Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Youngest Friend From Blogland

Short Yak: So, how is this new template looking?? Why have I crossed over to the Bright Side? Because lin peh ka wa kong, "Aiyoh, difficult to read your blog laa..."

And just now, I found this funny message on my Yahoo Messenger. Message has been edited here and there but those who are sampat will understand... Those who don't understand, sorries lor...

miss!! who say i dun miss you wor? I miss you like the flies miss the shit.........I miss you like the vulture miss the carcass............i miss you like XXX miss her step (ooops!) ........i miss you like mr crappy miss ah xxxx. Muahahahahahaha!!!

It has been a crazy week! So many things to do in so little time... BUT, the best thing of all is, we can still Make Time
to do other things that we wanna do, like going for The King & I on a weekday night. My verdict, love it, love it, love it! On top of that, it was also because of my Partner-in-Crime who made the outing, fun. Like the last time, giggles were exchanged before, in-between & after the show.

Another highlight of the week was my meet-up with Lil' Misha, the youngest hip-hop-happening-future-supermodel from the blog! Anyone who meets her will surely be smitten... Thank you for the chocolates, Misha! And also thank you to Misha's Pwetty Mummy, the chaperon of the night, for the dinner...


What can I say about her? The picture says it all...


confessing7girl said...

ur new template looks great!! love it and misha is the cutest thing!!! :)

may said...

waaaaa!! White is the new Rainbow!! very the clean, so the nice!

sweet sweet Mish Mish so pretty... and that finger too... *ahem*

I also miss you leh. miss you like XXX misses the OOO. got miss me anot?

Jemima said...

Nice banner!
Angel or Evil? Both!!!
That's what one would find in a playground. :p

Only one person I know will leave such a message. LOL.
Gosh! I am really sampat. LOL

Mish is really nice. She gave me a surprise call. I enjoyed every minute of our conversation.

Wennnn said...

Nice template... veli nice!!

L B said...

waaa, the Light Side!!! Suddenly so bright!!!... Especially on a sunday morning lagi! Morning has broken...
must cover eyes..

ah nel said...

lin peh oso say "sim ai cheng"

ur blog black n red hard for us all oldman old flower... :D

ur dotter reli cute :P

Vad3r said...

cross to wordpress laaaa :P

mistipurple said...

wah, new clothing!! must get used to. i thought i went wrong place earlier! nice nice! so g-string now must black white chor?
misha is really very matured for her age. i was impressed beyond words too when she spoke to me!

a^ben said...

i like the new template~ hahahahaah

.i miss you like mr crappy miss ah xxxx.


oooo u met misha

Chen said...

wow.. very classy woh
i likey :D
i'm thinking of changing new template too 2 weeks ago. Abuthen, i lazy to re-do everything again - i mean all my links and other stuff i put on the sidebar.. That's why i still keep the old template.

Hehhee, u really meet up with lotsa lotsa people huh? :D

zeroimpact said...

I agree with you totally and the bangle on her hand so cute and catchy

day-dreamer said...

Nice new template! And I can load your page faster liao, don't know why... hahahaha!!

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

jiejie angel .. hehehe :) when I saw the banner ie angel or evil .. I remembered the paper we saw at TGIF !

:) I am back in HK already :)

ehon said...

welcome to the bright side! :D LOL!

love ur template ALOT!

i duno am i allow to say this but the banner cud be better? i love ur old banner more, although i love your "angel or evil" even more! :P


aiyah nonya said...

Why sudden change of skin ? Some now there is 2 of you - an angel and a devil.

Which one are you now ? :)

angel said...

Dear confessing7girl,
Hey! You got yourself 5 Hug Hug Points for July! Wheeeee!!

Thanks... I'm glad so many ppl approved of the new template hehe... and yes, Misha is the cutest one of all... :)

Dear maymay,
Hehe... uh huh, black & white are the new Rainbow colours! So pure... so angelic... so me... haha... me is black hhehehe....

Of course I miss you too! I keep all the Misses in my heart... ;)

Dear jemima,
Yes! Both! You are right! ALL of us are angels & devils, hor?

Haha... U hv been awarded the Sampat Award? If you had, that means you ARE... sampat hehehe!

Mish is a very intelligent & pretty young lady ;)

*be back later*

rinnah said...

Nice new template! I'm too chicken to try anything to my template just in case I lose any of my widgets...

Nice pic of Misha too...

eastcoastlife said...

Woot! Nice template! I would like a change too after seeing yours!

Yeah, I know who left that message. hahahaha..... I miss you too!!! But cannot bring myself to write such mushy messages. kekeke.....

Misha is so young!?

Chen said...

where is Cocka?

Cocka Doodle said...

Waaah! Who left that message ah? Damn 9 yoke mar...
I read already also hair all stood on its end! Hahahaha!!

angel said...

Dear wenwen,

Dear L B,
Haha... Your comment brought back 'memories' of the time when YOU went over to the Light Side and I think I also said that suddenly all so bright... heh heh... *selective memory this one...*

*brings you your yao yeng Sunglasses*

Dear ah nel,
Saw my blog header? I put it to remind myself about sim ai cheng...

Yalah.. that's why I changed to the Bright Side... all for my beloved Senior Citizens fansi... :p

My dotter? U really old flawer... :p

Dear vad3r,
I have one... but I dun really like lor... neh, the link is on my blogroll ;)

Dear misti,
Hehehe... reminds me of this tale "The Emperor's New Clothes" hehehe...

