Sunday, July 01, 2007

THHC™ Chapter 14 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©

Last Friday, chen & eastcoastlife shared pictures with the theme "Sweet" for their weekly PhotoHunt entry. So today, I also want to entice you with some sweet sweet chocolatey desserty pics. Above is the famous Chocolate Fountain (biggest in KL, maybe?) found at Lemon Grass Garden Cafe in Shangrila Hotel, KL. (Are you drooling already? *brings napkins*)

(Sorry, wrong name liao... should be Lemon Garden Cafe, not Lemon Grass!)

Eastcoastlife said that she'll take me to Raffle City's dessert buffet if I went to Singapore. Anyone else joining? *grins*

In a blink of an eye, we have entered the second half of 2007. And this July, a few of our friends entered into a new phase in their lives. Master kyh is off to start his university life in USM... Master narrowband will take his first steps into what zewt called, The Modern Slave World.

So, what are your plans for the second half of the year? Time and tide waits for no man. (If only we could do a Hiro Nakamura...) Don't worry, be happy? Those two phrases don't seem to go hand in hand, do they? Before we know it, it'll be festival time again... Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai and the cycle repeats. (Hey, I remember writing something along these lines not too long ago... hmmm... am I repeating myself too?? Geee, what a vicious cycle!)

Oh well, deal with it when we come to the bridge? But the bridge IS here everyday... Lost me? Nevermind... Here's the result of June 2007's The Hug Hug Club. What's THHC? The President's entry, here.

01 - kyh

02 - L B

03 - may

04 - chen

05 - moz
05 - mistipurple
05 - day-dreamer
05 - nyonyapenang

06 - jemima (New Spooner!)

07 - will
07 - zewt (New Spooner!)

08 - ah boy
08 - c o n s u e l a
08 - ehon (New Spooner!)
08 - narrowband (New Spooner!)

Before I go for some retail therapy, enjoy this song that's now currently singing in my mind ever since I watched a programme on her 2 days ago, by Jessica Simpson, I Wanna Love You Forever (unplugged). I wanna croon like her...

You set my soul at ease
Chased darkness out of view
Left your desperate spell on me
Say you feel it too, I know you do
I've got so much more to give
This can't die, I yearn to live
Pour yourself all over me
And I'll cherish every drop here on my knees

I wanna love you forever
And this is all I'm asking of you
10,000 lifetimes together
Is that so much for you to do
Coz from the moment that I saw your face
and felt the fire of your sweet embrace
I swear I knew
I wanna love you forever

My mind fails to understand
What my heart tells me to do
And I'd give up all I have just to be with you
And that would do
I've always been taught to win
And I never thought I'd fall
Be at the mercy of a man,I've never been
Now I only want to be right where you are

I wanna love you forever
And this is all I'm asking of you
10,000 lifetimes together
Is that so much for you to do
Coz from the moment that I saw your face
and felt the fire of your sweet embrace
I swear I knew
I'm gonna love you forever

In my life I've learned that heaven never waits, no....
Let's take this now before it's gone like yesterday
Coz when I'm with you there's nowhere else
That I would ever wanna be, no....
I'm breathing for the next second I can feel you
Loving me... I'm gonna Love

I wanna love you forever
And this is all I'm asking of you
10,000 lifetimes together
Is that so much for you to do
Coz from the moment that I saw your face
and felt the fire of your sweet embrace
I swear I knew
I wanna love you forever

Transformers the movie is a w e s o m e !
And Josh Duhamel is hawt hawt hawt!!


ah nel said...

the actor look so gay wan!!! :P

ah nel said...

btw tat day i cut 1 storey of the cokulat fountain..muahaha

may said...

oOOooOOOoo!!! the chocolate fountain! I love spoiling myself silly at the dessert table with that.

this is her first hit, hor? I Wanna Love You Forever... mmmm... *sigh*


day-dreamer said...

Chocolate fountain!! I want!!!

a^ben said...


a^ben said...

OH NO!!!!!! my great start for july was stolen by DD!!!!!

*jump into choc fountain~ *

day-dreamer said...

Dear eastcoastlife, I guess angel has found a place with chocolate fountain in KL where you can gimme a treat when you go to KL. Hahaha! :P

Yeah, I've read a write up from The Star about Shangri-la's chocolate fountain years ago and have been drooling for it since. Haha. Apparently, it is quite costly. :(

Happy Sunday, angel! *hugs*

day-dreamer said...

