Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hey You...

There are a lot of things that matter in our lives. And then, there are the things that don't matter a lot or at all. Is there a way to turn them around? Make the things that matter in our lives, matter no more?

There is one way. And all it takes is T i m e . . . but what about when you don't have the luxury of time?

Ahh yes, I see a few question marks popping out from your head... Why? What? When? Who? How?

The answer?

N o A n s w e r .

I'm having some women problems, work/boss issues, time (lack of it). So, I'm gonna take some time off from your blogs but here are some comments from me to you... (This is my Bright Idea... I comment here so that I don't have to go back to your blog to check your reply to me... no time ma... hehe...)

aiyah nonya - So sorry to hear that you lost your mobile phone again... hugs!

bibik nyonya - Your Diva pose is the cun habih!

_butt - How does a heart break?

carcar - Thx for the Carnival THHC Hugs!

chen - The duck tongue is errr... *ueck* :p

cocka - An excellent entry about Judging People... since The Fencing Days...

c o n s u e l a - I'm a Heroes fan too! Yatta!!!

ehon - Lucky thing you! Got free phone... *blek*

eastcoastlife - Poor thing you... have to tolerate all the unhygienic issues... but these 'issues' do make your life more interesting haha! Looking forward to make memories with you ;)

firehorse - Thank you for the Nice Matter Blog Award... and get well soon, okay!

jemima - I won't give up! Thanks for the reminder :)

L B - Thank you for the memories. Tick tock tick tock... time to go home soon... See you later!

maymay - Thank you for the memories and for the timely reminder that I am an Optimist... now, I'm gonna go find it... kind of misplaced it somewhere...

misha - Hope you are enjoying school! And please tell your Mummy that she's Pretty! :)

misti - Happy PeePeePee! Your PeePeePees are unique ;) May more MooMoolah come your way!

moviehonchos - Thank you for the movies, the rides and the memories.

narrowband - Thank god I don't sit for exams anymore!

nyonyapenang - Errm... don't sweat the small stuff... I'm also gonna start sayin' nuthin'... but just temporary only lar...

pongland - Pongdee, I'm not a "shortcut" type of person as well. I am a Risk Taker. But the thing about being a Risk Taker is... be prepared to fall. Sometimes, you fall H a r d . But hey, what is life without pain? :)

rinnah - So so sorry to hear about Kitty Freddie... he's now in a better world...

sengkor - Dun forget to buy Indian souvenirs oh...

simple american - I would love to attend 007 - The Music! You lucky thing!

u.lee - There is a teeny weeny itsy bitsy possibility that I might be on the same ferry with you and Meng Wan that New Year's Eve...

wenwen - Happy cooking!

winn - I very agree with you that we cannot force Friendships... sometimes, the chemistry between two people is just not there and the best part is, most of the time, we won't know until much later, after more interaction and therein lies the answer. Sometimes you find out, "Ei, how come she/he is liddat geh?" So, is friendship with a distance good? Yes, if the person is just a 'normal' friend. No close, no special, no nuthin'...

zewt - Your tax talk made me -_-''' :p

Well, it's September 11 again... time to reflect... Life is Short... Just Do It.


Jemima said...

I'm not giving up chupping here, too. :p

Take care, Angel. :)

Aiyah Nonya said...

It's OK.
Do take care.
Hope to see you around soon :)

dreamie said...

going where?
doing what?
How long MIA?
When will U be back ?

Missing You !!!!!

may said...

H O W C O M E ? !
*curi from cheepeeone*

aiyo, just missed chup... and I've been wondering where you are, my dear!

gonna miss ya chupping on my blog ler. but no worries. we is here for you, ok? and still poke you on Facebook!! come back soon!

+ V E C H I ! ! !


may said...

*sad song*

Chen said...

my dear Angel is back !!
did u buy any chocolate?
tat was a small place hoh?

too many things to do
and so little time
hope u manage to get some rest and sleep yesterday night
*hugs the exhausted Angeliu*

mistipurple said...

why why my char bor kiah? :(
momma will miss you wan. wa wa waaa

ehon said...

awww.. u make sure u take care!! so emo the songgg...

*hugs angel* :D

King's wife said...

hey you!
How was Brunei?
Take a break if you must. I'm glad I did. :)
See you on Friday. Then we let loose, enjoy and drown in some nice music, k?

