Saturday, July 21, 2007

Toe Woe


This happened to my toe earlier today. I didn't know how or when it happened. Was very busy at work but at some point of time, I did notice that my toe was in pain but didn't check it out until I came back at about midnight just now. I was shocked to see this! Didn't even know that it was bleeding earlier today! I didn't know what to do, so I just cut the nails a bit bit and then summore can varnish it... Shucks... how to go jalan-jalan like this?? Crap...

Speaking of work, I found this blog where you can send in your hate tales about your boss! The blog owner hates his blog boss so much that he has started a blog and is inviting everyone to send in tales about your boss from Hell. You know lah, we as professionals shouldn't rant/scold/bitch/curse about our bosses in our own blogs... very dangerous... but sometimes cannot tahan. So, this is the chance let off steam, anonymously, of course... The blog is

Okay, I need to sleep now. Have a good weekend!


may said...

oooooooohhaawwwwww!! that looks painful! pain-pain!! my toe hurts too but not 'cos of a bleedin' toenail lah. my joint dunno why sakits... :(

come, we hobble like little ol' ladies at the shopping malls... LOL!

hope it heals soon!


c o n s u e l a said...


c o n s u e l a said...

omigosh...that sure ain't a pretty sight! I can feel your pain *ouchhh*
feel better soon okay...
put your feet up and don't walk as much! take care and have a great weekend *hugs*hugs*

Misha said...

*jiejie angel* good morning .. aiyah .. what happened to your toe :(

take care ok?

Chen said...

Poor Angel :(
cannot go jalan-jalan ah..
then can opt for duduk-duduk yum char loh...

Wennnn said...

Aiyoooo U must hv kicked onto sumthing and U din realized U hurt it.. It happened to me sometimes... No worry la soon U can go jalan jalan again la..

ah nel said...

must be last nite u terkick bed frame...

zeroimpact said...

I wouldn't say it happens all the time, but then again it happens
Sometimes I don't even realize until, people tell me, why you got blood all over one

Will said...

that looks so... "ouch"...
get well soon

wah a blog to bitch about bosses? if the boss reads it then jialat lor :P

a^ben said...

should put black varnish to cover up` no?

make sure to let me know which one is your post owh` then i go sapport it "yaloR! I agreee with this blogger`" eheks`

rinnah said...

Poor angel's toe! *sayangs angel* Where's the magic carpet? We can go jalan-jalan on the magic carpet, okie?

aiyah nonya said...

Ouch ! That looks painful.
Vain some more. But then who isn't ?

How come broken toe nails feels more painful then finger nails ?

Vad3r said...

erm..that's a fat toe :P

mudpie said...

adooooooooooiiiii!! saaakkkiitt!!! *take savlon and handiplast*

i suggest you put slipper when you go jalan2 later ..


ehon said...

one day, i will chup in ur blog!! :( always missed! stupid google reader.

oucchhh! sakit! eekk.. make sure u jaga it properly. don get infection!

Chen said...

u wanna stay in bed instead of going kai kai or the other way round? :P

Mr. Goober said...

must be you shake leg shake leg and kenak table when working eh

mistipurple said...

*blow blow cool air on your toe*
sayangz toe gently.. very gently..

day-dreamer said...

Wish your toe a speedy recovery.

*hugs* for a happy weekend! :)

L B said...

ewwwww!!!! Everyone seems to be having foot and mouth disease these days! I need to go poo poo..

angel said...

Dear maymay,
When I saw it last nite, I also thot that it hurts but no pain that time, only when I tried to cut a bit of the toe nail, ouch!!

Thanks maymay! Now I sudah 'cover' it with varnish muahahaha!

Why your joints hurt? U hv been doing sommersault on your bed? O.o
*sayangz ahmay*

Dear consuela,
Hehe.. no need to kan cheong chup... it was so early in the morning, everyone still zzzzz...

Thanks gurl :) I can still walk but hv to be careful not to knock into anything :D


Dear misha,
Are you in KL already?? My toe ah? Dunno what I kicked... but it's okay, not painful already :)

Dear chen,
*shows toe*
OK liao mah hor? :D

*remembering all the 3-8 moments*

Dear wenwen,
I dun remember kicking anything lor... well, maybe i kicked some butts... muahahaha :D

Thanks, I can jalan wearing slippers lor :)

Welcome back!

Dear ah nel,
But my bed no frame wor... when I woke up yesterday morning, dun hv bleeding oso...

Dear zeroimpact,
This is the first time happen to me... so scary when I saw the blood clot. Luckily no faint :p

Dear will,
Take pic that time, no ouch. But when I cut the nails, waa ouch ouch...

Bosses read the blog? Haha... wa tak tau loh...

Dear rinnah,
Thanks for the sayang... Your magical sayang is so terror... I can walk liao! :D But magic carpet is a better idea ;)

*hops on to the magic carpet and on the way to pick up rinnah*

Dear aiyah nonya,
Hehe... if no vain means not woman lorrr...

