Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Porridge Steamboat - Wordless Wednesday Chapter 7






H a v e A W o n d e r f u l W o r d l e s s W e d n e s d a y !


jams o donnell said...

Now that looks tasty. Happy WW

.:mar said...

It looks delicious and the pictures are great!
Happy WW :)

mudpie said...

me hungry lerrr .. see ya soon mmuuahhh zzzz

Andrea said...

Mmmm...more good lookin' food!

tegdirb92 said...

that looks delicious!! I love hotpot restaurants! They have a wonderful one in Beijing!

L B said...

how come? Why wasn't I there?!! *sob*

ellen b said...

People must be hungry today cuz there are so many yummy food posts!
Now I'm starving....

moz monster said...

wah ... steamboat using porridge also can ah ? that's new to me ...

Sue said...

Looks yummy! Happy WW :)

FireHorse said...

Looks delicious, hmmm maybe you can sell dat at mai kopitiam hor. Next time wa tnui lai eh see, wa lang khee chiak chee leh porlage ok?

mousey said...

mouth watering! im hungry looking all of these.

JustJessie said...

Sheesh. I was already hungry, now I'm starving! Happy WW!

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

That looks yummy! :-)

Happy WW!
Mine is up too!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

What time is dinner ;-)

Happy and tasty WW!

mitzh said...

That made me hungry... ;P
Happy WW!

Sandy Carlson said...

Looks awesome!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

That looks really good. What time to we eat? Have a great WW. :)

may said...

mmmm, steamboat! stim! but too hot to eat steamboat here now, getting warmer each day. got popsicle?

Aiyah Nonya said...

Er...I still prefer the water kind of steamboat. Be it tom yam or the szechuan hotpot (this one bloody oily though)or just the normal ones.
Like may said, it is too hot for steamboat.

Yen said...

Not my type of food but nice photos:)

Lori said...

So was it tasty???

Huei said...

looks SOOOOO delicious!!!!

i really must try it one of these days! hehehe

Huei said...

looks SOOOOO delicious!!!!

i really must try it one of these days! hehehe

Winn said...

dont let ppl chup oneeeeeeee! sumore wanna temp ppl with food!!

eastcoastlife said...

We have porridge steamboat in Singapore too, and I only tried once. I prefer the steamboat with herbal soup.

Oscar's Mommy said...

hey, want to go eat porridge steamboat or not jek? i know a place in cheras and sri petaling serving this wor... mau ke? eh, this place you went is where ah? see you in FB!!

ehon said...

I agree with Aunty Winn winnn!!! HMPH!

Why u so early one today? I still in bed ler..

kat said...

Is this near kamluntai? Last time I tried that one, not very nice. Cost about RM14+ per head and they charged for the porridge too. It was only white porridge for pete's sake!!

There are some hotpot restaurants here. I think when winter comes, we shall try a couple of places.

Anonymous said...

untunglah ko, dapat pi try ni try bersuka ria, bermain main ber mandi manda,riangria gembira, hepi


ZAM said...

Hi Angel. It looks delish. I love eating porridge on cold rainy days. My family usually make some choco porridge when it's raining.

rinnah said...

Why didn't we go eat this steamboat one? Yerrrrr....

King's wife said...

wah, apa apa steamboat also you sapu hor?

Sasha said...

Damn! I kena lure here and now i'm leaving feeling hungry!

About yr comment, Thai wacoal Undie is one of the most highest quality. I'm talking about WACOAL but not other cheap brands. But not recommended for the BRA. Thai Bra all DAMN SHARP and HARD *kong Kong Kong*. If you know what i mean..;)

Leonard said...

always wanted to try porridge issit nice, give advice?

but seeing the photographs, should be nice one hor?

carakitty said...

so yummy yummy all!!!
how is things? me vely busy but i miss this.

Lap liu forever!!! :-)

Wilson said...

Great Photos you got here... Love it!... Visit also mine in my two blogs... here...

Have a great Wordless Wednesday!...c",)

day-dreamer said...

I seriously hate porridge, but you have sort of tempted me to go try this out. :D

plink said...


iSampat again!

PonGLanD said...

porridge steamboat....nice ka?? wanted to try in puchong..but then ended up we ate bak kut teh steamboat....hahaha....maybe next time will try the porridge steamboat looorrrr

Wennnn said...