Wah... luckily I posted fast. Hahaha!!

Sorry, ben! :D *hugs for you also*

Will said...

wah chocolate!!! *drools*

Chen said...

the choc fountain...
did u spot any fungal spot on the fountain? :P

very fast huh?
now july liao..
seems like we just celebrate new year leh..
really kia si lang how time flies..

aiyah nonya said...

Choc fountain - yummy !!! I am drooling ........

Btw I agree with a nel that Josh fellow do looks gay.

L B said...

Where is Singapore again? Do you think we can drop and get some groceries, or some lala, ah? Maybe find out what time the show begins, and try and fit in a dinner, even? Maybe? Is it far away? Got Starbucks wan? No Starbucks, we no go for sure. Need to find that Ice Blended Durian. And a Barbie or two. And pork chops too. Hey, got Airport?

I think I am in a flux. Fluxing is so bad on a Sunday noon. I forgot to marinate my chicken, and now they're not playing nice with me. They want their feathers back. But of course, I didn't bother listening to them. Kena taruhed under the grill, and STKU.. Too late. 1pm already!! Rice not washed yet. Floor not yet vacuumed. What is going on here? Fluxing! Flux flux.. PCC is definitely better, and more erotic. Flux just loses the floss.

Know what else? ..

We are the world... we are the children..

Jemima said...

WOW! I've got a No 6 spoon.. big enough to dig dig dig into that chockie fountain. ;)

Thanks, Angel.

nyonyapenang said...

I have never been to Lemon Grass Cafe but read and heard a lot about it. The desserts at ShangriLa are to die for lar.

Wah....gua pun ada nama kat spooner jugak! yayy....yayy....

eastcoastlife said...

WAAAAHH! 5-tier Chocolate Fountain! You win liao lor!!! hahaha...

I must go to this cafe for its chocolate fountain. Chey! forget abt coming to Singapore, Angel. We go KL's Shangri-la!!!

Josh is so hamsen. kyh sounds like sour grapes hor. kekeke....

eastcoastlife said...

Dear day-dreamer,
You want this cafe ar? Ok. Set. On.

I'll call you when I'm there. :)

Winn said...

i love transformers too!!

thanks for ahmay's link to ur blog in her latest, i can get to this post of urs wor:P
tu lemon grass is ur buka puasa;s dinner?

zewt said...

oh... i am finally in the chup club! hahaha.... what a way to celebrate my 6th month in the blogosphere.

megan fox is hotter kakakaka...

narrowband said...

I just feel like sticking my tongue into that fountain :p

Excitednya about tmr! Yipee!

mistipurple said...

psst LB.. lol! singapore got starbucks. also got jaga get you groceries. fresh milk on the house. keekeekee

k.t.x said...

lemongarden isit??? lol.

so..when r u gonna blanjah me makan there? i waiting

angel said...

Dear ah nel,
Gay is hot. Actually, u gay-er... so, r u hotter? *blekkk*

What did u do to that cokulit fountain??

Dear ahmay,
Actually hor, it's only fun to play at the choc fountain... eating it is different story hehe... I prefer to just play 'bathing' the grapes, marshmallows... kekeke...

Yes, that's Jessica's first hit. DYK that before that, she sings church songs? ;)

Dear day-dreamer,
U want? Then fast fast come to KL when ECL Jie is here ohhh...

Lemon Grass Cafe serves buffet... lunch, dinner, hi-tea... so, that's why it's expensive! About RM90-100 for buffet dinner, tau... yes, including the dessertssssss and choc fountain ;)

Sunday over liao... Monday again... *criessss*
*need more hugs*


angel said...

Dear a^ben,
Haha... khor lian... nvm lor, try again next time ;)

*imagines a^ben io ka chn'g in the fountain*

Dear will,
U also suka?

Dear chen,
Choychoychoyyyy! Mana ada worrr?? I'm sure they cuci everyday... or not... *gulp*

Actually hor, it's quite unhygenic hor this fountain thing... macam itu lok-lok... well ok, not quite like lok-lok haha... I hope nobody go makan the fruit they dipped and then dipped it again ... ewww... summore it's not boiled chocolate... if boiled wan can kill germs at least... kkkkk... think too much liao! U think DD still will lau nua after reading my comment? kkkkkk...