I break finger nails every now and then... maybe that's why not as painful as when toe nail breaks?

Dear vad3r,
Toes are meant to be FAT :p

Dear mudpie,
Thanks... *sayangs mudpie*

I'm wearing my slippers walking all over *grins*


Dear ehon,
Hehe... to chup, then u hv to refresh my blog 24 hrs :p

Thanks, I hope no infection too! Eeeek!

Dear chen,
Haha... I want go kai kai! Donwan to stay in bed... u pushing the wheelchair for me? :D

Dear mr.goober,
But but but there's nothing under my cubicle wor... got padding one... how to kick table?

Dear misti,
Thanks momma...
*enjoying the cool air*
Blow harder, can?

Dear day-dreamer,
Thanks! I can still walk... so, it's not that bad :)


Dear L B,
Who is having mouth disease? O.o

Poo poo? Ewwwww... (need laxative?)

*pinches own nose*


nyonyapenang said...

adoooi.....sakit loooohhh...
you see, when the brain is sooo occupied with work we don't even realised the pain.

moz monster said...

Gosh ... that doesn't look very encouraging. Is it better now ? Hope it's getting better all the time !

Winn said...

aiyoooooooooo!!!!!!! kor lien....


i see the pic also feel painful...
*helps angel apply fong yao on the pc screen*

eastcoastlife said...

aiyoooo.... my angel,
Two of us kena leh! Of course I more serious, because I become invalid! hahaha.....

The Emperor effect? We are too close to him, next one would be chen. Oh, she mentioned she had pain in her leg too? Wah! The Emperor is not a force to be reckon with! Scared scared!

JL said...

aiyo... must sapu ubat kaw kaw mia ok... get well soon.. :)

Kenny Ng said...

How come u don't pain at all? Maybe is your shoe problem or tersepak something? Anyway... take care n have a great weekend.

Resurrected said...

awwww poor thing, come get your icecream

dreamie said...

waa you do 'magic' ar? how come u feel no pain but I read your post can rasa sakit leh ?? .. kekeke...

King's wife said...

You ter-tendang something? Or someone?
I know how the poor toe feels like, I've had my share of toe-nail problems. Everyday, you'll wish it grows faster...

zewt said...

second line of your second para... i think you meant to say... "i think this guy hates his BOSS so much......" right?

Cocka Doodle said...

Wah...looks like this the season to have foot injuries leh. Just came over from ECL and read bout her crash,boom,bang in penang. Now yours!

My left foot is 'effed' too. Gout attack!! Pain until can't put it down on the floor. Doc said I must lay off seafood, beans and alcohol wor.
I think I'll go hang myself liao liddat. *bawls*

Huei said...

oucchhh!!! hope it's recovers fast!

wah! cipetboss..interestinggg!!! heheheheh =P

laundryamah said...

OUCCCHHHH! I can imagine the excruciating pain! Wah didn't realise means your tolerance for pain is very high leh! reminds me of King's Wife toe oso sometime ago!

Chen said...

*angel must be flying high high up in the sky at this moment*
nice meeting u and hopefully u r not hungry inside the plane woh :P
*muacks & hugs*

Leonard said...

luckily it's just the front part chipped out and not the whole piece wanna to fall out!

hope it would be painful while walking... now had to wait for it to grow back slowly!!

get well soon!

Angel Eyes said...

Ouch! and Ouch! again!

Take care babe. Rest well pls.

Re the blog, wow... nice. But do you think it's safe to bitch abt our bosses?

MAti wooooo

confessing7girl said...

oh OMG girl that must be soo painful!! u know i always hv a lot of trouble with my feet and im always getting blisters and stuff!! it makes us damn uncomfortable!! anyway get that toe back in shape!! and that blog is a good idea!!!!! :D evil grin:D

angel said...

Dear nyonyapenang,
Actually, I got feel a bit of pain but I just din check it out becos too bz... and I also dun remember kicking anything.. nor anyone wor...

Dear moz,
Thanks, it feels alright now... but can't really see cos I 'cover' it with varnish liao hehe... but I think no pain means ok liao.. :)

Dear winn,
Pain hor? That day I cut the nails that time, it was ouch ouch ouch... now ok jor... :)

Fong yao? Can wan meh? Dun bruff me...

My dear eastcoastlife jie,
It was G R E A T to see you AND hug you tightight! :D

Muahahaha... The Emperor really li hai lor... now I must always make a conscious effort not to 'pijak' him in comments liao haha...

Thanks for the great company, the laughter and the dinner! And to Chris too :D

*more hugs & kisses*

Dear jl.
I din sapu ubat... I just cuci with water :) Not so serious... thanks!

