be honeymooning.. kekeke

Darling butty,

*gets ready more Giant Sotongs*

a^ben said...

got buy anything for me? ahhahahahahahah! :P

Darling a^ben,
Gottt... but u must cum KayElle to claim, ok? :P

kat said...

eeeep!! dunno my left from right!!! *runaway&hideredface*
Now rainy season here, nice and cold...can pretend to be in London with angel...following the da vinci code...
Got go to mdm tussaud and take picture with meng sing ah?? But so expensive, the entrance fee..

Darling kat,
Rainy season eh? Today, it's pretty warm... but still the nice kind of course... u don't hv to pretend... can come also maa... *hands over a map for kat to crack Da' Code*

Yes yes, got go Madame Tussaud and take pictures of the ming sing nia because went alone maa... Any entrance fee is expensive, esp. if kali 7! *pengsan*

9393 said... to say where is Wardour….alot of pubs, posh restaurant ..err at night can see a lot of in central London somewhere carnaby St.Try ask you friend they sure knows when you say Wong Kee the Rudest Restaurant...But not to worry they wont treat us yellow skin that bad but sometime depend on the hongkie mood as normally crowded.Bet you have a lot to blog about

by the way how is your jet-lag..hope is ok jor

Darling 9393,
Ha? Posh place arr? And chickens?? I don't really dare go to central London on my own at night... My fren not every time so free accompany me wan maa... u come take me there la... :P

Yeah, no more jet-lag... die loh if still got... :P but thanks for asking :)

Chen said...

since everyone congratulating Angeliu, how can I tak congrats leh?
I kiasu on & off mah.. :P

Darling doktor,
*orders more Giant Sotongs for Piaking Session*
This is gonna be a looooong piak-ing session...

plink said...


Congratulations to angel!

Tengok fotos of the blushing bride/groom?

Darling plink,
My previous comment to doktor, ditto to you *blekkkk*

mistipurple said...

hahaha *conpused whether to congrats or not* scared kena piak by sotong. but sotong nice to eat mah.. so Congrats!!! :D
*runs far far*

Darling mistiliu,
Oiii!!! Liu oso so bad follow the bad liulius!!! *bawls*
*rings for more Giant Sotongs*

c o n s u e l a said...

hey you!!!
are you still enjoying your getaway in London?
very envious lah!! I wish I can be in London too...

wedding? wedding? honeymoon? any truth to this? if so...
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

*hugs hugs hugs*

Darling c o n s u e l a,
Yes, yes yes! I'm enjoying every bit of it! Dun be envious... cum cum! Take a flight here! Quick! :P
Of course there's absolutely NO TRUTH to that rumour! If it were my honeymoon, I wanna do Hawaiiiiii!!!! Yeah! Aloha!!! :D

Lil' Joy said...

Angel, enjoy your holiday ya...

Darling Lil' Joy,
Wooooo! I'm happy to see u here... Thanks, I'm enjoying London...

Cocka Doodle said...

Go for one of the musicals. it's quite an experience. I'm sure you'll love it!
Take care and come home soon!

Darling cocka,
Yes! Die-die also must go for at least one of the musicals! I'm sure I'll love it too! Tuesday, Phantom of The Opera! ;)
I'll be back in a week... miss me leh... heh heh...

Dannie said...

hehehe i wan post cards~~~

Darling dannie,
Can can... mana address??? Faster!!

dreamie said...

Angel babe, you on vacationing cum honeymooning? wow!! you gonna break many hearts lorrr... (lol)

Darling dreamie,
I'm on vacation laaaa!!! Break hearts? Your heart break ka? So now, are you the kor kor or the mei mei??? Make me konpius la you...

nicholas said...

Angel, remember to learn some British accent! :)

Darling nicholas,
Hullo! *brings out the Red Carpet*
British accent?
*clears throat*
I think I'm already doing it. Can get pretty carried away when you are staying with a 5 year old gurl who speaks only British Engrish! ;)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Replies' Entry

Stupe, Simple American & Kat, I'm still here in London! Not leaving just yet! When I said I'd be back today, I meant here lah... I'll only touch down in Malaysia on the 18th after making a pit-stop in Bangkok end of next week.

This entry would be my replies to your comments... my liuliu London stories might come in later...
nyonyapenang said...

hi sayangs, so rajin to post from London.
polluted huh? that's what i felt too when i was there years ago. talking about the tube, climbing up & down the steep steps oso chuan ledi. as for the fish & chips, i find it kinda of busuk leh. and ya, eating-in costs double - i ordered a wedge of pizza; if sit down and eat then 2.99, take-away 1.99
anyways, pejam mata oni la and don't convert.
my sayangs from peejay....

