Friday, July 14, 2006

Tagged By _butty & Anonymous Crap

I was tagged by the cutie _butty not too long ago and a couple of days later, a Ms. Anonymous Crap tagged me too. She did not leave any message to tell me that she tagged me and it so happened on that day, I was browsing PPS and suddenly I saw these words - Angel the Liu-liu Gurl, OMG! I thot someone slammed me blog! *LOL* Anyway, this lady, an avid Korean drama/movie fan is very mysterious because she never replies to the Comments in her blog wan... liuliu lah...

The tag:
- The tagged victim (ie. moi) has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
- Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
- Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
- If you are tagged the second time.There is NO need to do this again.
- Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

I have some 'issues' with this liuliu tag. First of all, Perfect Lover??? WTL?? (wot the liu) Where got perfect lover in this world??? Okay if there were any Perfect Lovers out there, please lemme know because I sure hell can be a Wet Blanket and tell you 101 imperfections about that person! Yeah, I can be a Negative Charge at times...liuliu loh... Do you feel that I kinda sound like a female dog today? Yeah, that's because I feel that way lately, liu!

Nevertheless, because of my liuliu lurve for butty, who has got this really darn cute baby as her profile pic, I'll do this tag. I liu you, butty baby :) Oh, at last I decided that I'll follow the tag and not twist it... To twist it, need more brain juice and my brain is pretty dry now :P

8 points about my perfect lover?

Point no. 1 - He has to l o v e me, of course! Frankly, I've been out of this 'game' for some time now... or not. :P
Anyway, the point is, he has to love me, in other words, take the effort and/or time to tell/show me that he *shrug* loves me. People say actions speak louder than words. Well yeah, they do. But I don't mind the words too, yeah.

Point no. 2 - He has to be a good lover. I meant in the sack lah, ok! Like what Tiuniasing said about about sex in his posts here, here and here, a good sack life is essential in a relationship. Ok ok, I know SOME people (silent reader[s]) will disagree, look, I'm not here to pick a fight, ok. You are entitled to your opinion and me to mine. *peace*

Point no. 3 - Should there be a situation to-save-his-mom-first-or-me-from-drowning, I'd expect him to save yours truly First! Yeah, call me selfish, call me anything but hey, if I'm your girl, you'd better make sure that I'm No. 1 and not No. 2. This doesn't sound like me hor? Well, can I not even dream??

Point no. 4 - He must tolerate all of me AND still love me. Yup. A.L.L. of me. You know how females are. At times, we could get pretty outta hand... And it's during those times that He needs to accept and then forget about it after 10 minutes :D I know, I know, I'm asking for too much, huh?? Yeah, how crappy! (Borrow sekejap, sengkor)

Point no. 5 - He must be a leader. As in, he's gotta be the Man and take charge of everything, in the bed, outta bed, basically, everything. Yeah... I will follow him... follow him wherever he may go... there isn't an ocean too deep... a mountain so high it can keep... keep me away... away from his love...

Point no. 6 - He's gotta be humourous AND smart/brainy. Yeah, these two MUST come together. You can't have one without the other... (Now, does anyone remember this ad??? For a bonus of 5 points, the first person to gimme the ad's name and 5 points is yours! Earn it! Quick! Quick!)

Point no. 7 - To be frank, I am stuck. 2 more points to go... What, huh? A good looking bloke? Nah... Good looking guys are just candies for the eyes... Rich man? Well, it won't hurt if he's rich, but..... Anyway, there are alotta attributes which we look for in our Perfect Lover. I think I'll just stop here. Not gonna work on my brain juices anymore because after all, all this Perfect Lover stuff, they are just crap. No? Yeah?

My perfect lover's gender? -> Male, please.

My victims? I'll be kind and not tag anyone. But lemme ask you, what do YOU look for in your partner? Come tell me, dun be shy... :)

~I'm hitting the gym now. Have a good weekend, guys!~

DYK that I've been feeling very tired this week? TGIF!


mistipurple said...

aaaaaahhhhh first place first place, chupliu first. i will tell you my ideal lover laterrrrrr.

Chen said...

wah... new post.. after so lonnnggggggg

angel said...

Dear mistiliu!!!
OMG!!! Liuliu first place!!! Pratinumliu!!!

Waiting to hear about your liuliu idealiu loverliu... ;)

angel said...

Dear doc!!
*LOL* OMG! Grold!!
Hahaha! Just now when I saw got one comment, I thot it was u! *LOL*

Very long meh?? 2 days nia maaa...

Chen said...

have u find that someone? ;)

Chen said...

long leh..
wait till neck long long..
nearly become giraffe liao..

angel said...