Dear kenny,
Err... no ler, not my shoe cos I was wearing slipper that day... maybe I ter-kick something but I dunno what lor... thanks, it's ok now, I think :D

Dear resurrected,
Really??? I get my icecream??? Dun lie to this lil' gurl, ok... :p

Dear dreamie,
Hehe... dunno wor... I see also I feel sakit... that day actually got sakit wan, just that I din see nia ma... now ok liao :)

Dear KW,
Maybe I ter-kick something but I just dun remember what I might hv kicked... if I kicked someone, I think I'll remember lor haha...

Yalor, straightaway when I saw it, I remember your toe-nail entry liao... that's why faster2 take pictures hehe... die-hard blogger, hor? haha...

Dear zewt,
Haha... yes, you are right! Thanks, correction done :D I appreciate it very much, really! :)

My dear cocka,
Yalor... but poor ECL is 100x more teruk that my 'injury'...

Aiyak... gout attack again? Wai... better take care wor... my dad always say that gout is rich man's sickness...

Dun hang yourself! U hang yourself, then what about me worrr?? :( We go for vegetarian food, ok?
*willing to hei sang a bit*

Dear ah huei,
Thanks :) it looks and feels okay now :)

Dear laundryamah,
I din realise because I was bz... my pain tolerance not really high wor... I felt the pain but just din go see nia... but now better liao, thanks :)

Dear chen,
I wasn't hungry in the plane but just now dinner time hungwee :D

Thanks for everything... thanks for the Sampat Moments... thanks for ahboy... thanks thanks thanks!!! muakkkkks!

Dear leonard,
Yeah man... luckily not the whole thing. I sure pengsan if the whole thing! Ewwww...

I look at it everyday asking the toe nail to grow back fast fast!!! Thanks, it looks ok now :)

Dear angel eyes,
Thanks hehe... no more ouch ouch.. :)

Haha... of course it's not safe to bitch abt bosses but not as teruk as bitching abt 'em in our own blogs ma... kan? Muahahaha...

Dear confessing7girl,
Haha... it was painful that night when I tried to 'trim' the nails... why are you getting blisters? U walk too much? Too high your heels? Blisters are evil! Very evil! Hope you don't get 'em so often... :(

My toe looks okay now... thanks, girl ;) *hugs*


Simple American said...

*Tucks in sleepy Angel*

Will come back later for hug. No foot massage until your toe is better either.

Bibik Nyonya said... see toenail specialist not? That's a nice shade of pink by the way! Ha ha ha!

Mónica. said...

Hi, nice to meet you.
Visit me.
Kiss from Uruguay-

_butt said...

hissss.... I can imagine the pain. hope your toe gets well soon. lol


angel said...

Dear Sir SA,
Thanks :)

No foot massage?? But but but... ok lah... just for the hugs... I'll obey lor... hehe...

Dear bibik,
Are you a toenail specialist? Or u know any? ;)

Yeah! *high 5* I love this pink shade too :D

Dear Monica,
Hello there... thanks for visiting! I might wanna join you in your blog :)

Dear butty,
Haaa... dun imagine the pain... feel it! :p But luckily that night oni... now it looks okay... i'm very tempted to look 'behind' the varnish tho... :D

Thanks for the well wishes!


k.t.x said...

alahhh, so bidadari nie....sejak biler u main sepaktakraw sampai terkopek kuku ko??

anyway, u remains most beautipuuul in my heart altho with a broken toenail...takpe, it akan tumbuh lagi, macam "sayur kailan".


Winn said...

aiyo i dowan to see yr toe nails anymor...faster update:P....smelly arrr:p

angel said...

Dear k.t.x.,
Aku tak main sepak takraw ler... sepak punggung ada lor...

I remain beautipuuuul in yr heart? Waaaa... this is the nicest thing I've heard today wor... hou kam toong... tima kasih...

BUT, sayur kailan??? Why kailan of all sayurs?

Dear winn,
Smelly arr? Come I helpchu pinch yr nose :p


Chen said...

u r awarded.

mistipurple said...

*walks sideways in*
*places award on your table*
*walks backwards out*

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Hope ur toe is ok by now. Have a nice day!

Simple American said...

Ready for foot massage yet?



Resurrected said...

Come claim your icecream!

Monk[+]Icon said...

haiyok.. auchieee... i used to lost both my toes... very hurtful moment.. gerori~ careful leh next time..

angel said...

Dear chen & misti,
Thank you so much for the Sampat 3-8 Award... how can I thank you enuff... YATTAAAA!!! I did it! :p

Dear hor ny ang moh,
Hullo there!
Are u really ang moh? O.o

*brings Red Carpet*
Make yourself comfy... coffee? Tea??

My toe looks okay now, thanks! :)

Dear Sir SA,
I'm ready! I'M READY!!!

Dear resurrected,
I shall! ;)

Dear ah monk,
What?? Lose both toes??? What did you do??? U did some kind of transformation too??

I dunno what happened to the toe...


pinkie said...

Geez, de I hate boss blog is really cool! Thanks for sharing!

angel said...

Hello there pinkie!
*brings Red Carpet*
Welcome... make yourself comfy... :)

Thanks for the comment... I visit you soon... ;)