Darling nyonyapenang,

Waaa! Pratinum Chup! Yeah, it's really a pity that the air here is so bad... I hate it when I walk by the roadside with all the fumes... The staircase in the Underground still okay cos some got escalators wan maa... *sends sayangz to PeeJay*

Chen said...

muackss to angeliu
miss liu leh :D

Darling doktor,

Grolden Chup! Muaks and hugs to doktorliu... miss me hor? Hehe...

Selba said...

Oh how lovely being in London...
I wanna join!!! can I? can I? :)

Darling Selba,

Srilver Chup! Yes yes, it's lovely here.. I mean the weather... and of course doing the tourist thing is also lovely ;) Yes, come come!!! Fasterrrr!!!

ah nel said...

ehhh...i tot u sexicited and lost ledi???lol

Darling ah nel,

Ei, wat u mean lost??? I'm never lost, okay! *blekkkk*

Inevitable said...


Inevitable said...

Any guai lo asked for your number?

Darling inevitable,

Ei, no chup for u lah... gwailo? Actually, don't have... BUT got this one guy (looks like a Middle Eastern guy) who asked for my number when I bought a tour ticket from him. He also asked me what my plan was that night and asked if I needed company! *&%$#@!!!!

may said...

don't convert, don't convert! don't want you to not be able to eat porkies now... LOLOL!!

reminds me of my trip there last year... sigh... so the nice!!

*still waiting for that postcard*

Darling lil'missmay,

Aiyoo!! Yeah!! Cannot convert! Can die! Can be heart broken cos all the $$$ fly awayyy!

*looks at the pile of postcards lazily...*

Phantom Prospero said...

Hope you've gotten over your jet-lag by now :)

Darling Phantom Prospero,

Aloha!! *brings out the Red Carpet*

Thanks for dropping by... Nice to see a new name... Welcome, make yourself comfy... coffee or tea? :)

Yes, my jet-lag is over... I think...

Anonymous said...

so, did u skor or be skored?

u hv fun in londoon. no sweat, good lor, no need to wash clothes.


Darling ngor,

Skor your head lah! Always ask me to skor! I kick u and skor u, u baru tau!

Ei, no sweat also have to wash clothes and shower lah ok! U ahhh... so dirty wan...

L B said...

WAAAAA!!!! Poor liuliu!! It's still quite warm here in Italy, but I can imagine how nice it must be in London, apart from the:
• air pollution
• expensive living
• confusing tube
• snobbish quailohs
• jet-lag

The park you went to probably was Kensington Park (near Harrods and those museums).
• Don't forget to visit the real sex shops in Soho, and gaze in wonder at the sizes of those vibrators and dildos!
• Try looking for fresh figs in Marks & Spencers Food Sections.
• Try a Pork pie from Marks & Spenders too.
• Catch a Chelsea (or Arsenal, or Spurs) football match if you can afford it!
• Have a pub lunch of Steak & Kidney pie (with a pint of bitter).
• Have bacon, sausages & eggs for breakfast in Covent Gdn.
• Stare at the price of a plate of Duck Rice in Chinatown in Leicester Sq.
• Visit the Apple Store and Hamley's in Regent St.

And the best way to get around by tube is to follow your friend. Cuppa tea, luv?

Darling ElleB,

Yeah!! Today the weather is pretty cold (for me lah) but weather's been good and clear with the sun shining ever so brightly...

Yesterday I tried half of a steak & kidney pie from Tesco but I find it a tad too salty... prolly becos it's from Tesco?

Har?? Come here eat duck rice? No lar... I go back PeeJay eat better lar...

Apple Store in Regent St, yes yes!! I think I saw that when I was on the city tour bus yesterday! Biggg...

Thanks for the loooong To-Do-List... and a cuppa tea would be lurvely... ;)

zeroimpact said...

When angel bring me there...
I wan fishie and chipie
Can ta pao back ah...
Take care there k
Missi angel edi
*sniff sniff*

Darling zeroimpact,

Aiyoo... dun cry larr... Har? Tapao fish & chips arr? I take u go Manhattan Fish Market eat better lar hor... *sayang sayang*

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

You so shiok nya !

If you are at Wardour Street go to Wong Kee Restaurant , is an eye opener how the waiters treat the Gwei Lo customer.

Darling 9393,

Har? Where's Wardour St?? How do they treat the gwai los?

