Tuesday, December 11, 2007

♫ Monday, ♪Tuesday, ♫Happy Days...♪

Chen's posting on Reminiscing Old TVB Series from the 70's & 80's inspired this entry. Well, actually I was 'inspired' to do this after reading Le' Beloved Emperor's comment in that entry :


I went, "Eh?? The Angel & The Cow??" Haa... he must be pulling our legs :P With that, I got inspired and went looking for intros & clips from the famous-test Engrish TV series in the 70's & 80's, though I must add that those aged below 25 years 'young' might not be able to follow this entry...

So last night, taking the advantage of today being a public holiday in the state of Selangor, (Yeah! Daulat Tuanku!!!) meant that I can sleep late... or early, depending on your sense of 'time', I spent about 2 hours finding and enjoying all the theme songs of TV series from those Golden Years.. the 70's & the 80's... Totally enjoyed them! And here, I share with you my *sweats* hardwork... heh heh... Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Dallas - Full Opening Credits for "A House Divided" The episode where JR gets shot. This clip contains the opening credits and the promo before the credits. Names like Southfork Ranch, Miss Ellie, Clayton, Bobby Ewing, Sue Ellen, Pamela Ewing, Lucy Ewing, Cliff sumting... err... Simple American? Hehe... So anyway, who killed JR Ewing???

Knots Landing - a spinoff from Dallas, I believe. I watched this series (or do you call it soap opera??) because of the opening credit music. Love it! Each time after an episode, I'd be humming the music... hehehe...

Dynasty - I nearly forgot this series! How can?! I had to check out from Joan Collin's filmography to find the title!! Aiyoh... *smacks forehead* Why did I watch this series? Alexis Carrington! (Joan Collins) Jeff Colby! (John James) Fallon Carrington! (Emma Samms, love her!)

Falcon Crest - don't really remember why I watched this... Lorenzo Lamas? Hmm... dun think so...

Flamingo Road preview 1981 - I watched this because of Morgan Fairchild. Dunno why. She was sucha bitch but so beautiful... I also remember Mark Hammon... the 'best' thing is... I don't remember what is this series all about... hmmm...

Hawaii Five-O - my favourite detective series!! Well, I remember I was really really young that time... all my parents' fault for introducing me to this series! I also remember sneaking out from my bedroom and curi watching it from the staircase because it was obviously pass my bedtime! I love Detective Steve McGarrett! Was sooooo swooned! And to think I was soooo young then! *faint*

Hart to Hart - another favourite detective series during my growing up years. All is because of Robert Wagner... and Stefanie Powers, of course... and all their passionate kisses... very stim wan, you know... yeah.. those are the reasons why I watched this series haha!!

Fantasy Island - also introduced by my parents. I remember this series was aired on late Sunday nights... but that time I grew up a bit liao.. so I was allowed to watch this series... The plane! The plane! DYK of any Fantasy Island around?? I wanna go and have my fantasiessss fulfilled!!

Chips - haha... Erik Estrada is the reason!!! And I remember me & sis used to hum or rather, make, the intro song with "chuh chuh chuh" sound... LOL!!

Charlie's Angels - watched this series because... well, thanks to my parents again haha... I believe mom loves Jaclyn Smith :)

Macgyver - Richard Dean Anderson!!! The guy who could get out of any trouble! But I wasn't as crazy as some of my other classmates... they were totally crazy over him!

Little House on The Prairie - what can I say... wow! It's been a looong looong looooong time! Who'd forget that horrible, horrible Harriet girl!! Hated her! LOL!

Happy Days - one of my favouritest sitcom! Fonzie! Very yeng!

The Greatest American Hero - love the song, of course! And William Katt and Connie Sellecca!

