Friday, July 13, 2007

Animals Animals Animals

Weekend is here again. I've been busy, I've been ill but time and tide wait for no man... I'm here just for a short update. This entry was not planned but I thought I wanna ask you a fun question since it's Flyday! If you could an animal, what would you like to be? He asked this question and I said, I couldn't decide. Either I wanna be a bird (cos can flyyyy) or Paris Hilton's b*tch, Tinkerbell, the chihuahua. He thought I was gonna say 'cheetah'.

Cheetah? Reminds me of Cheetara from Thundercats... hoooooooooooohhh!!!

Hmmm.... not bad, huh? So now I ask you lah... what animal would you be? And why? Have a great weekend!


Jemima said...

Hope you'll get better soon.


Jemima said...

Btw, I want to be a dove.

Jemima means dove.

Pookyma said...

CHUP! CHUP! CHUP! my darling!!!!!!hahahah for the 1st time i got it right...I wanna be a rabbit coz the fuck non-stop....hahahaha

may said...

I wanna be a bird so I could soar freeeeee!

Pookyma said...

The rabbit thingy was a joke....i wanna be an eagle.Don't ask why.Btw you are tagged....

rinnah said...

I wanna be a kitten, I think. Why? Because kittens are cuddly but they can scratch too! LOL!

Will said...

i wanna be... err... human... :P

human is an animal too mah :P

mistipurple said...

*howl* *HOWL*
ahem.. need i say more?

george said...

i would be a head lice and travel all over the country jumping from head to head :p

aiyah nonya said...

Poor angel, I hope you will recover soon. Must be this hot spell we are having . Or is it due the haze ?

But don't worry , I have lots of fruits, choked full with vitamins for you.

Thunder cats....yeh I remember that cartoon.

What animal would I want to be ? Hmmmm... I must say a fruit bat, coz I love fruits and I can fly. And a monkey. So I an monkey around and blame that it is my nature.
Is there such an animal, that is a cross between a bat and a monkey ?

Have a great weekend. And drink lots of water to hydrate our ageing cells.

Wennnn said...

Hope U feel better now!! Drink more water hor!! Gip U muaks muaks hugs hugs to make U feel more better!!! Sayangzzzz I dunno wat I wan to be!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Why nobody wanna be a cock like me geh?

narrowband said...

I want to be a pig because can orgasm for 30 mins :p

Monk[+]Icon said...

cheetara i like!!! one of my favs! btw.. u know thundercats movie in the making! woohoo!!

Misha said...

jiejie angel

mish wants to be a CHEETAH because
a) cheetah can run very fast;
b) its skin's pattern is very nice;
c) because cheetah is very fierce


have a nice weekend!!!

day-dreamer said...

Wah... that dog more famous than me! LOL!

Hmm... I dunno what I wanna be...

Have a nice weekend! *hugs*

ehon said...

should comment when i'm more sober. :P

ah nel said...

most of gals wana be bird n i dowan coz i have 1 now...LOL

i wana be wateva animals gals lyk coz they will allow me in the bathroom when they bath... :D

zeroimpact said...

Hope you recover very very soon
I don't know what I want to be, may be a turtle or an orca

Chen said...

wonder will anyone choose to become a pig? LOL
Not me, definitely :P

Can i choose eagle?
can soar high-high up in the sky mah :)

Pink Cotton said...

i wanna be a birddddddd

go holiday no need to buy airplane ticket...HAHAHAAHAH

angel said...

Dear jemima,
Thanks :) still some prob with the throat haiiii... i hate it when i get sorethroat... takes ages to get well :(

*sayangs the dove*

Dear pookyma,
Haaaa... U a bit slow liao... but still got in the 'charts' ;)

LOL! Being a rabbit is 'good'... do it like the rabbits ;) I also like hehe...

Dear ahmay,
I believe I can flyyyy...
I believe I can touch the skyyy...

So, where are we flying today? Sgp?

Dear pookyma,
Joke meh? Cheh... u dowan to do it like the rabbits ma?

