Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Aiyah Nonya Tagged Me

相爱很难 - 张学友 & 梅艳芳

The Tag - Tagged Again

The rules :- Five answers to each question and then tagged five others.

Instructions :- Remove the first Blog and add your own blog last.

angel's paradise

The Questions:

Q1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
  • Party
  • Work
  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Enjoy
(Ten years ago, ok! How to remember everything?!)

Q2. What were you doing 1 Year ago? (I really couldn't remember until I went and dig up my September 2006 Archives...)

Q3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
  • Ice cream
  • Wasabi peanuts (make me tear like sor por)
  • Assam
  • xoxo
  • xxxx
(I don't really snack...)

Q4. What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?
  • Yesterday Once More - The Carpenters
  • Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship
  • Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You - George Benson
  • Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
  • There'll Be Sad Songs To Make You Cry - Billy Ocean

Q5. 5 things you would do if you are a Millionaire?

Q6. 5 Bad habits?

  • Procrastinator (like aiyah nonya)
  • Read blogs @ work
  • Last minute rush
  • Sleep late
  • Spend too much $$$
Q7. 5 things you like to do?
  • Nothing
  • Sleep
  • Movies
  • Kaypo in blogs
  • Facebooking [A Big Welcome to Misha & Laundryamah & Mozilla! Woohoo!]

Q8. 5 Favourite Toys?

  • My Appearl
  • My TV
  • My Bed (for zzzzz lah, ok)
  • Blogs
  • Facebook
Q9. 5 things you would never wear?
  • A blonde wig (at least, not now...)
  • Rings on my nipple and there.
  • Stud on my tongue, and there and there.
  • Thongs
  • A green frock (yes, my most disliked colour)

Q10. 5 things you hate to do?
  • Tell people off (speaking of which, I was so tempted to do it since yesterday but..........................)
  • Say NO!
  • Yearly appraisals
  • Supervise people
  • To go through Sunday nights...

Now I would tag the following Gurl Power!!



may said...


may said...

I dislike going through Sunday nights too. but this week, I'll also dislike going through Friday night, 'cos have to leave next day... *sigh*

yippee!! more kaki's on Buku Muka! ;-)

mudpie said...


Chen said...

i noticed something....

ehon said...

so fast all chups sold out liaooo!! pfft! hahahahaahha! i also dislike sunday nights! :P means monday is coming!!!

Chen said...

I like to do nothing also..
but so hard hoh to achieve that..
only keng chau ppl can do that ;)

thank u for luving me cos u tagged me

cikgu, i did the tag liao leh in the past, in January 2006..
fast-fast go dig up archive
Here it is... Kkkkkkkk

angel said...

Dear maymay,
Awww... dun sad, dun sad... you are not leaving alone maa... I'll drop by one of these nights before Friday, ok? Hugs!

Dear mudpie,
Hang nie, memang super boleh!!! :p

Dear chen,
Apa you notice? O.o

Doing nothing is really easy... just do nothing lor... fat ngao tao kkkkk :p

Cheh, u buat b4 ah? Dunno if I buat b4 or not, hor? I also forgot liao...

Dear ehon,
Yalor... u so slow geh... donch worry, besok masih ada... cos it's WW!! ;)

Yalor... Sunday nights should never come our way, hor? Sienz...


Chen said...

what i saw ah?
i saw u tag me mah..
then i read again and remembered i did the tag before
i presume u haven't done the tag kua?
since u haven't start blogging yet in Jan 2006 mah :P
*sampat thought*

Chen said...

very hard to do nothing at all leh..
fatt ngau tau a while, sure will do something else liao..

Chen said...

today i sampat here...
this is not consider as spamming hoh?

*eating spam burger*

Chen said...

today must cakap manyak since tomolo is wordless wednesday mah


angel said...

Dear chen,
I think I haven't done also kua... but I got a lot of terhutang tags ler... sei mou... hope nobody come piak me... hehe...

Kakaka... your Sampat Thot not so sampat today... kkkkk... we wait and see if winn's thots can be more sampat today hehe...

Come, when u here nxt time, we go do NOTHING! WHEEEE!!! :p

angel said...

Hahaha!!! Oi! Hak sei ngor... suddenly so many comments :p

So, tomolo u gib me Wordless Comment also? Sampat... muahahaha!

may said...

ya, not that bad, got company... and got "Human Mules" to help me take some barang over too! kkkkk!!

angel said...