Well, with this entry, those who didn't know me would now be able to 'guess' my generation/era/youthfulness :P A lot more series came to mind like The Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Hunter, Trapper John MD, Murder She Wrote, Magnum PI, Moonlighting, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, Incredible Hulk, The Love Boat, Matlock, LA Law, Manimal (Anyone remembers this?? OK, I just found a clip of Manimal's transformation... from man, into a panther! Posted below, after this long paragraph), 21 Jump Street, Airwolf, Knight Rider, Family Ties, Facts of Life, Full House, The Golden Girls, The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Different Strokes, Punky Brewster, Alf... those TV3 days hahaa!! My, my... those were great memories, weren't they?

Manimal - Can you believe it that we used to watch shows like this?? Looked kinda fake, hor? LOL! But I suppose Simon MacCorkindale made it up... hehe...


Jemima said...

Happy Chup!

Jemima said...

My mum used to love some of those series you have shared.

Btw, I'm not saying you're as old as my mum.

What I meant is you have the same taste. ;)

Jemima said...

Seriously, I can't remember Manimal. :p

angel said...

Dear Jemima,

Happy Tuesday!!!

Haa! Ya, gave me a shock you saying I'm as "young" as your mom :P

I think your mom & my mom have the same taste. Actually come to think of it, I was a real potato couch since I was a little girl...

Haha.. I don't blame you for not remembering Manimal because I think there weren't many episodes of this series.. if I remembered correctly I read that it was a flop back then and so the producers had to stop errr... producing it :P

may said...

Happy Hippy Hoppy Happy Days!

cutiepie said...

fai tiiittt CHUP

cutiepie said...

fai tiiittt CHUP

may said...

waaaaa!! a blast from the past! but I don't think I've seen Flamingo Road though. Manimal... that sorta rings a bell.

all the rest... these are about at least 15-20 years old, and some even older. WAAAAA!! I'm beginning to feel my age now! *sigh*

*hums MacGuyver tune*

angel said...

Dear maymay,

Hip hip hooray!!

Dear cutiepie,

Wah... so kan cheong chup 2 kali :P
*cium cium*

Dear maymay,
A blast it is! It's really not your 'fault' for not remembering some of these series... I now realise that I'm such a couch potato during the years of my growing up... really addicted to TV wan that time... mom will always scold me hehe...

Age is just a numbah! Dun sigh! Young young, remember? ;)


day-dreamer said...

*raise white flag*

Okay, I admit, I don't know what are all those.

*hangs head in shame and walks away*

Winn said...

i dont understand. i stay in selangor u know. so i dont get to celebrate his bday ???????? i mean, we contribute to his castle tooooo!@!!!! *wails!!!*

JL said...

omg... suddenly i feel so old :P

i remember i wanted to be Macgyver so i locked my mom in the toilet and tried to free her using a clothe hanger... Obviously tak jadi lah... kena sebat kaw kaw one

Chen said...

very sampat liao
syiok woh u, hols today :D

I also garu kepala thinking which show is The Angel and The Cow? Mmmmm.... Might be I'm too young to know that show. Kkakakakak

yeah yeah.. that Little House on the Prairie and The Fantasy Island. LOLOLOL... Err, tarak The Bold and The Beautiful meh? :P

Reminiscing the good old days again :D

Chen said...

Dallas. The evergreen tv drama series in the 80's. My mum also knows Bobby and JR. LOLOLOL

kyh said...

wah so old mia series. i dun even know them! really yapunis-speaking obasang! :P

Sue said...

Really old series all..haha..Macgyver, one of my all-time favourite..now he is old liao not so yau yeng anymore..

moz monster said...

MacGyver ! Hawaii Five-O !!! I can really just relate to those two series ...

Anyways ... a bit of trivia ... MacGyver's first name is Angus, if I'm not mistaken ... =P

eastcoastlife said...

So many Engrish TV dramas I only watched Happy Days.... and not every week because my parents wanted to watch the Chinese dramas and variety shows. :(

I so suaku. I dunno many of the Engrish actors and actresses.

L B said...

See lah! My RSS gone konkek again, like yours!! LOL... But now have to run, cos got to get back to work.. Will listen to them later tonight, if I can get some time off from doing this 'other thing'... :-)

Anonymous said...