Stupe said...

take care while you're thre.

oh ya, some engrand ppl are snob. i got scolded once for talking to his dog in underground.

don't forget to visit Camden town!

Darling Stupe,

Thanks... Yeah, I really need to be very careful... I forgot to take back my credit card the other day but luckily that guy was "kind" enough to give it back to me before I board the bus. *shudders*
And yes, Camden Town maybe tomorrow ;)

mistipurple said...

angeliu reporting from london!!
sending you lap lots of lap!
i haven't been to anyway so i don't know how to tell you. liuliu hor? hope you get over your jet lag soon. so liuliu. take care!

Darling mistiliu,

I oso send liu lotslots of laplapliu!! My jet-lag is not so liu oredi... :) *hugliu*

moz monster said...

I still dunno why anyone would consider Engrand for a holiday ... stiff upper lip and all ... hope the weather is at least good.

Take care, have lots of fun, post tonnes of picture soon, please ...

Darling moz,

Why? Becos I've not been here before and because I wanna visit my friend and because I wanna do all the tourist thing in London! Unlike the lucky you, I don't travel at all for work... I'm like the frog under the coconut 'shell', so now, I jump out from the shell to see what's outside... yeah, very liuliu indeed...

Thanks, and yeah, I'm having fun... now I understand what you mean when you said you like to travel on your own...

Winn said...

angeliuuuuuuu...take careliuuuuu.......

Darling winnliuliu,

Tenkiuliuuuuuu!!! Missliuuu! Happy Liuliu 16th Week Mya Flyday!!!

plink said...

Don't convert!

Go Engrand eat fish and chips? Must wan, and also remember to try mushy peas also: Manyak sedap oii....

Darling plinku,

Yaaa! Convert & pengsan cos pokai!

Mushy peas?

fantasyflier said...

I dunno whether to feel sad or happy for ya...maybe I'll visit greece next year instead...

Darling fantasyflier,

Harr?? Why u sad? Dun be sad! Be happy! Greece arr? Go Italy la... ;)

See Fei said...

how come no mention of the hunks in london? pls post it all, big, fat, ugly, humsupsome & metro!!! unless genetically u r not interested!

*quickly cabut avoiding slipper from london!!*

Darling feikor,

Oh yeah, the hunks here are really hunky! And I just realised it this morning when I was on the city tour bus... especially when we passed by the office area (forgot where that was), all the men in suit... whoaa!! Really good looking most of them!

*throws the pair of Reebok trainers @ feikor*

ps: Sorry I was unable to send the msg to you! Donno why it just couldn't get thru!!!

dreamie said...

woi.. got kau gwai chai ar ?
got many chun ones over there wor !!

Darling dreamie,

Soli hor... I very sked... so, no khao gwai chai or whatever chai! Yes yes! Alot of chun chais here!!

may said...

oh ya, if u want some duck rice, catch the Tube to Baker Street, have a plate at Four Seasons. not too bad, if you don't mind the price!

and you just gotta, gotta, gotta go to Hyde Park and Green Park, then drop by Buckingham Palace to watch the guard change! syokkk...

Darling lil'missmay,

Which part of Baker St is the 4 Seasons located? Very nice ar the duck? Really really so nice??? Nicer than PeeJay's wan??? I was at Baker St. today... ;) Oh yes, Buckingham Palace, u reckon it's worth it to pay and go see inside of the palace? Change of guards, prolly next week :)

_butt said...

take care angel!!!

Darling butty,

Thanks butty!! *hugs*

Kenny Ng said...

Fuah... sound so enjoy there ah? Can find char koay teow there or not? kekeke.

Darling kenny ng,

Quite enjoy oso loh... Harr?? Come here donwan eat char koay teow larrr... :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, you only have 2 weeks, so better head out and see the country side, theme parks, nature, etc. You can blog when you come back.

Say hello to BL for me. :)


Darling scau,

I have no time for country side and I don't dare to do it on my own... not out of the city without a friend... I scared kena stabbed like the M'sian Indian man who was murdered a coupla days ago here in London... I hope my mom didn't read the papers!

King's wife said...

Miss us or not ah?

Don't convert! Cannot convert!
Otherwise you end up not buying anything.
Oh, and donch forget to have tea at The Savoy! :)
Enjoy the rest of your trip and take care..

Darling king's wife,

Of cos miss larrr!! Yeah! Cannot convert!! But still kenot help it each time I take out my wallet to pay for things... *smacks forehead*
The Savoy? Sounds familiar... aiyoo, donno got time anot... thanks!