Eagle is cool ;) So u wanna be an American eagle or burung helang Malaysia?? :p

The tag... I need to think first, ok? Thanks for lupping me :p

Dear rinnah,
Hmmm... u wanna be cuddly and u wanna scratch? OK lah, I shall cast you for the next Catwoman :D

Dear will,
Cheh... human is human... animal is animal la... u dun confused :p

Dear misti,
Wow... sleek bod there miss howler... :D

Dear george,
*brings red carpet*
Coffee? Tea?

Haha! OMG... kutu!! Reminds me of my 'kutu' experience in school... ewww... :p

Dear aiyah nonya,
Thank you so much... my throat is still not cooperating... everybody says it's the weather and I see so many people also kena flu, fever and the likes...

Fruit bat? Why not fruitfly? Smaller and not so easily kena hantam... hehe... Monkey around haha... u not born in the year of Monkey, are u??

Talking abt weekends, I'll now always remember that u love your Sundays :) U hv a good one too ;)

Dear wenwen,
Thanks :) If hugs and muaks can be like medicine, then doctors no business liao... :D

Dear cocka,
That makes u a unique Cock... no like meh?

Dear narrowband,
Hahaha!!! Where did u read that??? :p But, a good choice ;)

Dear ah monk,
I thot there was a Thundercats movie once? No?

Dear misha,
Wow... cheetamish! How did u like your name? Hehe...

Bryan korkor also said that cheetahs are intelligent... hey, that really sounds like misha! ;)

Misha is fierce too? Oops... I better behave myself when I see misha then... *scared scared* Hehe...

U have a great weekend too!

Dear day-dreamer,
That dog is more famous than all of us! :p

U dunno ah? Aiyah... be a bird? Wanna wanna?

U hv a great weekend too! *hughug*

Dear ehon,
What did u drink? High high tei?

Dear ah nel,
Your 'bird' cannot fly also wan...

Cheh... u can only see the girls in the bathroom, not bathe with them also... where got syiok liddat??

Dear zeroimpact,
Thanks, I hope so too :)

Turtle? Why leh?

Dear chen,
Neh!! Narrowband said he wants to be a pig cos can orgasm for 30 mins wor... LOL...

U also wanna be eagle ah? American eagle or M'sia helang? :p

Dear pink cotton,
Another birdie wannabe ;)

Go holiday? Birds need to shop to buy new feathers, hor? :p


a^ben said...

o m g i still remember this cartoon!! ehehhe

Kenny Ng said...

I wanna be king cobra! Yau yeng n rock ma... :P

confessing7girl said...

u know this is a really good question !!! i know i would want to fly ... i wanted to be an eagle!! :D

angel said...

Dear a^ben,
So, what animal u want to be jek??

Dear kenny,
Waaaaa.. u become king cobra, i cabut jauh-jauh!! But good lor you... King Cobra... then let some arneh-neh charm u with the pipe :p

Dear confessing7girl,
Wow! Another eagle wannabe! Can fly high, huh? ;) You'll be a beautiful eagle :)


zewt said...

when i was working in china... i was asked the same question duing the induction course... naturally... i said horse... cos i was born in the year of the horse... simple... just wanna get away with it! haha!

but for this blog... i will answer... unicorn... cos i wanna fly!

angel said...

Dear zewt,
Hey, winn is right. I'm your chung sat fansi haha! You never fail to impress me, young man ;)

Unicorns are unique. So are you ;)

Huei said...

there r so many animals i would wana be!! bird so i can fly away..pig cos i am cos i wana communicate with them...cats cos i wana wonder y they purr..and so many more!! =P heheh

angel said...

Dear ah huei,
Wah... so many animals u wanna be... then u can be Manimal... U know Manimal? It's a series (long time ago) about a man who could turn into animals to help/save people wan... very interesting series :) Very hensem also that hero hehe...

_butt said...

i wana be... i wana be... i wana be...

dreamie said...

I wanna be Ninja Turtle... veli kengchow wan you know, dun play play wor !!

Simple American said...

I wanna be a dog so you can scratch my ears and I can lick your hand. :)

angel said...

Dear butty,
Made up your mind yet? :D

Dear dreamie,
Ninja turtle?? Haha! U very keng lorrr you... :p But very good cos can protect me ;)

Dear Sir SA,
I let u lick my face as well hehe...