Sunday, September 02, 2007

THHC™ Chapter 16 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!© - Wonderful 'Wong' Weekend

有一點動心 - 張信哲 & 劉嘉玲

31st August - Mozilla Monster's birthday
1st September - The Hug Hug Club's August's Results
2nd September - Chen's birthday

Sorry lah, all 3 items lumped into only one entry... I've been... err... 'occupied' :p Now, first and foremost, about the Burfday Boy & Girl.

Both of them have got a similarity... this...

Uh huh... they are the pro-pros in these big kick-@$$ cameras/photography. I can't beat them... so, I can't join them... but one day, maybe... just one day... *grins*


What's the best cake for them? A Camera Cake, of course!
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y , M O Z & D O C ! ! !
L O V E . H U G S . M U A C K S ! ! !


The Doc has been 'promoting' this camera to me, a Canon S51S, priced at RM1,699. I'm a Panasonic Lumix user, so, I'm looking at this one...


Lumix DMC-TZ3, 10x Optical Zoom for sucha compact design! O.O

Oopsie!!! Out of topic already! This is NOT supposed to be a Camera Chat Entry! Sorries!!! Anyway... results of August 2007's THHC... Hug Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me!

01. jemima
02. mudpie

04. ah nel
06. dreamie - New Spooner
06. zewt

08. may
09. rinnah

10. chen
10. ehon - New Spooner
11. bryan - New Spooner
11. k.t.x.


mistipurple said...


mistipurple said...

*pant pant* wheeeee 1st chup!!!
erm.. paiseh.. better mind my manners. :P
Happy Birthday Moz!
Happy Birthday Chen!

mistipurple said...

whooppeeeee i 3rd in hug hug chup!
break 4th place record! jump with joy!

Chen said...

kakkakaka.. thank u thank u
i just wake up from zzz, after chatting with u :P
thanks for your birthday wishes :D

mistipurple said...

kakaka camera cake so cute~!
so pro wor moz and chen's camera.
smiles wide wide for them to take shots.
am i spamming you? *runs aways*

Sin Ling said...

chup chup chup, number 3, not bad ya, angel jiejie...
Happy Birthday to Moz!
Happy Birthday to Chen!
Happy Birthday to Hug Hug results!
Happy Birthday to everyone!
APA NI...!!!
*birthday cake = chen and moz*
*Entertainment = Shaking bon bon*
*Birthday present = Kiss Kiss and Hug Hug* :)

may said...

waaaa, at least I'm still in the charts... LOL!!

Happy Merry Belated Birthday, Moz!
Happy Merry Advanced Birthday, Chen!

*hug* *hug* *muak* *muak*

moz monster said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes !!!! That camera is more expensive to maintain that concubines lah ... :P

And I don't know how I made it to the charts ... but no matter how, I'm happy to be in there ! :)

angel said...

Dear misti,...
Muahahaha!!! You stalker!!!

How are you doing, misti? Long time no see... Wheee!! Sunday again... sms me when you reach here, okies??
*still in denial*

Kakaka.. now oni you know that the Doc's camera so pro, huh? When you see her nxt time, make sure to always be prepared for a Superstar Pose, ok!

To Spam Is To Lup... so Spam Away! ;)

Dear chen,...
Kakaka... soli wake you up... :p

SANG YAT FAI LOK!!! Chuk lei ching chun mei lai... nin nin yao kam gat... sui sui yao kam ciu... liuliuliuliuuuu...

Dear sin ling,...
Waaa!!! You made it to this THHC liao! *HUGHUGHUGS*

Hahaha... siu sei ngor la you... hahaha... but wa sukak! Haha...

*pinch cute sin ling's cheek*
OK la... hugs & kisses, ok!

O.o @ shake bon bon...
Show me... ;)

Dear maymay,...
Uh huh, you are!

Psstt... what advanced bday... her burfday is T O D A Y ! ! No advanced liao... hehe... You MUST have had too much of food in your brain kekeke...


Dear moz,...
Eh... HOW COME you know it's more expensive than concubines??? You mean you............ ?!?!?!

How you made it ah? Errm... u luckies lor... :p

M E R D E K A B I R T H D A Y ! !


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hey sorry long time no visit! *So shameful of me* I got new blog and I linked you already! Link me ya?? Thanks!!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Oops forgot to mention my new blog is

I'm still using MyFairy-Tale tho so no need to remove that! Thanks!

And oh so yummy the pictures!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy Birthday Moz & Doc..!!!

May your days be bright and sunny,
may the both of you be fat and funny!

*evil laughter*

narrowband said...

Wah that song dem retro leh! Mom used to listen to Jeff Chang alot.

Oh Carina Lau, super hawt even well over 40. Me likey :p

Lumix rawks!

angel said...

Dear nastasshea,...
I've been to yr new blog :)

Link you? Ok, wait a bit yeah...