Those were the days : )

Not just drama series/soap operas, whatever you call it. There are cartoons of those days too.

She-ra, He-man, My Little Pony, Jem, Thundercats, Transformers, Voltron, Smurfs, Gummy Bears...oh, love those bears :p

Ms A

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Angel,

That sure was a lot of sweat you put in for this post. **brings towel to help wipe the sweat**
Come.... have a drink of 5-layers teh-si peng. :)

You are a very serious mia kaki wayang hor? All the TV shows you mentioned...ahhh...it rang many bells in my head too but I cannot for the life of me remember what the fullname of that Cliff fella.

angel said...

Dear day-dreamer,
*kejar day-dreamer*
Oi, come back!!

Dun have to go away ler... it's not your fault ma... ;)

Dear winn,
Hmmm... but your company din contribut, maybe? :P

Dear JL,
U are still YOUNG! ;)

Hahahahaha!! OMG... you really kunci your poor mummy in the toilet?? Kakaka... you memang Macgyver wannabe!!!

Dear Chen,
Sampat cos your fault la! Hahaha...

Ya, very syiok holiday today... but so fast over liao! Nvm, nxt wk and nxt wk and another wk every week oso got one day holiday! Yay!!!

I think he's talking about Me & Misti Moo? Hehehe...

Wah, itu Bold & Beautiful gua tak tengok woh... :P

I had fun reliving those moments! ;) Thx to you! Muaks!

Haha! Of course our parents know the Ewings! That time very hot maa... :)

Dear kyh,
*brings out rotan*

Dear Sue,
Hello there! First time see you here... :)

You also know all these old TV series, huh? Same era... hehe... *high five*

Macgyver not yao yeng liao ah? But then, men like Richard Gere & Robert Redford are forever yao yeng! Hehe...

Dear moz,
Waa! U also watched Hawaii Five-O?? Wow...

Angus? Haha... thanks for the trivia! :P

Dear eastcoastlife,
U not suaku... I know so many because I was a couch potato! Really wan... hehe...

Dear LB,
Eh?? How can? How come?? Waa... baaad RSS!

*piaks RSS' butt*

Eh? Wot 'other thing' is that ah? Poo poo AGAIN ah? :P

Dear Ms. A,
Haha... I think I blogged about the cartoons a few months ago :P

I love Care Bears better! :D


angel said...

Dear nyonyapenang,
Waaa! You also know Cliff from Dallas ahh?? I thought you dun watch TV wan...?

Yeah, I was really a couch potato last time... sumua TV programmes also I can watch wan... my mom used to scold me for watching too much TV hehe...

Thanks for the 5 layers the si peng! Waah! Very miss it wohh...

Oscar's Mommy said...

OMG!!! little house on the praire and happy days!!! my fav!!! gosh, now i got to search youtube for more!!!

adrian said...

Wah... sai mmm sai or? So many videos... :P

L B said...

Haha, watching that Dallas was like watching The Cheerleader's face come up again as Lucy Ewing, aka the Poison Dwarf! And ooooo, Victoria Principal! LOL!! My God, these are gems! Hart to Hart! Hhaaha, like kid in toy shop! Dynasty..... I saw my entire life flashed by before me very eyes! Heather Locklear! Well done! LOL..Farrah!!!!

Cliff Barnes - Mr Wet Blanket!

Huei said...

i like macguyver..nice show..reminds me of so many happy memoriess!!!! =D

sheon said...

my goodness angel! they should give you a pulitzer for this!!! enough said.!

dear, you missed out on one, "twin peaks".......and the soundtrack album is priceless!!!!

Winn said...

mana ww?

cp said...

hahahah nak kutip points punya pasallll

my favourite woudl be Mek-Guyver hahahha

narrowband said...

Gosh I can only identify Macguyver and Happy Days... The rest... LOL... Different time 'zone' lar kita.... :p

Ahhh yes!!! DAULAT TUANKU!!!! Blissful holiday :p

laundryamah said...

