Thursday, September 06, 2007

iPod iTouch iLikes!



Apple's latest iPods (The Best iPods Ever)


THIS, has gotta be E V E R Y O N E ' s Favourite! (I think)
Well, I like it, a lot. *wink*
iPod Touch, kinda like iPhone without the Phone,
but the keyword here is 'touch'.
The Overview here.
The Features here.
More pics to make you drool, here.

Now, anyone would like to buy my 2G iPod Nano? O.o

Today is a not-so-good day at work. That's why I'm wasting my time doing this entry. OK lah, I'm going for lunch now. Tell me which one is your favourite iPod!


dreamie said...

WAAAAaaaaahhh.. CHEANG ! LEANG !!! so gaya looking sumore !!

hope u feeling better after lunch,
tmr TGIF alredi ... :)

Jemima said...


Hope you'll feel better after lunch.

Vad3r said...

I also want ipod leh, u buy for me can ah?

may said...

I'm still going after the iPhone!

I heart my Red nano-nano... <3

rinnah said...

Oooh. iPod. I wants. *touch touch*

Hehehe... but can I like not need to use iTunes with the iPod? *grin*

ehon said...


And yes, I still love my black nano! haha. :P Although it has a lot of scratches on it. :P

Pookyma said...

I want an IPOD!!!!!!!!!

Buthen no $$$ to buy...

Leonard said...

by hook or by crook, Apple products always make one say "WOW!!"

angel said...

Dear dreamie,
Of cos cheng & leang!

Thanx, I was very sleepy after lunch hehehe... BUT, I managed to finis my work! Yippie! Tomolo can cuti! :p

Dear jemima,
Thankies :)

Dear vad3r,
U want be gigolo ah?

Dear maymay,
iPhone is IT! ;)

Yalor... your Red nano-nano is pweety... unlike my silver wan, so boringggg :p

Dear rinnah,
You want, u have it! ;)

Heh? Why duwan to use iTunes? You MUST try! Can also use on Windowz ma... trust me, once u go to iTunes, there's no turning back! ;)

Dear ehon,
Waaa... u got a black 8GB nano-nano? U got so many songs to listen to meh??? :p

iPhone, of cos! :D

Dear pookyma,
No $$$$?
Then, you MAKE $$$! ;)

Dear leonard,
Uh huh... I realised that too not too long ago :)


eastcoastlife said...

You so free, nothing to do ar!? kekeke....

I like the iPod Touch too! But my son would probably love it to bits. :)

Freethinker said...


Pink Cotton said...

eh??? no PINK ipod leh

Kopi Soh said...

How much izzit? Must be expensive...hope your "not-so-good" day would have been over by now, tomolo will be better ok.

Winn said...

are u gonna buy me one if i tell u which one i like? if yes..pls get me the one kenny sia touch b4 one..hahaa...

aiya..dun b so pissed it's flyday tmrw leh!! :O)

Will said...

wah... my friend was just telling me about that ipod touch thing this morning... iphone without the phone huh :P

conan_cat said...


i'm DEFINITELY getting this one

was dreaming sooo hard about ipod video


(save the only 8gb or 16gb space lar but what the hack i don't mind XD)

when izzit gonna launch in malaysia har???

L B said...

Bungkus lima, boleh? I wanna touch you all over... so maybe bungkus enam lah!

Simple American said...

I like my video iPod.

And I wanna touch you. Not an iPod. *hug*

angel said...

Dear eastcoastlife,
I yesterday not very free wan actually.. but purposely 'free' myself hehe...

So, you getting one for Jaymes? Christmas gift, maybe? Heh heh...

Dear freethinker,
Kakaka... oi, u slow-slow wait ah...

Dear pink cotton,
Hmmm... I also dunno how come no Pink wan... wait, I tell Steve Jobs, ok!

Dear kopi soh,
I read that the 8GB is $299 and 16GB is $399 or sumting liddat... cheaper for you over there ler...

Thanks! Today is ok liao... because I on leave hehe... Thx for the award again! Kamsia... nxt time wa chia lu lim teh... hehe..

Dear winn,
Yay! I dun hv to buy for u cos kennysia no touch yet :p

I not pissed, I just stress a bit but today ok, cos it's HAPPY FLYDAYYYYY!! Ei, Flyday Liuliu Anniversary when?? Over liao?

Dear will,
U getting the iPod touch? Buy la... then can pom chak chak with it... hehe...

Dear conan_cat,
You are?? YOU ARE??? Waaa!!! Can I be your fren? ^.^ Hehe...

Forget abt your iPod classic... this Touch is The One...

It'll come to M'sian shores soon! I think sometime this month. Keep a lookout! I'll let u know when it hits our stores, ok? ;)

Dear L B,
Heh? Apasal lima enam only?? U have how many concies? Haaaa... lupa already neh! Eat summore la, eat summore la... eat till how many concies also forgot oredi... kakaka... :p

Dear Sir SA,
I'm still waiting at the airport... :)

Yippie! I get hugged again!


Misha said...

misha likes the ipod nano (small and cute) whereas mum likes the ipod touch :)

so .. jiejie going to buy one for misha?

angel said...

Dear Misha,
I've 'shouted' to your daddy asking him to get you one! Hope he heard me... ;)

Me get you one? Cannnn... I have to go buy lottery first, ok? :)

Misha said...

jiejie .. buy ipod NANO don't need to buy lottery one .. hehehe :)

angel said...