Pic yummy? O.o

Dear cocka,...
Fat & Funny?
Ohhh... You mean like you ahhh... :p

Dear narrowband,...
Eh eh... u mean to say I am as young as your mom ahhhh? :p

My fav line in this song:


Ha... Carina Lau... you can change your name to Tony liao... :P

Yalah... sure u peminat Lumix laaa... :p My Lumix a bit sotsot liao.. :(


PonGLanD said...

sob* sob*.....i wan to be in the list..but then i always late geh...

nvm..i'll start stalking ur blog liao....muahahhahahaahahah

yawn* yawn*...come online ym la...long time no chat with u liao...or u on msn more often?? can add me there also.. :P :P

mistipurple said...

pick me up for dinner tonight.
*also in denial*
wah you oso don't sleep wan. saw you at nyonyapenang. kakakaak.

Jemima said...

WOW!!! Had to rub my eyes.. me 1st in Aug!!! :p

Happy Birthday to Moz & Chen!!! :D
May all their birthday wishes come true.

Happy Sunday to you, Angel. ;)

Wennnn said...

Sang Yat Fai Lok to Dr Chen..... Nice cameras she got hor!! And happy belated birthday to Mozilla Monster..

a^ben said...

i think i old liaw` dunno how to chup dy` can teach me ah?

I like nikon slr~ angeliu quick get one!! ahah :D

Anonymous said...

i know SLR can do wonders, but unless i m a phtojournalist, i wont get no time to adjust adjust then

will stick to a more sofistikated punye ngapa nama i u masuk link pulak???? lol. jahat yuuuuuu! benci!


_butt said...

*knock knock*

I'm home again! lol

I give up THHC already, old liao, cannot fight chup liao... sigh

You have a happy Sunday and great weekday ahead ya :D


laundryamah said...

so when we go celebrate the bdays?? I owe Moz a cake leh!

david santos said...

Alive 5Oº anniversary of free Malaysia and indepente. Democracy, peace and freedom for all the malaio people! ALIVE MALAYSIA!

ehon said...

happy birthday both of them!! :D :D

im back!! :D i made it to the THHC chart! woo hoo!! :D :D

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Burfday Chen and Moz Monster!!!

I would love to own that Canon too!! sigh....

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to Moz Monster and Chen!

Wheeeeee! I made it back into Angel's THHC charts. Woot!

Gimme a Panasonic Lumix anyday! (until I learn how to handle those big @$$ DSLRs. Hahaha)

Winn said...

happy bday to moz!!! and chen!!! hehe...yeah u are right they have same hobby!

i jus bought a camera today. a lumix too!! but a basic one not 10mega pixel so geng! i dont need to such big poster.

i m so happy it's my first lumix and so far it looks and feels good. but lumix mia design hor, always so....a bit old fashion hor..haa

but yay lumix long life~!! now i tag u!! u go buy ur lumix faster~!!!

angel said...

Dear pong dee,
U wanna stalk my blog? Heh heh... can... u are welcome to do it ;)

I dun hv MSN ler... me is lazy chatter, that's why no online lor... if free then I come online, ok?

Dear misti,
Okies... but dinner is tomolo la... Monday nite ma... :p

Sleep? Wot's that? Haha... :p

Dear jemima,
Uh huh, u not dreaming ;)

Sunday's over... Monday again... *bawls*

Have a good one!

Dear wenwen,
Yup... she got BIG camera... u gonna get one too? ;)

Dear a^ben,
Teach u to chup?
U old????
OIII!! Apa lu cakap?? :p

Me get an DSLR? Haaa... for now, I dun think so... imagine bringing it everywhere? *pengsan* So malu ok... summore I go everywhere makan also take wan, where to put my face liddat?? :p

Dear budak bangkok,
I also won't get a DSLR... too big for me to lug it everywhere!

Aku letak link you, u benci i? Mana achi nie? :p

Dear butty,
Hullo there! Nice to see you again... Ha? U also 'old' liao?? Oi... how can?! Wanna compare who's older?? WANT??? Haha :p

You have a good week too!

Dear laundryamah,
Maybe sometime middle of the month, okay? ;)

Dear ehon,
Welcome home! U enjoyed Melbourne??

Heh... yeah, u made it! YATTAAAA!!! :p

Dear eastcoastlife,
Then why you not getting the kick @$$ camera? O.o

Dear rinnah,
Hehe! Yups! You made it too! YATTA!!!

Ha... You Lumixer too... I also dunno how to use the DSLRs.. dunno all the appertures la, ISO la, what la... pengsan... :p

Dear winn,
WAAA!!!! You also Lumix user liao! YAAATTAAA!!!

So, how is it? Yeng already, you look prettier or not?? If prettier, means good camera... :p

Ha? Got old fashion meh? Nolah... it's just your imagination nia la... Lumix is small & compact & berkualiti and bergaya... so you made the right choice! ;)

Haha.. tag me to buy my Lumix? My old one still holding on... wait ah... :p


zewt said...

nearly bought a lumix cos jules want a pink camera... phew... luckily she settled for the cannon I850... much better. haha!

ahh... i am lucky number 6!

L B said...


Anonymous said...

happy monday to you!

Huei said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mozilla Monster and Chen!! =D

ahhh nice cameras..i wana get a new one too..cos mine dropped horribly, now it has dents, so do my heart :'(

aiyah nonya said...