Macgyver's the BEST!!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Line too slow here, too much videos... now I not happy liao coz can't view all the video... haha

savante said...

OMG I know all those - and actually watched the lot! How old am I!

mistipurple said...

suddenly thot of Remington Steel. you remember Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist? i like zimbalist more than brosnan. he's too cocky.

angel said...

Dear oscar's mommy,
Hehhehe...we all same-same generation orh? ;)

Dear adrian,
You should know all these TV series oso cos you same generation wan... or maybe not... cos most probably you'll be busy 'khao lui'!! :p

Dear L B,
Yeah!! The Cheerleader does resemble Lucy Ewing, hor!

Victoria Principal kakakaka... u know, last time in school we call her "BigTuaLiap" (Victoria, same sound liddat) kakakaka... I'm sure you know what is 'tua liap' in Hokkien... yes? no? hahhaa...

Oh yeahhhh!! Barnes is the name!!! Not Bond... :P

Dear ah huei,
Heh heh... at least you know McGyver! ;)

Dear sheon,
Haha... sai mm sai give me a Pulitzer worr... but thank you for the compliment... Kampachi on you? Kakakaka...

Oh yeah! Twin Peaks! I love the music too! But that is considered a mini series... not TV series :P OKlah, same oso laa... I'm gonna find on youtube when I hv the time... :)

Dear winn,
Tarak gas... :P

Dear cp,
Hahaaa... hang kan cheong sangat ler.. :P

Sumua pompuan pun minat kat MakGuyver tuh... :P

Dear narrowband,
Hahaa... memang different time zone la kita nie... BUT at least you know Happy Days! Love that sitcom :)

Today not very good day... sigh... holiday also suffer... no holiday oso no fun... how liddat? :P

Dear laundryamah,
Haha... lengjai sure best!

Dear kenny,
Haha.. dun not happy laa...

Dear savante,
You know, before this, I already knew that you'd have watched these Golden Oldies but didn't think you'd actually watched 'em all!

How old you are? Well, you are STILL younger than moi. So, don't fret, hor? :)

Dear misti,
OMG!!! How could I forget Remington Steele??? Love that series too! Everyone was crazy over Pierce Brosnan of course... ahhh... those were the days... ;)


mistipurple said...

bigtualiap married a surgeon btw, lol.
*ahem* mr postman arrived today. :)
happies. thanks.

Chen said...

I know Remington Steele although I didn't watch it in the past. I know cos my sisters and my parents watched it mah :P

angel said...

Dear misti,
Bigtualiap married surgeon and he helped her to un-big? haha... *piaks ownself for being baaad*

Glad to know Mr. Postman delivered! :)

Dear Chen,
U bz studying to be a sampat lokter ah? :P


sengkor said...

how bout 'the small wonder'? neh, got 1 kid robot called Vicky ke leh..

btw, manimal sounds like porn.

Pink Cotton said...


how come all seem so unfamiliar wan???

no spongebob squarepants no beverly hill 90210??? hahahaa

angel said...

Dear sengkor,
Yeah! Small Wonder! Hated the kaypo neighbour... all freckles geh...

Manimal sounds like porn? Aiyoh, u still have to watch porn ah? No 'action' ah? Muahahahha..

What's a pornish title? Give some examples?

Dear pink cotton,
Choy... dun hv to die ler... it just means that you are YOUNGGGGG! There, happy liao bo? :P

Yeah! Beverly Hills 90210, I remember that! :P


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the moemories. I used to have a crush on Lorenzo Lamas on Falcom Crest heh heh :p

Anonymous said...


I also never missed sitcoms for younger people like The Wonder Years, Full House, Growing Pains, Family Ties, etc.

LOL Those days, I was so free!!!

angel said...

Dear anonymous,

You are welcome!

Heh... Lorenzo Lamas? I'm not surprised... hehe...

Haha... those were sitcoms from the 80's ;) Of cos u were free back then :P