Yerrrrr I wan la... I wan some porridge steamboat

zewt said...

should be the one in kepong right?
i have yet to try... sigh...

Villager said...

Great WW photo! That is a tasty looking meal...

My WW post this week inspired by President Bush comments at the United Nations yesterday.

peace, Villager

Steve said...

Angie!! Thanks for yer warm welcome! I will try my best to behave like a good boy! (Oh god this is so hard!!!) :D

Thanks for your support! bows bows bows bows bows...

_butt said...

oooh! saw it in Ho Chiak! looks delicious! can I have a slurp or two? :)

g said...

Goodness. Now I'm starving.

Nice food pics. :D

Nita said...

Nice photos! That makes me drool....Have a great Wednesday!

Lisa C said...

I'm hungry now!! Nice WW!!

confessing7girl said...

OOOOHHHHHHHHH i love food pictures!!! makes me soo hungry!!!!!! there goes my diet!! :D

laundryamah said...

jom we go makan makan again this weekend???

Aodian said...

hehe... I cheated.. =p .. i did a wordless without the "less",, btw now puasa leh.. hehe Cheers and God Bless

rinnah said...

You have been tagged!

U.Lee said...

Hi Angel, gosh! That dish is really mouth watering. I love steamboat dinners.
Have a nice day, UL.

angel said...

Dear Everyone!

Thanks for your comments, I'll be back to answer each and everyone later, okay? Busy, busy, busy!

Hugs On The House!


c o n s u e l a said...'re making me hungry and it's only 10.34am...wait, I guess I can take an early lunch! (hehe)

Haven't had steamboat in years...last I remember was at Nelayan (is that correct?) by Titiwangsa...

happy trails! xoxo

Simple American said...


*wipes with big big towel*




rinnah said...

You're awarded coz you're fab!

dreamie said...

this type of porriage, so stimming hot cannot hentam makan puas puas wan leh... g-yoke chuk better laa ! :P

Chen said...

busy kicking butt the whole morning @ FaceBook, now only i do blog hopping

hungwee leh..
i havent eat breakfast lagi leh
I WANT !!!!!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Yumm yummm!!! I wanna eat too!!

Bibik Nyonya said...

ooooh....sedap nyer!

angel said...

Sorry for the late replies... err... I was... errr... errr... sidetracked to Facebook! :p

Dear jams o donnell,
Hey there! It was tasty! :)

Dear .:mar,
Thanks and yes, it was delish!

Dear mudpie,
Oops... soli... luper hang posa... hehe...

Dear andrea,
Have you tried it before?

Dear tegdirb92,
Hotpot restaurants are everywhere over here! You should come to Malaysia one day :)

Dear l b,
Becos I was with Mom... and this was taken last year haha :p

Dear ellen b,
Oops.. hehe.. food is always one of the nicest pic, no? :D

Dear moz,
Waa... lu veli ulu lar... hehehe... I didn't know about it until about 2 years ago ;)

Dear sue,
Hotpot meals are always yummy! And relatively healthy :)

Dear firehorse,
Kamsia lu kasi gua beh itu porriage wor... wa make sure it's sedap, ok? :)

Yes, yes, nxt time lang khi jiak, ok?

Dear mousey,
Oops.. hope you didn't wet your keyboard! Hehe...

Dear JustJessie,
Hehe... sorries! Couldn't resist it, huh? :)

Dear Isabelle aka Tricotine,
It really is delicious! Hehe...

Dear Digital Flower Pictures,
Dinner is served whenever you are ready! ;)

Dear mitzh,
Sorries... but hungry is good... it means you can eat! :)

Dear Sandy Carlson,
Tasted awesome too! ;)

Dear Sandee (Comedy +),
We eat whenever you are hungry! :)


angel said...

Dear maymay,
It's only best during rainy days, kan? :D

Ais keleng ah? Gotttt!!! ;)

Dear aiyah nonya,
I also like the 'ching tong' type. The tomyam and spicy ones, cannot really tahan... cos, will eat very slow... and end up, other ppl eating more and I eat less hehee...

Dear Yen,
Thanks :)
How come you don't like it? You like what type of food?

Dear Lori,
You bet!!

Dear ah huei,
It is memang sedaps!
You have not tried it before? Go try!