I want those cameras too, any will do. Any of them much better than the one I have now. :(
Looking for sponsers...any ???

U.Lee said...

Hi Angel, what ever the camera, what ever the price, it is the photographer not the camera who creates a picture.
And the best photograph? The one your subject loves.
Have a nice day, Angel, UL.

dreamie said...

Many happy returns to your pangyaos!

WOOhOO .. hehehe... MCC made it to yr list, must be my lucky strike!!

Cheers !!!

mudpie said...

wakakakakkakak .. im number DUA !!!!

LB tak ada!!!! bwahahahahhahahahah


Leonard said...

Belated birthdays to Mozilla Monster and Chen!

Sigh, still no trace of me on the list!

talking of new camera, i've been looking for one and so long havent buy one. almost bought panasonic FZ7 until my A95 can repair FOC.

Now panasonic has a new FZ18..check it out... *wipe saliva away*

conan_cat said...

ooo, harppy bday again!! XD you got a lot of birthday wishes hahaha... and ooo nice camera, me not camera junkie frankly so i don't know about those specs @__ooo

scau said...

DSLR is the way to go for quality. You already have a PnS, time to upgrade. It's not too difficult if you use the Auto mode. When you feel comfortable, DSLR will allow you to grow. No doubt it's more bulk but unless you need to climb Mt Kinabalu or frequesnt traveller, a DSLR isn't too much hassle riding in your car.

Kopi Soh said...

Wah so many birthdays, and so many hugs floating around......btw what is The Hug Hug Club 0_o...very curious. I quite suakhoo dunno wan..

angel said...

Dear zewt,
Woei... what's wrong with pink camera wor? Feminine ma... no?

And how is your canon i850? Show la some pics...

Dear L B,
Waaaa... this time I surrender... dunno how to decode your "aaaaaaa" comment! :p

Pssttt... u trying to practise jet-lag going back to Italy, izit?? What u doing up at 4am??? Kkkkk...

Dear misha,
Monday's over! It's Happy Tuesday over to you! ;)

Dear ah hue,
Alamak... what happened to your camera?? Kesian... *sayang*

Dear aiyah nonya,
Dun say liddat ler... neh, see U.Lee said that it's not the camera... it's the photographer ;)

Sponsors ah? Errmm... H? Hehe...

Dear Uncle Lee,
Yes! I couldn't agree with you more on this. It IS the photographer that matters.(like me haha...)

Actually I didn't quite get you about "the one your subject loves"... but nvr mind... thanks for the comment!

Dear dreamie,
Tor jeh! Muaks!

Actually hor, I just checked again yesterday... MCC made it last year too! Haha... ;)

Dear mudpie,
Haha... No. 2 IS you!!!

Kakaka... ejek orang wan you... haha... soon, he'll return, with a vengeance... haha...


Dear leonard,
Hehe... you ah? Aiyoh, how ah? Jia you lor... OK!

I just went through Panasonic M'sia and couldn't find FZ7, oni got FZ8, izit the same ah?

I din know u got to repair your camera for free... thot u bought a new one...

I just also saw the FZ18.. no wonder u salivating ler...

*helps u to wipe*

Dear conan_cat,
Haha... sorrie ler... when is yours? I can also do one for you ;)

You not YET become camera junkie... wait a few years more and see... hehe...

I am also not very good wt the specs... but I agak-agak know the optical zoom, megapixels, all these ok lor... hehe...

Dear scau,
Yes, daddy... :p

I already told you ma... I carry my camera EVERYWHERE I go... imagine bringing it to dinner everynight? How can?? Even that nite dinner with you also I so shy wanna snap-snap haha... :p

BUT, point noted... if I had extra $$$, DSLR is gonna be my new bf... hehe...

Dear kopi soh,
Yes! Welcome to The Hug Hug Club! Haha... THHC is a jiak pa boh su cho mya projek lai hehe...

Our president is LB at He was the one who started it just for fun... Me is one of THHC's "resort" hehe...

It's like this, for each entry we post, we (kononnya) gib 5 Hug-Hug points for the first commenter, 3 Hug-hug points for the 2nd commenter and 1 Hug-hug point for the 3rd commenter... end of the month, we do a tally and post out the 'results' lor... easy peasy! Hehe... beng peik boh? Lai lai, lai hug gua... haha...

We just do it for fun ler... nothing serious wan... :) blogging shud be fun ma, no? *wink*


Neo said...

The Lumix looks good.

Have you check out Sony's offerings?

angel said...

Dear neo,
U use a Lumix too?

Sony? Nah... then hv to buy new Memory Cards and all... too mah fun! :P

Simple American said...

I need to do this Hug Hug post too!

*hugs* So happy to be on your list. :)

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Za ga wa ga! Nice cameras! :-)

Happy WW!

Mine is up at Tricotine

Will said...

wah now got TZ3 liao? last time i damn like that TZ1...

angel said...

Dear Sir SA,
I'm still waiting for your results too heh heh...

Dear Isabelle,
Hello there!

Happy WW!

Dear will,
Then why you no buy?