Pink Cotton said...


go engrand holiday ka??? *jealous*

pls bring some eng tau british men for us...LOL

have fun

Darling pink cotton,

Why jeres?? Come lar...

Hahaha! Why u want British men?? U got yrself a man liao wat... :P

Thanks, I'm having fun here ;)

Simple American said...

Don't stop now. You are half way to Texas. Come on down. :)

"Does anone have any kind of 'tips' on this liuliu transport??"

Take a cab. *ducks any thrown objects*

"Thirdly, I find the English people (the whites) are kinda snobbish aka not so friendly. Is this true or was it my imagination?"

The friendly ones left for America. Did you know Texas means friendship in English?

Bring fish and chips with you to Texas. OK? :D

Darling Simple American,

Texas?? I'm broke! *LOL* Well, soon... soon... one day...

Cab??? It's soooo expensive!!! *looks for things to throw*

I didn't know that Texas means friendship... *notes it down*

So you like fish & chips? Hmmm... so, you like your chips with or without vinegar? ;)

Tiuniasing said...

POSTCARD... Hahaaa.... Have a good trip!!

Darling ah tiu,

Hahaha! I still staring at the postcards la... how like that?

Stupe said...

so fast come back? i thought there for 2 weeks?

Darling stupe,

Nolah, I'm still here... who said I come back? You must have misunderstood my comment... :)

Simple American said...

That was a quick trip!!!

Darling Simple American,

No, no, I'm still here in London... brrrrrr!!!

kat said...

You come back to blog or to Msia tomorrow???

Maps are plentiful around the Tube stns...and on t-shirts..and on tea cloths!!

I like the way the people std on the left on the escalator (and it is a mighty looong escalator ride!!) so that other ppl can overtake them!! After that, come back here always have to say, 'excuse me' and squeeze pass!

Take-out Chinese and Indian shd be plentiful and cheaper too...especially since chicken tikka is as British as fish&chips now!!

Darling kat,

I'm still in London... I meant to say, I'll be back to answer to the comments... this Stupe go and misunderstood it...

Yes, lotsa Tube's map all over and I managed to get a bigger map compared to the normal ones... I still find 'em confusing but after two days of doing it alone, I'm not so scared now...

The escalator, the "fast lane" is on the left hand side as pointed out by fcukster below... I wonder why it's on the left hand side... but today at King's Cross (I think!), I saw got "jam" on the left hand side of the escalator... was waiting to see if the guy would do anything to get the "fast lane" moving but he didn't do anything la...

For dinner, I have home cooked food... ;)

fcukster said...

kat: Actually if you are standing still on the escalator, you stand on the right . The left side is for people who are in hurry =)

Darling fcukster,

Hey you... thanks for pointing that out to kat...

So, are you always on the right or left hand side of the escalator? ;)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lurve from London

Yes! I'm here! It's already the 3rd day and I'm still experiencing jet-lag! I was already feeling very sleepy at 8pm last nite! How can?? I sleep 3-4am back home wan... oh yeah, if it's 8pm here, it's 3am back home... no wonder lar... liuliu lohhh...

Firstly, I love the weather here! No sweating! And it's really nice, the cool weather. One thing though, I think London's air is very much polluted. I could smell the fume nearly everywhere, except at the park. And more so when you are walking by the road. What a pity, huh?

Secondly, I find the Tube (London Underground) is so so so soooo confusing!!! So much more complicated than HK and Bangkok! A few lines come thru the same station and you've gotta know which line to take. It's really really complicated for me... Does anone have any kind of 'tips' on this liuliu transport??

Thirdly, I find the English people (the whites) are kinda snobbish aka not so friendly. Is this true or was it my imagination?

What have I done in the past two days? Nothing much actually. Yesterday, we went to a park and I forgot the name. No, it's not Hyde Park... today, we went to the Natural History Museum and the Victoria Albert Museum. The museums were interesting... well, they are more interesting compared to Malaysia's of course... Also went window shopping at Harrods. What can I say... expensive. But we didn't stay there for long because poor lil' Sammi felt sick and had fever. So, we came home quite early in the afternoon.

Guess what's for dinner? Fish & chips! Take-away, because eating in at the Two Brothers Fish Restaurant, which is supposed to serve the 'finest' fish and chips, costs double (crazy!). There are some reviews here and here. I'm not very much a fish & chips person but since everyone said that I must try the ones in London, so, try loh... It was not bad but I probably wouldn't go for it again. I also tried gherkin, a type of pickled cucumber which my friend said is a Jewish pickle?

