Thursday, July 05, 2007

Voltron 2008, A Tag & My Brand

Haa... so many things to talk about in this entry.

Currently, the craze is on Transformers the movie. Today, Die Hard 4.0 opens in Malaysia. Not sure if I'll have the time to catch it but that's not what I want to talk today.

The other night, I was telling Sis about Transformers the movie and how awesome it was, then she jolted my memory about another cartoon. Yes, Voltron! She said that she liked Voltron better.

I remember Voltron. Defender of the Universe... don't play-play... So I came home and Googled Voltron in IMDB and OMG, they are planning the production of the movie in 2008.
Voltron 2008, script/screenplay by Justin Marks. You can find a review of the script here. The reviewer said that it might give Transformers a run for their $$$. DYK that in 1984, there was a series Voltron: Defender of the Universe and Peter Cullen [currently the voice for Optimus Prime] lent his voice for King Alfor/Commander Hawkins/Coran/Narrator. This man's voice is... so macho...

Anyway, here's a video to bring back the retro memories of the five Lions! Woohoo! Check out their Sword! :p

Next, Simple American tagged me. Something about Fours. Can't remember if I had done it before but I'll do it today to let you know me a teeny weeny bit better.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Waitress at Dolphin's Coffee House
2. Bank Clerk at OUB
3. Cashier at Yaohan Penang
4. Temporary teacher in a primary school

Four places I have lived:
1. Batu Lanchang, Penang
2. Butterworth
3. Sungai Dua, Penang
4. Taman Pelangi, JB

Four Places I have been on vacation:
1. Hong Kong
2. Bangkok
3. London
4. Stockholm

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Crabs
2. Kueh ciap
3. Liulian
4. Haagen Dazs

Four places you would rather be right now:
1. Sleeping in my bed
2. Sleeping over at eastcoastlife's place in Singapore. (Thank you so much for your kind invitation. Very paiseh... but I heartchu!)
3. Sleeping over at ahmay's place in Sydney
4. Sleeping over at
u.lee's place in Toronto

Four friends to tag:

1. winn
2. rinnah
3. ahboy
4. liucas

Last but not least, about My Brand. Bryan wrote something about branding here. I asked him to 'brand' me and this was what he said, "Me brand u? Umm from yr blog are u seem to be someone famous but the reason not so clear yet. Why dun u ask your regular commentors what you remind them of then that’s your brand lor..." I told him that I'm not famous. I can't write bombastically. I don't wish to be famous because Albert Einstein once said, "It's strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely." *shakes head* I dowan liddat wan...

So, what's My Brand, huh? What do I remind you of?

ps: Sporadic updates in the next couple of weeks. Busy like Bumblebee...


L B said...

LOL, if I had to quickly come up for a brand for you right now, on the spot, it would be Menglembu Groundnuts! Wait, that's not quite flying peanuts, but well, it's not a bad brand, you know? World Famous!!! Even more famous than Ipoh Pomelo! Ok, ok, lemme think a little.. A Brand :
Southfork Ranch Cattle? No...
Er... lemme sleep on it..

angel said...

Yerrr... say I nut wan... *thank god they aren't huge like pomelo* :p

Menglembu Groundnuts? Woohoo! Our favourite MooMoo brand!

Ei... everything u said tonight also about Ipoh wan... well okay, Southfork Ranch is not... haha but this reminds me of another 'pomelo'... Ms. Lucy Ewing... haha... aiyah, I so bad...

*piaks ownself*

BUT, I love the view of Southfork Ranch! So forky... so raunchy...

mistipurple said...

chup first!!

mistipurple said...

you are Godiva Chocolate to me!
varieties, all expensive. got white got black got red got mixed. all nice and smooth. good to look at, and even better to eat. i love chocolates mah. but doesn't mean i want to eat you lah.

L B said...

Pagoda™ Brand!

L B said...


*imagining misti eating chocolates*

mistipurple said...

lol lb! how does one eat chocolates? *licks sucks bites..* haha

angel said...

Mistiiii! Haha!!! Godiva Chocolate? Thanks Momma M! At least I'm not some groundnuts... kkkk...