Yalor... time tic tock so fast wan... how liddat?

Dear aiyah nonya,
U come KL lar...

This Josh fella in the movie, he's manly wey... all covered in sweat... hawt is all I can say... hehe...

Dear L B,
Singapore is down under... neh, that lil' dot down there... it's very near... we make a weekend stop at the Lil' Dot... set, ok? Lala? No, we go for Chilli Crabs... all the hais... eat liao will high-high tei, u think?

Starbucks? Misti said got... if dun hv, we go jam her studio kkkkk...

Airport? Airport Express? Changi Airport? I dun hv Changi... I only hv the Express... good enough? Can make do la hor...

U in a flux after looking at the choc fountain? Do you feel like fluxing with 'em?

Oh dear.. looks like u had yourself some baaad cockas, huh? But I'm sure by now, they are all toasted... woohoo! Chicky Little toasted!

PCC? Master PCC is away from his pc, I think... he's gonna come back with better, more coordinated, more bergaya, more smooth, and of course, more orgasmic PCC steps...

I will follow you...
Follow you wherever you may go...

Dear jemima,
Haha... glad that the No. 6 Spoon could at least help you at the choc fountain ;)

Dear nyonyapenang,
I only went to this Lemon Garden Cafe twice. (Soli, sudah salah nama tadi...) Once was nearly 10 years ago when I first came to KL! And that time, the choc fountain was there liao!

Actually u go there not only to eat the dessert lor... like I mentioned to DD, it's buffet lunch, dinner or hi-tea... very expensive... cannot have birthday celebrations there... sure nanti we all pay until 'lao khor'... haha...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Haha! What I win worrr?? Got like this compete wan meh?? :p

OK, the next time you come to KL, I promise to take you there, set? But have to tell me earlier cos hor... have to make reservation wan... it's very laku... the last time I went for buka puasa, it was full house! And mind u, it's not cheap... nearly RM100 per pax...

But hor... I still wanna go S'pore... neh, L B said wanna go for a S'pore quickie wor... muahahaha...

Errr... pssttt... that one not kyh ler... it was ahnel who commented abt the gay thing... haha... YES! I wanna drool at Josh...

Dear winn,
U also love Transformers? *high 5*

Ei ei, that Optimus Prime punya voice so yeng liddat, hor? Sound so macho...hehe...

WAAA!!!! You still remember I went to Lemon Garden for my buka puasa?!! And yes, you are right! The pics were taken last year wan... hehe...

Dear zewt,
Haaaa... happy 6 months' young, AZAIG! 3 more months, will get anak already... kung hei lei! ;)

Haha... I agree that Megan Fox is hot too... esp. that scene at the front of the Bumblebee's engine... wah liao... I see also I sweat haha...

Dear narrowband,
Haha! If u did that, then DD can't try that choc fountain liao! :p Ei, u are tall enuff to lick the highest tier haha... highest tier is like hulu sungai, cleaner choc... hehe...

All the best ohh!! Dun forget to 'kap lui'... hehehe...

Dear misti,
Got free food?? What about lodging? *purposely din see the milk comment* :p

Got anything long & pink?

Dear ktx,
Alamak... u are right.. aisay, how come I got it wrongly??? Sei loh... So paiseh... thanks for pointing out...

I wait for u to belanja first...


ehon said...

aunty angel, when i go kl u bring me go lemon cafe anot? :D

i even got chup points ler!!! don't play play!! :D *jumps arnd*

Wennnn said...

Wahhhhh manyak new spooner hor..... All so busy chupping and I see Jemima topping everywhere... Hehehehh welll done to her!! coklat... I luv some...

Huei said...

that guy is beyond hot!! *DrOoL*

i wan chocolates!! more chocolates!! all chocolates!!!! hehehe

zeroimpact said...

Dessert buffet?
Count me in!
Count me in!

Hijackqueen said...

Regreted coming here. Can someone please removed that flowing choco fountain?

day-dreamer said...

RM100?!?! *pengsan*

Pssst...! Never mind la hor... ECL jie belanja mah... LOL!!

Haiyo... fungus or no fungus, I will still wanna give chocolate fountain a try. Hehehehe!!

*more hugs*

Leonard said...

i think it should be damn hard to get onto your THHC list!

try harder next time!