Huei said...

yup! life is short..so make the best out of it, make it worthwhile! =)

dun feel sad okies, always look on the bright side of life!


Cocka Doodle said...

Apa women problems?? Come let Dr Cocka examine you. LOL
My , my...I feel a strong pulse and a feeble pulse. Mmm tung lei.....??

zewt said...

i must say this is a very good idea.

well... trust me... no more tax talk soon. wanna go back to writing some crap... hahaha!

eastcoastlife said...

My angel,
Take a break lah. There's bound to be some sundown time no matter how sunshine a person is.

I'm looking forward to blogging about my travel tales with you. hahaha.... Boring also I want to make something happen. I'm planning.... ngak ngak ngak......

Wennnn said...

Yaking a break?? OKie Wennnn brings Kit Kat!! Share share with Angel!!

Oscar's Mommy said...

sigh, me also like you lor. not up not down lidat... kinda sien la. dono if i can take long long leave and go for soul searching or not... double siens!!!

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Angel,

Wah...very cheeem....Ya lar...I just checked...there were more than a few BIG question marks popping all over.

Nevermind, you go on your ferry cruise and relax...relaxxxxxx and everything will be alright.

Take care.

PonGLanD said...

ahh..angel...take care..like u say...u'r a risk taker rite..i assume u already expect life got up and down....so just treat it as a down..but i believe soon it will goes up again liao...

about lack of time...i just now made up my mind dy..i dowan to sleep 8hours a day dy...after the whole day work...come back sleep so early....maybe...maybe la u see back ur daily routine..see u spent on wat most of the time....then decrease tat time..then voila...!! u'll have more time for urself dy.. heheehehheeh

as long as u lead a life tat u wan..nobody is qualify to say about ur life :D

hugs hugs.

*do i deserve a 'chup' for long comment?*


Anonymous said...

aro aro!

I just got back home from my 'Permanent Head Damage' classes and decided to catch up on ur blog. I dunno whether it is the hangover of my class or what...but, ur post seems to have a deep meaning attached to it leh : p hahahahahaha...

Would be nice to be in beachclub having a few drinks and listening to some music...tapi, mana ada time ...got 4 asgmts due in the next couple of weeks...die!

Oh, i'm gettin' too long winded here...actually hor...just wanted to say hello! : p

Take care.

Simple American said...

You have my permission to take a break from the airport. :P


Wish you could have heard Bond with me.

JL said...

Chill Angel... maybe is time to pay paradise a visit to rejuvenate! :)

take care!

laundryamah said...

oh take it easy..don't forget this Friday CONCERT LEH! See ya!

angel said...

Hey, thanks for the comments. I'll be back to reply to you later :)

rinnah said...

Whazzup with you?

*hugs* Take as long a break as you need to, m'dear. Now I know why you 'disappeared' from my blog.

*waits patiently for angel to come back and sprinkle happy rainbowy dust over blogland again*

angel said...

Dear jemima,...
Thanks for not giving up chupping on me :)

Dear aiyah nonya,...
Thank you very much for staying around... I must get back to be the Sunshine you always see... :)

Dear dreamie,...
I not going anywhere, except this weekend, will be away.
I not doing anything, except work and play :p
I not really MIA...

Missing me? Wah liao... hou gam dong wor... :) Thanks, MCC!

Dear maymay,...
I'm here... just very tired after the trip and not feeling too good about myself... that's why I wanna take a break from commenting if I can help it... but of cos if got place to chup, I'll sure chup wan... :) I'm still here... thank you for all the sayangs and lurve... I cannot be away for long wan... ;)

U dun sad also, okay?

Dear chen,...
No ler, din buy chocolate... oni bought a candle for myself and some souvenirs nia... That place small? That place is zzzzzzz... hehe...

I need to rest more to prepare for the activities the next few days... I think I'm gonna be a Supergurl liao... hehe... Thx for sticking by and for the lurve too! *muaks*

Dear misti,...
Need new teh kors... mine all tangled liao... how how how???

Dear ehon,...
Emo song for emo ppl... :p

I must get back to be Pom Chak Chak!! Cannot emoooo!! :p

Dear KW,...
BRU ah? Err... liddis... zzzzzz.... but at least, I've seen it :)

I want to take a break but at the same time, I also kiasu ketinggalan... haha... talk about being fickle! I'm also having a lot of things to attend to from tomorrow until nxt week... so, the mood oso gila a bit... :(

Dear ah huei,...
Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words... really 'tai sek' :)

Dear cocka,...
U witch doctor ahh??
Ngor mutt yeh wor... come, tell me the results...