Dear maymay,
U got alotta things to take still? O.o Take me also... hehe...

L B said...

5 years ago, I didn't think about taking chest shots!!!

L B said...

Ada hantu!

L B said...

The first time... ever I saw your face..

L B said...

I thought the sun rose in your eyes...

L B said...

and lormaikais..

angel said...

Dear L B,
Muahahaha!! Apa nie??? I thot what 5 years ago... then I had to read my entry to see the 'relevance' haha... blek.

Hantu? Antu Alba ah?

angel said...

Dear L B,
Dun bruff me... the first time u saw my face, it was impossible to see anything in my eyes... becos... the restaurant so dark laa... kkkkk :p

But then, if u saw lormaikais, then maybe lor... cos lormaikai is the dark dark wan...

*sampat reply for sampat comments*

Jemima said...

Do you mean that you'll wear a wig as long as it isn't a blonde wig??? :p

aiyah nonya said...

Thanks for doing the tag. Somemore with music to accompany it.
You are right we do sound alike. :)

I don't read Chinese but if I am not wrong that is Anita Mui and Jacky Cheong. ??

Why the sad song ?

angel said...

Dear jemima,
Yalor... nxt time if no hair that time, hv to wear, right? But no blonde wan la... :p

Dear aiyah nonya,
Oops! Forgot to inform you tim...

U think we sound alike? Heh... ;)

I read only a bit bit of chinese and you are right! It is Anita & Jacky! Err, why ah? Dunno, I like this song... but then again, the song is a 'reality', no? 相爱很难... love is indeed difficult... at times :)


Chen said...

kacau-ing in..
baru habis makan porridge
but still hungwee !!

thinking of how to do NOTHING in KL
*in deep thought*

Wennnn said...

My fav song this one.. Siong ngoi han nan!! Sad but true enuf lor! Love is indeed difficult!!! Waaaa tag?? hehhehe no see name there yayy!!!

rinnah said...

Teacher ah teacher... I just did this tag on August 15 worrr... please check my homework here. *grin*

eastcoastlife said...

My angel,
Thanks for the tag. I'll do it. :)

But the 10 yrs ago question is susah leh, saya sudah tua, lupa!! kakaka.....

Sin Ling said...

Angel jiejie, i love all those songs too, come sing for us, show us your lovely voice *just yesterday once more, shu bi du ba di*...
You like ice cream? my favourite too, shake shake shake, we are ice ice babies... :D
KKKK... i am not sampat... :p

zewt said...

your post just appeared in my google reader and there's already 30 comments... hope to chup la... what RSS feed u using?

moz monster said...

you going for the jacky concert ??

Winn said...

teacher!! ppl do this tag before one!! that time u not teach me yet ma...that time is other teacher teach me.:P

LOL at 'To go through Sunday nights...'

so very agree! i hate sunday evening. i hate hate hate
but if got mushroom soup then ok

a^ben said...

so fast the comments floooooooooooooooded dy~ ahhahaha

sunday always very lazy~ *laze laze laze io ka chng laze laze*

angel said...

Dear chen,
Sampat... kkkk... kacauing is good... kacauing means lupping, horrr? :p

I had sushi for dinner just now... yummms...

Do nothing is easy wan... I show u, ok? ;)

Dear wenwen,
Aiyah, u nvr kena before ah? Shud hv tagged u instead of chen & winn & rinnah... cheh... :p

The first time I heard this song, I nearly played it until half-die... hehe...

Dear rinnah,
Aisay... I din wear specs... :p

Dear eastcoastlife,
Thanks! :) Muahahaha! I also had difficulty with the 10 years ago question... *high 5*

Dear sin ling,
Haha... u really so cute that I wanna cubit your cheek!!! :p

My voice not really so sweet lor... but I'll take honey to make it sweeter, just for u, ok?? *sampat*

U not sampat?? U sure? I ask Chen to confirm first... :p Oh, and I love Rum & Raisins and Durian flavour mya ice cream! Heh... u leh?

Ice ice baby? Woohoo!

Dear zewt,
Heh? So 'char' wan your Google Reader? Must be you din refresh often enuff haha... My feed ah? I just checked, only got one feed, this one -> http://angelestrix.blogspot.com/atom.xml

Dear moz,
U say leh?