After dinner, I followed my friend to Asda to do some grocery shopping. I find that the prices are not expensive at all, provided you earn your $$$ in pound Sterling. Yes, don't convert, don't convert, don't convert!!! It was an interesting experience doing grocery shopping here. And no, I couldn't find fresh figs just now!

Sorry, no pictures because... I'm lazy... heh heh... I'm sleepy now 'cos it's already midnight... Am I still experiencing jet-lag? I have no idea...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Birthdays & Going Aways

Initially, last night, I had alotta things to write after I came back from Boney M Live in KL but I had no time to pen down my sexciting thots. The concert was a blast! Lasted more than an hour but the not-so-blasting part was the first part of the "concert" where they have a few local artists doing some numbers, read boring... They were Ito & Jay Jay and the Istana Budaya's Dikir Barat group. Oh, and the Minister of Information was there too. From the looks of it, everyone enjoyed it!

Thank God after about half an hour, the fantastic four came on stage! They sang Sunny (1976), Daddy Cool (1975), Horay Horay (1979), Belfast (1977), Ma Baker (1977), Brown Girl In The Ring (1979), No Woman No Cry (1976), Rasputin (1978) and Rivers of Babylon (1978).

Oh yeah, not all of them are the original Boney M members. Only one, Maizie Williams. I totally enjoyed the concert... so did Mama ;)

Okay, okay, that was not I wanted to write today. Today, 2nd of September, Doctor Chen's burpday. And this is for her...

M A N Y H A P P Y R E T U R N S O F T H E D A Y !

Tomorrow, 3rd September, ah nel's burpday. This guy claims that he's 19. True or not, I have no idea. Psst psst, a^ben, go spy and see? This is for ah nel because he's a tatoo-ed boy!

H A P P Y H A R I J A D I !

Going Aways
Later tonight, one of our Beloved Liuliu will be going back to Italia after a 2 months' holiday. It's been great meeting you in person and all those food, not forgetting the laughter... Grazie! Buon viaggio! Arrivederci! A presto! Stai attento!

And finally, Yours Truly will be away too but only for two weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be smooth sailing... Donno why but I've got this naggy feelin' lately... You donno what's gonna happen, do you? Ahh, screw it lah, hor? So, don't miss me 'cos I'll be missing all of you...

Have a good weekend! Wishing you, Happy Sweet September! *wink wink*

Friday, September 01, 2006

THHC™ Chapter 4 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©

Another month over... as usual the obligatory post on the first day of the month, announcement of last month's Top Spooners aka Huggers aka Chuppers! This month, 28 Chuppers made it to the List! Last month, there were 20. I guess the reason is because of the "varieties" in the time of my entry posting. (Now, why did this sentence sound a bit "out"? Hmmmm...)

This is gonna be a short one because I'm running outta time! I'm leaving on Sunday and I've got tonnes of things to settle before I leave! Aarrghh!!! Without further ado, here's the Top Spooners' List! Congratulations to the Top Three Terrorist Huggers! *muaks*

01 24 Pratinum Doktor Chen
02 15 ♥ Grolden Keatix
02 15 Grolden Tiuniasing
02 15 Grolden Misti
05 11 Srilver Winn
05 11 Srilver C o n s u e l a
07 09 plink
08 08 Lil' Joy
08 08 _butt
08 08 titoki
11 07 Lil' Miss May
12 05 King's Wife
12 05 ikan
12 05 aceone
12 05 mozilla monster
12 05 ElleB
17 03 Fantasyflier
17 03 Inevitable
17 03 carcar
17 03 sengkor
17 03 ♥ carmistwinanplinktitokichen
17 03 ah nel
17 03 ducky
24 02 cocka
25 01 a^ben
25 01 sotongking
25 01 angugu
25 01 nyonyapenang

Oh dear... looks like this month I gotta buy *count count count* Six Scoops of Ice Cream! Waaa! And I've not even settled last month's "debt" with sengkor, doktor, misti & winn!!! How can?! Die!!! I'm gonna be in deep in debts soon! Liuliu lohhh... OK, OK... Looks like I've gotta note it down somewhere, but where?! Now I know why I "want" a PDA... :P

Oh yeah, later tonight I'm going to this place with Mama...

To watch 'em live... Wheeee!!! Anyone going too??

*By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
ye-eah we wept, when we remembered Zion*

*Daddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy Cool
She's crazy like a fool
What about it Daddy Cool
I'm crazy like a fool
What about it Daddy Cool*

Lover of the Russian queen
There was a cat that really was gone
Russia's greatest love machine
It was a shame how he carried on*

DYK that today the Budget Speech 2007 will be presented @ 1600 hours?