_butt said...

yuuuummy! both the chocolate fountain and Josh. hehe

Winn said...

expired mia food u put on blogs for ur fansee to savour ar? :P

optimus prime yes! yao yeng! but also a bit thai kao suey! * but istill like him la) ..
coz har i still canot get over

1) why he didnt take action to save that guy and gal when their grips loosen fr his. he could have got them kill, if not for bumblebee..the hero ( shld be called bumbledog hor? as loyal as dog!!!) hehe.

2) He always comes or appears late one at critical times. i know la team leads always does that. show up last mind:P

i stil like him la. haha

Bernard said...

Hot chocolate! Sweet!

I watched Transformers already! Haha.

aiyah nonya said...

Hey ! I read somewhere that a man's sweats make a woman week in their knees.
"It has been shown to improve womens mood and affect a hormone which involved stimulating ovulation"

Check out this site.

No wonder you go ga ga over sweaty guys.

So here is another ninjalogy trick - check if his sweat turn you on.


Happy sweat hunting ! :O

rinnah said...

No spoon for me. *sad* Nevermind. *uses fingers to dig into the chocolate fountain* Hehehe.

dreamie said...

irresistible chocs... good wor
best stimulant and energy booster !!

U.Lee said...

Hello Angel, Yes... July is here. Yesterday is dead and gone. Tomorrow is yet to come.
You can always say, "Yes, I did it my way, regrets I have, but too few to mention".
Looking forward to have a date with you. Best regards, UL.

Simple American said...

Hugs big as Texas. Of course. ;)

Lets go to Raffles City now!!!

Congratz to the Hug Huggers too.

Second half of the year should see me working more for myself.

car@kitty said...

OOOOHHHHH!!!! ALL SO yummyyyyyy!!!
I wanna see sometime a pic about you!!!! i have never seen how you look like!!! :-)
Have a good week pretty liuuuu lap liuuu!!

angel said...

Dear ehon,
Who gib u permission to call me auntie har har harrr??? *no hiu u*

U got chup chup hug hug points cos u lucky pom chak chak...

Dear wenwen,
Hehe... yup, jemima is busy stalking all THHC ;)

U like chocolates? Come come, bring your bowl... :)

Dear huei,
Beyond hot? Yeah... volcano larva hot! :D

U want chocs? OK, u may hv alllll the chocs in the world simply because you can afford to eat 'em ;)

Dear zeroimpact,
Here in KL where got dessert buffet wor? This one at Shangrila wan is not only dessert.. got lunch, got dinner, got hi-tea...

Dear hijackqueen,
Haha... hello there again! Sounds to me you kena 'hijacked' by the choco fountain pic, huh? Sowwieee... :D

Dear day-dreamer,
Now u pengsan neh... ECL Jie belanja u oni maa... ;)

OK OK, then u must go try the choc fountain when u come back to KL.

Dear leonard,
It's not very difficult wan... just be prepared to chup all the time! Haha... having an efficient feed reader helps too ;)

Oh, and thanks for the salt & peppa hugs! :D

Dear butty,
I think Josh is yummier than the choc lor... hehe...

Dear winn,
Actually hor, I forgot to tell you... that I purposely went to Shangrila that day to take this pic wan... :p

Tai kao suey is what? Besar? Bulky? Like SK?

Haha... yeah lor... that Optimus P. damn liu... actually hor, I thought that he's not so intelligent lor... he asked Sam to put that 'cube' into his heart if mou tak kao already but luckily Sam smart, stuff the cube inside Megatron. If Optimus had asked Sam to do that, then better lah, rite? But nooooo... must say put in his own heart... kononnya what? No sacrifice, no victory?? Lame.... hehe...

But I also like Optimus ler... esp. his voice... so macho... so man...

Dear bernard,
The chocolate isn't that hot ler... just slightly warm... :) But hor, your pics not very 'sweet' lorrr... :p

And did you like the movie? Hey, I'm wondering which cinema do u go to in SP? Or u went to Pg to watch wan?

Dear aiyah nonya,
Haha u joker la... I can't imagine going sweat hunting! Ewww... no can't do! Haha...

But thanks for the article. We all learn new things everyday!

Dear rinnah,
No spoon, can use fork also ;)

Dear dreamie,
Wah wah... how come u know so much geh? O.o

Dear Uncle Lee,
Ah yes, our date... I'm looking forward to be swept away by you but hope I don't fall down like a big buffalo haha...