Dear doc,...
I'm still waiting for Him to fall from the sky... who knows, His wings might malfunction... u know lah... yuen fan maa... *LOL*

OMG! Giraffe?? *LOL* Dun ler... skeds... :P

But this post really long winded hor? I see oso I blur liao... :P

Chen said...

fall from the sky ah?
walao... u think superman meh? lol...

giraf nice mah, long neck :)
luckily i read it now when i'm still fully awake..
kkeke.. if i read it in the middle of the night, might be i will become blur blur tooo....


angel said...

Dear doc,...
*LOL* Yeah! I waiting for my Superman! Smart lah u! No wonder u became doktor! :P

I'm glad to know that u are fully awake :) Ei, so no comment about my kononnya Perfect Lover ka?

Ok ok, I'm outta here...laterz!

Chen said...

hahhaa.. just remember one thing, i don't have big head :P

Dunno wat to comment, cos there is no 100% perfect punya olang out there :P
enjoy your gym session, me going out for dinner too..

_butt said...

Dearest angel the luvley liu gurl,

Wahh.. 5 points!! My grolden opportunity is here.. but cant rmb wut ad pulak :(

*wave sayonara and watch 5 points fly far far away*

Can give hint ar? :P

Totally agree with u abt this perfect lover thingy. Seriously, if this applies to everyone hor, I think our love life must be boring... *yaaawn* because wuts there to look for when everything abt him/her is already so perfect, rite?

Since I tag u and Miss Anonymous and Miss Anonymous tag u the same tag I tagged u *LOL*.. I'll pass the question.. but.. OK lah, one thg I look for in a guy..

He must be able to negotiate.. sheesh, sounds like a business deal pulak. *haha*

Okie dokie, u have a happy weekend ya.. take care, rest well.. :)

_butty *muaks*

Simple American said...

My perect lover is the missus not traveling. When she travel I become too stupid lah.

What is the deal about sacks? Is there a particular size or color that is important?

may said...

waaaaa!!! new post, new meme! luckily didn't tag me, I wouldn't have done it... so the long, liuliuLOLliuliu!!

btw... must say thank you again for taking us out for the movie and see that giant Sotong.... LOL! *hugs & kisses*

angel said...

Today is a^ben's burpday!!! Happy Burpday!!!

Dear doc,...
*LOLOL* Oh yeah! We didn't finish the big head convo! :P Nvm, I'll measure your head when I see u next time *LOL*

So tell me, are you a Perfectionist? My ex-boss and some of my colleagues say I am one...liuliu hor?

Dear butty baby,...
*smacks forehead*
Alamak! Faster think! Think!!! U sure can get wan if u think harder! But then hor, I'm not very sure if they have this ad during your time becos I think it's quite 'old' wan... *LOL*

Hint ah? Errrmmm... it's a type of gulp gulp... ;)

Negotiate? *LOL* I think I know why... bcos liu are a liuliu fickliu minded baby.. *LOL* :P Oklah, dun angry har? *hughugmuakmuak*

Wow, wot a sweet comment u left me today... should I give you some bonus points for making my tooth ache? :)

Dear SirSimpleAmerican,...
Ahhh... so she travels alot, huh? But I DON'T geddit... why do you become stupid when she's not around? *puzzled*

Oh, the sacks? It's a big big deal... it is... :P
Color wise, not too dark, sir... not too dark... *LOL*

Dear lil'missmay,...
Waa waa waa!!! Where hv liu gone to?? Missingliuliu!!!
Actually hor, the rest of them who did the tag, did it real short! They just gave a one-word point! So liuliu! *LOL* So, me only kaypoh go and do long long wan... But really, me thinks this tag is a bit mou liu, that's why I didn't pass it on to ya'! :P
And speaking of tag... liu still 'owe' me one, rite rite?? :P

You are most welcome! The giant sotong is really... so liuliu!!! :D
W E E K E N D H U G Z & M U A K S

Okay, be prepared to chup again later today! *LOL* Waaa, got give warning summore wan! So liuliu!

G O O D N I T E S W E E T H E A R T S . . .

plink said...

Chey... angel sure knows what I'm looking for. Every day also you say oredy: Pratinum, Grold, Srilver,... Wakakaka!!




Aiyah, Perfect Lover sure got wan. Just because I haven't met one doesn't mean dun have. Right? RIGHT?!

Chen said...

LOL at the big head convo :P
Remember to get ready the measuring tape, kakakkak :P
u are Perfectionist ah? wah...
I'm not leh :P

Winn said...

liu in genting oredi??so liuuuuuuuu!

me ok tired as u are...
i'm going to indonesia this coming monday for woek..then off to my holiday for a week nx week..things r quite packed that i dun feel like bloggin abymore.

actually..i really dont feel like bloggin anymore..i mean i wanna stop for a while..*goes back to sleep mode after breakfast*

mistipurple said...

hugliu winnliuliuuuuu. ah yoooo i know how that must feel. i am so neglecting my own blog, but am keeping it there for contact point because i liu a lot of people and don't want to lose them also.

happy weekend angeliu. i go fix my stomach and liu you later. hugliu angeliu also. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Liu ~ Liu ~ Gurl :-)

Thanks for doing the meme. I do reply to comments sometimes but rest assure, I do read all of them (not that there are alot LOL).