I know u won't eat me. You'll just lick me... now, that didn't sound too right, huh? kkkk... I still have half a bar of choc given to me by chen a few moons ago... eat eat eat but still kenot finish wan...

But about Godiva Chocolate, waaaa... that's premium chocolate! Very expensive... here, I only see it at the duty free airport... hmmmm..

Hahaha!!! Pagoda Singlet & Pagoda Groundnuts!! So ngam wan!

*imagines L B's imagination of misti's chocolate eating..*

Lick, suck & bite? Gee... luckily Little Mish Mish doesn't come here wan...


mistipurple said...

lol, ya ya or else little misha will have to be blindfolded as she visits our blog liao.
nitenite miss godiva. sweet dreams. i lick you kaw kaw. kkkk

day-dreamer said...

Cham lo... this cartoon also I dunno. *sad*

Wennnn said...

Wah nowadays all the movies based back to long time ago cartoons ah!! Yes I hv watched Voltron too... THe four types of food tat U love is wat I loved too.. OKie okie next time we can go crabbing...

may said...

if it's gotta be chocolate, then I'd brand you as a chocolate butterfly. why butterfly leh? 'cos you're also social butterfly wor... everyone in Blogland also know wan! lol!

Cap Pagoda Coklat Butterfly™.

may said...

*makes bed ready for angeliu*

Will said...

wow voltron also got movie coming? cool... another one to anticipate in 2008 (i think) will be knightrider

ehon said...

ANGEL ANGEL ANGEELLLL!! :D You finally updated! Aiseh! :D

I missed iuuu! -_-! Everyone's watched transformers! And I haven't! :(

A brand for u - Angel. :D Self-explanatory. :)

a^ben said...

when voltron come out i not in kch niaw : x

Winn said...

yes i like voltron it is one of my fav toooooo!!

aiyak i did this tag b4 leh...long long time ago...ini old tag:P

zeroimpact said...

I guess we tune in the same channel
Voltron is cool with lions somemore

ah nel said...

u so like kueh chop jom folow me balik kuching i bling u go eat...places

*3rd mile carpark,jln song,poh kwong park...ishhh...too many then i pokai liao so i beter ajak ah beng do along* :D

hagken dust a food???i tot its desert!!!

i brand u pork ngam theng mou?

rinnah said...

You lup me! You really do... tag here I come!

I remember Voltron too! But somehow I like Transformers the cartoon better. Hehehe.

You? A brand? Easy. Gucci, Prada, LV, Escada, what else does Angie use? *grin*

Hey, your Braddy really MIA lor... life as a uni student is all consuming!

Vad3r said...

Voltron is GAYYYYY!!!

I want Thundercats! HOOOOOOOOO!!!

U remind me of err..wait ha...I have memory lapses...err...yes..YODA!

Will said...

rinnah: cannot prada la... don't you remember, the devil wears prada? hahaha pardon the pun

U.Lee said...

Hi Angel, Holy Smoke! You made me choke on my pipe smoke! Arhaaa ha ha. But hey! You're welcome to sleep over here in Toronto.
We do have a comfortable spare room, a Sheraton suite it may not be, but comfortable.
You can help my wife to cook, you peel the nga choy, she does the cooking? Ha ha. Just kidding.
Wow! You sure one BIG movie fan, huh?
Last three movies saw in cinemas here was 1/ Memoirs of a Geisha, 2/ Flags of our fathers, 3/ Letters from Iwo Jima.
All three Ken Watanabe acting of course.
I have never seen Star Wars, nor Batman or Spiderman or even Sex in the city or Desperado Housewives.
Not a movie guy....
You have a nice day, Angel. UL.

Huei said...

i wana go hongkong!!!!!! hehehe

nyonyapenang said...

Brand? Errr....a Sleepy Angel in a teddy with a magic wand on her hand. ^O^

**poooff....** and you're in Singapore...**pooofff--pooooff** in Sydney....**poooff...swisssh...poofff...swishhh** in Toronto.

laundryamah said... many movies but amah cannot go...apah only enjoying himself at the movies...ok la i had my fun shopping..

JL said...

Angel bee, so so busy!