Dear winn,
Who ask you to sleep so early that night? I got go tempt you to chup with my wordless comment... u oni din hear... :p

Dear eastcoastlife,
I wonder if it tasted the same... the one I had at this place is quite nice but subsequent 3rd visit there, not so nice liao... hmmm...

Dear oscar's mummy,
Eh, of course want... bila wanna go? U ajak, ok? ;)

This place is in Sri Petaling ;)

Dear ehon,
Soli lor... u bz going out to have fun summore wanna blame me... hmmmph!!

U sure u were in bed anot that time? Nolah, I think u not yet come home... :p

Dear kat,
Where is KamLunTai ha? This one is in Sri Petaling... 1st & 2nd time go there, very nice. Then 3rd time not too nice liao lor...

Wooo... there also got hotpot restaurants? Go try and tell us how it is, ok? But I think if got seafood only the porridge/soup will be nice ;)

Dear budak bangkok,
Alaa... yang nie dah lama aku try... apa maksud "hepi seti"?

Dear ZAM,
On rainy days, hot stuff is the way to go and one of it is hotpot/steamboat! It was delicious :)

Hey, I've not heard of choco porridge... hmmm...

Dear rinnah,
Becos... becos... becos I also dunno... :p

Dear KW,
Sapu... as long as it's steamboat, sure sapu ;)

Dun tell me you also dunno about this steamboat ah??

Dear Sasha,
Hehe... soli lorrr...

Thanks for the pointers! Yeah, I also thought that Thai Wacoal mya bra is 'hard'... but I did get a few lor... cos cheap ma... and summore WACOAL... but after that, no more liao ;)

Dear Leonard,
I dunno if you'll like it or not... some ppl might not like it... but for me, it was nice lor ;) U go try and see la...

Dear caraliu,
Things are good, you take good care yeah! U prettyliu... hehehe...

Dear Wilson,
Thanks! :)

Dear day-dreamer,
U dun like porridge ka? How come wor?? This is not too bad lor... Yes, go try and see ;)

Dear plink,
Apa sampat??
Porridge steamboat oso sampat??

*goes find Skunkie to pengsankan you...*

Dear Pong dee,
Oooh... I didn't manage to try the BKT steamboat here lorrr... becos sudah 'chap lup'... cheh...

Porridge steamboat is not bad... your place there got meh? :p

Dear Wennnn,
I'm sure u can make better porridge for your steamboat! :D


angel said...

Dear zewt,
Nope, this one is in Sri Petaling... I seldom go Kepong...

Why you sigh wor?

Dear Villager,
It was tasty! :)

Dear Steven,
Angie pulak... U owe me makan!!! Hehe...

Dun hv to 'force' yourself to be good if you are bad... It's ok with me wan... :p

Continue blogging, yeah!

Dear butty,
Izit? I never saw that series before... :p

Dear g,
Thanks! Hope you took care of the starving ;)

Dear Nita,
Thanks! My pleasure to make you drool hehe...

Dear Lisa C,
Good! Then you can eat! ;)

Dear confessing7girl,
Me too!!! Hehehe... diet? Awww... but you still need to eat! Hotpots are good... not much of carbohydrate :) well ok, this porridge has got some... :p

Dear laundryamah,
This weekend ah... errr... sumua orang buzy... another wk, ok? Sure got chance wan...

Dear Aodian,
Ya... u cheated :p
Oops... yeah, now is fasting month... I'm so bad, hor? One way is, you come when you have opened fast, ok?

Dear rinnah,
Done that before liao... will post it again later :)

Dear U.Lee,
Most of us love steamboat, UL...

Dear consuela,
Aiyak... sowwie! Hey, you can make your own steamboat at home ma... just need the ingredients :)

Nelayan? Titiwangsa? Hmmmm... dunno about it wor... happy weekend! Hugs!

Dear Sir SA,
Hehehe... they have this at the Malaysian restaurant at your place?


Dear rinnah,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Kisskisskiss!

Dear dreamie,
Can wan... just take your time ma... who ask u to eat fast-fast? Where got nice g-yoke chuk? Come, belanja me... hehehe...

Dear chen,
Lei sei la... addicted to Butts liao! Muahahahhaha!!

I not hungwee... but I hungwee for ROJAK!! Whose fault????? :P

Dear nesh,
Cannnn... go with your family and have a good time! :)

Dear bibik,
Memanglah sedap... bila nak belanja?? Heh heh...