Sunday, July 15, 2007

Birthday Boy, Ben!


An entry to commemorate Master a^ben's 20th (*gasp* so young de!) birthday. Here's wishing you all the fun you'll have in your growing up years... nyek nyek nyek...


A picture of me (photographer, of cos!) and a^ben during our recent romantic date to the Eye of Malaysia...

Anyway, H a P p Y b I r T h D a Y , a ^ B e N !


Monk[+]Icon said...

hepi bday a^ben! gerori~

Jemima said...

Happy Birthday to Ben.

No more a teenager liao. :)

Nice cake, Angel. :)

Winn said...

luckily albie balik kampung.
else i wontb able to chup. hehe
happy bday ben ben. owe us cake ar u!! hahaha

oh..u n ben mia eye on msia story. if me and him go on that ride i sure eye on ben most of the time.

may said...

Happy Happy Musical Merry Birthday, a^ben!

may your ka chng always have music to io to! best wishes and lotsa hugsssss!

Will said...

wah so young wan... happy bday

Misha said...

*ben korkor*

happy birthday ..(even though you do not know me) hahahaha

L B said...

Happpy Happppppy Birthhhhdayyyyy, iooooo kaaaaa chhnnnnnggggg Biiiiiiig Beeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!! *pinch* *pinch*

Wennnn said...

Happy birthday Ben....Nice cake Angel!!

mudpie said...

happy birthday .. happy birthday .. ben ben *drum roll with clarinets*

a^ben said...

the cake is so adorable!!!!! fuah~!! thankliu angel!!!!

thanks monkticon, jemima, winn, may, will, misha (i know u misha ;P), LB!!, wenn, mudpie


ehon said...

happy bday the mohnster. kekekekeke~ :P

that cake very cute wei! hahaha. where u found that?

day-dreamer said...

Happy birthday, a^ben!!!!

nyonyapenang said...

happy 20th birthday to a^ben. wah...the cake is for a very special musician.

mistipurple said...

ahbenben's birthday! Happy Birthday ahBen!!! enjoy your day!

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to a^ben! Many more young young birthdays to celebrate ahead of you!

moz monster said...

Happy Birthday to benben ...

Chen said...

itu photo so dark geh..
searching high and low for ben ben's eye.. :P

♪ ♫ Happy Birthday Ben Ben ♪ ♫

King's wife said...

Happy birthday to A^ben!
Best wishes for the coming year, and stay cute always!!! ;)

Selba said...

Happy Birthday Ah Ben!!!

What a beautiful cake, share.. share.. share....

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy Birday Ah Ben! Come, unker pinch pinch your cheeks...

Ah Boy said...

Happy Birthday, Ben Ben :)

Ah Boy submitted homework liao..

zewt said...

Happeee burbday ah ben!

angel said...

Dear ah monk,
Happy Burfday benben!

Dear jemima,
Haha... no more a teenager but not quite adult yet...

I like the cake too! ;)
Happy Burfday benben!

Dear winn,
Haha! Ei, what u doing so early on a Sunday morning??? Waiting to take Liucas out ka?

Yeah! Next time he comes to KL, we 'wat' him to buy us cake!

Haha! U eye a^ben? Becos he as hensem as LeeHom?? :p

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear ahmay,
His ka chn'g will be very itchy cos everybody talking abt it...

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear will,
Actuarry... it's like this... we are old... *screams in denial* :p

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear misha,
U don't know this korkor but he knows you! *wink*

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear L B,
WAAAA!!! So ka chn'g! How's your ka chn'g?

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear wenwen,
Nice hor? I also like... u can bake like that mya cake?? :D

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear mudpie,
Waa... u sound so sedap that I also wanna makan u... hehe...
*enjoying the music*

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear a^ben,
Happy Burfday benben!

U like neh? Wah liao... u know how long I spent on the net looking for the Perfect Cake for u anot?? Very long! :p But it's worth it :) I'm glad u like it... You are most welcome!

*pinch pinch soft soft*

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear ehon,
I found the cake... errr... somewhere on the internet :p Nice hor? Took me some time to find the perfect cake ;)

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear day-dreamer,
Happy Burfday benben!

Dear nyonyapenang,
Yes, this is a very special cake, only for Master Ben ;)

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear misti,
He io ka ch'ng at the Forest... :D

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear rinnah,
He's SOOOO young hor? :)

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear moz,
Happy Burfday benben!

Dear chen,
kkkkkk... must bring some 'mystery' in ahben ma... so, cannot show bright-bright lor... kkkkk...

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear king's wife,
Happy Burfday benben!

Dear selba,
Haha... ya, a^ben owes us a cake! :D

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear cocka,
Unker... u eyeing which 'cheek' ah?

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear ah boy,
Thanks! Good boy!
*throws some mango*
*dessert maaa... after eat cha siew, now eat dessert* :p

Happy Burfday benben!

Dear zewt,
Happy Burfday benben!


Huei said...

wahh! u sure know lots of ppl! always got bday!! hehehe

hapPpPY bIRThDAy bEn!!!

Misha said...

jiejie angel good morning to you!!!

Leonard said...

happy birthday to a^ben!!!

20 only young!!!

laundryamah said...

Happy Birthday A Ben! Wah so young nya...have a great life ahead!!

angel said...

Dear ah huei,
Haha... not really lar... one more birthday post coming up, next ;)

Happy burfday, benben!

Dear misha,
Good evening to you!!!
Love to see your greetings in the morning :) Thanks!

Dear leonard,
Young hor? U also still young wat... ;)

Happy burfday, benben!

Dear laundryamah,
So young then can become your son arr? Haha...

Happy burfday, benben!


aiyah nonya said...

Hi angel,

Waiting for the S'pore eye.
How come the one in KL will be coming down so soon ? No business ?

Hope you are feeling better already

_butt said...

happy belated birthday benben! :D

eastcoastlife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eastcoastlife said...

Happy birthday a^ben!!!
aiyooo... so young! Envy! Envy! Envy!

My Angel dearie,
Come and get your award from my latest post! ^-^

Kenny Ng said...

Happy bird-day to Ben didi... kekeke

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!!

Love that cake! Cool looking. How did it taste?

angel said...

Dear aiyah nonya,
The KL one is only 'up' for one year because of Visit M'sia Year 2007... so, after 2007, no more liao lor... rugi hor?

I also wanna go on the Sg Eye when it's ready :)

I'm better now, thanks... Just coughing only but this is the worst :(

Dear butty,
Benben still io ka chng somewhere... hmmm... :D

Dear eastcoastlife,
Hehe... so, you wanna be young young too? Hv u found the Fountain of Youth? Dun forget to share share when u find it, ok?? Hehe...

Thank you so much for the award! Heart Heart Hugs to you!

Dear kenny,
Didi sounds.... ahem... :p

Dear Sir SA,
Everyone loves it too! Hehe... How did it taste? Errr... have to ask ben... ;)