Your Brand ah... ermm... how bout


Leonard said...

ah..u watched transformers already..awesome right.

i'm not sure if i would be watching die hard 4.0... cos i dun remember watching the previous three..the trailer didnt interest me...but the papers said it's great! watch it and let me know, okay? u mention, forget if i watched it before... it's a english sub jap anime eh?

Chen said...

I know the name Voltron, but never watched the cartoon. Kkkkkkk...

Wah, the tag is still floating around ah? I remembered doing it one and half years ago liao. Kkkkkk....

Brand ah? U remind me of a Happy Go Lucky person who always smile and hihi haha :D
So, Happy brand loh
(got such thing or not wan?) :P

Angel Eyes said...

Angel, i'm back from my hols. Now still tired and body aching. Hehehee..

So, when is our date? *wink*

Ah Boy said...

Eeeeeeee... kena tagged again ah?

*dreaming of char siew*

eastcoastlife said...

Woot! My Angel!
Welcome to Singapore!

Too bad I'm not a pirate, or else I would steal your heart and your body. hehehe.....

You make me think of chocolates too! So full of sweetness and surprises and so useful (think chocolate swimming pool, chocolate spa, a sexually explicit chocolate affair of melted chocolate on naked bodies!). Every bite of you is so different. You melt hearts and hardened the Emperor's private part.

May Angel lie around us always! :)

aiyah nonya said...

Hi angel

You are killing me, you know.

Your 4 favourite food are mine too.
Black pepper crabs, mee hoon crabs, chilli crabs or just plain steam..

Kueh chap - just love all those innards. Except for the egg.

Liu lian - in crepes, cream puffs, cakes, icecream, drinks, apom balik, those long durian cakes

Haagen Daz..........

Aiyoh you make me want to throw my diet out of the window now.
Saliva dripping already. :)

Movies I have not been to the movies for sometime already. Usually catch them on DVDs. Cheaper and I can watch them as many times as I want to. Although the effect is not there.

Anyway have a great time this coming weekend.

surfer babe said...

i wanna go watch transformers.

u r branded la angel. memang ada mutu.

MJ said...

I remembered Voltron more than Transformers. Loved Voltron when I was a kid.

_butt said...

lindt choc... that's the first thing came to mind hahaha

zewt said...

cant brand u la... since the wise man said you will be lonely and all... kakakakaka....

my fav is ... mask... u know what is mask? i think i might just post the intro of the cartoon at my blog today.

angel said...

Dear misti,
Thanks for naming me Ms. Godiva... I feel so goddess... so divine...

But I also feel disappointment... sigh... I hope to speak to you like an adult soon...

Dear day-dreamer,
It's ok... no sad, no sad... it's just cartoon maa... moreover, we are different generation. So, it's understandable wan... :)

Dear wenwen,
Yalor... those were the days ;) we same generation neh... Crabbing? Sure! Anytime!

Dear maymay,
U really wanna brand me a choc too? But Chocolate Butterfly I like! I not very social ler... just kaypo only but definitely not everyone in blogland! ;)

Thanks for reserving the cap for me :D

I shall be there one day... I shall... *testing the bed*

Dear will,
Har? Knightrider? Yerrrrr... I not very like that David H. lor... but I like the car hehe...

Dear ehon,
Ahhh... u did? I'm so pom chak chak-ed that u miss me... *sayang sayang* :D

U should go watch Transformers soon! ;)

My brand is angel? Only that arr? Summore? No lah, cannot use my name as brand wan...

Dear ahben,
U can still watch it 'there' maa... sure got cinema wan... takkan so ulu meh?

Dear winn,
Haha... I totally forgot abt voltron until my sis mentioned.

U got do before? But I have not read it wor... faster do C&P for me, can? Faster cheer me up this Flyday...

Dear zeroimpact,
Haha... same channel? That time hor, only got 3 channels la... of cos la same channel :p

Dear ah nel,
U say wan har... so when u going back jek? Dun ajak-ajak cocka only ok!

Ajak ah beng? Can... the more the merrier... ajak kennysia oso can...

Dessert is also food wat...

No! Pork brand mmm ngam theng!

Dear rinnah,
Lup u, I do ;) Thanks for doing it so fast...