Dear eastcoastlife,...
Yeah, you are right... It's just that it has been quite some time since the last time the sun was 'down' :) I hv high expectations on myself... I am the Sun! Must shine, shine and shine! ;)

Wah wah... u wanna make something happen... what wor? Sounds sexciting! :)

Dear wenwen,...
Thanks wenwen... long time no eat Kit Kat liao ;)

Dear oscar's mummy,...
Alamak... u also liddat ah? You know something, your comment gave me an 'answer'... do you realise that actually to do soul searching, you don't have to go 'far'... because everything is inside us... I thought about this last night... all answers can be found within ourselves... but more fun I suppose if we do it somewhere far away... hehe... excuses oni... :p

Dear nyonyapenang,...
Yeah, cheem it is... it's like this wan ma... how to Tell All but at the same time, still wanna tell... so, hv to tell liddis lor...

Ferry cruise? To Penang ah?

Everything is only in the mind... once I get over it, things will be fine! :)

Dear pongdee,...
Yes, I'm gonna make sure I go "up" again... I cannot stay long down there... I'm the Sun! And the Rainbow! And the Star! Hehe... so tham sim... :p

You know what, you are so right about the time thing... I know what I should cut down on... blogs! Really take up a lot of my time...

I have not let anyone say anything abt my life :)

Haha... chup for long comment? Errmm... lemme think abt it :p


Dear Mehr,...
Kakaka... it is not due to your hangover, I assure you! It does have a meaning to it and only I know what it means :)

Hey, when are we going to Bombay Palace??? Must go one day, okay? ;)

Thanks for the kind comment... all the best in your assigments! Dun stress ohh... :)

Dear Sir SA,...
Thanks... my soul will still be at the airport hehe...

I would love to go for that kind of concert... :) One day... one fine day...

Dear jl,...
Errmmm... I'm still finding Paradise out of this blog :)

Thanks for popping by!

Dear laundryamah,...
Yes! Jacky, I'm kambingggg! :)

Dear angel,...
Faster shine! Shine! SHINE!!!

Dear rinnah...
It's like this... the mind got a bit clouded, hence the 'Cloud' all over... So, when it's cloudy, I can't give Happy Sunshiny Rainbow Colours comment and I feel bad if I did it pretentiously lor... but of cos, if got chance to 'chup', pretend also hv to chup!!! Heh heh...

Thanks for the kind words :)


angel said...

Dear zewt,...
Alamak... left out your comment... sorries!

Nolar... I dun mean anything... just that I catch no ball about the taxation stuff... I'm just ignorant... -_-'''

BTW, all the coincidences in life is part of your life ler... ;)

Oh, and I love your crap, of cos... hehe...

narrowband said...

Wah creative way to reply comments, hehe :p

I'm also super sien to update - alot of things going on right now... No time/mood to update pun... sigh. .. But after tomorrow (thursday) will be a huge relief!! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Bombay Palace ah...

My suggestion is...why dun u let us treat u to a sumptuous dinner over at our place?

Oh dear...i could sense that ur eye balls popped out reading that...dun worry, the dinner won't be cooked by us...hahahahahaha!

We will choose a day, then me and A will pick up the food from a restaurant in Bangsar(the same food which we would otherwise be eating at Bombay Palace) and then on our way back home we will pick u up : p

It definitely has more bang for the buck...u'll get to taste over *hold ur breath* 10 different dishes! : p hahahahaha...

But, one condition hor...u've to promise me that u'll skip ur lunch, so that u can 'really eat' later in the evening : p

And, this way u'll 'finally' even come over to our place : p
anjua? ; )

M & A

Note: Photography is permitted! hahahahahahahahahaha : p

angel said...

Dear narrowband,
Heh... not reply comments but to comment about ppl's blog entries hehe... :p

Wah, u so bz liao?? After Thurs, comes Flyday... and Flyday is Jacky Day!!! ;)

Dear M & A,
Muahahahaha!!! Evil... :p

More than 10 dishes?? Wah... isn't that a bit too much? But ok lah, I'll trust your choices... Your Palace shall be it this time around...

Ok ok, I'll take pictures and post 'em here! But... what abt the pic of the restaurant??? Hahaha :p