Haha... u Smart Cookie!!

Errmmm... u want my old iPod Nano then? ^.^

eastcoastlife said...

My angel,
Gib me your old ipod nano, I wrap it nicely and gib Jaymes for Christmas present. kakakaka.....

Aiyah Nonya said...

I also want the Iphone. Drool but bloody expensive.

May the king of the high "C" rest in peace.

Chen said...

looks good
but i listen to music using my handphone leh, and go online using my pda :P

narrowband said...

So sad hor, Pavarotti.. :( Nvm, his music lives on.

Ei, iTouch.. omg..

Anonymous said...

setiap kali aku tengok the word 'pod' yg dipostkan u itu, i teringat prada...tak tahu kenapa. walaupun i memang sukakan ipod atau imac atau ifon nie. so, kalau ko tanya aku prada ker pod.....prada man! lol.

semua gadjet gadjet elektronik nie, memang cool dan menghairahkan....tetapi, i kurang incline to purchase, juz observe......errr, kecuali lah si bidadari belikan untuk i...i tak serius


PonGLanD said...

sad sad...i have one of his famous song....nessun dorma...really can make ppl cry one...very very gamtung..eventhough i dun understand the lyrics....but then when listen by heart...the music..really gam tung...personally..i'll say opera = luciano pavarotti.

itouch..hmm....maybe iphone more worth? i see the feature more or less same like itouch? this planning to buy an iphone once it's launch in malaysia...hehehehe

kat said...

Always sad when a great artist passes on.. especially when there are hardly any new ones who can reach his standard of excellence.

Sniff..sniff.. ever since my ipod got stolen, the pain has been so great that I cannot bear to get another one!! Summore now got 160GB ipod...

So how are you doing?

Cocka Doodle said...

Apple just made an announcement last 3 days saying that the ipod and ifone prices will be slashed. Appanrently, they are priced out of the reach of many ppl.

Not really a fan of Pavarotti. I prefer Bocelli.

Kenny Ng said...

RIP Pavarotti, his concert in Dubai can't make it already, saw his poster here few days back.

ehon said...

no lar. mine only 2 GB. never even reach 2 GB anyway. :P lol! i wan an iPod Video thou.. but cannot ask so much!! :P

Bernard said...

Stylo mannn!

Mebbe design a bracket to hold it on the car dashboard... fuyohh!

I wonder how long the battery lasts.

laundryamah said...

goodie..just when I'm deciding to buy one...but got to wait till I go to Spore lor..cos cheaper there rite? Wanted to buy in Australia cos it was cheaper there too but May said even cheaper in Spore!

angel said...

My apologies for the delayed reply... I was out of the country :)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Kakakaka... u lagi smart horr!! :p Actually, maybe I should sell it off... cos I gatal that time, and now, seldom use it also... tsk tsk tsk...

Dear aiyah nonya,
It's not really that expensive... I'd think iPhone is worth a buy :)

U are a fansi of Pavarotti too?

Dear budak bangkok,
HUH? Aper nie? Pod jadi Prada plak??? Ko nie ada eyesight problem ker? Pod u nampak jadi Prada? O.o

I tak berapa suker Prada... I lebih suker CD atau Burberry... Itu merujuk kepada handbag... LV tu, sumua orang pun dah ader, tak cun... :p

Dear chen,
Later later, I'll goda u to buy oso... kkkkk...

Dear narrowband,
Hehe... yup, iPod Touch is O M G...

If got xtra $$$, berbaloi to get it... :)

Dear pongdee,
Wah wah wah... u peminat Pavarotti? Me dun really know how to appreciate opera lor... but I admire their voice... :)

Yup, iPhone got more function cos it has phone ma... the iPod Touch is just another version of iPod but more canggih wan... plus can go on wifi with it... itu saja...

Whoopie! I also wanna get the iPhone! ;)

Dear kat,
Hello there! Long time no see... I'm good... still in one piece... *grins*

Oh yeah hor... your iPod kena snatched... cannot bear to get another one? Alamak... can ler... now can try this Touch model... :) izit cheaper over at Abu Dhabi?

My dear cocka,
Yup, Apple is slashing the prices of iPhone... I hope when it reaches our shores, we can use it for all the phone lines and not 'locked'...

Oh you Cocka Bocelli... hehe...

Dear kenny,
Ohh... he was scheduled for a concert there?

Dear ehon,
Uik... I thot black Nano oni got 8GB mya...

iPod Video so small, nice ah?

Dear bernard,
Hehe... of cos stylo... Apple mya ma... ;)

I think the battery not so 'char' ler... I hv not memorised the specs yet haha... :p

Dear laundryamah,
US should be cheapest kua... so, when u going there?? Hehe...


c o n s u e l a said...

the new iPod (iTouch) sure does look appealing :)
has the iPhone come out for purchase in Msia yet? They've recently dropped the price by $200 over here...

angel said...

Dear c o n s u e l a ,

Nope, iPhone has not reached our shores... can't wait for it! :) Will you be getting one too? ^.^

Huei said...

i'm not a big fan of music..but i LOVE the gadget!!!

I WAN OSO!!! hehehe

angel said...

Dear ah huei,
U want, you geddit! ;) Gurl power... :D