During those Voltron and Transformers days, you must be only 2 feet tall? hehe...

Waaa... u brand me so branded wan?? Angie uses... ahem... Dior... (OK, I lied, I love Dior :p)

Yalor... it's Ragging Week for them I suppose... kesian hor... but maybe he'll be home for the weekend? Miss him, hor? *more sad sad*

Dear vad3r,
Gay? How u know? Then what is not gay? Thundercats? Haha... Lion-O is gay! :p But yeah, I like Thundercats better ;)

Ei, u sudah salah.
It's like this:
*use pedang panjang*


*logo shining in the sky*

Itu macam ler... :p

YODA??? Can you please sexplain the connection btwn ME & YODA?

Dear will,
Tenkiu lah, U so smart geh!!! :p

Dear Uncle Lee,
Haha... oops! So sorry I made you choke... If I'm there, then I can help pat your back due to the choke hehehehe...

Thank you! I know you won't mind me sleeping over at your place hehe...

I help your wife to cook arr? Then when she goes to work, I'm supposed to cook for you? Alamak, then I have to ask aiyah nonya for all her recipes already...

I love movies. I can watch any movie! And I love Ken Watanabe too! He's a classic...

You not a movie guy. You are just a ladies' man haha... Thanks for the invitation. I shall be there one day...

Dear ah huei,
Then u hv to start saving money liao!

Dear nyonyapenang,
Waa... I like the magic wand part. If only I had one... then really can swooosh here and there liao! Summore no need buy air ticket wan... hehe... Maciam I Dream of Jeanie liddat....

Dear laundryamah,
I know ler... amah only enjoy shopping nia... good enuff liao, rite? :)

Dear jl,
Yeah... very busy... buzzing here and there... sien...

Divine? Wah... not so divine la... but thanks for the thot ;)

Dear leonard,
Uh huh... of cos ler awesome!

I think if u dun remember the previous Die Hard, u still can go watch wan... will hv lotsa 'pao char' here and there also wan lor... I also duno if I'll hv time to go for it this wkend...

Voltron is NOT anime ler... it's cartoon! :p

Dear chen,
Phew... at least this time u said u know the name kkkkkk...

So long liao meh the tag? Do again la... ulang tayang :p

Happy brand! Thanks! Better we heehee haha than boohoohoo lor, hor? It's our choice to be happy... or not ;)

Dear angel eyes,
Hey, so how was your hols? Body aching? Wow... wat did u do??

Our date? Errrmmm... u say?

Dear ah boy,
I tag liu becos I lup u...

*throws char siew to entice ah boy*

Dear eastcoastlife,
Thanks! I wanna say again... I heart u! Hehe...

Pirate? Steal my heart and body? Hahaha... that has got to be the most romantic pickup line ever! Hehe!

I also make u think of chocs? Waaa... you hv very good imagination... but I very like! The Emperor sure will like too hehe... You really rock big time!

Thank you so much.. you are too nice to me liao! *hughughug*

Dear aiyah nonya,
Oops... sorries... I din mean to kill you... but luckily got no pics hor? If not sure die liao :p

I love innards too! Waaa! So many ppl don't like but I love it! DYK that in KL we cannot find kueh ciap?? How can hor? Sien...

Yes, I love everything liulian!

You should date your Baba to the movies once in a while... esp. those romantic movies... sure after that go back home will be ahem ahem wan... hehe...

You have a good weekend too!

Dear surfer babe,
Aisay... babe pulak...

Yeah, go watch Transformers... hv u watched the cartoon b4?

Ada mutu? Ei, dun mengampu me lah, can? I'll belanja u wan... sabar ler...

Dear MJ,
Heh heh... *high 5*
I think Jem came on first, then followed by Voltron on that channel, rite? ;)

Dear butty,
Another choc?
I'm Lindtangel then... :p

Dear zewt,
Oi... NM... laff at me until so liddat! But I think u r more famous wor...

Mask, strangely, I don't remember... this must be a weekday cartoon, huh? I only watch more weekend cartoons last time :p


ah nel said...

i no ajak ajak cocka wan coz i no play anal...

*he wil onli find the italy guy nia* LOL

ajak kennysia i got no money to pay him worr!

then babi can lar ho :D

Angel Eyes said...