I accept any colour of the g-strings that you sew... hampalang sapu! :D

Misha is so adorable! ;)

Dear ah ben,
U like it too? Thanks! :D

Hahaha... u sampat :p

Yup, I met Misha ;)

Dear chen,
Classy ah? Heheh... kamsia... I belanja you errrmmm... Longkang Laksa ok bo?? ;)

Faster change yours! Fai tik! Fai tik tukar baju! Must change clothes liao after wearing so long! Hehe... But I understand what you mean lor... really a lot of hard work adjusting here and there... actually I wanted another template but got problem when I used it on my blog... so **^$#@!! In the end, hv to use this one... actually still not so satisfied because I wanted it "wider" but tak boleh... grrrr! But nvm lah... at least now can see a bit of light... I mean my blog laaa... kkkkkkk :p

Aiyak paiseh... not really lar... well, okay lar... haha... the Emperor asked me after this meet who next worr... :p Mish is just too adorable not to meet her! So, die-die also MUST MEET! ;)

Dear zeroimpact,
Hehe... actually that's not her bangle... that's actually to tie her hair wan :) But she is totally adorable!

Dear day-dreamer,
Uik... means last time u take a long time arr? Then why din tell me wor... but am glad to know it's loading faster now ;)

Happy Monday to you!

Dear MISH!!!
Haha! Yes! I also thought of that piece of paper at TGIF when I chose this template ;)

Glad to know you are back in HK safe and sound... miss you miss you miss you!!! ;)

Dear ehon,
Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)

The template, I just copy the codes oni... can't adjust the graphics at all... I not like you can play around with the codes... me is HTML code buta wan... :p

*kejar Pom Chak Chak*
Dun go! Faster teach me to PCC!

Dear aiyah nonya,
I did the changes because some of my Senior Citizens fansee 'complained' cannot see what I wrote in the Dark Side... so, I have to be kind to them and overhaul my blog :)

Angel & Devil... I'm very sure ALL of us are BOTH... at one time or the other... agree? ;)

Dear rinnah,
You should try to play around with the template... but of course whatever you do, must hv a backup of your current template code... just do it! ;)

Every picture of Misha is beautiful! ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Yes! We all need a change every now and then! I'll be waiting to see your blog's new clothes ;)

Hahaha... I know you know :p So bad hor that person... say someone 'missed' the steps... hehe... Haha... mushy message? Donch worry... if too mushy for you, I'll do the 'dirty job'... I MISS YOU LOTSSSS! ;)

Uh huh... Misha is only 7 yrs old :)

Dear chen,
Look no more... he's below you... kkkkk....

Dear cocka,
Yoke mar ahh? But I like wor... Hou laam worrr... dim ahh? :p

Which part of your hair stood up, huh? O.o


zewt said...

talk about starting young... eh, did u just change your lay out again?

angel said...

Dear zewt,
Uh huh... nowadays they start blogging very young hor? Lucky kids them...

Aiyohhh, mister ahh... I changed my WHOLE template! From the Dark Side to the Light Side... how? U need sunglasses too?

Leonard said...

very clean template you have here! ;)

aiyoh, misha so cute!!

angel said...

Dear leonard,
Clean hor? I think I need sunglasses when I come to my blog... very bright... hehe...

Misha IS the cutest blogger on the blog! ;)

Anonymous said...

*jiejie angel* you can stop praising me now... I cannot take it anymore.. I am going to "fly" soon!!! hehehehe

I am not the cutest blogger ... I am just an ordinary little girl that has many many jiejie(s) and korkor that love me .. hahaha ...

that's all for now .. I am going for dinner soon. Mum is too lazy to cook .. she said that she is too tired .. how not tired if everyday in KL .. walk and walk and walk .. sigh!

angel said...

Dearest Misha...

Hahaha... aiksss! You saw all my praises??

*hides behind TGIF's menu*

Haha... it's okay to "fly" a bit bit but after that, you must come back to earth okay? :)

You are a little girl who can understand quite a bit in an adult's world... nevertheless, jiejie hope that you'll take your time to enjoy being a lil' girl, okay?

Poor mummy... Mish should learn how to massage mummy hehe... sure mummy will love you more! What? You don't know how to massage? OK, next time jiejie teach you, okay??

Hope you had a nice dinner! Say hi to Mish's Mummy!

Simple American said...

She is soooooooooooooo cute. And so are you!


Huei said...

wah!! so young edi blog!! cool!! so cute!!!! =D

Bernard said...

Nice template. I've got to go and fiddle with my template also liao... i went and fiddled with it until kaput... now have to go and build from scratch. Ish.

angel said...

Dear Sir SA,...
She's reallyyyyyy cuteeeeee!!!

Me cute? Haha... Nolah, you cuter... hehe...

*cutie hugz*

Dear ah huei,...
Yalor... so early they start blogging liao, hor? Psstt... nxt time u also can introduce your niece to blogs... ;)

Dear bernard,...
Hey stranger ;) Thanks! I had a rather pening time trying on the templates... this wasn't what I want originally but the other one got problem and I donno how to fix, so, use this one lo...

Yeah, it's refreshing to change template every now and then... not so boring hehe... but my reason for changing it is because some of my 'senior' fansees find it difficult to read with the dark background :)

I'll wait for your new template, ok?? ;)


Kenny Ng said...

Soooooooooooo cute! How old is she ah? Can kao or not? LOL

angel said...

Dear kenny,
Veryyyyyyy!!! Misha's only 7 years old. Kao?? Kao your head! :p