Dear Student Winn,
Aisay... u also did before ah? OK lor, give u another assignment next time...

Muahahaha! Looks like so many ppl also dun like Sunday evenings eh?

Mushroom soup? OK, I send u a Mushroom for yr soup aftwds, okies? ;)

Dear a^ben,
Where got fast?? More than 6 hours liao ok... and summore got ppl spam spam... that's why got so many comments lor... :p

U lazy but u io ka chn'g? Hmmm... lazy means no io io liao! :p


U.Lee said...

Hi Angel, noticed you would like to start your own Starbucks? With all that money?
I would think you retire, lie around on the beach at Waikiki, Hawaii, read a good book like Dr. Zhivago or Gone with the wind, or blogging from your apple, in your white bikini of course. With a nice tall glass of crushed ice and Gin Lemonade beside you.
Know something? I have never stepped inside a Starbucks here. McDonalds? 3 times in 20 years, that because meet friends there, drink only.
I'm more a roadside yong tow fu, or char kueh teow and ice coffee person.
I did take a peek into a Starbucks and got a shock see the exotic coffee cost $3 to $5!! Holy Smoke! For $2.69 I get one whole bottle of Maxwell House, last me two weeks, ha ha.
Oh well, to each his, her own, right?
You have a nice day, Angel. UL.

Simple American said...

Why you wanna tell me off lor? So sorry for not hugging sooner. ;)


I like these tags where I get to know you better. :)

laundryamah said...

oi the songs u mentioned...i so heart oso..but i don't think i can still remember the lyrics unless karaoke la..muahahahahaha...eh when we go karaoke again ah?

U.Lee said...

Hi Angel, you mentioned 'Shark' in my blog. Is that TV series showing in KL now? Wow! I love that program, never missed any episode.
Apart from the exciting courtcases, love that black girl and white one, very garang, man! Ha ha. UL.
PS, I like his Boss too.

Kopi Soh said...

Ahhh we got same taste in music sista. Errr... btw TV see toy lai meh, under favorite toys u put TV....how to play wit TV wan? :P

angel said...

Dear U.Lee,
I'm still young maa... how can just retire when I get a million bucks wor? If I retire then where to get more money for all my shopping? Haaa...

Indeed, a cup of coffee at Starbucks costs so much more when compared to a cup of it at some kopitiam... but then at Starbucks, you can surf the internet for free, hang out with friends, got aircond, yes, you do pay for the 'ambience' and facility... I suppose Starbucks is the 'lifestyle' of the yuppies hehe...

Oh yes, to each his own :)
Thanks for coming!

Dear Sir SA,
Hehehe... if u hug me, I no tell you off! Yay!

Uh huh, I suppose this tag did 'show' a bit of me :)

Dear laundryamah,
Karaoke? Errmmm... can... u organise lar...

Dear U.Lee,
That Sharks series is not shown in M'sia yet but I suspect it would be, soon... I read about it in the papers the other day :) I remember you told me that it's your favourite courtroom series ma...

Dear kopi soh,
How to play TV ah? Simple nia... just switch it on la... :p It's a toy for me cos it entertains me ma... hehehe...


aiyah nonya said...

Ya, love is difficult. But then what is life with out love ? Mother's love, pets love, etc....
Btw you want to open a kopi joint - I will sure to 'pong chen' :)

Huei said...

i'm waiting for ur treat! =P hehehe

y u dun like snacks?? how bout CHOCOLATES??? =P heheheh

angel said...

Dear aiyah nonya,...
Love Myself first, hor? :D

Haaa... thanks for your 'pong chan'... now, I need to look for the $$$ first ;)

Dear ah huei,...
What u wanna eat? Ice cream? ;)

I dun like snacks cos I lazy to eat in between meals... which is a good thing, but still so fat... cilakak... :(

Chocolates, of cos got eat but not all the time :)


King's wife said...

Nice song wor..
a build-up to the concert eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

banyak betul lah engko nie....hehehe.

yr top 5 favorite toys tu....bukan aku kerrrrrrrr?


angel said...

Dear KW,
Not really lor... dun think will hv this duet in the concert... but i like this song... like so sad liddat...

Dear budak bangkok,
U my toy??? Sejak biler??? Ko nie jangan cakap yang bukan-bukan tau...