I didn't do anything. Just walking around the orchard road, shopping! Aaahhh.. but it was nice to be in s'pore again.

Yup, when are you free for cuppa babe?

Will said...

who cares about David H. anyways? everyone watches knight rider because of the car wot, no? :P

Misha said...


my poh poh and gong gong live at tmn century @ JB !!!!

tmn pelangi is quite near to their place

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy loves liu too
Ah Boy loves char siew
Ah Boy loves so many thins :)

aiyah nonya said...

Ha angel ,

H likes action movies and I am just the opposite.
But no need those movies, we can make our own. But sorry lah not for sale even at the pasar malam. :O

Winn said...

sini sini angel!!
very brief meme only:)

dont sad dont sad angel...
i'm sad in a way too

nvm! lets chin up and eat twisties!

let me write something to cheer u up! gimme some time

more more time!!
tmrw is sat! go out n play ya?

misha said...

jiejie angel

happy 07.07.07

Kenny Ng said...

I still got no time to watch Transformer... Voltron gonna on next year? Cool... Can't wait for it.

Cocka Doodle said...

Honey! I'm home!!

narrowband said...

Adoi... Brand ah. Susah la. Dowan talk about the brand :p Talk about transformers... YayY!! 2-thumbs-up!!

Monk[+]Icon said...

i oso can't hardly wait for Voltron! but still Transformers rules!!!!!

Freethinker said...

U also watch robot cartoon 1 ar.. not barbie meh..

zewt said...

dunno if it's weekday or weekend but that's the best cartoon ler...

where i more femes... i am small kuci-rate only ler.

Dave said...

Ya..Voltron just remind the toys. I still remember when i was small kids, my family still very poor (but now not rich also lar) can't effort to buy me one, but i really like that. 5 different lion robot, join together then transform into a big super robot. Wahh... best man.!

L B said...

Kiss Kiss Bite Bite Suck Suck Lick Lick Spew Spew

angel said...

Wow... I just realised I have not answered so many comments... sorries...

Dear ah nel,
U bruff wan... I know u wanna play cocka...

U no marnie? U tipu me again geh...

Babi? U also play Barbie geh? Yeee... so gurly wan...

Dear angel eyes,
Shopping in Sg again? I thought you just went not too long ago? Best nye...

Coffee bila-bila also can... you plan? :)

Dear will,
The car is cool but not David H :p You think they'll make a Dallas movie?

Dear misha,
Woo... I see... you are familiar with JB too?

Dear ahboy,
Do u love ka chn'gs? Did you bite ahben's ka chn'g??

Dear aiyah nonya,
Haha... I don't wanna start imagining the movies that YOU make in bed :p Very distracting...

Dear winn,
Waaa... u did the tag before I knew you wor... so, tak achi wan... :p

I sad? I got sad ah? I forgot liao... but eating Twisties sound good!

Haha... u always make me laff wan... u are one cool babe ;)

I'm so tired... was in Genting during the weekend...

Dear misha,
Happy 090707 to u!

Dear kenny ng,
Still no time ar? Hope by the time you have time, the movie is still showing... must watch, ok!

Dear cocka,
Whoopie! I missed youuuu! Aiks... I thought you were gonna stay in Spain for good geh...

Dear narrowband,
Ei, you tak jawab soalan la... orang tak cakap pasal Transformers pun... orang cakap pasal Voltron ler... :p

Dear ah monk,
Okayyyy... I shalt not argue with u :p

Dear freethinker,
Why cannot watch robot cartoon?? Barbie??? Ei... that one not my generation, k...

Dear zewt,
You and I also got a half generation gap, u know? ;)

U kuci-rate? You are are a FEMES kuci-rate... :p

Dear Dave,
Hullo there!
*brings Red Carpet*
Coffee or tea?

Haaa... you must be an 80's child then ;) Yup, Voltron is cool ;) We'll wait for the movie, yeah?

Dear L B,
Scandalicious comment wor... but...

*enjoying all the kissies, bities, suckies, lickies & spewies*



j said...

heeey i came to say a quick hello!!!

Simple American said...

Thank you for doing the tag!