Thanks for reading my blog & commenting too. I appreciate that. It's not easy being a newbie in Blogosphere.

Take care & may you be well and happy always.

angel said...

angel will be out but will reply to your comments later if the wifi at Genting Starbucks work, okay liulius?

* S A T U R D A Y H U G Z T O O N E A N D A L L *

See Fei said...

can i apply? areas where i cant fulfill you, i will allow you to take on another lover?

got deal or not?

angel said...

Okay, my Virgin Starbucking @ First World Hotel's Starbuck... quite liu wey! But then hor, no electrical plug wan!! Liuliu!

Dear plinku,...
Ohhhh... soli soli... now oni angel knows wat u looking for maa... :P Pssst pssst, u doing not bad worrr this month... ;)

Waaa... *swooned*
Make sure u don't go far far away from me hor??

Perfect Lover, got ah? Ok ok... we find together, mau tak?? But better dun share-share lah hor? *LOL* But actually I dun mind sharing wan.. *LOL* Liuliuliu!!!

Dear doc,...
Ya ya, I must get the measuring tape ready :P
U not Perfectionist mehhh?? Sure boh? :P I think now I better liao... but in certain things maybe not...

Dear winnliuliu,...
Yeahhh!! I now in Genting liu! Not cold wan... but still better than hot hot KL :)
Poor winnliuliu... dun worry la... going for holiuday liao... recharge your energy and then cum back to liu me, ok liuliu? We all wait for liu wan... if liu sienz, liu can call/smsliu me, hor?

I hope by the time liu wakes up, liu will feel better hor? *hughughug*

Dear mistiliu,...
Liu oso so sweetliu... One day I might leave my blog too... *sighhh* But I won't 'leave' liu, ok? And liu must not leave angeliu oso, ok liuliu??
Waaa... we sound like writing love liutters oni... *LOL*

Hope liu hv a good day at work, go home early, ok liuliu??


Dear anonymous lady,...
Wow! Thanks for sucha long comment ;)
You are most welcome! And thanks for tagging me too! ;)
I actually understand how comments can spur a blogger to well, blog more :) I'll comment in yours whenever I hv something to say, ok liuliu? :)
Thank liu for your sweet sweet wishes... I'll liu u soon ;)

Dear see,...
*LOL* Liu sure wanna apply ka?? Waaa... lei tak mou?? *LOL*

But then, me thinks it's a good deal! Can let me take on another lover oso! Wow! I likesss!! :P

So tell me, which are can YOU fulfill? ;)

DYK that Starbucking is so liuliu cool! Especially if liu do it in Genting! Waaa... nice!

angel said...

Alamak... See Fei, I meant to say, which area are u able to fulfill! *LOL* Stupid spelling error :P

_butt said...

Hmm.. not available during my time.. gulp gulp.. nvm la, I'll pass to other bloggers, me very generous wan.. :D

BONUS POINTS!! Yes yes!! Must must!! Can la hor? *flutter eye lashes*

Haha.. u're rite, angel.. because I'm very de fickle-minded punya (or izit fussy? *LOL*), so had to find one who can negotiate with me where to date ah, where to have dinner ah all that.. kinda kesian.. *LOL*

angel said...

Dear butty,...
Looks like no one knows abt it... or maybe no one read it?? easy to get bonus points wan meh?? :P Nanti my boss find out how? And my THHC franchise kena tarik balik, how? :P

Fussy? Errrmm... I think it's more of fikliu minded loh... maybe u everything oso want, tat's why? *LOL* :P

Oh gawd... Liuliu Monday tomolo... sighhhh...

_butt said...

Shh.. you dont tell, I dont tell.. mai tak lo.. *muahahaha*

Poor Monday..

plink said...

S H A R E L I U U U ? ! ? ! ? !


This month I simply bantai oni... Pratinum/Grol/Srilver all luanlai ammkong wan.... Next month sure habis.... :P

angel said...

Dear butty,...
Waa waa... conspiracy... shhhhh...
*looks around first*
*add add add*
*make dunno*

Dear plinku,...
Waaa... so loud wan... :p
Just testing to see if anyone read wat I wrote maaa... *LOL*
Alamak, lupa!
*brings smelling salts to revive plinku*
Adoi... sure sakit wan...

Eh eh... wat's luanlai ammkong?? Tak paham wat's ammkong leh... Ammkong ciao, I know lah, but not in tis context worrr...

Nxt month where got habis? Notchet sampai, so where got habis wan? :P

Anonymous said...

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