I'm glad to say that regrets I have none. Heh heh...

Dear Sir SA,
Thanks for the biggie hugs. Love 'em as usual ;)

Working for ownself is great! I also wish I could work for my ownself...

Dear caraliu,
A pic of me? Better see me in Spain liu hehehe... muakssss!


Angel Eyes said...

Aahhh.. more chocs? I loike it babe! :)

Raffles City? Hey, i just got back from SG.... now only i knew... nevermind, i'm going again soon. Must go there!

I wanna see your pic too!

laundryamah said...

reminds me of that buffet i had in HK....there were 2 choc fountains! one brown n one white! too bad i was too pai seh to take picutres...

Stupe said...

1. i love chocolate.

2. i love transformer.

3. i love that jessica simpson.

half a year gone, i hope it will be better for me too!

sengkor said...

i hate lemon garden..

very torturous when leaving that place.. all food stuffed till the throat.

Oscar's Mommy said...

aiyah, you reminded me that i have not even complete like 10% of my new year resolution leh, but what the heck, resolutions are for ambitious ppl... i just want to have fun. so, lemon garden, here i come! hmm, must first think of a cause for celebration first... wa, choco fountain, i super like!

Bernard said...

Warm chocolate is just nice, thanks!

We went to BM. Supposed to go to SP Central Square but it was soooo crowded. The next day we went to BM. :-) Midnight show summore.

FL Sam said...

I dont like sweet stuffs like chocalate. But I like the song/Jessica Simpson. Transformer Movie not till I watch it. Should be good as almost everyone who has watched it rate it ***** Five stars.

JL said...

boleh rendam in the fountain :P

angel said...

I'm so busy can die!

Dear angel eyes,
Hey, are u still on holiday? ;)

The next time I go to SG, I'll try to go there since eastcoastlife said got buffet dessert there... here mana ada?

My pic? Haha... shy shy... See me in person betta ;)

Dear laundryamah,
Aiyah... apasal paiseh pulak? Nvm, tell me where is it and if I go HK nxt time, I go tangkap gambar :)

Dear stupe,
I love all that u love hehe...

All the best! ;)

Dear sengkor,
Haaaa.... who ask u to stuff yourself until so liddat? Tham sum lor you...

Dear oscar's mummy,
Most of us have learnt not to have new year resolutions... so mai no need to break any lor ;)

Don't need a reason to have fun wan... can hv fun everyday! But hor... I'm like u also... everyday go back so late... haiiii...

Dear bernard,
So, when's your next trip down KayElle? :)

SP Central Square? Alamak... itu mana? The place with Ocean Supermarket last time? BM cinema in that mall... aiyah... see lah, name also forgot already... looks like I also become like my grandpa liao :(

Dear fl sam,
Wow! I'm impressed that u like Jessica's song! You rock leh...

Transformers is a cool movie, lotsa action, got hot babe, sure ler best! :)

Dear jl,
You akan swim backstroke ke, freestyle ke, in the fountain? :p


eastcoastlife said...

My Angel,
You and lb coming to Singapore for a quickie!? Welcome! Can stay my house if you want, near the beach of chilli crabs!!!

I must plan for my KL trip again, just for the 5-tier chocolate fountain!

L B said...

*perks up at Quickie!*

angel said...

Dearest eastcoastlife!
Thank you so much for the offer... You are are too kind to us... We might try to go to the Lil' Dot for a Quickie, depending on the Emperor's busy schedule with his 47 other concies hehe... You make me heartchu... thanks again! I want to hug you!!! :D

Dear L B,
Faster get your @$$ to Asia! :p


angel said...

Dearest eastcoastlife again,
Suddenly i remembered I din say wat I wanted to say earlier, so fast fast wake up my lappie to type this haha...

Come come... when u free to come KL, lemme know. I book the 5-tier choc fountain! :)

MJ said...

Loved the food there! Esp the choc fountain. Like so jakun, never seen such thing about 2-3 years back! Kept dipping desserts into the choc fountain. The food there is nice too :p

angel said...

Dear mj,

Yup! Shangrila's food is one of the best in KL :) Love the oysters... and all the seafood... hehe...

Haha... we all are jakuns the first time ;) DYK that there's this mini choc fountain in One Utama? At a choc shop somewhere near Parkson...